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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1931-02-18

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Wednesday, February 18th, 1931
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1930-31
was held on Wednesday, February 18th, 1931, at 8:00 p.m.,
in the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean F. M.
Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. E. A.
Lloyd, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Dr. H. Tickers, Mr. H. F.
Angus, Dr. A.. H. Hutchinson, Mr. J. N. Harvey, Dr. Frank
P. Patterson, Mr. G. W. Clark, Rev. Dr. J. G. Brown, Rev.
Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. Sherwood Lett,
Mr. H. T. Logan, Mr. A. E. Lord, Rev. A. H. Sovereign,
Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam,
Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. Sydney Anderson, Dr. W. B. Burnett,
and Mr. Lyle A. Atkinson.
Mr. Lord   )
Mr. Anderson) That the minutes of the second
regular meeting of December 17th,
1930, the special meeting of
January 2nd, 1931 and the special
meeting of January 27th, 1931, be
taken as read, and adopted.
An   expression   of   regret   at   his   inability   to  attend
the   meeting was   received   from  Judge   J.   D.   Swanson.
Letters   from   the   Board   of   Governors  were   read
granting   approval   to   the   following  recommendations   of
Senate :
Regulations   in   regard   to   registration   of   Undergraduates
Vancouver   Harbour   Commissioners'   Scholarship
Khaki   University   Scholarships   open  to   students   from
Victoria  College
Special   Khaki   University   Scholarship   for   Dorothy
.Special   Scholarship   from   David   Thorn  Estate   Fund   for
H.   F.   Salisbury 118.
Wednesday,   February   18th,   1931
From   the   Faculties
Regulations   to  make   uniform  the   awarding   of   Prizes
and   Scholarships
Dean Buchanan)
Dean   Clement   )   That   these   recommendations  be
In   amendment:
Dr.   Vance    )
Mr.   Harvey)   That  we   consider   this   report   clause
by   clause.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean   Clement   )   That   the   preamble  be   adopted.
All awards of medals, scholarships, prizes
and bursaries are made by Senate.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That Clause 1 be adopted.
It is suggested that the procedure he:
(1) For scholarships, prizes and bursaries which
are not based solely on academic standing,
applications shall be made to the Registrar
on or before the date specified in the
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That Clause 2 to the end of the
third paragraph, be adopted.
In amendme nt:
Mr. Lett)
Mr. Lord) Clause 2.- Nomination to awards shall be
made by the Committee on
Prizes and Scholarships, or
may be made by any other
person, to Faculty or President as directed by Senate.
Amendment put and los_t.
Original motion carried. 119.
Wednesday, February 18th, 1931
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That the last paragraph of Clause
2 be adopted, as amended.
The Chairman of any special committee so
appointed shall be chosen by the President
from the Committee on Prizes and Scholarships.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That Clause 3 be adopted.
Carrie d
(3)   The   Committee   shall   consult   with   donors
or   departments   of   the   University,   or
others,   in   accordance   with   existing
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Lloyd    ) That clause 4 be deleted.
The last paragraph of the report was considered -
no action taken.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Vance    ) That the entire report be referred
to a committee with power to act.
A report was presented giving a full list of the
Adjustments in Registration following the Christmas
Examinati ons	
Dr.   Killam)
Dr.   Vance   )   That   the   report   be   received  and
In   amendment:
Dr.   Brown        )
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   the   report  be   received.
From   the   Faculty   of  Arts   and  Science
That   special   examinations   in  Arts   and
Science   be   abolished. 120.
Wednesday,   February   18th,   1931
Dean  Buchanan )
Rev.   Mr.   Sovereign)   That   this   recommendation  he
app ro ved.
Vancouver  Harbour   Commissioners*   Scholarship
The   Committee   on  Prizes   and  Scholarships   and   the
Faculty   report   for   information   that   the   Vancouver   Harbour
Commissioners   state   that   they  cannot   renew   their   scholarship   in   Commerce   of   $250.00.
Book   Prize   in   Commerce
The   sum of   $25.00   has  been   received   from   an   anonymous   donor   for   a  book  prize   for   the   student   obtaining   the   highest   aggregate   of   marks   in  the   15   units
of   work   in   the   final   year   of   the   course   in   Commerce.
The   Faculty   recommends   the   acceptance   of   this   prize.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr.   Clark )   That   we   approve   of   this   recom
mendation   and   that   a   letter  "be
sent   to    the   donor   thanking   him.
Carri ed
From the Faculty  of Applied Science
That Civil Engineering 19 be eliminated
from Fifth Year Mining Course.
Dean Brock  )
Mr. Turnbull) That this recommendation be
received and approved.
