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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1928-12-19

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Wednesday,   December   19th,   1928
The   aecond   regular  meeting   of  the   Senate   of   The
University   of British  Columbia  for  the   session  1928-29
""*• was held on Wednesday, December 19th, 1928, at 8:00 p.m.
in the Board Room.
Present:  Acting President Brock (in the Chair),
Dean Buchanan, Mr. H. M. King, Mr. A. F. Barss, Mr. W. E.
\ Duckering, Dr. R. H. Clark, Mr. H. F. Angus, Mr. James
Henderson, Mr. G. W. Clark, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr.
G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. A. E. Lord, Mr. Sherwood Lett,
Mr. A. E. Richards, Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam and
Mr. Sydney Anderson.
Mr. Lord     )
Dr. R.H.Clark) That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of October 17th
and of the special meeting of
November 27th be taken as read,
and adopted.
Notice of appointment of Committee on Calendar
Dr. R. H. Clark, Chairman
Mr. A. F. Barss
Mr. H. F. Angus
Mr. G. W. Clark
Mr. J. A. Campbell.
From the Board of Governors
Course In Italian
A letter was received from the Board of
governors in which it waa atated that on account of
financial reasons, the Board was unable to give
effect to the recommendation of Senate that a
beginning course in Italian be approved.
Mr. Barss)
Mr. Lett ) That the letter be received and filed.
The Beverley Cayley Prize
The Board approved of the recommendation of
Senate that we accept the prize offered by Judge
Cayley and Mrs. Cayley in memory of their son. R£
idnesday,   December   19th,   1928
Dr.   R.   H.   Clark)
Mr.   Duckering     )   That   the   letter be   received
and  filed.
Special   Bursary  for  E.   H.   Caaaidy
The  Board  granted  the   reque8t   of Mr.  E.   H.
Cassidy   for  a   special  bursary   of   $100.00   in  lieu
of   the   Royal   Institution  Scholarship   for  Matriculation won by him  in  1922.
Mr. Anderson)
Mr. Lett    ) That the communication be received
and filed.
Statute   for the   re-opening  of   terms   of   Scholarships
Approved by the  Board  of  Governors.
Mr. G. W. Clark)
Mr. Duckering  ) That the communication be received and filed.
Credit towards the M.A. degree and the Honours'
B.A. degree for work taken in the Summer Session
Tabled by  the  Board until   the  President's
Mr. Angus)
Mr. Lord ) That the communication be received
and filed.
Summer Session Regulations
Tabled by the Board until the President*s
Mr. Lord)
Mr. Lett) That the letter be received and filed.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Proposed Course in Social Service
Mr. Henderson presented the recommendation of
the Faculty and also a statement in regard to the
<»■■ 16.
Wednesday, December 19th, 1928
character of the supervision that could be provided
for the field work.
Hr. Henderaon)
Dr. Buchanan ) That the course as outlined in the
memorandum be approved, subject to
the insertion of the proper term -
("Social Service" for "Social
Reports of Committees
On Senate Eleotions
Mr. Lord presented the report of the Committee.
Amendments to the University Aot were recommended:
1. Providing for ballots with the names of the
candidates in alphabetical order in place of
voting papers as at present prescribed by
the Act.
2. Directing that the Registrar give notice of
the election and notify members of Convocation when nominations are due.
3. Extending the time between the sending out of
ballot papers and the returning of the ballots
Changes were made in the original report, as
Insert paragraph 5(a).
Section 77 of said chapter 265 is amended by
striking out the words "voting papers" in the second
line thereof and substituting in lieu thereof the
word "ballots".
Paragraph 6.
A voter may vote for any number of candidates not
exceeding the number of members to be chosen.  The
scrutineers shall reject any ballot papers by which
votes have been given for more candidates than are
to be elected.
Schedule - Form 1.
Insert before members - second line - "of the
fifteen". 17.
Wednesday, December 19th, 1928
(74) Paragraph 4.
Amended to read:
  and shall also subscribe his
signature on the detachable portion of such
ballot paper or envelope.
Mr. Lord )
Dr. Vance) That we adopt the report as amended,
and instruct the Committee to adjust
it, adopting the form of envelope for
the ballot.
On Oriental Languages and Pacific Trade Relations
Hr. Lett reported progress.
on Husic as an optional Subject for those wishing
to Qualify as First Class Teachers
The Department of Education has appointed a
Committee to recommend certain changes in the
curricula for High Schools and Junior High
Schools in the province.  Any recommendations
made will be considered in due course by the
Senate.  Your Committee feels that it would
be inadviaable to make any report until such
time as the Committee appointed by the
Department has made its report.
Dr. Vance      )
Mr. G. W. Clark) That the report be received and
adopted and that the committee
be discharged.
On Junior Colleges
Dr. Vance stated that Mr. Gordon Scott,
Chairman of the Committee, was absent from the
meeting on account of the serious illness of his
Dr. Killam stated that he had prepared a minority report and asked that he be permitted to read
the report to Senate.
J 18.
Wednesday, December 19th, 1928
The Secretary read the opinion of the University
Solicitor in regard to the interpretation of
section 58(k) Chapter 265 of the University Act. -
The power given was discretionary and not mandatory.
Mr. Barss asked that the members of the
Committee on Junior Colleges be given an opportunity
of seeing the minority report before it waa aent
out to members of Senate.  The minority report
could then be sent out as an appendix to the report
of the Committee.
Dr.  Vance)
Mr.   Barss)   That   this  matter be  postponed until
the  next   regular  meeting  of   Senate.
A communication from the Native Sons of Canada,
Assembly No. 2, was read, with regard to the Scholarships
in Canadian History.
Dr. Vance)
Mr. Lett ) That the Chair appoint a committee of
three to draw up a suitable reply to
thia letter and, if neceaaary, to meet
a delegation from the Native Sons.
The following letter was received from the Alma
Mater society in reference to the Canadian Officers*
Training Corps:
According to a resolution passed at a
Special Meeting of the Alma Mater Society,
Nov. 28, we petition the Senate to disestablish the Canadian Officers' Training
Corps on this Campus.
Dr. R. H. Clark)
Hr. G. W. Clark) That the letter be received and
filed; and that it be suitably
Carried 19.
Wednesday, December 19th, 1928
Attention was called to the death of Mr. Campbell
Sweeny, a member of the Board of Governors who had served
continuously since the foundation of the University, and
that of Mr. Henri Chodat, Associate Professor of French.
The members of Senate, on the suggestion of the Chair,
stood, as a tribute of respect.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Vance
That the Chairman appoint a committee to draw up suitable
resolutions of condolence.
It  was  suggested   that,in  the   event   of   the   death   of  a
member   of  any  of   the   Governing bodies   or  the   Faculties   of
the  University,   the   Executive  Head of   the   Institution
appoint   eight   or  ten  members   to   represent   the  University
officially,   at  the   funeral.
The  meeting adjourned.


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