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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1961-12-13

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 Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3044
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia for the Session 1961-62 was
held on Wednesday, December 13, 1961, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean G.C. Andrew, Mrs. H.F. Angus, Mr. W.M. Armstrong,
Rev. J. Blewett, Mr. K.P. Caple, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Dean G.F. Curtis,
Dean B.A. Eagles, Dr, G.R. Elliott, Mr. C.A. Emery, Dean
W.H. Gage, Rev. E. Garvey, Dr. W.C Gibson, Mr. B.C. Gillie,
Mr. C.C. Gourlay, Mr. G.C Hacker, Dr. W.H. Hickman,
Mr. J.N. Hyland, Mr. W.E. Ireland, Dr. F.H. Johnson,
Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Mr. J.S. Keate, Dr. J.L. Keays, Mr. F.M. Knapp,
Mr. S.L. Lipson, Dean Helen McCrae, Dr. J.R. Mcintosh,
Dr. A.D. McKenzie, Dr. H. McLennan, Dean E.D. MacPhee,
Acting-Dean J.M. Mather, Dean A.W. Matthews, Mr. F.A. Morrison,
Dean D.M. Myers, Mr. E.P. Nicol, Mr. H.N. Parrott, Dean
G.N. Perry, Dr. A.J. Renney, Mr. J.V. Rogers, Dr. C.A. Rowles,
Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. R.F. Sharp, Dean F.H. Soward, Rev.
W.S. Taylor, Mr. E.C.E. Todd, The Honouratole Mr. Justice
D.R. Verchere, Dr. G.M. Volkoff, Acting-Dean R.W. Wellwood,
Mr. H.C. Wilkinson, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky, Dr. K.F. Argue,
Mr. J.F. McLean and Dr. S. Rothstein.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Mrs. T.R. Boggs, Mr. M. Collins,
Dr. R.D. James, Mr. L.J. Ladner, Dr. W. Robbins and
Dr. W.N. Sage. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3045
Minutes of the Previous Meetings
Dr. Kania)
Mr. Knapp)  That the minutes of the second regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1961-62 and of the special meeting of
Senate held on November 28, 1961,
having been circulated, be taken as
read and adopted.
New Members and Guests
The Chairman welcomed to the meeting Dr. Hugh
McLennan, newly appointed representative of the Faculty of
Medicine, and Dr. J. D. Chapman and Mr. John Haar who were
present by invitation to speak to special items on the agenda.
Appointment of Member of Senate
To Replace Mrs. Ross
The Chairman pointed out that a vacancy now existed
., among the elected members of Senate as a result of the
^ election of Mrs. Ross to the Chancellorship.  It had been
, customary in the past in similar cases for Senate to appoint
•1 to such a vacancy the candidate in the most recent election
^ who had received the largest number of votes among those not
a elected by memtoers of Convocation.  On this basis,
t Mr. A. P. Dawe would be the nominee.
«t Mr. Parrott)
Dr. Cowan  )  That Mr. Dawe be appointed to fill
T the vacancy among the elected members
of Senate if he is prepared to accept
the appointment; if he is not prepared
to do so, that the candidate next to
T him on the list from the 1960 election
be so appointed.
* Carried. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3046
from the
Referred to Senate Executive
At its previous regular meeting, the Senate had
referred to its Executive Committee, for study in consultation
with representatives of appropriate Faculties and Departments,
new courses recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies
and a proposed Ph.D. programme in Geography.
Dean Andrew reported that after discussions with
those concerned, the Executive Committee was satisfied that
the proposed Ph.D. programme in Geography was academically
desirable and that the Department was qualified to offer it;
and that the proposed new courses Education 582 and 584,
Electrical Engineering 577, 579 and 581, and Sociology 520
were also acceptable.
Dean Andrew)
Dean Gage  )  That Senate approve the offering of
a Ph.D. programme in Geography; and
subject to concurrence of the Board
of Governors, approve the proposed
new graduate courses indicated.
Dean Andrew added that the Executive Committee had
felt the procedure adopted in the past in connection with
introduction of new graduate courses did not ensure that they
were scrutinized by the Deans of the undergraduate Faculties
from the standpoint of demands on the budget, space and
facilities. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3047
Dean Andrew)
Dean Soward) That any Department wishing to submit
to the Faculty of Graduate Studies a
new graduate course should in future
be required to submit details of the
course recommended to the Dean of the
undergraduate or professional Faculty
concerned, who at his option may make
a decision on the course or refer it
to a meeting of his Faculty; and that
if the course is approved by the
undergraduate or professional Faculty,
approval in writing from the Dean of
that Faculty must accompany the details
of the recommendation when it is
submitted to the Dean and the Faculty
of Graduate Studies for examination.
