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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1967-10-25

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 Wednesday,  October 25,  19t>7.
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for the Session 1967-68 was held on Wednesday,
October 25, 1967 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present: Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C S.
Belshaw, Dr. M. Bloom, Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. D. M.
Brousson, Mr. W. T. Brown, Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr., Dr. J. D. Chapman,
Dr. R. M. Clark, Dean I. McTaggart-Cowan, Dr. D. H. Copp, Dean C F.
Curtis, Miss K. Emmott, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean J. A. F. Gardner,
Dr. W. C. Gibson, The Hon. Howard C Green, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dean D. M.
Healy, Mr. W. L. Holland, Dr. D. T. Kenny, Mr. R. R. Larsen, Rev. E. C.
Lebel, Mr. S. L. Lipson, Mr. S. Lefeaux, Dean S. Wah Leung, Dr. A. J.
McClean, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary, Mr. Justice J.
MacDonald, Dr. C A. McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, Mr. I. S. McNairn,
Mr. D. F. Manders, Mr. G. Mate, Mr. John R. Meredith, Mr. D. F. Miller,
Dr. Finlay A. Morrison, Dr. H. P. Oberlander, Dean V. J. Okulitch,
Dr. A. J. Renney, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. J. Victor Rogers, Dr. R. D.
Russell, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dr. R. F. Sharp,
Dean M. Shaw, Dr. D. V. Smiley, Dr. J. H. C Smith, Mr. E. Douglas
Sutcliffe, Dr. C H. N. Towers, Mr. M. Waldman, Dr. Wm. A. Webber,
Dean P. H. White, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
Visitors:  Mr. Knute Buttedahl, Mr. A. Myers, Mr. J. Banham.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, Mr. S. Black, Mr. C B. Bourne,
Mr. D. A. Freeman, Mr. J. Guthrie, Mr. J. McGechaen, Mrs. H. J. MacKay,
Dr. W. Opechowski, Dr. C J. Parfitt, Mr. B. Stuart Stubbs, Rev. W. S.
Taylor, Mrs. B. E. Wales, Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Mr. Miller  )       That the minutes of the first regular
Dr. Belshaw )       meeting of Senate for the Session 1967-68
held on September 6, 1967 having been
circulated be taken as read and adopted. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting  (Continued)
Dr. Belshaw in seconding the motion pointed out that the
resolution on Page 3807 under the heading of Administrative Structure,
Health Sciences Centre, should be amended to make it clear that it was
the intention to refer this problem to the Faculties as well as to the
Deans and Directors of the Faculties and Schools.
With the amendment the motion was then carried.
Senate Membership
The Chairman welcomed the new members of Senate including the
replacements for those members elected by the Faculties on leave of
absence, namely Mr. S. L. Lipson replacing Dr. W. D. Finn, representative of the Faculty of Applied Science and Dr. A. J. McClean
replacing Mr. K. M. Lysyk, representative of the Faculty of Law. He
also welcomed Dr. H. P. Oberlander replacing Dr. J. A. Jacobs who had
resigned from the University.
The Chairman then explained that Professor W. L. Holland,
Dr. D. V. Smiley, Professor I. McNairn and Dr. S. Black had been added
to the members of representatives of the joint faculties as required
by Section 23 (j) Division (5) of the Universities Act in view of the
addition of four student members to Senate.  It was agreed that the
three members of the joint faculty representatives on leave, namely
Dr. Stewart, Dr. Rosenbluth and Dr. Norris, would be replaced by
Professor W. Opechowski, Dr. R. D. Russell and Professor J. McGechaen,
respectively. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Senate Membership  (Continued)
Dean Curtis  )      That the above replacements and additions
Dr. Gibson   )      to Senate membership be approved.
Student Membership
The Chairman introduced the four student members, Mr. R. R.
Larsen, Mr. M. Waldman, Miss K. Emmott and Mr. G. Mate.
