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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 9, 1923

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Array 745
Wednesday, May 9th, 1923.
The fourth regular meeting of the Senate of
The University of British Columbia for the session 1922-
1923 was held on Wednesday, May 9th, 1923, at 10:00 A.M.,
in the Board Room.
Present:-  The President (in the Chair), Dr.
R. E. MoKeohnie, Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brook,
Dean, H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. P. A. Boving, Dr. E. H.
Archibald, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. D. Buchanan, Bishop de
Penoier, Mr. L. F. Robertson, Rev. Dr. W. H. Smith, Rev*
W. H. Vance, Dr. G. G. Sedgewiok, Miss A. B. Jamieson,
Mr. G. W. Scott, Mr. C. Killam, Mr. J. M. Turnbull,
Mr. G. E. Robinson, Rev. A. H. Sovereign.
Bishop de Penoier)
Hr. Sovereign    )  That the minutes of the
third regular meeting of
February 21st and of the
special meeting of March
20th be taken as read.
Communications from Mr. Argue and Mr. J* S•
Gordon regretting their inability to be present at the
meeting were ordered filed*
Examination results.
The results of the examinations in the various
years in the Faculty of Arts and Science were presented
by Dean Coleman, and were considered and passed, section
by section*
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Boggs   )  That the results in the Faoulty of
Arts and Science, as a whole, be
adopted. Carried (332)
Wednesday, May 9th, 1923.
The results of the examinations in the various
years in the Faoulty of Applied Soienoe were presented
by Dean Brook and were considered and passed, section by
Dean Brook  )
Mr. Turnbull)  That the results of the Faoulty
of Applied Science, as a whole,
be adopted. Carried
The results of the examinations in the various
years in the Faoulty of Agriculture were presented by
Dean Clement, and were considered and passed, section by
Dean Clement)
Hr. Boving  )  That the results of the Faoulty
of Agriculture, as a whole, be
adopted. Oarried
Hr•   Van oe )
Bishop  de Penoier)     That we  consider the results
of  examinations   in  Victoria
College. C.a,rrlea
The results   of  the  examinations   in  First and
Seoond Year Arts  in  Viotoria College were  presented:
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Buchanan)  That these results be accepted.
746        Report  on  award of Hedals. Scholarships,   and Prizes.
Dean Brook)
Hr. Boving)  That the report be adopted.
Parried (
Wednesday, May 9th, 1923.
747 Mr. Killam  )
Dean Coleman) That a committee of the Faoulty
members of S enate be appointed,
with power to aot, to complete
details of examination results;
and that the powers be extended
to include the consideration of
applications for the Le Roy
Memorial Scholarship, the W. C.
Haodonald S oholarship and other
Scholarships which may arise*
From  the  Board   of Governors.
743 1  letter was  received giving notice  of the
Board's   approval  of  a  short  course   in  postgraduate  work
for  nurses   holding institutional and  teaching positions.
Mr. Vanoe )
Mr. Boving)  That the communication be received
and filed. Parried
749    Double Course in Arts and Nursing.
Correspondence was read with regard to the
request for a double course leading to the degrees of
B. A. and B.A.So. in Nursing.
Mr. Vanoe )
Mr. Boving)  That the matter be referred to the
Faculty of Arts and Science and the
Faculty of Applied Soienoe for
consideration and report back to
Senate. Carried
A letter from Mr. J. S. Gordon, Seoretary of
Convocation, transmitting minutes of the last annual
meeting of Convocation, was read. (334)
Wednesday, Hay 9th, 1923.
Bishop de Pencier)
Dr. Boggs        )  That the correspondence be
filed. Carrie4
751 A letter from J. Leo Rioe, D. C., Ph.C, who
was appointed by Senate as a member of the Examining
Board for Chiropractors, was read.  Dr. Rioe refused to
Hr. Vanoe)
Dr. Boggs)  That the letter be received and
filed without prejudice.  Oarried
752 Itlpfra lot^a Fraternity Scholarship.
Hr. S cott    )
Dr. Sedgewiok)  That the scholarship of Alpha
Iota Fraternity be accepted.
In amendment, -
Hr. Vance )
Mr. Boving) That this matter be referred to
the separate faculties for consideration and report.
Hr. Scott and Dr. Sedgewick withdrew their
The motion by Mr. Vance and Mr. Boving was
put and oarried.
753    Report. Oommlttee on establishment of Faoulty of Law.
The Committee of the Senate appointed to consider the establishment of a Faculty of Law met
from time to time and, with the assistance of R. H.
Haodonald, E§4*, the Dean of the Vancouver Law Sohool,
A* M. Whiteside, Esq*, representative Benoher of
the Law Society, and the excellent material
furnished by the President, formulated a plan for a (335)
Wednesday, May 9th, 1923.
^^ Faoulty of Law without additional expense to the
University.  This plan your committee presented to
the Board of Governors, which then appointed a
committee from its members to confer with the Benchers
of the Law Sooiety for the purpose of arranging a
contract for an annual contribution from the Law
S ooiety.
Upon the execution of the contract as above and
the establishment of a Faculty of Law, the Board will
fix the annual fee for students.  It is proposed to
/ have a permanent dean appointed with one or more paid
assistants inoludlng at least one from the present
staff of the University, other leoturere to be
voluntary, with the free use of the lecture rooms and
( the Law Library in the Court House at Vancouver.
The Senate can take immediate aotion upon report
from the Board of Governors.
X   l Respectfully submitted.
Cecil Killam,
Mr. Killam)
Dean Brook)  That the report be received and
adopted. Carried
Dean Clement)
Dr. Boggs   )  That we adjourn.        Carried
Ohai rman
S^**c/y a)-
S eoretary


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