Report on Fraternities >
Copies of a report compiled by Dean McCrae and
Mr. Carrothers on membership provisions of men's and women's
fraternities on the campus of the University of British
Columbia were circulated at the meeting.  Since there had
been no opportunity for formulating recommendations on the
basis of the data assembled, it was agreed that the report
should be tabled until the next regular meeting of Senate,
and that in the meantime it should be studied by the
Executive Committee with a view to presenting recommendations
at the next meeting.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
had approved the recommendations of Senate in connection
with establishment of a Department of Mining and Geological Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3048
Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and change in
the name of the Department of Mining and Metallurgy to the
Department of Metallurgy.
The Board had also received favourably the change
in admissions policy approved by Senate at its last regular
New Awards and Changes
in Awards
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
at its meeting on November 28th, had approved the following
new awards and changes in awards, subject to concurrence
of Senate:
The Vancouver Natural History Society Prize in Geology
The Ruth Cameron Medal for Librarianship
The Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd. Fellowship in
The Dr. A. E. Trites Memorial Prizes
Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine Essay Award
The Dr. A. M. Agnew Memorial Scholarship
Timber Management Limited Service Award - change in title
British Columbia Lumberman Essay Awards - change in
Calendar description.
These would be included with the recommendations
presented toy Dean Gage later in the evening.
Change in Terms of Reference
of Committee on Research
Notice was received, for information of Senate,
that the Committee on Research had been placed under the
jurisdiction of the Dean of Graduate Studies, with its terms
of reference including both the allocation of funds made
available for research purposes by the Board of Governors, Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3049
and the encouragement and promotion of research throughout
the University.
From the Faculties and
School Councils
Appointment of Dr. Hugh McLennan
as Representative on Senate
of the Faculty of Medicine
Notice was received that the Faculty of Medicine
had appointed Dr. Hugh McLennan as one of its representatives
on Senate, to complete the term of Dr. D. M. Whitelaw who
had recently resigned from the University.
New Courses and Changes
in Curricula
Details of the various recommendations in respect
to new courses and changes in curricula were circulated at
the meeting.
Programme Leading to a
Master's Degree in Law
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had approved and
recommended to Senate the establishment of a programme
leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.). Requirements
of the programme, and the proposed areas of study, had been
discussed in detail by the Deans of Law and Graduate Studies,
the Curriculum Committee and the Executive Committee of
Graduate Studies, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Two points mentioned by Dean Soward as differing
from practice in other fields were that the Faculty of Law
regarded a standing of 75$ or higher as First Class; and the Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3050
programme called for eight units of course and seminar work,
with a thesis valued at ten units. Dean Curtis paid tribute
to the co-operation received from Dean Soward, Dean Gage and
Dr. Mann in drawing up the programme.
Dean Soward)
Dean Curtis)  That the programme leading to a
degree of Master of Laws be approved,
on the understanding that any new
courses required will be submitted
in due course for approval by Senate
and the Board of Governors.
Master of Science Degree
in Psychiatry
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had accepted the
principle of offering the M.Sc. degree in Psychiatry, had
approved a proposal that the programme be widened beyond
that of the former programme in Neurology, and as a first
step in the establishment of the new programme, had
approved the following new courses to be offered in 1962-63,
and changes in existing courses:
New Courses
Psychiatry 506 - Psychopharmacology
Psychiatry 510 - Social Psychiatry
Psychiatry 520 - Psychopathology
Psychiatry 521 - Interviewing
Psychiatry 530 - Development and Learning
Changes in Courses
Psychiatry 520 - re-numbered 501
Psychiatry 521 - re-numbered 503, with change of title
from Problems of Cerebral Localization to Problems of
Cerebral Function
Psychiatry 522 - re-numbered 504
Psychiatry 523 - re-numbered 505
Psychiatry 530 - re-numbered 540, with change of title
from Neurological Genetics to Genetics and Embryology. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3051
Dean Soward)
Dr. Sharp  )  That the proposals in connection with
the Master of Science degree in
Psychiatry be approved as recommended,
subject to approval of new courses by
the Board of Governors.
Graduate Courses in
Summer Session
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had recommended
approval of the offering of graduate courses in the 1962
Summer Session by the Departments of Classics, English and
Mathematics on the same basis as in the past.  Dean Soward
stated that students enrolled in any of these courses were
admitted only to one course during the Summer Session, and
in some cases had a longer period of lectures than the
regular Summer Session.
