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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 18, 1925

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Array 399
t Wednesday,   February  18th,   1925
^^ The   third   regular meeting of   the   Senate   of   The
University of  British   Columbia  for  the   session  1924-25
was   held   on  Wednesday,   February  18th,   1925,   at   8:00   P.M.
in  the   Board  Room.
Present:     The   President   (in   the   Chair),   Dean  H.   T.   J.
Coleman,   Mr.   H.   M.   King,   Mr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Mr.   H.   R.
Christie,   Dr.   R.   H.   Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Hr.   Janes
! Henderson,   Mr.   G.   A.   Fergusson,   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,   Dr.   G.   G.
Sedgewiok,   Mr.    C.   Killam,   Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign,   The   Right
Rev.   A.   U.   de   Pencier,   Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,   Mr.   G.   W.   Scott,
i Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   Sherwood   Lett,   Mr.   J.   M.   Turnbull,
Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon,   Mr.   G.   E.   Robinson,   Mr.   A.   E.   Richards,
Mr.   W.   P.   Argue,   Miss  A.   B.   Jamieson.
{ Bishop   de   Pencier)
Mr.   Killam )     That   the  minutes  of   the   second
regular meeting of December 17th
and of the adjourned meeting of
January 2nd be taken as read
and confirmed.
Letters expressing regret at their inability to
attend the Senate meeting were read from Dean R. W. Brock
and Principal Vance.
Mr. Killam)
Mr. Barss )  That these letters be filed.
Notices   of  appointment   of   Committees  we're   read,
as   follows:
864 Proposed   changes   in  Matriculation   requirements.
Mr. J. Henderson,   Convenor
Mr. G. A.   Fergusson
Dr. D. Buchanan
Dr. G. G.   Sedgewiok
Mr. H. M.   King 400
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
'   865 Establishment of a Faoulty of Fine Arts.
Mr. J. S. Gordon, Convenor
f Principal Brown
Dean Coleman
Mr. A. F. Barss
Mr. J. M. Turnbull
8 66 Teaching of Oriental languages at the University.
Mr. Sherwood Lett, Convenor
Mr. A. E. Lord
Dean Coleman
| The whole question of the exclusion of students, at
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Barss )  That this matter be brought up
under the last item of the agenda.
867 A letter was read from the Board of Governors
approving of the recommendations of Senate in respect to
the following new Scholarships and Prizes*-
The Ni.chol Scholarships
George Kerr Scholarship
P.E.0.Sisterhood Scholarship
Walter Moberly Memorial Prize.
The Board of Governors expressed regret that there
were no funds available to provide an honorarium for
Mr. H. Mortimer-Lamb for his lectures on Art.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science.
868 In reference to the request of the Academy of the
Sacred Heart that their graduates be admitted to
Second Year Arts without examination.
Dean Coleman made a report of progress. F
^ *
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
869       Re offer of a Scholarship by the Native Sons of
Canada, Assembly No. 2.
That we accept this Scholarship on the
following terms:
1. That it be open for competition to undergraduates
of the Second, Third and Fourth Years in the Faculty
of Arts and Science.
2. That it be given for a thesis in Canadian History,
phase, subject and period to be announced in advance
in the Calendar, the subjects for three successive
years to be announced together.
3. That the scholarship be divided into two amounts '
of $350 and $150 to be awarded normally to the writers
-*  : of the best and the second best essays respectively,
but to go in a lump sum to the writer of an exceptional
thesis far ahead of its nearest rival, it being understood that no prize shall be awarded if the theses sub-
4* mitted do not deserve it.
4. That it is desired by the donors that this
scholarship shall encourage the study of Canadian
History and thus further a knowledge of Canada, her
resources and her institutions; a pride in her past and
a devotion to her best interests; all of which they
feel to be essential aims of a sound Canadian education.
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Lord        )  That Senate accept the report
of the Faculty.
Reports of Committees.
870        On Double Course leading to the degree of B.A. and
B.A.Sc. in Nursing.
