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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1963-05-22

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Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3246
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia for the Session 1962-63 was
held on Wednesday, May 22, 1963, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board
and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President J.B. Macdonald (in the Chair),
Mr. W.M. Armstrong, Rev. J. Blewett, Mrs. T.R. Boggs,
Mr. J.F. Brown, Mr. F.L. Burnham, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dean
G.F. Curtis, Mr. A.P. Dawe, Dean B.A. Eagles, Dr. G.R. Elliott,
Dean W.H. Gage, Dr. W.C. Gitoson, Mr. C.C Gourlay, Dr. W.H.
Hickman, Dr. R.D. James, Dr. F.H. Johnson, Dr. J.E.A. Kania,
Mr. J.S. Keate, Mr. F.M. Knapp, Mr. L.J. Ladner, Dean S.W.
Leung, Mr. S.L. Lipson, Mr. R.R. Loffmark, Dean H. McCrae,
Dean J.F. McCreary, Dr. J.R. Mcintosh, Dr. H. McLennan,
Dean E.D. MacPhee, Mr. D.F. Miller, Mr. F.A. Morrison,
Acting-Dean J.F. Muir, Mr. E.P. Nicol, Mr. H.N. Parrott,
Dr. A.J. Renney, Dr. W. Rototoins, Mr. J.V. Rogers, Dean N.V.
Scarfe, Dean F.H. Soward, Mr. E.C.E. Todd, Dr. G.M. Volkoff,
Dr. S.H. Ztoarsky, Dr. J.K. Friesen and Mr. J.F. McLean.
Messages of regret for their inatoility to toe present
were received from Mrs. H.F. Angus, Mr. K.P. Caple, Mr. M.
Collins, Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Mr. W. Ireland, Dr. A.D. McKenzie,
Dean D.M. Myers, Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. R.F.
Sharp, Rev. W.S. Taylor, The Honouratole Mr. Justice D.R.
Verchere, Mr. A.A. Webster, Dr. R.W. Wellwood and Dean
T.G. Wright. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3247
Dr. J. A. Jacobs attended the meeting toy invitation
to sutomit a proposal for the establishment of a Department
of Geophysics.
Minutes of the Previous
Dean Soward)
Dean Eagles) That the minutes of the fourth
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1962-63, having been
circulated, be taken as read and
Business Arising from
the Minutes
Partition of the Faculty
of Arts and Science
The President reported that the effective date of
establishment of separate Faculties of Arts and Science
would toe July 1, 1963. The Board of Governors had appointed
Dean Chant Acting-Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and Dr. V. J.
Okulitch Acting-Dean of the Faculty of Science, for a period
of one year or until permanent appointments were made,
whichever was the shorter time.
Dr. McLennan inquired what would become of
Biochemistry and Physiology, which appeared in the Arts and
Science section of the current Calendar as subjects for
which credit might be obtained towards the Bachelor of Science
degree. The President assured him that the programmes would
be included in the Faculty of Science section in future; the
Departments as such were within the Faculty of Medicine, and
therefore were not affected toy the partition of the Faculty
of Arts and Science. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3248
Form of Graduation Ceremony
The Chancellor had expressed her concern over two
changes in the Congregation ceremony approved toy Senate at
its previous meeting: that candidates for degrees should
how, rather than kneel, to the Chancellor (in the past,
graduating students had frequently neglected their how to
the President); and that the final admonition from the
Chancellor to the graduates should toe eliminated.
In deference to the Chancellor's wishes, the
procedure of graduands kneeling to the Chancellor, and the
final admonition, would be retained.
Requirements for Admission
to the University
The Senate at its previous meeting had approved
the raising of academic standards for admission from Grade
XII to the University, to become effective when additional
facilities at the Grade XIII level were available in British
Columtoia. The President stated that, in view of the current
financial situation of the University, it might become
necessary for the Board of Governors to restrict enrolment
in the University for 1963-64.  In this case, a special
meeting of Senate would be called for late June or early
July to determine the toasis of limitation.