Dean Soward)
Dean Chant )  That the offering of graduate courses
by these three Departments in the 1962
Summer Session be approved as
Graduate Course Changes
for 1962-63
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had recommended the
following additional changes in courses, to become effective
in 1962-63:
New Courses
Animal Husbandry 520 (3) - Advanced Animal Physiology
Botany 500 (l) - Field Botany
Botany 511 (3) - Advanced Fresh Water Phycology, to be
offered in alternate years with Botany 510
Botany 516 (3) - Advanced Mycology II, to be offered in
alternate years with Botany 515
Botany 540 (3) - Advanced Palaeobotany
Botany 547 (l) - Seminar on Current Topics Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3052
Botany 541 (3) - Structure and Development) to be
of Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms       )
Botany 542 (3) - Structure and Development)
of Angiosperms )
Chemistry 510 (l) -
Civil Engineering 566 (2) -
Structural Mechanics
Civil Engineering 567 (2) -
Transportation Facilities
Civil Engineering 568 (2) -
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Greek 545 (3) - Greek
Commerce 590 (l£-3) -
Economics 503 (3) -
(3) -
offered in
Advanced Chemical Oceanography
Energy Theorems of
Soil Engineering for
Advanced Topics in Soil
Geology 505
History 500
History 504
404 to be
History 535
Principles of Pavement Design
Advanced Structural Design
Non-linear Structures
- Research in Business Administration
History of Economic Analysis
506 (3) - Economics of Income Security
512 (3) - Economic Development
513 (3) - Applied Statistics and Econometrics
649 - Ph.D. Thesis
Science 501 (3) - Comparative Government
546 (1^-3) - Research Topics in Geography
(2) - Structural Analysis
(3) - Readings in History
(3) - The French in North America (History
raised to the graduate level)
(3) - Canadian Historical Problems in the
Post World War I Period
Mathematics 502 (2) - Point Set Topology
Mathematics 523 (3) - Game Theory
Mechanical Engineering 585 (2) - Aeroelasticity
Metallurgy 584 (l) - X-rays and Electron Microscopy
Philosophy 535 (3) - Philosophy of the Mind
Philosophy 530 (3) - Problems
Italian 517 (3) - Italian Literature from the Resorgimento
to the Present
French 510 (3) - French Thought from Bayle to Chateaubriand
(French 405 to be raised to the graduate level)
Zoology 514 (3) - Organic Evolution
Zoology 528 (3) - Ichthyology A) to be offered in
Zoology 529 (3) - Ichthyology B) alternate years
Courses Discontinued
Mechanical Engineering 591 (2) - Operation Research
Zoology 522 (3) - Systematic Ichthyology Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3053
Changes in Courses
Biochemistry - complete revision of all graduate course
offerings, reducing unit value from 15 to 9-11 units
Botany 510, 515 - changes in title
Chemistry 538, 541 - changes in title and description
Civil Engineering 552, 559, 561, 564 - reduction in
unit value
Geography 545 - change in title
Geology 504 - reduction in unit value
Geology 524 - change in title
History 534 - change in title
Mechanical Engineering 561, 571 - changes in title and
Physics 511 - change in title and description
Zoology 516 - change in title and contents.
Dean Soward)
Dean Gage  )  That the new courses and changes in
courses recommended for the Faculty
of Graduate Studies be approved as
submitted, subject to approval of
new courses and discontinuance of
courses by the Board of Governors.
Courses in Religious
The Faculty of Arts and Science recommended
abolition of the regulation that not more than six units of
Religious Studies courses might be taken for credit towards
the B.A. or B.Sc. degree.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That this recommendation be approved.
Regulations re Repeating
Effective in 1961-62, Senate had approved a
regulation that, except in the case of English 100, no
student might repeat a course for credit in the Faculty of
Arts and Science more than once.  The Faculty of Arts and
Science now recommended that English 200, where it was a Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3054
compulsory course in a degree programme in the Faculty of
Arts and Science, should also be exempted from the regulation
prohibiting repetition more than once.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That this recommendation be approved.
New Courses
It was agreed that the new courses recommended by
the various undergraduate Faculties should be considered
along with the Calendar material for those Faculties.
Honours Programme in
Home Economics
The Council of the School of Home Economics and
the Faculty of Arts and Science recommended that approval be
given to the offering of a five-year Honours programme in
Home Economics in two fields, leading to the degree of
Bachelor of Home Economics: Clothing, Textiles and Related
Arts; and Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That a five-year Honours programme
leading to the degree of Bachelor
of Home Economics be approved as
Suspension of Programme
in Forest Engineering
The Faculty of Applied Science had approved and
recommended to Senate a proposal of the Faculty of Forestry
that the undergraduate programme in Forest Engineering be
suspended, with suitable arrangements being made to provide
a curriculum for students who had already embarked on this
programme. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3055
Dean Myers )
Wellwood  )  That this recommendation of the
Faculties of Forestry and Applied
Science be approved.
