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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1941-12-17

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Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1941-42
was held on Wednesday, December 17th, 1941, at 2:00 p.m.,
in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dean D. Buchanan, Dr.
Blythe Eagles, Dr. M. Y. Williams, Mr. A. H. Finlay, Mr.
F. H. Soward, Dr. 0. J. Todd, Mr. J. N. Harvey, Dr. Evlyn
F. Farris, Mr. A. R. Lord, Mr. A. A. Webster, Rev. Dr. J.
G. Brown, Rev. Dr. H. R. Trumpour, Mr. H. T. Logan, Miss
M. L. Bollert, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, His Honour Judge F. W.
Howay, Dr. H. V. Warren, Miss A. B. Jamieson, and Miss
Florence S. Mulloy.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Dr. C. A. H. Wright, Dr. J.
F. Walker, Miss Isobel Harvey and Mr. A. E. Lord.
Mr. Harvey   )
Miss Jamieson) That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of October 15th, 1941, be taken
as read, and adopted.
The following tribute to Judge J. D. Swanson,
prepared by Mr. J. N. Harvey, was received.  In accordance
with the resolution passed by Senate at the meeting on
October 15th this statement, to be spread on the records
of Senate, had been sent by the Secretary to Mrs. Swanson,-
The Senate of The University of British
Columbia, assembled at this its first 1941-42
session, desires to place on record its feeling
of loss and sorrow at the passing into the Great
Beyond of His Honour Judge John Donald Swanson,
who had not only served his adopted Province of
British Columbia so faithfully and so well as a
member of the Judiciary for more than thirty
years, but had also served this University so 859
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
acceptably, for eighteen years and more, as a
member of Senate.
Therefore, the Secretary of the Senate is
requested to spread on the minutes, Senate's
sincere appreciation of the services rendered,
the sound, always available advice and assistance
so freely given by Judge Swanson for so many years.
It might well be said of him: "Know ye not that
there is a prince and a great man fallen" in
British Columbia.
A letter of acknowledgement from Mr. John D. Swanson
was received.
Speaker for the Spring Congregation
Mr. Soward)
Dr. Warren) That the matter of the selection of
a speaker for the Spring Congregation be left to the Chair.
Notice of Appointment of Committees
To Bring in Nominations for the Vacancy Caused by
the Resignation of Mr. J. C. Oliver
Mr. J. N. Harvey (Chairman)
Dr. C. A. H. Wright
Dr. M. Y. Williams
On Senate Elections, 1942
Mr. A. E. Lord (Chairman)
Dr. 0. J. Todd
Dr. D. G. Laird
Report of Committee to Bring in Nominations for the Vacancy
Caused by the Resignation of Mr. J. C. Oliver
A report was received from the Committee appointed
to bring in nominations for the vacancy resulting from the
resignation of Mr. J. C. Oliver as a member of Senate.
The name of Dr. M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Dean of Women, was 860
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941,
submitted for nomination.
Mr. Harvey  )
Miss Bollert) That the report be received and
adopted, and that the name of Dean
M. Dorothy Mawdsley be placed in
nomination to fill the vacancy on
Dr. Warren  )
Dr. Williams) That nominations close.
The Secretary was instructed to cast an unanimous
ballot for Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley as a member of Senate
for the unexpired time of Mr. Oliver's tenure of office.
The Chair then declared Dean Mawdsley elected.
Report of Committee on Senate Elect ions,1942
The Committee on Senate Elections, 1942, presented
a report as follows,-
"1. Time of Election:
That the date of election of Chancellor and Members
of Senate be fixed for May 27, 1942;
2. Place of Election:
That the said election be held at the Registrar's
Office, University of British Columbia.
3. That the scrutineers be:
Dr. 0. J. Todd Mr. A. A. Webster
Principal J. G. Brown Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Dr. Blythe Eagles Mr. F. H. Soward
Mr. A. H. Finlay Principal H. R. Trumpour
Dr. D. G. Laird Miss Florence S. Mulloy
Mr. A. R. Lord Dr. M. Y. Williams.  "
Dr. Todd )
Mr. Finlay) That the report be received and
Carried 861
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
From the Board of Governors
Reduction in amount of American Woman's Club Bursary -
Increase in amount of Inter-Sorority Alumnae Club
Bursary - Approved.
Acceptance of Dorbils Essay Prize - Approved.
Acceptance of grant of $6000 under Student Aid Schedule-
Transfer of course in Metallurgy la & c from Fourth
to Fifth Year, Mechanical Engineering. - Approved.