Appointment of Representative
of St. Mark's College
Notice was received that the Board of St. Mark's
College had appointed Mr. Joseph F. Brown as representative Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3249
of the College on Senate, replacing the Reverend E. Garvey,
for a three-year term ending in January, 1966. Mr. Brown
was welcomed to the meeting.
Resignation from Senate
of Mr. C A. Emery
Mr. Emery had submitted his resignation from
Senate, since he had been awarded a Canada Council Travelling
Fellowship and would be away for the next year. The
President pointed out that Mr. Emery, as one of the
representatives of Victoria College Faculty on Senate, would
have ceased to be a member of Senate at June 30, 1963.
Recommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
Explanatory material on the recommendations of the
Senate Executive Committee had been circulated in advance.
Five of these items were considered in one motion, the other
two individually.
Candidates for Degrees
A total of 1,582 candidates were recommended for
degrees toy their Faculties.  The President suggested that
the Registrar should provide, for the meeting in September,
an analysis of results in respect to distribution of grades
by degree, by School and by Faculty, to ascertain the extent
of uniformity in procedure throughout the University.
Dr. Kania suggested this should include comparison
with past records at this University, and with the average
Canadian practice if that could toe determined. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3250
Faculty Recommendations
Concerning Regulations
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies recommended that
the language requirement for the Master's degree toe revised
to conform with the language requirement for the Ph.D.
degree as follows:
"Each candidate must satisfy the Head of the
Department in which he intends to write his thesis
of his competence in the English language. The
choice and number of languages other than English,
and the standard and competence required in such
languages, will also be determined by the Head of
the Department."
The Faculty of Graduate Studies reported, for
information, its approval of the offering of a graduate
course in Mathematics in the 1963 Summer Session.
Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law recommended that the first
paragraph of the academic requirements for admission be
revised as follows, effective 1964-65:
"Candidates must present evidence of having:
(a)  graduated in an approved course of studies
from the University of British Columtoia and
obtained a degree standing of not less than
60$; or obtained the equivalent at an
approved university; or
(to)  successfully completed the first three years
of the course leading to the degree of
Bachelor of Arts in the University of
British Columbia and obtained at the regular
sessional examination in the Third Year thereof
an average of not less than 65$; or obtained
the equivalent at an approved university; or
(c)  successfully completed the requirements of
the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration in the combined B.Com., LL.B. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3251
course in the University of British Columtoia
and obtained at the regular sessional
examinations in the Third Year thereof an
average of not less than 65$."
The Faculty recommended minor changes in wording
of Calendar material, and addition of the following new
regulations, to become effective on their approval by Senate:
"A candidate who, notwithstanding his academic record,
is in the opinion of the Admissions Committee
deficient in English, will toe refused admission."
"Term essays and examination papers may be refused a
passing mark if they are illegible or deficient in
"No student will toe allowed to register after the first
day of instruction in the term, nor will he toe admitted
to any class after its first meeting, except toy
permission of the Dean."
"A student who fails his year or withdraws or does not
write one or more final examinations must make
special application for readmission to the Faculty
in order to repeat his year. All such applications will
toe dealt with on their merits toy the Admissions
"The Faculty has power to deal with special cases."
School of Rehabilitation
The School of Rehabilitation Medicine had recommended that the degree to toe offered on successful completion
of its four-year programme toe the Bachelor of Science in
Rehabilitation (B.S.R.).
Prizes. Scholarships and
List No. 6 of awards made during the Session
1962-63 recorded the awards since the Octotoer, 1962, meeting 1
Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3252
of Senate, amendments to previous lists, and the Commonwealth
Scholarship and Fellowship awards to the end of November,
Winners of medals and prizes in the graduating
classes for the various degrees, and winners of awards made
by other institutions for graduate study, were included in
Lists Nos. 1 and 2 for 1963-64. Dean Gage outlined the
academic records, and commented on geographical distribution,
of the heads of graduating classes. About two-thirds of the
high-ranking students would be proceeding to graduate work.
The following new awards were recommended to
Senate under the terms indicated:
Radio Station CHQM Scholarships in Music
Two scholarships of $500.00 each, one for a woman
and the other for a man, are offered toy Radio
Station CHQM, Vancouver, to students proceeding
to the degree of Bachelor of Music. The awards
will be made to students proceeding from the
Third to the Final Year. The winners will be
selected on the basis of outstanding scholarship
in the field of Music and promise of success in
this field.