New Majors in Education
The Faculty of the College of Education recommended
the establishment of two new programmes: a professional major
in Science Education in the Elementary Division, and a
combined major in Geography and History in the Secondary
Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Johnson)  That these two new programmes in
Education be approved as recommended.
Correspondence Course
in English 300
Following approval by the Department of English,
the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, and the Dean
of the Faculty of the College of Education, the Department
of University Extension recommended that English 300 should
be offered as a correspondence course.
Dean Scarfe)
Mr. Gourlay)  That a correspondence course in
English 300 be approved.
Calendar Changes for 1962-63
Statement on Admissions
For information of Senate, an explanation of the
revised admission requirements approved at the last regular
meeting, prepared for distribution to the secondary schools I,
Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3056
in British Columtoia, and a revised Calendar statement on
admissions policy, had been circulated in advance of the
In response to queries on these documents, Dean
Gage stated (as indicated at the previous meeting) that the
regulations would be interpreted somewhat flexibly in
1962-63, and that individual cases would continue to receive
consideration on their merits.
New Courses. and
Changes in Courses
and Curricula
The Secretary summarized the major changes in
courses and curricula recommended toy the Faculties for
1962-63, details of which were circulated at the meeting.
New Courses
Asian Studies 401 (3) - Fourth-year Chinese
Botany 342 (3) - Plant Anatomy and Microtechnique
Chemistry 430 (3) - Introduction to Molecular Structure
Economics 202 (3) - Principles of Economics
Economics 302 (3) - Intermediate Economic Analysis
Economics 320 (3) - Modern European Economic History
Economics 411 (3) - Industrial Structure and Public Policy
Economics 412 (3) - Economic Development
Economics 415 (3) - Introduction to Mathematical Economics
Earth Sciences 400 (l) - Geochronology
Earth Sciences 401 (2) - Geophysical Exploration
Geography 202 (3) - Introduction to Weather and Climate
(for students in the Faculty of Forestry only)
Geography 302 (3) - Climatology
German 403 (3) - Eighteenth-Century Literature
(offered in 1962-63 and alternate years)
History 326 (3) - British North America, 1783-1867
(offered in 1962-63 and alternate years)
History 321 and 421 - Readings in History
(for Honours students only)
International Studies 401 - Readings in International
Studies (for Honours students only)
Linguistics 400 (3) - Phonology and Grammar
Romance Studies 420 (3) - Language and Literature
Slavonic Studies 440 (3) - Communist Europe, 1945 to
the present Spanish 405 (3)
Spanish 420 (3)
Theatre 405 (3)
Theatre 420 (3)
Theatre 430 (3)
Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3057
The Spanish Theatre
Spanish Language and Literature
Design for the Theatre
Styles in Acting and Directing
Dramatic Theory
Agriculture 423 (3) -
Agriculture 425 (3) -
undergraduate essay
AgricvEcon* 403 (3) -
Animal Husbandry 406
The Organization
(l£) - Technology
of Rural Society
of Animal Products
Chemical Engineering 352
Chemical Engineering 353
Chemical Engineering 354
Chemical Engineering 355
Chemical Engineering 458
Transport Phenomena
Mechanical and Thermal
Thermodynamics and Energy
- Prediction of Fluid Properties
Electrical Engineering 475 - Electronics II
Mathematics 364 - Complex Variable
Education 409 (3) - Science Education
Education 462 (3) - Remedial Reading
Forestry 261
Forestry 363
Forestry 471
Forestry 498
Field Work in Forest Surveying
Forest Management I
Forest Harvesting III
Logging Report
Courses Discontinued
Bacteriology 412
Botany 340 and 341
German 403 (replaced by new course of same number)
Philosophy 310
Agricultural Mechanics 212
Pharmacy 413, 433, 442, 443, 452
Chemical Engineering 351
Mechanical Engineering 358, 375
Metallurgy 379
Mathematics 361, 371
Changes in Courses
Religious Studies 300 - change in title and content
History 320 - re-numbered Asian Studies 320
Economics 408, 403, 410, 404 - re-numbered 309, 310,
313, 314 respectively
Greek 202 - re-numbered 301
Mathematics 101 - re-numbered 110 Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3058
Religious Studies 200, 201, 210 - re-numbered 202, 203,
200 respectively
Spanish 420 - re-numbered 418
Theatre 200 - re-numbered 120
Chemistry 457 )
Chemical Engineering 360, 450, 453 ) changed in
Civil Engineering 250, 350, 353 ) hours or
Electrical Engineering 353, 457, 471 ) content
Metallurgy 372, 378, 456 )
Civil Engineering 371 - re-numbered 271
Economics 450 - re-numbered 350
Commerce 444 - reduced from 3 to l|r units, and
new course Commerce 446 (I5) - Motor Transportation,
Commerce 252, 261, 471 - changes in title
Education 306, 308 - increased from 1^ to 3 units each.
