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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1924-10-15

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Wednesday,   October   15th,   1924
The   first   regular meeting of  the   Senate  of
The   University  of  British   Columbia  for  the   session
1924-25  was held  on Wednesday,   October  15th,   1924,  at
8:00 P.M., in the Board Room.
( Present:     Dr.   R.   W.   Brock,   Acting President,
(in   the   Chair),   Dr.   R.   E.   McKechnie,   Dean   F.   M.   Clement,
Dean  H.   T.   J.   Coleman,   Mr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Mr.   H.   M.   King,
Mr.   H.   R.   Christie,   Dr.   R.   H.   Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,
* Dr.   E.   J.   Rothwell,   Judge   Peter  S.   Lampman,~Mr.   James
Henderson,   Mr.   G.  A.   Fergusson,   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,
Principal  W.   H.   Vance,   Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   Sherwood Lett,
< Mr.    Gordon   Scott,   Mr.   W.   P.   Argue,   Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,
Miss   A.   B.   Jamieson,   Mr.   George   E.   Robinson,   Mr.    J.   M.
Dr.   Burnett   )
Dean   Clement)     That   the  minutes   of   the   fourth
regular meeting of  May 7th,
~< 1924,   be   taken as  read.
^^ Letters   from   the   Fresident,   Bishop   de   Pencier,
Dr.   Smith,   and  Rev.   Mr.   Sovereign,   expressing  regret  at
( their  inability   to   attend   the  meeting,   were   presented.
Dean   Coleman   )
^ Miss   Jamieson)     That   the   letters  be   received
and  filed. Carried
^ 812 A  letter from  Ryerson   College   was   read   in
which   it  was   stated  that   the   Reverend  Principal   J.   G.
Brown,   M.A.   had been  elected as  its   representative  on
, the   Senate   of   The   University  of   British   Columbia.
813 A letter from  Dr.   J.   D.   MacLean,   Minister of
Education,-.was   read  in which   the   following appointments 374
Wednesday,   October  15th,   1924
to  Senate   were   announced:
Dr.   Rothwell   of  New Westminster,
Judge   Lampman  of  Victoria,
Mr.   James Henderson
Dean   Coleman)
Mr.   Argue        )     That  these   letters  be   received
and  filed. Carried
814 The   Chairman  spoke   in  reference   to   the   loss
sustained  by   the   University   in   the   death   of   Dr.   Mull in.
Principal   Vance)
Dr.   Clark )     That   Senate   place  on  record
its   appreciation  of   the   life
and work  of   Dr.   Mull in and
its   regret   at  his   passing;
and  that  a   committee  of   two be
appointed  by  the   Chair to
draw up a  suitable  expression
of  our feelings   in  this   regard.
Carried  by a  standing vote.
815 A  letter from  the   President,in  reference   to
the   laying of   the   corner  stone   of   the   Library  building
was   read,and  Section 3  of  the   report  of   the   Co-ordinating
Committee   re   laying of   corner  stones,   (that   the   name  of
Dean  R.   W.   Brock  be   deleted from  the   corner  stone  of   the
Science   buildl ng) twas   taken  up   for   consideration.
Principal   Vance)
Mr.   Scott )     That  a  committee of   three
be   appointed   to   look   into
the  whole  question  of  the
inscription on   the   cornerstone
of  the   Science   building,   to
report  back  to  the   next
meeting of   Senate.    Carried 375
Wednesday,   October  15th,   1924.
816 A   communication  from   the   Academy  of   the
Sacred Heart   re  extra-mural   courses   for members  of  their
staff was   read.
Principal   Vance)
'Dr.   Paul )     That a  committee  be  appointed
by   the   Chair   to   examine   into
the   question and  report.
817 A  communication  from  the   Academy of   the
Sacred Heart   re   admission  of  their  students   to   the   First
Year Arts  examinations was  read.
Dean   Coleman)
Mr.   Lord )     That   the  matter be   referred .
to   the   same   committee.
818 A  communication from Mr.   H.   Mortimer  Lamb  re
a  course   in  Fine  Arts was  read.
Dr.   Burnett )
Principal   Vance)     That  the  matter be   referred
to  the   Faoulty  of  Arts.
819 Award of  Matrioulation Scholarships.
Mr.   Argue )
Mr.   Fergusson)     That   the   scholarships  be
awarded in  accordance with  the
recommendation of  the Matriculation Board. Carried
8 20        From   the   Faculties
A report from the Faculties in reference to
changes in the Matriculation requirements proposed by
the  High  School  and University Matriculation  Board wae 376
Wednesday,   October  15th,   1924.
read,   as  follows:
1.     That   the   number  of  obtional   questions   in  the
Junior Matriculation   Chemistry paper be   increased
to   include  questions  on Household   Chemistry.
Faculty of Arts -   No.
Faculty of  Applied  Science -   No.