The Chartered Life Underwriters' Bursary
A bursary of $200.00, the gift of the Vancouver-
Westminster Chapter of the Institute of Chartered
Life Underwriters of Canada, will be offered in
1963-64 to students who are proceeding to the
Third Year of Commerce and who are including life
insurance in their programme of studies. The
award will toe made to a student whose academic
standing, character, and need for financial
assistance are, in the opinion of the Faculty
of Commerce and Business Administration, judged
to be meritorious.
The Helen Gordon Stewart Bursary
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Fraser
Valley Regional Library, is offered annually to Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3253
a student beginning studies in the School of
Librarianship. The award will toe made to a
student with good academic standing who shows
promise in the field of librarianship and
needs financial assistance. In offering this
toursary, the Fraser Valley Regional Library
pays tribute to Dr. Helen Gordon Stewart for
her manifold leadership in the development of
British Columbia libraries and particularly
for her pioneering efforts in the establishment
of regional library service in the Fraser Valley.
Application forms may be obtained from the Dean
of Inter-Faculty Affairs, The University of
British Columbia.
The E. Frances Gunning Memorial Bursary
This bursary of at least $100.00 is offered
annually as a memorial to Mrs. H. C Gunning.
It pays tribute to her gift for lasting
friendships and to her sympathetic and active
concern for others, including the students of
this University.  It will toe awarded to a
student in engineering or nursing who has
comparatole qualities, good academic standing
and financial need.
The Helen Grimmer Scholarship in
Phys iotherapy
A scholarship of $125.00, the gift of the
Business and Professional Women's Club of New
Westminster, is offered annually to women
students beginning or continuing studies in
Physiotherapy in the School of Rehabilitation
Medicine at the University of British Columbia.
The scholarship will toe awarded to a student
with good academic record and with promise in
the field. Financial circumstances may also
be a factor in the award. Special preference
will toe given to students residing in New
Citoa Company Limited Medical Prize
This prize, gift of Citoa Company Limited
(Dorval, Quebec), consists of five volumes
of medical illustrations on the nervous system,
reproductive system, and digestive system.
It is awarded annually on the recommendation
of the Faculty of Medicine. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3254
Departments in Dentistry
Dean Leung recommended the establishment of the
following Departments in the Faculty of Dentistry:
Oral Biology
Oral Medicine
Restorative Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Public and Community Dental Health.
Training of Vocational
At the request of the Department of Education,
the Joint Board of the College of Education had considered
the feasibility of a transfer of the training of Vocational
teachers to the Faculty of Education of the University of
British Columbia. The programme was closely akin to the
training of Industrial Arts teachers in the University.
The Joint Board had made the following recommendations to
Senate and the Board of Governors:
1. That the training programme for Vocational
Instructors consist of eighteen units of course
work, with six units being taken in each of the
three summer sessions.
2. That this training be given by the Faculty of
Education of the University of British Columbia.
3. That students admitted to the training programme
be recommended, on successful completion of the
course, to the Department of Education for
4(a). That those students who have University
Entrance standing on admission be given credit
upon successful completion of the training
for the equivalent of one year of study toward
the Bachelor of Education degree. 1
Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3255
(b). That those students who do not have
University Entrance standing on admission
to training may be given credit for the
course upon successful completion of it
toward the B.Ed, degree, if subsequently
they complete University Entrance requirements.
5. That the training programme given toy the
University commence in the Summer Session 1963.
6. That the Department of Education make the
necessary financial arrangements with the
University to provide for the entire cost
of the training.
The Senate Executive Committee, in considering
this proposal, had recommended that the clause in respect
to financial arrangements should state that these arrangements
were to toe satisfactory to the University.