The Calendar statement for the School of
Rehabilitation Medicine, as prepared for circulation, had
been revised at a meeting of the Council during the afternoon.
The Secretary listed the amendments to be made in the
mimeographed statement.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Soward)  That the Calendar material as
submitted for 1962-63, with the
changes agreed upon by the Council
of the School of Rehabilitation
Medicine, be approved, subject to
approval of new courses and
discontinuance of courses by the
Board of Governors; on the understanding that minor changes may
be made by the Chairman of the
Calendar Committee in consultation
with the Deans of the Faculties
and the Secretary to Senate.
It was agreed that the Registrar and Dean Gage
should prepare a report in due course on the number of courses
offered in 1961-62, indicating the number with enrolment of
nine or fewer, and the number with enrolment of ten or more
students. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3059
Granting of Faculty status
It was reported for information of Senate that
the following members of the teaching staff below the rank
of Assistant Professor had been granted Faculty status for
1961-62, by the Councils of their respective Schools:
School of Librarianship        - Mrs. Anne Brearley
- Miss M. D. Fraser
- Dr. R. Hagler
- Mr. R. H. Hilton Smith
School of Rehabilitation
Medicine - Miss Margaret R. Hood
- Miss W. Jane Hudson
- Mr. Stephen Howard.
Recommendation on Compulsory
Physical Education Requirement
The President stated that two years of physical
education activity courses for students in the undergraduate
Faculties and Schools had been made compulsory by resolution
of Senate, after consultation with the Faculties, in 1946.
He added that, while physical education courses were among
the subjects which Faculties might discuss and pass resolutions
about, they were not an academic requirement and were of
concern to the University administration as a whole.
The Faculty of Arts and Science, at a special
meeting on November 1, 1961, had passed the following
resolutions and recommended them to Senate:
1. That the requirement of two years' compulsory
Physical Education courses in programmes leading
to the degrees of B.A. and B.Sc. be abolished.
2. That, if the proposal to abolish the compulsory
Physical Education programme is accepted by Senate,
as far as practicable the resources of the School Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3060
of Physical Education be maintained and directed
towards the encouragement of voluntary Physical
Education activities in the student body.
Dr. Chapman then summarized the work of the
Committee on the Compulsory Physical Education Programme of
the Faculty of Arts and Science, which had attempted to
familiarize itself with the programme, to evaluate it in
terms of its suitability and relevance to the Arts and
Science curriculum, and on this basis to make recommendations.
Dean Andrew)
Dr. Sharp  ) That the report of the Committee
and the recommendations of the
Faculty of Arts and Science be
referred to the Senate Committee
on Recreation, Athletics and
Physical Education for study and
report back to Senate.
Summer Session Courses
for 1962
The list of Summer Session courses recommended
for 1962 was circulated at the meeting.  Dean Chant stated
that, as far as possible, the Committee had tried to retain
the same number of courses as had been provided in 1961.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That the list of Summer Session courses
recommended for 1962 be approved,
and that the Chairman of the Summer
Session Cdmmittee in consultation
with the Heads of Departments concerned,
the Chairman of Senate and the
Registrar, be authorized to make any
minor changes which may seem desirable.
Carried. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3061
Reports of Committees
The annual report of the Librarian to Senate for
1960-61 had been  circulated prior to  the meeting.     Dr.  Cowan
expressed the complete concurrence of the Library Committee
in the three recommendations contained in the report:
That more funds should be provided for books and
periodicals - an increase of at least $50,000.00 per
That the base salary rate for professional librarians
should be raised from $4,600.00 to $5,000.00 per annum;
that provision should be made for study and travel leave;
that staff members should be allowed to take university
courses at no charge;  that salaries for Library Division
heads should be reviewed and brought into line with their
responsibilities; and that additions should be made to
staff at all levels;
That a Faculty reading room should be provided in the
Library, and that photocopying equipment should be obtained
in order to duplicate reference material quickly for
class use, and to reduce wear and tear on Library material,
chiefly periodicals.
