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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1987-04-22

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April 22, 1987
The Eighth Regular Meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1986-87 was held on Wednesday, April 22, 1987 at
8.00 p.m. in Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Present: President D. W. Strangway (Chairman), Chancellor W. R. Wyman,
Vice-President D. R. Birch, Dr. F. S. Abbott, Dr. E. G. Auld, Dr. T. M.
Ballard, Mr. D. W. Barron, Mr. G. D. Burnyeat, Acting Dean S. Cherry, Dr.
T. S. Cook, Ms. L. M. Copeland, Mr. B. Dumka, Dr. G. W. Eaton, Mr. M. Fahy,
Dr. C V. Finnegan, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Dr. J. Gaskell, Dr. M. A. Goldberg,
Dr. A. G. Hannam, Dr. M. A. Hickling, Dr. K. J. Holsti, Mrs. D. Jones, Dean
R. W. Kennedy, Mr. J. Kulich, Dr. L. M. Lavkulich, Dr. D. S. Lirenman, Dean
P. A. Lusztig, Mr. G. Mark, Mr. J. M. McConville, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Mr. M. G.
McMillan, Dean J. H. McNeill, Dean R. C. Miller, Jr., Mr. D. M. Mustard, Mr.
C Niwinski, Mr. S. R. Pearce, Mr. A. J. Pearson, Mrs. G. E. Plant, Mr. J.
Ringwald, Mr. J. Snell, Dr. L. de Sobrino, Mr. R. A. Speers, Dr. R. A.
Spencer, Dr. J. K. Stager, Ms. B. Steffensen, Mr. K. H. Stewart, Dr. R.
Stewart, Mr. G. Taylor, Dr. P. R. Tennant, Dr. R. C Thompson, Dr. J.
Vanderstoep, Mr. S. Vukusic, Dean W. A. Webber, Dr. L. S. Weiler, Dean R. M.
Will, Dr. D. LL. Williams, Mr. J. A. Williamson, Dr. M. D. Willman, Dr.
J. L. Wisenthal, Miss N. E. Woo, Mr. R. A. Yaworsky.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from Dean
G. S. Beagrie, Dean P. T. Burns, Mr. R. R. Bush, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Dr. D.
Donaldson, Dr. J. A. S. Evans, Dr. J. H. V. Gilbert, Mr. G. Loeb, Acting
Dean T. D. McKie, Dr. A. G. Mitchell, Dean J. F. Richards, Dr. D. F.
Robitaille, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr. D. L. Weiss.
Senate membership
Student representatives
The Chairman introduced and welcomed to Senate the followinq student
senators elected to serve on Senate for one year from April 1, 1987 to
March 31, 1988 (1 representative elected by each Faculty + 5 members
Agricultural Sciences
Ms. H. E. Cowan Second Year Agricultural Sciences
Applied Science
Mr. J. P. Ringwald       Third Year Engineering
Mr. S. Vukusic Third Year Arts 8971.
April 22, 1987
Senate membership
Student representatives  (continued)
Commerce and Business Administration
Mr. M. Fahy
Mr. K. H. Stewart
Mr. R. R. Bush
Mr. G. Loeb
Graduate Studies
Mr. R. A. Yaworsky
Mr. A. J. Pearson
Mr. G. Taylor
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ms. B. Steffensen
Mr. G. Mark
First Year Commerce and Business Administration
Third Year Dentistry
Third Year Education
Third Year Forestry
Doctoral Candidate in civil Engineering
Second Year Law
First Year Medicine
Third Year Pharmaceutical Sciences
Second Year Science
Mr. B. Dumka
Mr. D. M. Mustard
Mr. J. Snell
Mr. R. A. Speers
Mr. J. A. Williamson
Minutes of previous meeting
Second Year Arts
Fourth Year Science
First Year Commerce and Business Administration
Doctoral Candidate in Food Science
Doctoral Candidate in civil Engineering
Dr. Lavkulich  ) That the minutes of the Seventh regular
Dean Kennedy  )  meeting of Senate for the Session 1986-87,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Carried 8972.
April 22, 1987
Business arising from the Minutes
Senate Nominating Committee Membership  (p.8939)
Election  of  two  student  representatives  to  serve  on  the  Senate
Nominating Committee
Two student vacancies on the Nominatinq Committee had been declared
at the previous meeting.  Mr. J. A. Williamson and Mr. R. A. Yaworsky
were nominated to serve on the committee.
Mr. Pearson   )  That nominations close.
Mr. Burnyeat  )
There being no further nominations Mr. Williamson and Mr. Yaworsky
were declared elected.
Chairman's remarks and related questions
Dr. Stranqway announced that he had appointed the Chancellor, Mr. Robert
Wyman, as UBC's representative on the new University Advisory Council which
is replacing the Universities Council of B.C Other appointees to the
Council are: Mrs. Rendina Hamilton, chairman, lawyer and former member of
the Universities Council; Dr. Alfred Fischer, professor and former vice
president, academic, University of Victoria; Dr. George Ivany, vice
president, academic, Simon Fraser University; Mrs. Betty Meagher, former
member of the Board of Fraser Valley college; Dr. Glen Farrell, president,
Knowledge Network; Ms. Melissa Clark, UBC student; Mr. George Morfitt,
former chairman, Universities Council; and Mrs. Ethne Cullen Victoria
businesswoman and university lecturer.
Dr. Strangway informed Senate that the report of the President's ad hoc
Advisory Committee on Sexual Harassment, containinq a draft of a sexual
harassment policy, had been qiven wide circulation on campus and stated that
he hoped people would contact the committee with their comments before the
deadline date of June 30. 8973.
April 22, 1987
Chairman's remarks and related questions  (continued)
Dr. Stranqway stated that the Agenda Committee planned to develop a
Calendar of business for the next academic year, for the advance information
of members of Senate.
