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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Apr 4, 1917

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Array (36)
Wednesday, April 4th.f 1917.
As adjourned meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia was held oa Wednesday, April 4th., 1917 at 8 P*a%
in the Board Boom, University Offices.
Presents foe President, In the chair, Br. Mcintosh, Br.
Aahton, fir* Bavidsoa, Is* Bsbertson, Mr. Chodat, Mr* Creighton, Mr.
Barns, Br* MsSsohnie, Judge Howay, Bra farris, Br. Argue, Br*
Brydone-Jaolt, Mr. turnbull aad the Begistrar.
(136) fhe President reported that he had been approaehed by Mr.
W. B. Buslop with regard te a course of lectures to be given by Sir
^•WAW, Brnest Shaokletou, who sought by this means to raise funds to make
L-jz**, good the losses of his expedition. Mr* Bunlop proposed to announce
the lectures as under the anspioes of the Mayor, the City Council,
the School Board aad the University*
Br* Ashton )
Mr* Barns ) fast the support of the University be given
to Sir Brnest Shaokletou. Oarried*
fhe President then spoke of the series of four lectures
nhioh had been given at the University by Mr* f • 0. Wade, Mr* 8*B.
Boot*, Sir Charles Hibbert Sapper and Mr* Justice Clement on Marsh
SSrd., 27th., 90th. and April 3rd. respectively to oommemorate the
fiftieth Anniversary of Confederation.
Mr. Argue )
Mrs farris j fhat the Senate express its appreciation of
the services of these gentlemen in the matter of lectures on
Confederation.  Oarried.
fhe President reported concerning the estimates of
expenditures of the University for the year 1917-18 whioh had been
submitted to the Provincial Government.
(139)  .
1* letter from Mr* Gordon expressing regret at his
Inability to be present*
2. Letter from Mrs Balph Smith and family acknowledging
the resolution of sympathy passed by Senate.
She resolution drawn up by a committee oonsisting of Br*
MoKeohnie* Mr* Bsbertson and Judge Howay follows:
"that the members of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia desire to express their sense
of the great loss sustained by the Province,
through the untimely death of the Hon* Balph
Smith* azsl also to extend to his wife and family
their profoundest sympathy."
3* Copies of the following resolution drawn up by a
Committee oonsisting of Br* Pearson, Mrs farris and Br*
Bavidson, thanking the Board of Trade for ahat they have
done toward the establishment of a course in Advanced
Commercial Science, were forwarded to the Chairman of the
Board of trade and to the Chairman of the Board's special
&£A> (37)
Committee on Bdugatlgn:
"Besolved that the Senate of the University of
British Columbia desires to thank the Board of
trade for their interest in the Higher
Bduoatlon of the Province, more especially in
the proposed Department of Advanced Commercial
Science, and for the support which they purpose
giving to this department, the Senate alae
wishes to record its sense of deep obligation
to the special committee of the Board for the
valuable advice and assistance they have given
in drawing up the courses of this department, aa
well aa for the stimulus aad encouragement which
their broad and enlightened views have afforded"*
(142) 4. A letter from W. A. Blair, Secretary, Board of trade,
' CLifa*t>^"ffhu6^^ acknowledging resolution, was read.
(143) 5* A letter was read from A. B. MoOallum, Chairman,
H„,  tf+J (»~*A                     Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial
Lr-iti *>-u> «>C+l *"*-* Beaearoh, re announcement of Studentships which the
Council proposes to award for the session 1917-18.
fhe President stated that he had appointed a faculty
Committee to report back to Faculty as to another we have
any students who may be recommended for such research
(144) 6* the President also reported that he had received a
0)dv.y{£.    Uj«4&
letter from Mr* B* Wolvertoa of Helson, B,0, regretting
that he would be unable to attend the meeting of Senate.