In addition, Dr. Cowan commended the excellent
work done toy Dr. Rothstein in directing the School of
Librarianship as well as serving as Acting Librarian.
Dr. Gibson mentioned the serious financial
difficulties confronting the Library in view of rising
costs, particularly for scientific publications, and stated
that the University was greatly indebted to an under-staffed
Library whose personnel were not adequately paid, and to the
very active Chairman of the Library Committee.
It was agreed that the report of the Librarian
should be referred to the Board of Governors, and that the ^
Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3062
Board should be urged to give serious consideration to the
financial aspects of the recommendations when discussing
the budget for 1962-63.
Prizes. Scholarships and
New Awards and Changes
in Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards and changes
in awards was recommended, under the terms indicated:
The Vancouver Natural History Society
Prize in Geology
A book prize to the value of $25.00, the gift of
the Vancouver Natural History Society, was offered
in the Session 1961-62 to the top-ranking student
in Geology 410 (Field Geology).
The Ruth Cameron Medal for Librarianship
This medal, honouring the memory of Miss Ruth
E. Cameron, for many years Chief Librarian of
the City of New Westminster, is offered annually
by the Board of the New Westminster Public
Library.  It will be awarded to the student
whose record in the course for the degree of
B.L.S. is, in the opinion of the School of
Librarianship, most outstanding.
The Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd.
Fellowship in Metallurgy
A fellowship of $1500.00, the gift of Canadian
Western Pipe Mills Ltd., Port Moody, B.C, is
offered annually to students proceeding to a
graduate degree in Metallurgy. The award will
be made to a student selected by the Department
of Metallurgy on the basis of high academic
standing and promise of ability in research.
The Dr. A. E. Trites Memorial Prizes
From a fund, established by friends and colleagues
of Dr. A. E. Trites to honour his memory, one or
more prizes are offered annually to the student
or students in the Third Year with highest standing
in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The awards will be
made on the recommendation of the Department. Wednesday, December 13, 1961     3063
Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine
Essay Award
A prize of $75.00 will be awarded toy the Canadian
Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine for the best
illustrated summer essay in the field of pulpwood
production submitted by a Forestry student entering
the Fourth Year.  Selection will be made by the
Faculty of Forestry.  Publication in the Canadian
Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine will be at the
discretion of the Editor.
The Dr. A. M. Agnew Memorial Scholarship
To honour the memory of Dr. Alex M. Agnew, first
Head of the Department of Obstetrics and
Gynaecology, this scholarship of the annual value
of $180.00 has been established by his friends,
colleagues, and family.  It will be awarded to the
student in the Final Year who is most proficient
in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
The B. C Association of Real Estate Boards
Mary Simpson Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00 annually, the gift of
the B. C. Association of Real Estate Boards, is
offered to an undergraduate or graduate student
in Commerce and Business Administration who is
taking the Estate Management Programme, has high
academic standing and is deserving of assistance
to further his education. The award will be made
on the recommendation of the Faculty.
The Vancouver Business and Professional
Women's Club Bursaries
Two bursaries of $100.00 each, the gift of the
Vancouver Business and Professional Women's Club,
are offered to women students proceeding to a
degree in any field.  The awards will be made
to students with good academic standing who need
financial assistance to continue their studies
at the University.
The Anna Sprott Memorial Bursary in Social
Work (given by the Provincial Chapter I.o7P.E.)
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Provincial
Chapter I.O.D.E., is offered in the Session
1962-63 in memory of Mrs. Anna Sprott, Past
Provincial President and lifelong member of the
I.O.D.E.  This bursary serves to pay tribute to Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3064
her active public service on behalf of the
community and the Province.  It will be awarded
to a woman student beginning or continuing
studies in the degree programme of Social Work.
The award will be made to a worthy and deserving
woman student.
Clarkson. Gordon and Co. Service Award
The service award will be given to a student in
Third Year Commerce who is proceeding to the
Fourth Year and who intends on graduation to
enter articles with a firm of chartered Accountants.
The student's tuition will be paid in his final
year of Commerce and ordinarily he will be given
employment with Clarkson, Gordon and Co. for the
summer.  The award will be made to a student
whose academic ability and record are, in the
opinion of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration, those needed by a successful
Chartered Accountant.
Best Printer Co. Ltd. Bursary in Animal
A bursary of $150.00, the gift of Best Printer
Co. Ltd., Vancouver, is offered to a student in
the field of animal science who has a special
interest in the care and treatment of domestic
animals.  The award will be made to a student
who has good academic standing and needs financial
Best Printer Co. Ltd. Prizes in Law
Three prizes of $50.00 each, the gift of Best
Printer Co. Ltd., Vancouver, are offered annually
in the Faculty of Law to worthy and deserving
students with good overall academic standing.