The   Engineering   Institute   of   Canada   Prize
The   Engineering   Institute   of   Canada   offers   an
annual  prize   of   $25.00   for   five   years   to   each
of   eleven   Canadian   universities   of   which   the
University   of   British   Columbia   is   one.      The
first   award   will   be   made   in  May,   1931.
The   prize   will   be   awarded   to   a   student   of    the
Fourth   Year   in   Applied   Science   on   the   basis   of
the   marks   made   in  his  academic  work  in   that   year. 121 .
Wednesday, February 18th, 1931
His activities in the students' engineering
organization or in the local branch of a recognized engineering society will also be considered.
Dean Brock  )
Mr. Turnbull) That this recommendation be received
and adopted and that a letter of
thanks be sent to the Engineering
Institute of Canada.
Recommendations of the High School and University
Matriculation Board and the Faculties in regard to
Percentages required on Junior Matriculation
That 50% be the minimum requirement in each
paper of the Junior Matriculation Examination but that candidates who make 60% of
the total on the whole examination taken at
one time be allowed pass standing on marks
between 40% and 50% on separate papers.
Dr . Sedgewick)
Mr. Lloyd    ) That the recommendation as
amended be adopted.
With regard to the question of limitation of
attendance at the University as suggested by the Honourable the Minister of Education at the special meeting of
January 27th Dr. Killam stated that as no reply had been
made to the Minister by the Senate, he feared the public
might interpret this silence as giving assent to the
Minister's   policy.
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Lord  ) Resolved that the Senate cannot see
its way clear to accept the principle
of limitation of attendance of
students at the University as suggested by the Honourable the Minister of
Education in the following words: 122.
In  amendment:
Wednesday,   February   18th,   1931
"that   students  be   admitted   in   order
of   merit   as   their   names   appear   on
the   Matriculation   list".
Clark )   That   this   resolution  be   laid   on
the   table   to   be   considered   at
the   special   meeting  provided   for
at   the   meeting   of   January  27th.
Carrie d
That the Board of Governors be
respectfully asked to supply
members of the Senate
of the last financial
of the University.
wi th co pie s
Mr. Lett    )
Mr. Anderson)
WHEREAS Section 9 of the University Act sets forth
the provision for academic instruction^ which the
University is required to make so far as and to the
full extent which its resources, from time to time,
pe rmit, and
WHEREAS Senate is desirous of being of such
assistance as it may to the Board of Governors in
enabling the Board to determine a division of the
University Resources.
NOW BE IT RESOLVED that the Secretary of Senate be
instructed to communicate with the Board with a view
to ascertaining if it would favourably receive the
suggestions of Senate as to:
(a) What instruction should be offered to
enable students to become proficient in and qualify
for degrees.
(b) What instruction may be of service to persons engaged or about to engage in the manufacture
or the mining, engineering, agricultural and
industrial pursuits of the Province.
(c) What facilities for the prosecution of
original research in Science and the applications
of Science should be provided.
_J 123.
Wednesday, February 18th, 1931
(d) What extra collegiate and extra University
instruction and teaching might be provided for.
Report   of   the   Committee   on   Calendar
Dean  Buchanan)
Dr.   Vance )    That   the   consideration  of   the
calendar   be   postponed   to   the
special   meeting.
Carri ed
A letter from Mr. Geoffrey Riddehough, holder of a
Nichol Scholarship, was read.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Miss Jamieson) That in view of the circumstances,
the Senate release Mr. Geoffrey
Riddehough from the obligations
entailed by the Nichol Scholarship,
for the coming year.
Letters   were   received   from  Mr.    J.   S.   Gordon,   and
others,   asking  for   information with   regard   to   the   requirements   for   entrance   to   the   University   next   session.      These
communications   were   laid   over  periling   the   special   meeting
of   Senate   to   consider   the   matters   presented   by   the
Honourable   the   Minister   of   Education.
Mr.   Lett,   Chairman   of   the   Press   Committee,   was
authorized   to   state   to  the   press   that   the   matter   of   the
limitation  of   attendance   of   students   at   the   University
had  been   referred   to   a   special   meeting   of   Senate   for
consi de ra tion . 124.
Wednesday,   February   18th,   1931
Dr.   Vance    )
Mr.   Harvey)   That   the   President   be   asked   to   call
a   special   meeting   for  Wednesday,
March  4th.
Dr.   Sedgewick)
Mr.   Clark )   That   the   President   have   power   to
fill   the   vacancy on  the   Press
The   President  named   Mr.   J.   N.   Harvey  as   a  member   of
the   Press   Committee.
Dr.   Vance )
Dr.   Sedgewick)   That   we   adjourn.
Sec retary
7^6 U). ^x^r^\


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