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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Aug 17, 1923

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Array (336)
Friday,   August   17th,   1923.
A special   meeting of   the   Senate   of   the  University of   British   Columbia was   held on  Friday,   August
17th,   1923,   at   8S00   P.M.   in   the   Board  Room,-
To   consider  the   request  of   the  Department   of
Education   that  arrangements   be made  by  the   University
for   the  professional   training of   University  graduates
who   intend   to   become  High   School   teachers.
Present:-     The President   (in  the   chair),   Dr.
R.   E.   McKechnie,   Rev.   Dr.   W.  H.   Smith,   Dean H.   T.   J.
Coleman,   Mr.   L.   F.   Robertson,   Mr.   D.   L.  McLaurin,   Mr.   D.
M.  Robinson,   Mr.   J.  S.   Gordon,   Mr.  W.  P.  Argue,   Miss A.
B.   Jamieson,   Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewiok,   Dean F.   M.   Clement,
Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Dr.   T.  H.   Boggs,   Mr.   C.   Killam,   Mr.   P.
A.    Boving.
The Seoretary   read   the call  of the  meeting.
A   letter   from Magristrate   H.   C.   Shaw was
received   regretting his   inability  to   be  present  at   the
754 A  letter  from  the   Superintendent  of   Education
was   read   embodying a   proposal   of   the  Department   of
Education  that   arrangements  be made   by  the   University   for
the   professional   training of   University   graduates  who   intend   to   become   High   School   teachers.
Mr.   Killam) That   the  proposal   of   the  Depart-
Dr.   Smith   ) ment   of  Education  as   contained
in   the   letter odf  the  Superintendent  of Education of  the 4th
of  August  1923,   except   suggestions   numbered  5  and   6,   be  adopted  as   a  resolution of   the   Senate
and  that   it  be  so  resolved,   but (337)
subject to financial provision therefor being made,
and subjeot to variation as
to oourse of leotures and
other details recommended
by the Faculty or Faculties
concerned* as contingencies
may arise and approved by
the Senate and the Department.
In amendment,
Hr. Robertson)
Mr. Gordon   )    That all words after "made"
be struck out.
The motion, as amended, was put to vote and
resolution of
transmitted to
of Governors.
recommend to
the Department of Education
that such steps as are
necessary be taken to admit
graduates in Agriculture to
professional training for
teachers' certificates on
the same basis as graduates
of other Faculties.
Dr. Sedgwick)
Dr. Boggs   )     That notice of Senate's
action in the matter of the
proposal of the Department
of Education be given to
the University Faculties
for their information.
Mr. Killam)
Mr. Boving)
That this
Senate be
the Board
Dean Clement)
Dean Coleman)
That Sena (336)
755 For the information of Senate a
communication from the Seoretary of the High Sohool and
University Matriculation Board, including a minute of
the meeting of the Matriculation Board, was read, in
reference to the Matriculation standing of Miss Graoe M,
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Gordon   )
That the meeting adjourn.
S^duJiy &)- /tfaZxJU43.


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