New Course - Government 6 - to replace Government 5 -
Participation in Air Training Plan for Universities -
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean Buchanan presented a recommendation of the
Faculty of Arts and Science that the following new courses,
to be included in the proposed outline for the Summer
Session of 1942, be authorized,-
Government 7(Anglo-American Legal Systems)
Education 27 (Administration of Secondary School,
1-J- units)
Education 28 (Educational Statistics, lj$  units)
Education 30 (Psychology of Adolescence, _■£ units)
Education 34 (Diagnostic and Remedial Instruction,
1-^ units)
Education 35 (Guidance, 1§ units)
Education 38 (Evaluation, 1^ units)
English 15   (American Literature)
It was agreed that the proposed new courses in
Education, as listed, would be considered later when the
report of the Committee on Graduate Studies in Education
would be presented.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That the proposed new courses,
Government 7 and English 15, be
approved for the Summer Session 1942.
Carried 862
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941,
The following list of courses to be given in the
Summer Session of 1942 was presented,-
Biology 1, 3, 4
Chemistry 2, 4
Economics 10
Sociology 1
Government 7
Education 27
Education 28
Education 30
Education 34
Education 35
Education 38
English 13
English 15
English 19
French 2, 4a
Geography 2
German 1
History 4, 19
Mathematics 1, 3, 14
Philosophy 3, 8
Psychology 1, 5 or 7, 20
Physics 1, 4
Physical Education 162, 174
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That these courses, with the exception
of the proposed new courses in
Education, be approved, and that the
Chair be authorized to make any
necessary changes.
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science that the dates of opening and closing of
the Summer Session 1942 be June 29th and August 14th,
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That this recommendation be
A communication was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science recommending that for the present session
Fourth Year Commerce students be permit-ted to substitute
Psychology 3 for Psychology 7 which is not being given
this year.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That this change of course be
Carried 863
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
In regard to an Interim Report of the Committee on
Graduate Studies dealing with the proposal to offer
courses leading to Bachelor of Education and Master of
Education degrees, the following recommendations were
received from the Faculty of Arts and Science:
(1) That the Interim Report presented to Faculty
at its meeting of October 8th be adopted,
and that the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
degree only be conferred on the basis of the
courses outlined on Pages 3 and 4 of the report.
(2) That the Committee be continued and be asked to
bring in a report at a later date on the
question of the Master of Education (M.Ed.)
A Digest of the Report of the Committee on Graduate
Studies was presented by Dean Buchanan.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sedgewick) That this matter be laid on the
table until the next regular meeting
of Senate, and that, in the meantime,
the full report of this Committee,
together with the Digest of the
Report, be sent to all members of
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That the proposed new courses,
Education 27, 28, 30, 34, 35 and
38, be approved for the Summer
Session 1942.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr. Soward presented the report of the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries on the
award of the Dominion-Provincial War Services Bursary Fund 864
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941,
of $6000 to assist University students in the science
courses to continue their studies.
Some forty students had been given assistance from
this fund, only five of whom were not already in attendance.
No student received more than $300.00, including any
existing bursary or scholarship which he might already
possess.  All recipients will sign a declaration that on
graduation they will be willing to assist in the war
effort in the particular capacity for which they have
been trained.  As classified in technical subjects the
awards were as follows,-
Metallurgical Engineering - 3
Mechanical Engineering   - 10
Civil Engineering         - 6
Chemical Engineering     - 10
Electrical Engineering   - 8
Pre-medical             - 3
Colonel F. T. Fairey had assisted the Committee in
interviewing the applicants.
Mr. Soward)
Dr. Warren) That the report on Dominion-Provincial
War Services Bursaries be adopted.
A progress report with respect to the terms of award
of the I.O.D.E. Scott Memorial Scholarship was presented
by Mr. Soward.  This matter had been discussed by the
President and Mr. Soward with members of the I.O.D.E. at
an interview held on November 7th.  At this interview the
I.O.D.E. representatives stated that they would consult
their solicitor with a view to, seeing if he could prepare 865
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
an acceptable revised statement of the terms of award of
this scholarship for presentation to the Senate. In the
meantime, the I.O.D.E. expressed the hope that the award
of the scholarship for the session 1940-41, which, under
the present terms of award, would have been made to Mr.
Ian D. Matheson, would be approved by the Senate.
This report had been presented to the Board of
Governors and referred to Senate by the Board.
Mr. Soward)
Dr. Warren) That Mr. Ian D. Matheson be awarded
the I.O.D.E. Scott Memorial Scholarship for the session 1940-41.