Mr. Ladner)
Mr. Knapp ) That degrees as recommended toy the
various Faculties toe conferred upon
the candidates listed, on the understanding that the Registrar and the
Deans of Faculties may make any
necessary corrections in these lists;
that the changes in regulations recommended toy the Faculty of Graduate
Studies and the Faculty of Law, and
the degree in Rehabilitation Medicine,
toe approved; that the report of the
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries toe approved, and that the
new awards toe accepted with appreciation;
that the estatolishment of Departments
in Dentistry as listed toe recommended
to the Board of Governors for approval;
and that, subject to financial arrangements satisfactory to the University,
the recommendation of the Joint Board
of the College of Education concerning
the training of Vocational Instructors
toe approved.
Carried. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3250
Moratorium on New Courses
and Expansion of Course
The Senate Executive Committee made the following
recommendation, based on a proposal of the Committee of
"That there be a moratorium on the introduction
of new programmes of study beginning immediately;
"That a moratorium be applied to the introduction
of new courses or the expansion of programmes and
courses which result in an increase in teaching
hours or require the addition of new Faculty
members; with the exception that this does not
necessarily apply to instances for which specific
commitments have been made."
The President explained that this was being
recommended in view of the financial situation of the
University, to avoid further dilution of the effectiveness
of funds available for the conduct of the University programme.
The Deans were unanimous in deploring this recommendation,
but felt it essential under the circumstances.
It would be quite possible to change and improve
programmes, provided that any courses added to strengthen a
programme were balanced by withdrawal of other courses.
Dean Chant stated that the Faculty of Arts and
Science, with the approval of Senate, had introduced such a
moratorium for one year some time ago, in order to study its
existing programme.
Dean Soward described the effect of such a
moratorium on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the
recommendations to Senate approved by the Faculty prior to Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3257
the meeting of the Committee of Deans. At a subsequent
meeting of Faculty, the following resolutions had been
passed and commended to Senate:
1. That the proposed moratorium, if adopted by
Senate, be administered in such a way as to
take into account commitments already made
to carry through programmes for graduate
degrees (including commitments to students
with respect to availability of programmes).
2. That the Faculty of Graduate Studies go on
record as approving continuing changes in
courses and course offerings which would
normally be made by each Department.
3. (to be presented to the Committee of Deans
on May 23rd): That the Faculty of Graduate
Studies recommend to Senate that in planning
academic programmes and courses, priority be
given to the growth of graduate studies.
The Faculty had defeated by a narrow margin a
recommendation that the Faculty of Graduate Studies go on
record as disapproving of the moratorium on new courses
and programmes.
Dr. Volkoff also had been instructed by the Faculty
of Graduate Studies to report to Senate the keen concern of
the Faculty that a moratorium imposed at this particular
time in the growth of the University would seriously affect
the development of new graduate programmes. A moratorium
would not damage existing programmes to the same extent as
it would curtail proposed development in the Social Sciences
and other areas where development was desirable. The effect
on graduate programmes would be of longer duration than in
the undergraduate Faculties. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3253
Mr. Morrison stated that the Faculty of Pharmacy
was just now in a position to recommend the specific courses
to toe offered in the final year of its four-year programme,
which had toeen initiated in 1960-61 following approval toy
Senate in December, 1959. Dean McCreary reported a similar
situation in the School of Rehabilitation Medicine, which
was now prepared to recommend the details of the Fourth Year
programme in Rehabilitation Medicine.
Department Heads in the Faculty of Medicine had
pointed out also that the restrictive wording of the motion
would tend to rule out the development of all new programmes,
whether or not staff were already available; and that no
time for review or re-examination of the moratorium had
been indicated.  The President expressed the belief that
it should be reviewed as soon as there was any change in
the financial situation of the University. The graduate
programme might still be strengthened by reduction in the
number of undergraduate offerings.
Dr. James pointed out that increase in the number
of sections in any course was contrary to the spirit of the
moratorium, since it resulted in increased teaching hours
and costs. He suggested also that some means of control be
instituted in the Faculty of Arts and Science to eliminate
from upper year courses students who had poor academic
records in their first two years. Dr. Mcintosh stated that
a recommendation to this effect had been included in the
report of the Academic Standards Committee of the Faculty Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3259
Association. Dean Gage felt this problem should toe at least
partially solved in time by the changes in requirements for
admission to the University, so that students unlikely to
succeed in the final years would be eliminated from the
Dean Curtis)
Dr. Kania  ) That, pending clarification of the
financial position of the University,
a moratorium be placed on the
introduction of new programmes of
study beginning immediately, and a
moratorium be applied to the introduction of new courses or the
expansion of programmes and courses
which result in an increase in
teaching hours or require the
addition of new Faculty members;
with the exception of areas where
specific commitments have already
been made.
