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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Dec 19, 1923

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Array 343
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923
The   second regular  meeting  of   the  Senate   of
The  University   of   British  Columbia   for   the   session
1923-24 was  held  on  Wednesday,   December   19th,   1923,   at
8:00  P.M.,   in   the   Board Room.
Present:     Dr.   Klinck   (in   the  Chair),   Dean
F.M.Clement,   Dean R.W.Brook,   Dean   H.T.J.Coleman,  Mr.
P.A.Boving,  Mr.   Wilfrid  Sadler,   Dr.   E.H.Archibald,   Dr.   D.
Buohanan,  Rev.   W.L.Clay,  Mr.   D.M.Robinson,   Mr.   G.A.
Fergusson,   Rev.   W.H.Vanoe,   Dr.   H.F.G.Letson,  Mr.   G.W.
Scott,   Mr.   C.Killam,   Mr.    J.S.Gordon,   Mr.H.C.Shaw,   Dr.
W.B.Burnett,   Mr.   J.M.Turnbull,   Mr.   G.E.Robinson,   Mr.
Mr. Shaw  )
Mr. Boving)  That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of October 17th
be taken as read.      Carried
The Chairman stated that messages had been
received from Bishop de Pencier and Dr. Smith regretting
their inability to attend the meeting.
766 The following reports in reference to
examinations were presented;
Summer Session.
Dean Coleman)
Mr.   Argue        )     That   this  report  be adopted.
Sessional  Supplementals,  Special Examinations  and
Dean Coleman )
Dr. Archibald) That this report be adopted.
Carried 344
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923,
Victoria College Supplementals.
Dean Coleman      )
Mr. G. E. Robinson) That this report be
adopted.      Carried
X 767     Recommendations from the Faculties.
(a) That 0* Roy Elsev be granted permission to attend
' the lectures on the History and Principles of
Education given in connection with the Educational
course and to count the subject as two units on
his regular Arts course.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Argue   )  That this recommendation
> be adopted.        Oarried
(b) That, in view of the language work in Persian
and Urdu covered by the certificate from the Head
^^ Master of the District Board Anglo-Vernacular
9 Sohool, Samrala, India, Nahar Singh, be excused
from the minimum language requirement for the
i degree in Arts:  that, in view of the courses
taken in Dyal Singh College of the University of
Punjab, in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physios,
Zoology, and Botany, and of further courses taken
in the seoond and third years in The University of
British Columbia, he be allowed to graduate upon
completing his present course in the fourth year
i and passing in Philosophy 1 in which he failed last
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Killam  )  That this recommendation be
adopted. Carried
(o) That W. W. Forrester. Fourth Year Applied Science,
Session 1922-23, be granted his degree of Bachelor
of Applied Science (B.A.So.).
Dean Brock  )
Mr. Turnbull)  That this recommendation be
adopted. Carried 345
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923
(d)  That the Royal Institution Scholarship in the
First Year of Arts and Science, awarded in April
last to Miss Barbara Mand all and forfeited on
aooount of her discontinuance of University work,
be allotted to Mr. Louis Falconer Smith of the
^ present Second Year in Arts.
Dean Coleman )
Mr.   Fergusson)     That this recommendation   be
adopted. Oarried
h "*
(e) That students taking the Third Year of the
Chemistry course in Applied Science (page 162 of
Calendar) be allowed to substitute Biology 1 for
Bacteriology 1.  The Bacteriology to be taken
in the Fourth Year.
Dean Brook   )
Dr. Archibald)  That this recommendation be
adopted. Carried
(f) That students of the Course in Nursing be permitted
to take their four months' probationary period in
the Training Sohool for Hurses at the conclusion
of their Seoond Aoademio Year instead of in the
interval between the First and Seoond Years as required under the calendar regulations, page 176.
Dean Brook  )
Mr. Turnbull)  That this recommendation be
adopted. Carried
(g)  That, in accordance with the request of the Graduate
Nurses Association of British Columbia, a
"Refresher Course for practising Public Health
Nurses" be held on, or about, April 24th - 26th.
Dean Brock)
Dr. Letson)  That this recommendation be
adopted. Carried
768 For the information of Senate a oommunioati on
from the Board of Governors, was read giving the names
of the Board members appointed to serve on the joint 346
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923
committee on use of the word "university".
769 A communication from the Board of Governors
re committee on procedure at laying of the cornerstone,
was read, for the information of Senate.
770 A letter from the High Sohool and University
Matriculation Board was presented in regard to certain
proposed changes in the Matrioulation requirements.
