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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1930-04-03

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Thursday, April 3rd, 1930
A special meeting of the Senate of The University
of British Columbia was held on Thursday, April 3rd,
1930, at 8:00 P.M., in the Board Room.
Present:  President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. H. M. King, Dr. A. F.
Barss, Mr. W. E. Duckering, Dr. R. H. Clark, Mr. H. F..
Angus, Dr. M. Y. Williams, Mr. James Henderson, Mr. J. A.
Campbell, Mr.,D. L. MacLaurin, Mr. G. W. Clark, Mr. P. H.
Elliott, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Rev. A. H. Sovereign,
Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam, Miss A. B. jamieson,
and Mr. Sydney Anderson.
The agenda of the meeting had been sent out with
the call of the meeting.
Expressions of regret at their inability to
attend the meeting were received from Mr. Lett and
Dean Clement.
From the Board of Governors  (for information)
The recommendations of Senate in connection with
the B. Commerce degree and the form of diploma
were approved by the Board of Governors at the
meeting held on February 24th, 1930.
Approval of the recommendation of Senate that
the "Isabel Ecclestone MacKay Prize for Poetry"
be accepted.
Reports of Committees
Re Registration of First and Second Year Students
proceeding to the degree in Agriculture and of
First Year students in Nursing	
1.  As the revised courses now proposed by
the Faculty of Agriculture for the first two
years in that Faculty do not contain the
complete First and Second Years in Arts and
Science there is now no question as to
regi stration. 75.
Thursday, April 3rd, 1930
2.  The question of registration in First
Year Nursing is deferred pending the report
on limitation of students.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Barss    ) That the report be adopted.
Car r i_e d
On Calendar
Faculty of Arts and Science, supplementary
New Courses
Botany 3(b), Plant Physiology  - lh  units
Botany 3(c), Plant Physiology  -  l|- units
Dr. R.H.Clark)
Dean Buchanan) That the report be adopted.
Section 4.  Pages 251-285.  Faculty of Agriculture
A general introductory statement for students
in Agriculture.
First and Second Years
Substitution of 2 courses in General Agriculture (Agriculture 1 and 2,-6 units) for
7 courses in the Applied Departments in
Agriculture (total 10^- units), as in
present Calendar.
In addition to Agriculture 1 and 2, all
students to be required to take certain
specified subjects in Language and Science,
up to a total of 32 - 33 units in the
first two years.
Third and Fourth Years
Up to the present all students in Agriculture have been required to take certain
specified courses, and further to select a
major option in which certain courses were
indicated as being required of all students
selecting that particular option. T6T
Thursday, April 3rd,1930
Under the proposed plan there will be no
specified subjects which must be taken by all
Agriculture students: they will be required,
however, to elect up to a total of 36 units,
essay included, in the Third and Fourth Years,
these courses to be taken under the advice of
the Dean and the Head of a Department.
Subject to the approval of the Dean and a
Head of a Department, other subjects from
the Faculty of Arts and Science, or from the
Faculty of Applied Science, may be accepted
for credit in the Faculty of Agriculture,
also, but for B'irst Year only, from Senior
Matriculation; further, any two of the
elective subjects in the Second Year, not
taken in that year, subject to approval, may
be taken in the Third Year.  A student may
take in his Fourth lear an elective of the
Second Year subject to the approval of the
Page 264   Paragraph 2
and  Page 265   Paragraph 9 reworded, as in. Arts and
New Courses
Agriculture 1 and 2, General Agriculture
Agronomy 50, Applied Plant Genetics
Agronomy 51, Soils
Dairying 13, Dairy Mycology
Horticulture 41, Plant Nutrition (a); same
as Botany 3(b)
Horticulture 42, Plant Nutrition (b); same
as Botany 3(c)
Horticulture 60, Structure of Economic Plants
Dr. Barss    )
Dr. R.H.Clark)  That this part of the report be
On Limiting Attendance
A verbal interim report was given by Dr. Vance,
Chairman of the Committee.
* 77.
Thursday, April 3rd, 1930
Dr. Killam )
Mr. Elliott) That the report be received and the
Committee asked to continue its
A letter was received from Dr. Brock suggesting
for the consideration of Senate, that an Honorary Degree
be conferred upon His Excellency Lord Willingdon.
Dr. Vance)
Dr. Brock) That we confer the degree of LL.D.
upon His Excellency Lord Willingdon.
Unanimously carried
The reports of the scrutineers and of the
Registrar in reference to the Senate Elections were
presented by the Secretary.
To the Senate of The University of British Columbia
We, the undersigned, having been appointed
your scrutineers, beg to report that;-
The Chancellorship of the University having
been filled by acclamation, no ballot was received
for that office.
The total number of ballots received for
Members of Senate waa 966.  Of these 944 were
valid; 22 were spoiled.
We have counted the votes on the above-
mentioned ballots and find the following to be
the result: -T5-
Thursday ,April 3rd, 1930
In order of
Candidates Votes Received   Votes Received
Anderson, Sydney 624 12
Atkinson, Lyle Alexander 566 15
Burnett, William Brenton 593 13
De Pencier, Adam Urias 592 14
Farris, Evelyn Fenwick.Mrs. 677 8
Gordon, John Simpson 470 19
Howay, Frederic William 821 1
Jamieson, Annie Bruce 630 11
Killam, Cecil 631 10
Lawrence, Kathleen Peck,Mrs. 553 16
Lett, Sherwood 804 3
Logan, Harry Tremaine 777 4
Lord, Arthur Edward 757 5
Phillips, Wilfrid John 386 21
Powell, William Hall 439 20
Sedgewick, Garnett Gladwin 809 2
Shaw, Ian Alastair 507 18
Sovereign, Arthur Henry 687 7
Swanson, John Donald 720 6
Whitley, Paul Nelson 531 17
Wood, Beatrice, Mrs. 659 9
Candidates Elected Votes Received
Howay, Frederic William
Sedgewick, Garnett Gladwin
Lett , Sherwood
Logan, Harry Tremaine
Lord, Arthur Edward
Swanson, John Donald
Sovereign, Arthur Henry
Farris, Evelyn Fenwick, Mrs.
Wood, Beatrice, Mrs.
Killam, Cecil
Jamieson, Annie Bruce
Anderson, Sydney
Burnett, William Brenton
De Pencier, Adam Urias
Atkinson, Lyle Alexander
(Signed) D. M.
" R. H. Clark
" G. W. Clark
" W. H. Vance
" H. F. Angus
" H. M. King
Robinson 79.
Thursday  .April 3rd, 1930
(From Registrar's report:- "As there was only one
candidate nominated for Chancellor, namely,
Robert Edward McKechnie, Esq., he was duly
elected by acclamation.)
Dr. Vance  )
Mr. G.W.Clark)
That the report of the election
of Senate as submitted by the
Secretary, be adopted.
Dr. R. H. Clark)
Dr. Barss      ) That we adjourn.
^/^^ xd ■ rfa£fa±<*3
A Q.


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