The Committee pointed out that there was a request for this course from one student only and that
she had sinoe changed her plans.  As they found that
the work would be too heavy to be accomplished in the
time proposed and that it would be almost impossible
to arrange a workable time-table, they recommended
that this course be not included in the Curriculum
of the University.
Dr.   Burnett   )
Dean   Coleman)     That   the   report   be   adopted.
Carried 402
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
871       On proposed changes in Matriculation requirements.
1. In reference to the question of whether the
Chemistry of the Home Economics Course can be
accepted for Junior Matriculation - a question on
which the Faculties have reported unfavorably,
your committee begs to point out that a new textbook in Chemistry, which is being revised by Dr.
R. H. Clark of the Chemistry Department, for use
in the Junior Matriculation division, will be
prescribed by the Education Department for Home
Economics, and Technical classes also, and that
therefore, after the present year, only one paper
in Chemistry will be necessary for all these three
classes of students.
2. Your Committee recommends the adoption of the
resolution passed by the Faculties that "as a
science is now the equivalent of a language, the
requirements of Junior Matriculation Physics be
strengthened by the addition of some work in
Mechanics. "
3. In reference to the request that Physiology be
added to the group of science options, your Committee recommends that the whole question of
Junior Matriculation options be referred to the
Faculties for investigation and report.
Mr. Henderson)
Dr. Clark    )  That Clause 1 be adopted.
Mr. Henderson)
Dr. Clark    )  That Clause 2 be adopted.
Mr. Henderson)
Dr. Clark    )  That Clause 3 be adopted.
Hr. Henderson)
Dr. Clark    )  That the report as a whole be
Carried 403
* Wednesday,   February  18th,   1925
^^ 372 On   Calendar  Material.
Mr.   G.   E.   Robinson  made   a  report   of  progress   on
the   1925-26   Calendar material,   which will   be   ready
^ for  the   next  meeting of  Senate.     Mr.   Robinson pre
sented   the   material   dealing with   the   Matriculation
requirements  and  stated  that   this  had  been  approved
by  the   Superintendent   of  Education.
Mr. Robinson)
Dr. Buchanan)  That the material dealing with
Matriculation requirements be
approved. flarrled
On the establishment of a Faculty of Fine Arts.
Report of the Senate's Committee on Communications from:
873     (1) The Architectural Institute of British Columbia;
I t ?2) The British Columbia Music Teachers' Federation.
1 Your Committee beg leave to report as follows:
p *" 1.  They feel that while a Faculty of Fine Arts is
desirable as a part of the organization of a
: i^ fully-developed university, the establishment of
such a faculty in The University of British Columbia would properly come only after certain
minor developments in the same general direction
had proved themselves a success.
2. Your Committee would recommend the establishment
at as early a date as possible of a Chair of Music
in the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University.  The duties of this Chair would be two-fold:
(a) the delivery of lectures in history and
theory of music and in musical appreciation;
(b) the organization of a University Board of
Examiners in Music.
NOTE  -  Your Committee would point out that the
revenue from fees from the examinations conducted by such a Board, would contribute materially towards the maintenance of the Chair in
3. Your Committee would recommend the establishment
from time to time of special lectureships in Fine
Arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.).
The lectures given in this connection would
probably be, at the outset, without credit towards
the University degree and would be intended merely
as a contribution to the cultural value of a University course.
<       4
li * 404
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
4. Your Committee are not convinced that there is
sufficient demand for professional instruction in
architecture to warrant the establishment of a
Chair in that subject at the present time.  When
with the growth of the Province and the development
of the University such instruction is necessary,
it would properly be given by the Faculty of Applied
Science, in which Faculty the fundamental courses
for architecture are already organized.
5. Your Committee would point out that instruction
in household design, furniture, interior decoration,
etc. (which subjects are mentioned specifically in
the letter from the Architectural Institute of
British Columbia), would ordinarily be given by a
department (or faculty) of household science and
arts.  They believe that the organization of such a
department (or faculty) is desirable and would recommend that Senate express to the Board of Governors
its willingness to cooperate in such a development
at as early a date as funds shall be made available.
Mr. Gordon  )
Dean Coleman)
That the report be received and
considered clause by clause.