Dean Coleman)
Dean Clement)  That these resolutions be
referred to the Faculties for
consideration.      Oarried
771 A resolution from the B. C. Sohool Trustees'
Association was submitted re music as an optional
subject for Matrioulation.
Mr.   Killam        )
Rev.   Mr.   Clay)     That   this  resolution be
referred to   the   Faculties.
772 Reports of Committees
On Senate Eleotions
1. That the eleotion of the Chancellor and the
elective members of Senate be held at the
Registrar's Office, at the University.
2. That the day of the eleotion be the first
Thursday of April (Thursday, April 3rd, 1924.)
3. That the scrutineers be Mr. D. L. MacLaurin,
Prinoipal of the Kormal School, Victoria, and
Mr. D. M. Robinson, Prinoipal of the Normal
Sohool, Vancouver, 347
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923.
Dean  Brock)
Mr.   Gordon)     That this report be adopted.
On Procedure at Hie Laying of Cornerstone.
On October 26th the members of your Committee
were informed of their appointment.
On November 2nd the Convenor of the Committee
was informed that the Board of Governors had
decided that it was not necessary to take any
action in the matter.
Your Committee, therefore, deoided that action
on their part was not possible.
All   of  which is respectfully  submitted.
Principal Vanoe)
Dean  Coleman       )     That   this report be adopted*
On the use of the word "University"..
The Committee to consider Amendments
to the University Aot duly met with the like
Committee of the Board of Governors.
Various amendments were formulated,
carefully considered and forwarded for passage
by the Government.  Among these was provision
confining the use of the word "University"
and like words to the sole control of the
Board with penalties for their unauthorized
Mr.   Killam)
Mr.   Argue   )     That the report be adopted and
that   the committee be  discharged.
773 Dean   Coleman)
Mr.   Gordon     )     Whereas  the  nature   of the
ceremony at  the   laying of  the 348
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923
W oornerstones  of University buildings
is  a matter  of   direct   interest  to
' members   of  Senate as well as  of
grave  publio concern,
BE  IT  RESOLVED:     That  the   President
( of the  University be asked to  refer
the  question   to   the  Co-ordinating
Committee  of  the  Board of Governors
and Senate. Carried
1. i •
774 Prinoipal  Vanoe)
Mr.   Killam )   That we  place  on record  our
appreciation   of  Dr.   Scott's
services  to   the  University
and  of  our regret  at his
passing;     and   that Mr.   Gordon
( be  asked  to   draw up a  minute
to   that  effect,   to  be   forwarded  in   due   course  to  Mrs.
Scott   and   to   be   inscribed   on
t the   minutes.
Carried by a standing vote.
^k Minute   of appreciation  of  Dr.   S.   D.   Scott's  services
to   the  University  and  of   Senate's   regret   at
his   passing.
We realize that, in the passing of Dr. S. D.
Soott, the University has lost an able supporter,
x a wise counselor, and a loyal friend.  Even before
the opening of the University in 1915, his worth
as an educational counselor was recognized and his
services secured to assist in making plans for
K higher education in. this province.  As a member of
the Board of Governors and Honorary Seoretary of
that body from the time of its inception in 1913,
i he rendered invaluable service.  As an editorial
writer, both before and since the opening of the
University, he did splendid work in guiding publio
r opinion in regard to University problems.
As members of Senate we would express our
feeling of personal loss.  His ripe scholarship,
< sound judgment, broad sympathies, and clear
educational outlook, coupled with an unfailing
cheerfulness and kindliness, made him at all times,
a most congenial co-worker.  We, therefore, join
with all friends of higher education in this 349
Wednesday, December 19th, 1923.
province in paying a tribute of respect to his
memory and in extending sympathy to Mrs. Scott and
the members of her family in their bereavement.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Boving  )
That an expression of
appreciation of Professor G. H.
Grojean and a motion of condolence be prepared and that the
Chair be authorized to direct
such preparation.
Carrie d by a standing vote.
Minute of appreciation of Professor G. H. Grojean's
services to the University and of Senate's
regret at his passing.
The members of the Senate of The University
of British Columbia desire to express to Mrs.
Grojean their deep sympathy on the occasion of the
death of Mr. G. Grojean, and wish to assure her
of their consciousness of the great loss suffered
by the University as well as by herself. —  We
all pay tribute to the memory of Professor Grojean
for his ability, his energy, and his tireless interest
in the valuable service which he rendered so
Argue )
That we adjourn.
S^z^/iy td- ^z2%5iv$


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