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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 14, 1917

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* o ■
Jn-va r,
Wednesday, February 14th., 1917.
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the session 19I0-I7
was held on February 14th. at 3 P.M. in the Board Boom,
University Offices,
Present: The President , in the Chair, Dean Klinck,
Dr. Mcintosh, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Davidson, Mr. Robertson,
Mr. Chodat, Mr. Burns, Dr. McKechnie, Judge Howay, Mr.
Gordon, Mrs Farris, Mr. Argue, Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Pearson
and the Registrar.
In view of the fact that an abstract of the minutes
of the last meeting had been forwarded to each member of
Senate, it was agreed on motion of Dr. McKechnie, seconded
by Dr. Pearson, that the minutes be taken as read and
Mr. Robertson )
Judge Howay  ) That a committee be appointed to
draw up a resolution expressing the feeling of the Senate
with regard to the death of the Hon. Ralph Smith,
Minister of-finance, and that a copy of this resolution
be forwarded to Mrs Smith.    Carried.
The President appointed Dr. McKechnie, Mr.
Robertson and Judge Howay.
The following correspondence was read by the
1. A telegram from the Honourable the Minister of
Education expressing regret at his inability to attend
the Senate meeting.
2. A'letter dated February 8th, 1917 from Mr. E. B.
Paul, Municipal Inspector of Schools, Victoria, with       ^
regard to Matriculation standards set by the University.
Consideration was postponed until the report of the
Matriculation Committee should come before the Senate.
Hut/tut     l{    '"-"' '   (_
3. A letter of February 12th, 1917 from Maude
Eustace Pearson, asking for cooperation of the
University in her efforts to have educators attending
the National Educational Association which meets in
Portland, Oregon, in July 1917, routed via Vancouver.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Burns  ) That the letter be received and filed.
4» A letter of February 8th. from Mr. Henry A,
/ (3D
^ Stone, accepting invitation on behalf of the Board of
H^^ (122) Trade Committee to meet with the Senate at 4 P.M. to
,, discuss the proposed course in Commerce.
&*-**'; >'::i-' 5. A letter dated February 6th. 1917 from R. F.
'-*<•*/*• Ruttan of the Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific
0 and Industrial Research, announcing that at least one
i ' M»*n* f'j^.e.. studentship of five or six hundred dollars would be
f       :-*Ji>.!^. placed with the University of British Columbia this year.
6. A letter from Hon. D. M. Eberts dated February
13th., 1917 expressing regret that he could not be
present at the Senate meeting.
)1?3) The President reported the appointment of the
following Committees:
Committee to consider the report of the
(a)        Matriculation Board and the Articulatfon of the
University with the School System of the Province.
G. E. Robinson, (Chairman)
Mr. Robertson
Dr. Mcintosh
Judge Howay
Mrs Farris
Committee to prepare Statutes for affiliating
/ Theological Colleges with the University.
Dr. McKechnie (Chairman)
Mr. E. P. Davis
*HJ'"\  -:-"''"■''' Mr. Gordon
Dean Klinck
Dr. Mcintosh
(124)        The Committee on Matriculation then submitted the
following report:-
Your  Committee presents as its unanimous report
the following resolutions:-
' ' 1. That to obtain a greater uniformity of standard
/W/.n &>>        "than existed in the Matriculation papers of 1916, it is
*"'  *'"  desirable that in future the papers in the various
subjects prepared by the individual examiners be presented
to the full Board for approval.
2.  That in the interests of Higher Education
generally and Pure Scholarship in particular, the
Department of Education be requested to amend the High
fc School curriculum so as to provide an alternative
9 «*<& m
enabling intending University students, if they so
desire, to matriculate in three languages instead of two
as at present.
Mr. Robertson )
Judge Howay  ) That Clause 1 of the report be
adopted.        Carried.
Mr. Robertson )
Mrs Farris   ) That Clause 2 of the report be
adopted.   Carried.
1125)       After a discussion of Mr. Paul's letter, it was
moved by Dr. Pearson, seconded by Dr. Ashton and carried,
iilMtiZ*  (Vv.<   that the Matriculation Committee be continued for the
W^I..}    purpose of making a further report with the addition to
* its membership of the School representatives on the
Senate, who were available.
(b)       The President then named Mr. Gordon and Mr. Burns
k£-Kc*»*- as members of the Committee.
%.'., >■■-<■
Dr. Ashton presented a report from the Committee on
(12b)   Relations of the University to Learned Societies.
tu. U-^L. M*« Burns   )
Dr. Davidson) That the report be accepted. Carried.
(127)       Tlie Committee from the Board of Trade,consisting of
V  H. A.- Stone (Chairman) W. H. Malkin, H. G. White and J.
Co*,/■•>-" ,, Eadie, and Dr. Boggs of the University, were admitted,
,%*H Ai*-,.4   and the matter of the course in Commerce was taken up
for consideration.