Dr. Webber   )      That the student members elected to
Dr. McDowell )      represent the student body be accepted.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Report of the Nominating Committee on Membership of
Committees of Senate
The Chairman explained that the Nominating Committee elected at
the previous meeting of Senate had made recommendations for
replacements and additions to membership of Committees of Senate.
He pointed out that the Committee had suggested that the Chairman
make one nomination to the Executive Committee and that he had
nominated Dr. McDowell, in consultation with other members of the
Committee, to replace Dr. Stewart.
The Chairman also mentioned a suggestion he had made that the
Executive Committee be renamed the "Agenda Committee" since its
function was basically to arrange the agenda. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Report of the Nominating Committee on Membership of
Committees of Senate  (Continued)
Dean Scarfe  )      That the recommendations of the Nominating
Dr. Morrison )      Committee on Membership of Committees of
Senate be accepted.
Student membership on Committees of Senate was then discussed.
The Nominating Committee had made recommendations but the Chairman
suggested that the students be given the opportunity to express
their interests in this connection.  After a brief discussion the
following motion was put.
Dean Scarfe  )      That the Nominating Committee make
Dean Cowan   )      appointments on behalf of Senate, after
consultation with the students and report
to Senate at its next meeting.
Opposition was expressed concerning this procedure being followed
in connection with the Committee on Role and Organization of
Senate.  It was felt that this was a special situation in which
the other members had been nominated by Senate and elected by
written ballot.  The suggestion was that this Committee be dealt
with by election.
Mr. Bibbs     )     That nominations be received for an
Dr. Clark     )     additional member of the Committee on Role
and Organization of Senate. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Report of the Nominating Committee on Membership of
Committees of Senate  (Continued)
In reply to an enquiry, the Chairman informed Senate that he had
resigned from the position of Chairman of the Committee on Role
and Organization of Senate and that the Committee had elected
another member of the Committee, Professor Bourne, to replace him.
He would still serve as a member of the Committee.
After further discussion it was agreed that the motion be amended
to read:
That a student be nominated to serve
on the Committee of Role and Organization
of Senate.
The motion was then carried,
Mr. Bibbs then nominated Mr. Waldman.
Dean Curtis   )     That the nominations cease.
Dean Scarfe   )
Mr. Waldman was then declared a member of the Committee on Role
and Organization of Senate.
Dean Curtis   )     That the Committee known as the "Senate
Mr. Brown     )     Executive Committee" be renamed the "Senate
Agenda Committee".
The Chairman referred to the additional committees that the
Nominating Committee had suggested. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Report of the Nominating Committee on Membership of
Committees of Senate  (Continued)
Dean Scarfe   )     That the Committee on the Role and
Mr. Waldman   )     Organization of Senate be asked to consider
the recommendations of the Nominating
Committee concerning new committees and the
terms that the Chairmen of the Committees
of Senate should serve.
Campus Plan
The Chairman informed Senate that arrangements had been made for
Mr. Don Stover, of Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons, of San Francisco
(the consultants in connection with the campus master plan) to
explain the plan to members of Senate.  The Chairman also explained that the Property Committee of the Board would be pleased to
confer with a committee of Senate of comparable size to the
Property Committee.  He suggested that this should wait until the
campus plan had been seen by Senate.
It was agreed that November 15 would be a suitable evening if it
could be arranged and that it would be left to the discretion of
the Chair to make other arrangements if necessary.
It was suggested that it would be helpful if there could be some
indication from the Property Committee as to what extent the
Board of Governors were already committed to the plan.  The
Chairman stated that he understood that the plan in itself had
been accepted in general but that details could be changed from
time to time. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Summer Session Committee
The Chairman explained that he considered the present Summer
Session Committee's function was with the Summer Session
programme in its present form.  He felt that this was not really
what Dean Cowan and Dr. Belshaw had in mind and said that he would
prefer to discuss the terms of such a Committee with Dean Cowan
and Dr. Belshaw.