Clause 1.
Clauee 2.
No action necessary.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Barss )
That Senate endorse the
recommendation of the Committee.
Clause 3.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Barss )
That   this   Clause   be   adopted
by  Senate.
Clause 4.  Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Barss )
That Senate concur in the
views of the Committee on
this question.
Clause 5.  Mr. Gordon )
Dr. Buchanan) That Clause 5 be adopted.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Barss )  That the report as a whole
be adopted.
Carried 405
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
874        On the teaching of Oriental languages at the University.
Mr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord)     That   the   report  be   received and  considered  clause   by  clause.
Mr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord/     That   clause   1   of   the   recommendations
be   adopted.
Mr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord)     That   clause   2   of   the   recommendations
be   adopted.
Mr.   Lord)
Mr.   Lett)      That   clause   3   of  the   recommendations
be   adopted.
Mr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord)      That   clause   4   of   the   recommendations
be   adopted.
It  was   suggested   that   clause  4   read:   "That
such   course   be   operated   in"	
The   mover  and   seconder  accepted   the   suggestion.
Motion  put   to   vote   and   carried.
Mr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord)      That   the   report  as   amended  be   adopted.
The recommendations of the report, as amended, are
as follows:- 406
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
1. That no attempt be made at present to institute
the teaching of Chinese in the University.
2. That the Senate recommend to the Board of
Governors that provision be made as soon as possible for the institution of a course in Commercial
Japanese, such course to include the Japanese
language, economics, economic geography, Oriental
trade, statistics and Japanese accounting, Japanese
history, Oriental government and institutions and
such other subjects as may be deemed advisable by
the Faculty responsible for such course.
3. That the course be instituted under the Faculty
of Arts to be drawn up and provided for by the
Departments of Modern Languages and Economics
4. That such course be operated in conjunction with
the regular course leading to the degree of B.A.,
and be open to all registered students of the University whether of Oriental or Occidental birth or
Dean Coleman )
Mr. Sovereign)  That Senate ask the Chairmen of
the Committee which brought in the
recommendations In regard to Music
and the Committee on Japanese
Language and trade institutions,
Principal Fergusson as representing the interests of the teachers,
with such others as the President
may appoint, to be our committee
to wait upon the Board of Governors.
Communi cations.
875 A  letter  from   the   Provincial   Parent-Teacher   Feder
ation was read, asking for a copy of the Senate minutes
dealing with the proposed establishment of a Department
of  Home   Economics.
Dr.   Burnett)   That we  express  our  regret  at  being
Mr.   Argue     )   unable   to  break from  the   rule   that
the   minutes  are   for   the   use   of   Senate
only. 407
Wednesday, February 18th, 1925
In amendment:
Mr. Fergusson)
Dr. Sedgewiok)  That the President give what information he deems compatible with
the rules of Senate in reply to
the communication from the Parent-
Teacher Federation.
Amendment withdrawn.
Motion put, and carried*
875        A communication from Phi Lambda Rho Fraternity was
read, asking for a statement of the academic standing of
the members of that fraternity following Christmas and
Spring examinations.
Dean Coleman )
Dr. Sedgewick)  That the Secretary be instructed
to inform the Phi Lambda Rho
Fraternity that each student may
obtain a statement of standing
on his own account; and that it is
not our custom to give out a
statement of standing of students
to any organization.
The whole question of the exclusion of students at
877    Christmas.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Buchanan)   That the appointment of the Senate
Committee on the question of the
exclusion of students at Christmas
be deferred until the next meeting
and that in the meantime, the
whole matter be referred to the
Faculties of the University for
recommendation to the next meeting
of Senate.
Carried 878
Wednesday,   February  18th,   1925
Dean   Coleman   reported   that   two   students  who  had  been
asked   to   discontinue   attendance   at   the   University  at
Christmas  had   been   re-admitted -   one   upon   information as
to   domestic  affliction  and   the   other  on   the   re-reading of
her  papers  which   gave   her   the   three   marks   necessary  for
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Scott    )  That we adjourn,
£ (3 i*4u^J&


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