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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Oct 10, 1917

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Array Wednesday, October 10th., 1917.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
(176) British Columbia for the session 1917-18 was held on Wednesday,
Ootober 10th. at 8 P.M. in the Board Boom, University Offices.
(177) Present: The President, in the Chair, Dean Klinck, Dr.
Mcintosh, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Davidson, Mr. Robertson, Judge Howay,
Mr. Gordon, Mr. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Pearson
and the Secretary.
The minutes of the regular meeting of May 2nd., 1917 were
read and on motion of Judge Howay and Dr. Pearson adopted.
(178) The report of the joint committee of the Board of Governors
and the Senate which waited upon the Government on May 7th., 1917, to
urge an increase of the appropriation for University work was read.
Judge Howay      )
Dr.Brydone-Jack ) that this report be received and adopted and
that a synopsis of it be entered in the minutes.    Carried.
The synopsis follows:
"A joint Committee of the Board of Governors and Senate of
the University of British Columbia waited upon the Provincial
Government, Victoria, on May 7th., 1917 at 11 A.M. to set
forth the need of a larger appropriation than had been made
available by the Government for the University during 1917-
There were present the following:
flKftfl'irtlf Q0UniQi?-: ^h* Honourable the Premier, the Hon.
J. D. MaoLean, the Hon. John Oliver, the Hon. T.D. Pattullo,
the Hon. William Sloane, the Hon. M.A. Maodonald and the Hon.
J. H. King. Mr. J. W. deB. Farris was also present.
Board of Qovernors: The Chancellor, Mr. Campbell
j$s. Sweeny, Mr. McLennan and Br. SOott.
^'      Senate: Deans Klinck and Robinson, Judge Howay, Mrs
Farris, Mr. Turnbull and Mr. Justice Eberts.
The President and Dr. MoKeohnie represented both the Board
and the Senate.
The Chancellor introduced the delegation. He called
attention to the fact that #200,000 had been appropriated for
a nine months period in 1916-17 and that only #175,000 had
been appropriated for the twelve months period from April 1st,
„ 1917 to March 31st., 1918. He stated that the University
could not maintain present standards on this amount. Not only
would it be impossible to develop certain courses strongly
advocated by various public bodies but it would be necessary
to reduce some of these courses unless a larger grant was
The Premier stated that the Executive Council would be
pleased to hear from other members of the delegation. The
President, Dean Klinck, Judge Howay, Mrs Farris, Mr. Campbell
Sweeny and Dr. MoKeohnie were then heard and all urged the
necessity for a larger appropriation. Mr. L. G* MoPhillips
i (46)
and Mr. P. 0. Wade were unable to attend the meeting but both
sent messages advocating an increase in the grant.
After hearing these representations, the Premier thanked
the deputation and stated that the request of the University
would be carefully and sympathetically considered. He assured
the delegation that the Government had no desire to cripple
University activities and was desirous of giving all possible
assistance,but in view of the need of economy in all directions,
it was tiiought the University might be able to reduce expenditures to the amount proposed•"
In reply to a question of Judge Howay's as to the result of
this meeting the President stated that a Committee of the Board of
Governors interviewed the Honourable the Minister of Bduoatlon on
May 14th, 1917 and discussed with him oertain proposed reductions in
the original estimates, the charging of tuition fees. &o. As a result
of this oonferenoe, the Minister promised that he would reoommend an
additional grant to the University for the fisoal year 1917-18 of
#60,000, or in the event of tuition fees being charged, of #50,000.
It was found impossible to charge tuition feea for the current year.
The University therefore is counting upon a supplemental grant of
#60,000, making a total of #235,000 available for the present year.
(179) The President then expressed regret that he had forgotten
to name a Committee to consider the granting of Honorary Degrees as
requested at the last regular meeting.
Dr. Brydone-Jack )
Dr, Davidson    ) that an extension of time be given the
President to appoint a Committee on Honorary Degrees.   fiarriod.
Mr. Argue   )
Mr. Robertson ) that the minutes of the special meetings
of July 6th., 1917 and July 17th., 1917 be adopted as read. Carried.
(180) A letter dated July 28th., 1917 from Messrs. Somers,
McHaughton and Vantreight of Gordon Head, B. C. expressing
appreciation of the help afforded by some of the girls.of the
University in harvesting the berry crop,was then read.
(161) The question as to whether the Science diploma should be
in Latin or English was discussed. It was decided to have the
Begistrar correspond with other Universities and ascertain the
general usage.
(182) She President reported that 413 regular students were
enrolled in the University for the present session and expressed the
opinion that the attendance in the Short Courses in Mining,
Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture and probably Forestry, would
bring the total registration to between five and six hundred.