The question was raised as to whether the institution of a
trimester system had been considered.  The Chairman explained
that the Committee would be considering more than just Summer
Session itself and that this question would inevitably come up.
Positioning of the Clock Tower
The Chairman explained that the Board of Governors had asked him
to confer with the Chief Architect to ensure that the Clock Tower
would not be put in any position that might interfere with future
buildings.  He assured Senate that this would by done.
The Chairman explained that the proposed Clock Tower was a gift
and that no University funds were involved.
The Chairman promised to inform Senate where the Clock Tower would
be positioned as soon as a decision was made. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Proposed Administration of Health Sciences Centre
The Chairman recommended that there be no further consideration
of the administrative arrangements in the Health Sciences Centre
at the present time but that experience should be gained over the
next year before any final decisions were made and that in the
meantime the Co-ordinating Committee should elect a Chairman from
among its members to continue to operate as it had done over the
past year.
Dean Cowan    )     That Senate approve that the administration
Dean McCreary )     of the Health Sciences proceed on an interim
basis as described by the Chairman of Senate
on this date.
With reference to the Senate meeting of May 24 and the resolution
that a New Department of Linguistics be established in the Faculty
of Arts, concern was expressed at the notification from the Board
of Governors that this proposal was accepted and that it would be
instituted when funds were available.  It was felt that this was
a matter of considerable urgency and that failure to establish a
Department of Linguistics on the campus would hold up developments
in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology as well as in
other Departments.
Dr. Belshaw      )  That Senate request the Board of Governors
Professor Holland )   to give the establishment of a Department
of Linguistics high priority in the budget
for 1968-69. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Priorities  (Continued)
Dr. McDowell was in agreement with such a motion but did not feel
that one item should be singled out as there were so many other
departments that deserved priority.  He suggested that a Committee
on Academic Resources be established.
The Chairman explained that the present procedure was that the
Board discussed such matters with the Deans of the Faculties in
an effort to establish priorities.
The motion was then revised to read:
That recommendations from Senate to
the Board of Governors which involved
financial expenditure should be referred
to the proposed Committee for recommendations as to priorities.
It was pointed out that if Senate were to consider priorities
for matters of this kind it would be necessary to include details
of expenditures in proposals for new programmes submitted to
A member stated that he felt it would be of value to have Senate's
recommendations on priorities to help the Board in their
After further discussion the motion was withdrawn. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Priorities  (Continued)
Mr. Brown   )       That the Committee on the Role and
Dr. Belshaw )       Organization of Senate be asked to establish
terms of reference for a Committee on
Priorities, to be brought before Senate at
the December meeting.
After further discussion the motion was carried.
Notification of Approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate Recommendations
(a) The payment of a contribution towards travel expenses to
recipients of honorary degrees, and for the purpose of determining the amount of the grant, that economy air fare be the
approximate standard.
(b) The Master of Arts Programme in Religious Studies.
(c) The offering of the course English 303 by the Department of
Extension, in Kelowna, during the 1967-68 Winter Session.
(d) The offering of the new course Geology 506 Structural Petrology
of Deformed Rocks by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to be given
in 1967-68 and alternate years thereafter.
(e) Recommendations set out in Appendix A of the Minutes of Senate
for May 24, 1967, involving no additional budgetary provision
were approved.
In reply to a query concerning the calendar and those items that had
not as yet received financial approval, the Chairman explained that
these items may have to go into the calendar with a note to the effect
that they may not be offered in the 1968-69 Session.