Mr. Soward presented the recommendation of the Joint
Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries,
which had been adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Science,
that the offer by the Ontario Paper Company of a prize of
$100.00 for the Session 1941-42 be accepted on the following terms,-
Ontario Paper Company Prize
The Ontario Paper Company offers for
the Session 1941-42 a prize of $100 for
the best report submitted on some phase
of the newsprint industry by a student
in the graduating year.  The subject of
the report is to be approved by the donor
and the award is to be made on the
recommendation of the Head of the Department of Commerce.  All reports should be
submitted by the last day of lectures.
Mr. Soward)
Dr. Warren) That this recommendation be
Carried 866
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
Dean Clement reported that an offer to renew the
Geldart Riadore Bursary in Agriculture, with provision for
two awards of $175*00 each to be made in May, 1942, had
been received from the donor.  No statement in regard to
this bursary had been included in the calendar for 1941-42.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Soward  ) That the offer of the renewal of the
Geldart Riadore Bursary for the
session 1941-42 on the terms
published in the calendar for 1940-41
be approved, and that two bursaries
of $175.00 each be awarded in May,
Reports of Committees,-
In connection with the report of the Committee on
Proposed Changes in Curriculum in the Faculty of Applied
Science, which had been laid on the table at the meeting
of Senate on October 15th, 1941, Dean Finlayson presented
additional information in regard to the estimated cost to
the Departments of Chemistry and Physics during the year
of transition if the proposed changes were approved.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Finlay    ) That the report of the Committee
be adopted, subject to the approval
of the Board of Governors in regard
to the necessary financial arrangements in connection with the
increased cost to the Departments
of Chemistry and Physics during the
transition period.
Carried 867
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
On Request for the Affiliation of a Roman Catholic College
Judge Howay, on behalf of the Committee on Request
for the Affiliation of a Roman Catholic College, reported
On Honorary Degrees
Judge Howay presented a report of the Committee on
Honorary Degrees, recommending that the degree of
Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) be conferred upon Dr.
Evlyn F. Farris.
Judge Howay  )
Dr. Sedgewick) That this recommendation be
Carried unanimously
The following report with respect to the cancellation
of examinations scheduled for 3i00 p.m. was received:
At a meeting of the President, Deans of
the Faculties and Registrar, held in the
President's office on Tuesday, December 9th
at 10:00 a.m., it was decided that, in view
of the emergency, all examinations scheduled
for three o'clock periods should be cancelled,
and that all University buildings should be
closed and lights visible from outside
extinguished at 4:00 p.m. daily.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Brown   ) That this action taken by the
President and Deans be approved
by Senate.
In amendment,-
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Trumpour ) That the action of the
President and Deans in the
existing emergency be received
for information.
The amendment was put to vote, and   Carried 868
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
It was agreed to postpone until the next meeting of
Senate consideration of the question of holding, after
Christmas, examinations in subjects affected by the
cancellation order.  At that time the Faculties would
submit recommendations concerning this matter.
For the information of Senate the President read
two notices which had been issued in regard to air raid
A report was received from Mr. A. E. Lord who had
consulted with the University Solicitor in regard to
the proposed changes in the University Act.  At the
meeting of Senate on August 29th, 1941, this matter had
been referred to the University Solicitor and Mr. Lord
to make representations to the Government.
Mr. Harvey )
Judge Howay)  That Mr. Lord's report be received
and laid on the table to be taken
up at a later date.
A resolution passed by the University Council on
Athletics and Physical Education in response to a request
from the Alma Mater Society for further representations
on the Stadium and Gymnasium Committee, was presented:
"That it be recommended to the Board of
Governors and to Senate that the name of
the President of the Alma Mater Society
be added to the list of ex-officio members
of the Stadium and Gymnasium Committee." Jl
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
Dr. Warren)
Mr. Finlay) That the recommendation be referred
back to the University Council on
Athletics and Physical Education for
further consideration.
A letter from Mr. H. F. McDonald, Chairman of the
General Advisory Committee on Demobilization and
Rehabilitation, and certain sections of the Order-in-
Council, P.C. 7633, of interest to the University, were
It was agreed that copies of this letter and Order-
in-Council should be sent to the members of Senate for
their information.
Dean Buchanan reported that a Joint Faculty
Committee was being set up to deal with questions arising
out of this matter.
Dean Buchanan )
Mr. A. R. Lord) That the Chair, and one other
member of Senate who is not a
member of Faculty, to be
selected by the Chair, be
appointed to meet with the
Joint Faculty Committee.
Mr. Harvey, on behalf of the members of Senate,
extended to President and Mrs. Klinck best wishes for
the Christmas Season.
In his reply, the Chairman thanked the Senate for 870
Wednesday, December 17th, 1941.
their co-operation and expressed the hope that the
coming year would prove equally happy and prosperous.
The meeting adjourned.
L^A.6c4r&s<?   <fj y&erty-a{_


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