,     % Beporta ox gmmiuttftflii
(145)    l, Beport of Committee to oonsider the report of the Matriculation
Board and the Articulation of the University with the School
(»)        System of the Province was presented by Mr. fiobertson*
Br* Brydone-Jack )
fy»*h *t Mrs farris     j that this report, copies of which
are in the hands of members, be taken as read*  Carried.
Mr. Bobinson )
Mr. fiobertson) that this report be adopted.  Carried.
jhUrii1,   Cri* ■
Mr* fiobertson )
'*' Mrs farris   ) that a copy of this report, with
explanations If necessary, be sent to the Superintendent of
Bduoatlon and to Mr. B. B. Paul, Municipal Inspector of Schools.
(146) (a) Academic Costume.
Br* Brydone-Jack)
(•) Judge Howay ) that the recommendations be
adopted, with the changes in the second paragraph,"where it
shall be at the option of the class" and in the third paragraph
&H^ (»8)
, '            U%    l+s
"except that the yoke shall be edged with JBaalsL cord"* Carried*
(b) Scholarships and Prises.
Mr. Bebertson)
Mr. Chodat  ) Shat the recommendations be adopted,
fhe report waa read and considered clause by clause*
la the first paragraph the word "and" was added at the
end of the second line*
In the sixth paragraph the word "and" was deleted from the
end of the third line*
In the eleventh paragraph the words "native sons" caused
some discussion* fhe matter of a satisfactory substitute therefor
was left to the faculty to decide*
fhe motion waa carried, subject to the corrections noted*
A letter from the Honourable the Minister of Iduoation
addressed to Mr* f • 0. Wade with regard to agricultural training
for returned soldiers was read*
Judge Howay)
Mr* Barns ) that the Committee on Agricultural Training
for Betumed Soldiers be given further time to report.  Carried*
(e) In the case of Margaret Bancroft, the winner of a
matriculation scholarship in 1916-17, who found herself unab la
to undertake to proceed to a degree in this University as
required under the regulations for 1916-17, it waa recommended
that this regulation having now been rescinded by Senate, Miss
Bancroft be freed from Its operation and that she be paid the
amount of the scholarship she has won.
Mr. Bobinson)
Mr* Argue  ) this recommendation was adopted*
fhe President presented a report on the usage of
American Universities with regard to the fees charged Canadian
MT. Creighton)
Judge Howay ) That the report be filed for future
reference. Carried.
Cirvw a- «"C
Br* Ashton presented a report re Congregation ceremony*
\ Br* Ashton)
Mr. Argue ) that the report be adopted. Carried.
She President reported that he had appointed the same
faculty Committee on Congregation ceremony as had the matter in
charge the previous year, namely, Br. Ashton, Chairman, Bean
Xllnok, and Messrs. Klllam, Macnaghten ant Dallas.
Br. Brydone-Jack)
Mrs farris    ) that the Committee appointed by the
President be endorsed and that the Committee be continued with
power to act*  Carried.
* t.
(181) Mr* fiobertson   )
Br* Brydone-Jack ) that the Senate recommend to the Board
of Governors that when amendments to the present University Acts
are next proposed they consider the advisability of asking that
it be made permissible to open Congregation with prayer* Carried*
(152) Br. MaZeohnie, Chairman of the Committee on Affiliation
of theological Gollegea, stated that the report of his
q^  ov      Committee waa not yet ready.
>^i*£w#*fU>        jmjg, Howay )
QaiJU) Mr. Robinson) that the Committee be granted further
time. Carried.
(153) Br. Mcintosh presented the report of the Committee on
Courses and Calendar*
Mr. fiobertson)
**" Mr. Argue  j that the report be adopted subject to
(a) adequate financial provision being made by the Board of
(^ s> Governors and that any additional courses thereby made possible
L***"~ "{fit^     j^y ^ ,4^4.  carried.
Br. Mcintosh )
(b) Mr. Argue  ) that the changes in the Science course
be aooepted*  Carried*
Br. Ashton  )
Br. Mcintosh ) that the meeting adjourn.  Carried*
—vKji^P <^   '1'i        ^"'  Chairman, Secretary.


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