Annual Financial Report of the University, 1966-67
As required under Section 50 of the Universities Act, the Board
of Governors had forwarded to Senate a copy of the Annual Financial
Report, Balance Sheet and Financial Statements of the University,
March 31, 1967. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
(a) Committee on Professors Emeriti
The Committee had recommended that the following be granted
emeritus status as indicated:
Dr. Phyllis G. Ross, Chancellor Emerita
Dr. B. A. Eagles, Dean Emeritus of Agriculture
Dr. A. W. Matthews, Dean Emeritus of Pharmacy
Mr. Harry Adaskin, Professor Emeritus of Music
Dr. Dorothy Dallas, Professor Emerita of French
Dr. D. C B. Duff, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology
Dr. F. A. Forward, Professor Emeritus of Metallurgy
Dr. B. C Griffith, Professor Emeritus of Forestry
Miss H. E. Mallory, Professor Emerita of Nursing
Miss M. E. MacFarlane, Associate Professor Emerita
of Home Economics
Dean Curtis   )     That the recommendations of the Committee
Dr. Renney    )     on Professors Emeriti be approved.
(b) Honorary Degrees Committee
The Committee had recommended that invitations be extended to the
following persons to receive degrees at the Spring Congregation
1968, in addition to those approved by Senate at its previous
Dean Blythe A. Eagles,
Retired Dean of Agriculture.
Dean A. W. Matthews,
Retired Dean of Pharmacy. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
(b)  Honorary Degrees Committee  (Continued)
Sir Charles Seymour Wright
Dr. Adelaide Sinclair
Dr. Walter Gropius
Dean McCreary spoke briefly on the achievements of the proposed
recipients, mentioning the long service of both Dean Eagles and
Dean Matthews, the close association with the University of Sir
Charles Seymour Wright; he referred to Dr. Adelaide Sinclair as
an outstanding woman who had been an honours graduate in Political
Science, and finally, Dr. Walter Gropius, an architect of
international renown.
The Committee had recommended that with the exception of Sir
Charles Seymour Wright, who had been recommended for a D.Sc.
(honoris causa), the proposed recipients should receive the degree
of LL.D. (honoris causa).  However, after a short debate it was
decided that Dean Eagles and Dean Matthews, who had both served
the University in scientific fields, should be given the degree
of D.Sc. (honoris causa).
Dean Curtis     )   That the degree of D.Sc, (honoris causa)
Dean McCreary   )   be granted to Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Dean
A. W. Matthews and Sir Charles Seymour Wright
and that Dr. Adelaide Sinclair and Dr. Walter
Gropius be awarded the degree of LL.D.
(honoris causa).
Carried Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
(b) Honorary Degrees Committee  (Continued)
It was pointed out that this item was confidential until such time
as the invitations had been extended to the individuals.
In reply to a query the Chairman confirmed that a person could not
receive an honorary degree unless he attended the ceremony.
(c) Admissions Committee
(1)  Admission Requirements
The Chairman explained that due to lack of space and resources
it was essential to warn the secondary schools that it may be
necessary to limit enrolment in September 1968 and thereafter.
Both Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria
were in the same position.  He made it clear that the
University of British Columbia did not wish to make a definite
statement at this time but simply wished to ensure that the
secondary schools were aware of the possibility that students
with the minimum requirements may not necessarily be admitted.
Dean Cowan   )  That the recommendation of the Admissions
Dr. Clark    )  Committee that the following statement be
approved and that this statement be included
in the 1968-69 Calendar under the heading
"Admission Requirements".
* "The University reserves the right to limit enrolment in 1968-69
and thereafter if its facilities and resources are inadequate.
It follows therefore that the University may not be able to accept
all applicants who meet the minimum requirements as laid down in
this Calendar.  This provision applies both to students applying
for admission for the first time and to those applying for
readmission." Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
(c)  Admissions Committee
(1) Admission Requirements  (Continued)
A brief discussion followed and after it had been made clear
that the last sentence concerning students applying for
readmission would only apply to those who had failed a year,
the motion was carried.
(2) Admission Requirements for B.C. Grade 12 (Page A30, 1967-68
Calendar) Replacements of Sections 1 (a), (b) and (c)
The Registrar explained that it had been decided to amend
the present Calendar statement which had been misinterpreted
in terms of the new senior secondary school programme.  The
Admissions Committee recommended the following Calendar
"Subject to the reservation noted earlier,* applicants will
be eligible to be considered for admission who obtain an
average of at least 60% on recommended grades from an
accredited senior secondary school or on a combination of
school grades and gradings on examinations conducted by the
Department of Education and are considered by the Admissions
Committee to give promise of success in university studies."