Faculty of  Agriculture  -   see   note  below,  s   No.
3. That,   in  the   requirements   for   Junior
Matriculation as  outlined  in  the   University
<*' calendar for 1923-24   (p.44),   Physiology be
added to the group of Sciences given under
5   C as  an optional   science  for Household  Science
p, students  only.
Faculty  of  Arts -   No.
Faculty  of  Applied  Science  -   No.
V Faculty of  Agriculture  -  See  note   below.   =   No.
4. That,   in the   opinion of  this   Committee,   since
^/                                              a  science   is  now  the   equivalent  of  a  language
for   Junior Matriculation,   the   requirements  for
Junior Matriculation  Physics  should be   strengthened by the  addition  of  some  work  in Mechanics.
Faculty  of  Arts  -   Yes.
Faculty  of  Applied   Science  -   Yes.
g Faculty  of  Agriculture  -   Yes.
Re Increasing the number of optional subjects
in Junior Matriculation by including "Household
Chemistry" and "Physiology" for Household
Science students.	
One of the difficulties which have to be met
in the laying out of University courses is the great
variation in entrance requirements.  It seems, therefore, highly inadvisable to further increase the
already existing variation by adding more optional
subje cts.
Your Committee begs to suggest a change which
would achieve a unification on the one hand and the
apparently much desired diversification on the other
hand by the institution of:
J '*.*
/   »
Wednesday,   October  15th,   1924.
A. One   uniform  examination  granting entrance   to
all   Canadian  Universities.
B. One   special  examination  considered as  "Leaving
Certificate  from  the   li^i  School"  permitting of
a  wide   degree   of   specialization,   but   not
granting entrance   to   the   University.
Mr.   Fergusson     )
Principal   Vance)     That   the  matter be   referred
back  to   the   Faculties  for
further  consideration.
In  amendment,
Dr.    Clark        )
Dr.   Buchanan)     That   the   recommendations   that
the   Faculties have  presented to
Senate  be   approved.
Amendment  put  to   vote,  and  lost
Original  motion put   to   vote,
and  defeated
Pri ncipal   Vance )
Judge   Lampman      )     That  we  move   to   the   next
order  of   business.      Carried
821 A letter from  the   Board of  Governors was  read
approving  the   recommendation  of   Senate   in  reference   to   the
prizes  offered by  the   Vancouver  Branch   of   the   Engineering
Institute  of   Canada.
Dr.   Paul   )
Mr.   Argue)     That  the   communication be
received and  filed. Carried
•*■ >. 378
Wednesday,   October  15th,   1924.
^^     822 Mr.   Fergusson)
Dr.   Paul )      That   the   necessary  steps   be
taken,   through   the   President,
, that  The   University  of  British
Columbia  is  given proper
recognition by universities
in   the   British  Empire,   and
' elsewhere. Carried
> 8 23 Appointment  of   Committee  on  Curriculum and   Calendar
Mr.   Fergusson)
Mr.   Lord )     That   the  appointment  of  the
* committee  be   left with  the
Chair. Carried
* 324 Dr.   Burnett,   Chairman   of   the   Committee,   reported
progress  on  the   Double   Course   leading  to   the   degree   of
B.A.   and   B.A.Sc.    (in  Nursing).
^»w       325 The   following  recommendation from  the   Faculty
of Arts and  Science,   in   reference   to   Summer  Session and
* Extra-mural   courses   for   University   credit,   was   presented:
That   teachers   in   service   and   others  of whom
, Faculty may  formally approve,   who  have   full  Junior
Matriculation  standing,   may proceed  to   the   degree
of  B.A.   under the   following  conditions:
* 1.      They   may  be   granted,   upon   the   work  of   any
Summer Session  of   the   University,   a maximum of
4-£ units  of   credit.
2. They may  obtain   during  the   period  of  any winter
session  of  the   University   (October  1st   to   May
1st)   a maximum  of  3 units  of   credit   in extra-
' mural   courses approved by Senate.
3. As   candidates  for   the   B.A.   degree,   they may
offer a maximum of  27  units  of  credit  from
Sumner Session study and attendance   and 13  units
of   credit   in extra-mural   courses. 379
Wednesday,   October 15th,   1924.
4.     In all  such   cases  the   final  year,   involving at
least  15  units of work,   must  be   spent  in
attendance   at   the   Winter  Session  of   the   University.
Dr.   Buchanan   )
Mr.   Fergusson)     That   the  matter be   left  over
to  a   subsequent  meeting of
In  amendment
Pri ncipal   Vance )
Mr.   Argue )     That   the   report be  accepted.
Dr.   Buchanan withdrew his  motion with  the
consent  of his  seconder.
The   motion was  put,   and   oarrie d.
Mr.   Argue)
Dr.   Paul   )     That we   adjourn.
/j   (^, A^^^f^


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