At the meeting of December 13th., 19l6, Dr.Pearson
presented a report on the teaching of Russian, This was
adopted, but the following suggestion was reserved for
consideration at the next meeting:
»A  .%.-_ to 1,,
"Your Committee is of the opinion that the
Governors and the Senate should, in the near
future, take into consideration the
advisability of establishing a Faculty or
School of Commerce in connection with the
Dr. Pearson)
Dr. Ashton )  That this part of the report of the
Committee on Russian be adopted.   Carried.
^ (33)
Dr. Pearson )
(127) Mr. Argue  ) That the Senate at this meeting
consider the question of provision for the teaching of
Commerce.    Carried.
/*"<■'■ >"■ Dr. Pearson then presented the suggested plan of the
Senate Committee for a Department of Advanced Commercial
Mr. Stone, Chairman of the Board of Trade
Committee, presented the plan which their Committee had
outlined. In the course of his remarks, he prftsented, the
following resolution, which the Committee intended to
bring before the Board of Trade:
"That the income of anything we might get
together shall be applied as may be deemed
advisable by the Trustee or Trustees in
establishing, maintaining or assisting to
maintain a Department of Advanced Commercial
Science, it being the desire and intention of
/ the founders that in so far as possible
students shall be given the opportunity to
study the higher branches of Commercialism,
also the language, history and customs of those
countries with whom Canada may wish to enter
into closer relations and so be fitted to
assist in the development and expansion of
]y+ Canada's commerce at home and abroad, also to
P establish, foster and encourage a degree or
\. degrees in Commerce."
Mr. Malkin, Mr. White, Mr. Eadie and Dr. Boggs
spoke briefly on the matter.
After the withdrawal of the Committee, it was
7 s 01 i;cx     one   ru ouuxawuj.   ux    iiiiw   wummii/iicc,    j. i<   1100
f (127a) moved by Dr. Pearson, seconded by Judge Howay and carried,
I   ^U  /V-''"»■■■ , that a Department of Advanced Commercial Science be     I
I jcit«., .  *-'•* established leading to a degree.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Burns  ) That the suggested plan be referred
(127b) to the Faculty to be taken up as part of the calendar, and
k <oa      r   <?// especially to direct their attention to the 75$ passing
c     mark required on the first page.   Carried.
It was agreed that the present Committee should be
(127c) continued until the matter is finally disposed of in
„        . calendar form.
Mr. Robinson)
(128)        Mrs Farris  ) That the Senate prepare a resolution r  >
gU~i<. h*^,       expressing the appreciation of the Senate of the interest
«^vJu^    "the Board of Trade has shown and the good work their
Committee has done in connection with this matter., and that
a copy be forwarded to the Board of Trade.  Carried.
(129) The President appointed,*Mrs Farris^ Dr. Davidson
Vei Dr. Pearson,;     ■■-—. ^p
It was decided that the resolution should be spread
on the minutes of the Senate.
(130) The Registrar reported :(a) That Faculty had drawn
up for Merrill DesBrisay, a returned Soldier, who before
(a) going to the front had completed his Third year in Arts,
x      a course to be taken during the second term, on the
»*«4A*4«.^   successful completion of which he will be granted his
B. A. degree.
(b) That Faculty had approved of the principle of
(b) the introduction of gramaphones into the High Schools
jfc_»*,*fc—   °f tae Province.
Dr. Ashton read a statement which he had prepared,
showing how helpful these would be in the teaching of
Mr. Argue  )
Dr. Davidson) That the Senate endorse the
recommendation of the Faculty.  Carried.
(c) That Faculty had recommended to the Senate
and Board of Governors that First Year work in the degree
(c)  course in Agriculture be offered in the University in
w    .     t     1917-18, and that short courses in the principal lines of
j-^n ur-n^it.-     agricultural production in the Province be also
, authorized.
Dean Klinck spoke in explanation, and it was then
moved by Judge Howay, seconded by Dr. Pearson and carried,
that the Senate approve of the Faculty recommendation.
(l"51)        The Committee on Academic Costume not being
A_i^- ^-^   prepared to report, the question of the wearing of gowns
/v*. p?»-        -j™ University students was not discussed.
The report on the usage of American Universities
(132)  with regard to fees charged Canadian students, was on
~^  ^   motion of Mr. Argue, seconded by Dr. Pearson, left on
'\^L T 1*      tne taDie until the mover and seconder, (Judge Howay and
/\rJA^JiZit    Mr* CreiShton) should be present.
Dr. Davidson)
(133)       Mr. Argue  ) That the President name a Committe
e4*% (55)
o to make the arrangements and to draw up a programme for
C*n*. <r»- n*f"*~    Congregation.    Carried.
Dr. Davidson)
Dr. Pearson ) That the meeting adjourn to
Wednesday, April 4th., 1917 at 8 P.M.     Carried.
Chairman. Secretary.


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