Some members of Senate felt that the Calendar statement
should state positively whether a student with 60% would or
would not be admitted, and it was suggested that the first
sentence should be amended to read "An applicant will be
admitted who, subject to the reservations noted earlier,*
obtains ..." Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
(c)  Admissions Committee
(2)  Admission Requirements for B.C. Grade 12 (Page A30
1967-68 Calendar)  Replacements of Sections 1 (a), (b) & (c)
After further discussion,
Dr. Scott  )   That the recommendations of the Admissions
Dean Scarfe )   Committee that the Calendar statement on
Admissions Requirements for B.C. Grade 12
(Page A30, 1967-68 Calendar) amended to read
as follows, be approved:
"An applicant will be admitted who, subject
to the reservations noted earlier,* obtains
an average of at least 60% on recommended
grades from an accredited senior secondary
school or on a combination of school grades
and gradings on examinations conducted by
the Department of Education and is considered by the Admissions Committee to give
promise of success in university studies."
(3) Applicants from Grade 12 in other Canadian Provinces
(Page A31, Bl)
Mr. Meredith )   That Senate approve the modification of the
Dr. Chapman )  Calendar statement on applicants from
Grade 12 in other Canadian Provinces
(Page A31, Bl) as recommended by the
Admissions Committee, to read:
"Beginning in September 1968 applicants
holding Grade 12 certificates of other
Canadian provinces will not be granted
advanced credit in a degree programme for
subjects of Grade 12, but may, where
appropriate, be given advanced placement."
It was reported that as far as Chemistry was concerned this
matter had been very carefully considered by six senior
members of the department meeting several times a week for a
month. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
(c) Admissions Committee
Applicants from Grade 12 in other Canadian Provinces
(Page A31, Bl) (Continued)
The motion was then carried.
(d) New Programmes Committee
Report on: a Centre for International Relations and
Report of the Committee on Asian and Slavonic
Dean Cowan spoke to the proposal.
Dean Cowan )   That the proposal for an Institute of
Dr. Belshaw )   International Relations and an Institute of
Asian and Slavonic Studies be approved.
In the discussion which followed note was made of the need
to avoid confusion between the names of the proposed
Institutes and those of existing Departments.  After
considerable debate it was agreed that no change be made in
the intent of the report concerning the principle of having
the work of the Institutes predominately in the areas of
social sciences.
The motion that the report be approved was then carried.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
A summary of the new awards and changes in awards, shown in
Appendix A had been circulated.
Dean Scarfe )       That the new awards and changes in awards
Dr. Copp    )       be accepted, subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors, and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
Carried Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Pharmacy
The proposal for curriculum and course changes in the Faculty
of Pharmacy was explained.
Dean Riedel  )      That the proposal of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Dr. Morrison )      that Biochemistry 410 of the Third Year and
Pharmacy 220 of the Second Year be interchanged and that Pharmacy 230 be discontinued
be approved.
Faculty of Education
The recommendations from the Faculty of Education were explained.
Dean Scarfe  )      That the proposal of the Faculty of
Dr. Smith    )      Education that Education 400 be offered by
correspondence and that General Science 309
and Education 406 be offered as extra-
sessional courses during 1967-68 be
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
Lists of candidates for degrees to be authorized at this time
were circulated.  The total number of candidates was 915.
Dean Cowan    )     That the candidates be granted the degrees
Dean Scarfe   )     for which they were recommended, subject to
any necessary adjustments in the lists to be
made by the Registrar in consultation with
the Dean concerned and with the Chairman of
Carried Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Review of Graduate Study
Dean Cowan spoke on the contents of the Report.  He explained
that there had been an increase of about 14% per annum in the enrolment in Graduate Studies since 1963, when it was 953, to 2000 in 1967-
68.  Other universities in Canada were increasing at an even greater
rate, which gave added cause for concern.