Dr. Strangway also informed Senate that he had been asked to be a member
of the steering committee in connection with the National Forum on
Post-secondary Education taking place in late October and that he would
welcome suggestions as to items that might be discussed.
In referring to the Mission statement, Dr. Strangway stated that the
first draft would be circulated to many University groups for consideration
and comment and that there would be meetings during the summer with the
intention that a set of specific recommendations would come forward to
Senate for consideration and debate in the fall.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Admissions Committee - 1987/88 Enrolment Quotas and Controls
Dr. Finnegan, Chairman of the Committee, presented the following
report which had been circulated:
"The Senate Admissions Committee at its meeting on April 1, 1987
reviewed and confirmed the continuation of existing enrolment controls
and quotas for students entering the initial year of the program in the
1987-88 Winter Session.
Arts (B.A.)
Science (B.Sc.)
Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.)
Applied Science (B.A.Sc.)
Commerce & Business Administration
Music (B.Mus.)
Nursinq (B.S.N.)
Architecture (B.Arch.)
Dentistry (D.M.D.)
Law (LL.B.)
Medicine (M.D.)
Pharmacy (B.Sc. (Pharm)
Rehabilitation Medicine (B.S.R.)
24 OT
26 PT 8974.
April 22, 1987
Reports of Committees of Senate
Admissions Committee - 1987/88 Enrolment Quotas and Controls  (continued)
Dr. Finnegan informed Senate that the Faculty of Arts had been asked to
review the current enrolment restriction of 1500 for the B.A. program. In
response, the Faculty of Arts had informed the committee that last year
200 eligible grade 12 students had been denied entrance to the Faculty of
Arts. The Faculty of Arts had therefore requested that the controls be
retained for a further year. Dr. Finnegan also referred to the enrolment
restriction imposed on the number of students transferring from external
institutions into second and third year Arts and stated that no students
in that category had been denied admission last year.
The Faculty of Science had also been asked to review the current
enrolment restriction of 1400 for the B.Sc. program. Last year, the
Faculty of Science had admitted 1200 applicants; therefore 200 spaces had
not been filled. However, the Faculty requested that the restriction be
Dr. Finnegan referred to the absence of quotas for the Faculty of
Education and indicated that these would be coming forward at a later date
when the Faculty had completed the implementation of the new program.
Dean Will drew attention to the figure of 35 quoted for admission to the
first year of the B.Mus. program and stated that the total enrolment for
the School of Music is approximately 250. The School of Music admits
approximately 106 students into the first year of the program; 60 from
secondary schools, and the remainder are transfer students from other
institutions. 8975.
April 22, 1987
Reports of Committees of Senate  (continued)
Committee on Student Awards
Dr. Williams, Chairman of the Committee, presented the report.
Dr. Williams   )  That the new award (listed in the Appendix)
Mr. Pearce    )  be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that a letter of
thanks be sent to the donor.
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty membership
Due to the absence of the Dean of Dentistry, Senate was informed that
this item of business would be brought forward for discussion at the May
meeting of Senate.
Report of the Librarian 1985-86
Mr. Mclnnes, the University Librarian, spoke briefly to the report which
had been circulated for information. He stated that the report contained
more information about the variety and the extent of activities in different
parts of the library system. Mr. Mclnnes also commented on the serious
problem of maintaining and strengthening collections in the face of
continuing increases in costs. He stated that when the cost of serials
subscriptions increased by 15% in 1985/86, drastic measures were needed.
The Library planned a major serials cancellation project, dropping about 900
titles in 1987 for a saving of $163,000, and reduced the purchase of
additional copies of monographs except where essential for course reserve.
In addition the Library transferred $223,000 from the salary budget to
collections in 1986/87 and in the same year received an 8% increase
($339,000) in additional funding for collections. 8976.
April 22, 1987
Report of the Librarian 1985-86
Mr. Mclnnes stated that a post-script to the report was needed since the
problem of cost increases had not diminished. In the fiscal year 1986/87
the Library found that the cost of the remaininq serial titles (those not
cancelled) increased by about 18%. He said that fiqures from other Canadian
university libraries were similar, showinq increased serial costs ranqinq
from 15% to 27% for 1986/87, and that the cost of books had increased also,
thouqh not as dramatically.
In conclusion, Mr. Mclnnes stated that last year, after estimatinq the
probable effect of further cost increases, the library requested an overall
increase in the collections budget of 10%. He said that if an increase is
available most of it will have to be set aside to deal with probable
increases in the cost of serial publications. If an increase is not
available, then the Library will have to consider what further measures can
be taken to reduce the cost of the serial subscriptions.
Mr. Mclnnes expressed thanks and appreciation for the strong and
continued support of the University Library Committee, and extended
particular thanks to the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. J. L. Wisenthal.
Other business
Mr. K. G. Young
Dr. Birch paid tribute to Mr. Kenneth G. Young, Registrar and Secretary
of Senate, and informed Senate that Mr. Young had gone on long-term
medical leave.
Convocation Senators
Mr. Burnyeat introduced to Senate some of the new Convocation Senators
who would be taking office in September 1987. 8977.
April 22, 1987
The meetinq adjourned at 8.20 p.m
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, May 20,
Chairman 8978.
April 22, 1987
New award recommended to Senate
John S. Nadeau Memorial Scholarship - An annual scholarship of approximately
$1,100 has been established by the family and friends of Dr. John Sylvan
Nadeau, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to The University of
British Columbia as a teacher, scholar and administrator. The scholarship
will be awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in
consultation with the Department of Metals and Material Engineering, to a
graduate student in the Department who has demonstrated a high level of
scholastic and research proficiency.  (Available 1988/89 Winter Session)


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