These prizes will be awarded to the students
obtaining highest standing in Legal System
(Law 108, First Year), Mercantile Law (Law 217,
Second Year), and Wills and Trusts (Law 328,
Third Year) respectively.
The Dr. H. A. Henderson Memorial Medal
A silver medal, the gift of friends and colleagues
in memory of Dr. H. A. Henderson, will be awarded
to the student obtaining highest standing in the
Third Year in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3065
The Helen Badenoch Scholarships
A bequest from Ida Helen Badenoch provides
annually two scholarships, one for the most
proficient student in a field of public health,
and the other for the most proficient student in
a field of journalism or in a field related to
The Kapoor Singh Scholarship in Forestry
Through the generosity of Mr. Kapoor Singh Siddoo,
a scholarship of $250.00 is offered annually to
students in Forestry.  The award will be made
to a worthy student, deserving of assistance,
with high academic standing (First Class).
The Timber Management Limited Service Award -
name changed to The Merritt Diamond Mills Ltd.
Service Award.
British Columbia Lumberman Essay Awards
(revised Calendar description)
The British Columbia Lumberman will award three
essay prizes of $75.00, $50.00 and $35.00 for
the best essays in the fields of general
forestry, logging or forest products submitted
by Forestry students entering Fourth Year.
Selection of the best essays will be made by
the Faculty of Forestry.  Publication in the
British Columbia Lumberman will be at the
discretion of the donors.
In addition, Dean Gage referred to the bequest of
the late Charles A. Banks, which would in due course
increase the University funds for student loans and
scholarships for students in science and engineering; and
the estates of the late Tina and Morris Wagner which would
provide loan and scholarship funds for students in the
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That these new awards and changes in
awards be accepted, subject to approval
of the Board of Governors where necessary,
that letters of appreciation be sent to Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3066
the donors, and that a special letter
of appreciation be sent to Mrs. Banks
for the generous and far-sighted action
of her late husband in providing
assistance for students.
University Academic Organization
Copies of a progress report of the Senate
Committee on University Academic Organization were
circulated at the meeting.  Dean Andrew summarized the
report and presented its recommendations.
Dean Andrew)
Mrs. Angus ) That the Principal of Victoria
College and three elected academic
members of Senate (two of the
members elected by the Faculties
and one elected by Victoria College)
should be added to the membership
of the Committee on University
Academic Organization, and that the
Chairman of the Alumni Association
Education Committee be invited to
attend meetings of the Committee
as an observer.
Dean Andrew then outlined the studies which the
Committee proposed to undertake in the immediate future.
Dean Andrew)
Dr. Cowan  ) That the report of the Committee
on University Academic Organization
be received.
Circulated Reports
Personnel Department -
Student Statistics. 1961-62
The annual report of the Counselling and Placement
Office on student statistics (marital status, summer Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3067
earnings, professional objectives, etc.) for 1961-62, was
circulated at the meeting.
It was agreed that the report should be returned
to the agenda of the next meeting in case members of Senate
had any queries on it.
Rev. William Nicholls
Re Religious Studies Policy
and Possible Development
A report prepared by Rev. W. Nicholls on policy
in university study of religious matters, and possible
development of this field at the University of British
Columbia, had been circulated prior to the meeting.
At the request of the Chairman, the Executive
Committee agreed to study the report in greater detail and
comment on its proposals at the next regular meeting of
Report on Programme
in Residences
In reporting on University housing, Mr. Haar began
hy paying tribute to Dr. Shrum for the development and
management of student accommodation during a period of rapid
The Housing Service was currently providing
accommodation for 2007 single students, and 225 married
couples (the latter including 88 junior Faculty members,
66 graduate students and 71 undergraduate). Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3068
Mr. Haar stated that the type of programme for the
residences would inevitably depend on the students and their
experience prior to entering the University, the facilities
provided, and leadership. At present the programme was
largely social, which was a matter of some concern to
Dean McCrae and himself. However, a series of Faculty
dinners had been introduced, and an inter-Residence sports
programme was under way.  Some of the Residence areas had
also undertaken such projects as a creative writing group,
French conversation table, etc.