He stated that one third of the total graduate registration was
being looked after by one tenth of the members of Faculty and that only
one third of the present Faculty members were involved with supervising
the research of students in the Masters and Doctorate programmes.
In universities with a longer experience in post graduate studies
the proportion of the faculty involved in the direction of research
students is much higher.  This in turn reflects a higher level of
preparation for participating fully in the academic programmes of the
university.  He said that our teaching loads were somewhat heavier than
those of the leading universities with the top Graduate Schools in this
country.  However, this is not regarded as a primary obstacle to the
effective development of our graduate sector.  Admission standards here
are high but we are maintaining our growth in spite of this and he saw
no reason to reduce the standards.  Almost all graduate students in the
sciences and all but 16% of those in other areas receive some financial
support from scholarships, research grants or teaching assistantships. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Review of Graduate Study  (Continued)
One problem has been to create the opportunity for students in
the humanities and social sciences to proceed with their graduate
studies during the summer months as is standard practice in the
sciences.  We have begun providing summer studentships for them and
also to obtain an increase in funds from the Canada Council.  Provision
of a more diversified opportunity for formal graduate courses during
the summer is another important need.
Student housing is still inadequate.  However, academic space for
Faculty and Graduate Students on campus was the greatest problem.
Other needs can be more easily met than can this deficiency of office
and research space in almost all parts of the campus.
The Chairman thanked Dean Cowan for his enthusiastic presentation.
Dr. McDowell   )    That the report be received and that
Dr. Oberlander )    Dean Cowan be congratulated on the work
that he and his Faculty had done.
Discussion followed during which reference was made to an item in
the report which mentioned that seventy per cent of the graduate
students depended in part on teaching for their income and that there
is a strong recommendation that they spend some time as teaching
assistants.  Concern was expressed that the use of graduate teaching
assistants as sole instructors in charge of undergraduate classes can
lead to indifferent instruction. A major source of this problem arises
as a result of inadequate command of English on the part of the
teaching assistants. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Review of Graduate Study  (Continued)
This problem was acknowledged as one constantly in the minds of heads
of departments as they arrange for meeting the teaching needs of their
departments.  A further question was raised as to whether or not the
undergraduate foreign language requirements were meeting the requirements of the graduate students. The Dean gave his opinion that the
requirements were adequate or, where not, could be compensated for in
the preparation of graduate students for their research task.
The motion was then carried.
Report on Registration
A report on registration for the 1967-68 session was received for
Report of the Director of the Department of Extension
Mr. Buttedahl spoke briefly on the report referring to the closer
working relationship which their Department had established with
several faculties during the course of the year.  The Department had
inaugurated several very important new programme areas; had appointed
professionally qualified people in both Applied Science and Law and
had organized new courses and continuing education programmes in these
particular areas.
The report was received for information and the Chairman
congratulated the Department of Extension on the fine work they had
done throughout the year. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Report of the Director of the Department of Extension (Continued)
The Chairman suggested that any questions could be brought up at the
next meeting of Senate or be referred to Mr. Buttedahl.
Other Business
The question of the language requirement for the B.A. Degree was
raised but as this had been discussed by Senate and referred back to
the Faculty of Arts for further consideration it was not in order to
reintroduce the matter at this time.
It was suggested that since there was widespread interest on the
part of students in discussions of Senate, both the Agenda and a list
of Senate decisions be made available as soon as possible for report
to the Student body.
Mr. Waldman, on behalf of the four student senators, thanked
Senate for giving them the opportunity to come to Senate and hoped they
would be able to make a useful contribution.
Mr. Waldman  )      That the Senate's meetings and all its
Mr. Larsen   )      proceedings be made public with the proviso
that upon the request of two thirds of the
attending members the current business be
dealt with in camera.