(183) The President made a short statement as to the outside
i/ (47)
(183) aotivitiea of various members of the University staff in connection
with the Dominion and Provincial Governments, calling particular
attention to the work of the men in the Faculty of Agriculture with
regard to food control, the making of British Columbia the seed
producing centre of Canada for root and vegetable seeds,, and the
British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association.
(184) The following report of Faculty on Matriculation Scholarships
was submitted*
William Ure. winner of a Matriculation Scholarship in
1916, who was then allowed to postpone the enjoyment of his
scholarship, has since enlisted for service overseas and has
been granted a further postponement.
Of the Matriculation Scholarships awarded as the result
of the Matriculation examinations in June 1917 Douglas Dow of
Bnderby has been allowed to postpone his attendance for one
year on account of his being under the specified age.
Halan Douglas ffaill of Alberni has been granted a postponement for one year on aooount of ill health, certified by
her physician.
Doris Ilva Powall of Bossland has been granted postponement for one year on aooount of the necessity of preparing
herself to support her mother and young sister in the event of
her brother going to the front.
The Scholarship available f#»m a candidate from Victoria
was not awarded owing to both the first and seoond candidates
declaring their intention,of pursuing their studies in the
Victoria High Sohool and preparing there for entrance to the
Seoond Year in Arts.
(185) The following recommendation with regard to supplemental
examinations was submitted:
"That those students who, writing for the first time in
June 1917, were given the privilege of completing
their Matriculation in September, and who failed to do
so, be given another opportunity in June 1918, when they
will be required to write on all the subjects in which
they were granted supplementalV* and that those who
fail on that occasion will be required to re-write the
examination as a whole to gain Matriculation standing."
Mr. Robinson )
Mr. Robertson) that the report and recommendation of
Faculty be adopted.      Oarried.
(186) Dean Klinok, Chairman of the Committee on Students' Affairs,
reported a difficulty into which the Alma Mater Society had fallen in
connection with their constitution.
The students misunderstanding their powers had amended
their constitution and had prooeeded to elect their officers under
the amended constitution. The Committee had considered the matter but
could not agree on the best way of setting things right and decided
to refer the difficulty to Senate in the form of a majority and
M4^ *m
(186) and minority report.
Dean Klinck then submitted the following majority report:
" Resolved: That the Chairman be asked to advise Senate of
the student elections under proposed amendments to the
constitution of Alma Mater, and of the reason for the
student body holding such eleotions: and further that
Senate be asked that these eleotions be confirmed and
the Alma Mater be allowed to run for the present under
such of these proposed amendments as are acceptable to
the Faoulty Committee on Student Affairs."
Dean Robinson then submitted the following minority report;
"That six of the nine offioers of the Council having been
properly elected and this number constituting*a quorum
the business of the Council be in the meantime carried
on by them and that the vacancies be filled as provided
for in the constitution."
Dr. Davidson )
Mr. Gordon  ) that the majority and minority reports of the
Committee be summarized and spread on the minutes and that the students
be notified that the old constitution stands until it Is properly
Mr. Argue ) In amendment
Dean Klinck) that the majority report be adopted.
Dr. Davidson's motion was put and lost.
Mr. Argue's amendment was then put and carried,.
(187) The following reoommendation of Faoulty increasing its own
membership was then submitted.
1. That all members of the staff with the rank of Assistant
Professor and above be members of Faculty.
2. That all Instructors under annual appointment in contradistinction to those under sessional appointment be
members of Faculty.
3. That the Librarian and the Business Agent be members of
Mr. Robinson )
Mr. Turnbull ) that the report be adopted.    Oarried.
(186)        The  following changes in the Latin requirements for Junior and
Senior Matriculation reoommended by Faoulty were on motion of Mr.
Argue and Mr. Robertson adopted*
Senior Matriculation alternative papers in
1. Virgil, Aeneid IX. and Horace, Selected Odes*
2. Virgil, Georgio IV; Ovid, Elegiac Selections.
Junior Matrioulation alternative papers in Latin Authors.
1. As in the calendar of 1916-17, Caesar, De Bello Gallioo,
M^ *
(188) Book IV., Chapters 20-38, sad Book V., Chapters 1 - 23} and Virgil,
Aeneid II, lines 1-505.
2. In the Calendar for the current year, Caesar, De Bello
Galileo, Books II. and III.; and Ovid, Gleason's Term of
Ovid,  lines 234-670.
(189) Dr. Pearson )
Mr. Argue  ) that the report of Convocation as published and
received by each member of Senate, be received ant filed. Carried.
(190) Mr. Argue  )
Dr. Davidson) that the date suggested by Convocation for the
eleotion of Chancellor and the fifteen members of Senate, viz. the
first-Thursday in April, 1918 be adopted by the Senate• Carried,.
The meeting then adjourned.
Chairman Secretary.


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