With the increase in University accommodation for
women students, the Housing Administration was taking charge
of all campus housing allocation, although in the case of
women students the Housing Administration would work in
close association with the Dean of Women. Housing was also
considering a modification of its previous policy of
allocating most of the graduate and senior male students to
the Lower Mall area, younger students to Acadia and Fort
An ad hoc committee of Faculty members was
currently investigating the role of the Dons in University
In respect to costs, Mr. Haar noted that adequate
staff would be necessary if the University hoped to provide
more than room and meals; and that arrangements were necessary
to ensure security of the residents, and emergency medical
care at weekends.  Consideration might also be given to the Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3069
extent of the University's obligation to provide housing
for Faculty and married students.
Dean McCrae stated that the 1960-61 women
residents at Acadia Camp and in the Fort Camp area had
drawn up a new constitution for the Women's Residences,
which was now in use for the Lower Mall and Fort Camp areas.
The supervisory staff for the Women's Residences
this year included nine Dons (mostly young women graduates
studying, teaching, or engaged in research at the University)
and three Resident Fellows (senior students). Budgetary
considerations limited the housekeepers to one for each
area, instead of the more desirable one for each Residence.
Additional security had been provided this year by engaging
night porters.
The allocation of women students to off-campus
housing had this year been turned over to the Housing
Administration. However, the Dean of Women's Office was
continuing to place girls in homes where they might work for
room and board.
After an opportunity for Senate members to inquire
about aspects of the housing programme in which they were
interested, the Chairman thanked Dean McCrae and Mr. Haar
very much for their comprehensive reports. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3070
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman stated that there was no formal report
from Victoria College Council at this time. The Council
had approved courses recommended for the 1962 Summer Session,
in approximately the same number and same pattern as in
former years.
Mrs. A. E. Grauer
A letter of appreciation from Mrs. Grauer for the
memorial statement to the late Chancellor, was read for
information of Senate.
Request for Faculty
of Dentistry
A letter and accompanying resolution from the
Associated Chambers of Commerce of Central British Columbia,
urging the establishment of a Faculty of Dentistry at the
University, were read for information of Senate.
Committee on Revision
of the University Act
A letter was read from Dr. G. R. Elliott expressing
the opinion that Senate should have been kept informed of
progress made by the Committee on Revision of the University
Act, or action taken by or on behalf of that Committee.
In the absence of Mr. Nemetz, Chairman of the
Committee, the President reported that the Committee had
suggested to the Minister of Education that a "ministerial Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3071
committee", composed of representatives of the University,
Victoria College and the Department of Education, might be
appointed to study and recommend about the general question
of higher education in British Columbia, including
relationships between the institutions of higher learning
in the Province. To the best of his knowledge, no action
had yet been taken on this suggestion; nor had a formal
request been made to the Minister by the Senate or Board of
Governors of the University, or the Council of Victoria
Dr. Elliott stated that he felt this suggestion
should not have been made to the Minister without being
referred to Senate for approval. A motion by Dr. Elliott,
seconded by Mr. Emery, to the effect that Senate formally
repudiate this action of the Committee, was withdrawn
following discussion, and replaced by a motion:
Dr. Elliott)
Mr. Emery  ) That the Committee on Revision of
the University Act be instructed to
proceed forthwith with further
negotiations and discussion, taking
into consideration the desirable
future policy in the overall field
of higher education in British
Columbia; and that the Committee
be further instructed to inform
Senate, before or at its next
regular meeting, of the areas of
agreement and of disagreement in
the negotiations of the Committee.
Carried. Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3072
Faculty Publications
Publications by members of Faculty, received in
the President's Office since the last regular meeting of
Senate, made an impressive display on the table.
Other Business
Committee on Honorary Degrees
The President withdrew from the meeting, asking
Dean Chant to take the Chair.
Dean Soward presented what he described as the
shortest recommendation ever made by his Committee, and the
one that gave it the most pleasure and satisfaction:  That
at the Congregations in May, 1962, only one honorary degree
be conferred - the degree of LL.D. on President MacKenzie;
and that the citation be read on the first day of
Congregation and the degree conferred on the second.
In seconding the recommendation of the Committee,
Dean Gage pointed out that, in his eighteen years as
President of the University of British Columbia, Dr. MacKenzie
had established a record for service and unequalled
accomplishment s.
The motion was carried unanimously and with great
enthusiasm. Dr. MacKenzie was asked to return to the
meeting, and was greeted with a standing ovation.
Dean Chant reported to the President on the action
of Senate, and added on behalf of the Ceremonies Committee
a request that the President deliver the Congregation address Wednesday, December 13, 1961 3073
on each occasion, in addition to performing his customary
presidential duties. Dr. MacKenzie expressed his
appreciation, and assured Senate that he would consider the
proposed degree as one of the greatest honours he had ever
The meeting adjourned at  10:55 p.m.


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