Reference was made to the report of the Bourne Committee which
had recommended that if physically possible there should be a gallery
to Senate admissible by ticket from the Secretary to Senate.  It was
reported that at the Faculty Association this recommendation had been
debated and on a mailed ballot the vote was in favour of some form of
public gallery. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Other Business  (Continued)
It was suggested that an interpretation of "public" was that
students and faculty and non-members of Senate would be able to come
and observe proceedings and that a representative of the Ubyssey would
be allowed to attend and to publish reports on Senate proceedings.
The Chairman explained that this matter had not yet been discussed
but would be because of the Faculty Association's recommendation.
After further discussion there was a motion to refer.
Dr. Copp   )        That this matter be referred to the Committee
Dr. Webber  )        on the Role and Organization of Senate for
report to a later meeting of Senate.
Fraternities and Sororities
The Chairman raised the question of discrimination in Fraternities
and Sororities.
It was explained that in February 1962 the following statement
had been approved by Senate.
"The University recognizes the right of any group who primary purpose
is social, such as men's and women's fraternities, to choose its
membership from among people who are personally compatible.  The
traditions of University membership to select or reject persons for or
from membership in a social group on other than the basis of their
individual personal qualities.  Specifically, the University regards
exclusion of persons from membership in men's and women's fraternities
for reasons of racial origin as incompatible with the traditions of the
University, and regards limitation of membership to adherents of a
specific religious faith to be acceptable only where adherence to such
faith is a bona fide tenet of the organization." Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Fraternities and Sororities  (Continued)
In February 1966 Senate had requested that this policy be restated
to each organization concerned and that each fraternity and sorority
associated with the University be informed that Senate policy would be
fully enforced as from September 1967.
The Secretary reported that all Fraternities and Sororities had
submitted letters affirming their adherence to the principles set out
by the Senate.
After further discussion it was agreed that the Senate policy and
a list of the Fraternities and Sororities be published.
There was no other business.
The Meeting adjourned at 11.10 p.m.
The next meeting will be Wednesday, December 13, 1967 at
8.00 p.m.
OsSxtJcZtX     Vr
Chairman Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
New Awards
The Ahepa Prize
A prize of $100, gift of Gladstone Chapter No. C J. 6, Order of
Ahepa (Anglo Hellenic Educational Progressive Association), will be
awarded annually to the student in the Third or Fourth Year with the
most outstanding record in Greek.
Max and Susie Dodek Medical Scholarship
A scholarship of $100, gift of Max and Susie Dodek, is offered
annually in the Faculty of Medicine to students proceeding to the
degree of M. D.  It will be awarded annually, on the recommendation of
the Faculty, to a student who has completed at least one year and who
has an outstanding record of achievement.
The Joseph L. Jackson Prize in Anatomy
A prize of a copy of the Pernkopf Atlas of Topographical Anatomy to a
student in first year with high standing in Anatomy.  The Prize is
awarded in honor of Dr. Joseph L. Jackson, long-time Professor of
Anatomy at the University of Saskatchewan, by a former student.
The Faculty of Law Legal Writing Prize
A prize of $100 provided by the Faculty of Law is awarded annually for
the best piece of legal writing done by a law student.  The work submitted may be on any subject relating to law and may be done independently or to fulfil a course requirement.  All contributions will be
made available to the editors of the Law Review.  Further details of
the competition will be announced at the beginning of the session.
The Standard Oil Company of California Scholarship in
Chemical Engineering
This scholarship of $750, gift of Standard Oil Company of California,
is offered to undergraduates in any year of Chemical Engineering.
Selection of the winner will be made on the recommendation of the
Department. Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate  (Continued)
Changes in Awards
The Boughton, Anderson, Dunfee & Mortimer Prize in Law
Commencing April 1968, increased from $50 to $100.
Valcartier Camp Chapter, I.O.D.E.
Additional bursary for one year only of $100 for a handicapped student,


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