With one dissenting vote, the motion was Carried.
Department of Geophysics
The Senate Executive Committee had recommended
that a Department of Geophysics in the Faculty of Science
be approved and recommended to the Board of Governors.
The President stated that discussions had been in
progress for some months among the Deans and Department Heads
concerned. He himself had been gratified to find that Earth
Sciences was one of the areas of genuine strength at the
University of British Columbia.
The brief submitted by Dr. Jacobs, and circulated
to all Senate members, recommended that the various
disciplines in Earth Sciences should be grouped in one Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3260
complex (Faculty, School or Institute) including the
Department of Geology, a Department of Geophysics, and
possibly later on a Department of Geochemistry. He believed
the Institute of Earth Sciences should be retained, to
promote and advise on graduate work, and should be replaced
by a School of Earth and Planetary Sciences in three to five
years' time.
He proposed that the Department of Geophysics
should offer the courses presently titled Earth Sciences
400 and 401, Physics 316, 461, 502, 508, 533, 541 and 542,
possibly with slight revisions in content which would be
recommended later. Some of the present members of the
Institute of Earth Sciences would continue to teach courses
in Physics and Geology.
Dr. Volkoff stated that this proposal involved a
re-deployment of forces, not at present an introduction of
a new programme or additions to staff.
Dean Chant )
Dr. Volkoff) That Senate approve, and recommend
to the Board of Governors, the
establishment of a Department of
Geophysics in the Faculty of Science.
Recommendations from the
Faculties concerning
Curricula and Courses
Recommendations were presented by various Faculties
concerning additions to, or changes in, curricula and courses
which were permissible under the terms of the moratorium. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3261
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies recommended that
the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology, Economics
and Political Science, and History be authorized to list the
programme for a Ph.D. in their individual Departments
(currently grouped as "Social Sciences"); that the Division
of Animal Science and the Department of Poultry Science be
authorized to offer the Ph.D. degree; and that the Division
of Plant Science be authorized to offer the Master of Science
degree, with the same programme as for the Master of Science
in Agriculture but open to students without the prerequisites
for the M.S.A.
With respect to courses, the Faculty recommended
approval of Anthropology 503, 504, 505, 531 and 532
(replacing 431, 433, 415, 434 and 432 respectively); approval
of the Ph.D. thesis as course number 649 in Economics
(inadvertently listed in the Calendar for some years without
formal authorization), History, Animal Science and Poultry
Science; new courses Philosophy 512, Physics 536 and Political
Science 504 (to be offered by new Faculty members); revisions
in Anthropology 501 and 502, Economics 500 and 515 (the
latter re-numbered 504), Mathematics 501 to 527 inclusive,
Political Science 505 and 501 (the latter divided to 507 and
508, to be offered in alternate years); and establishment as
Electrical Engineering 583 of a course in Microwave Measurements and Techniques offered in 1962-63 under the general
title Seminar and Special Problems (Electrical Engineering 571). Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3262
Dean Soward)
Dean Eagles) That the recommendations of the
Faculty of Graduate Studies with
respect to curricula and courses
be approved, subject to approval
of the Board of Governors where
Faculty of Arts and Science
The Faculty of Arts and Science recommended that
Botany 205 be separated into two 1^-unit courses, numbered
205 (Morphology of Lower Plants) and 206 (Morphology of
Higher Plants); that Chemistry 409 and 410 be combined into
a 3-unit course, numbered 409; that the course on The Press
as Literature offered by Mr. Edinborough under the Vancouver
Sun grant be numbered English 401; that Geography 407
(Historical Geography of Anglo-America) replace Geography
408; that Philosophy 425 (Philosophy of Social Science)
replace Philosophy 340; that Psychology 408 (Social
Psychology Theory) be offered to Fourth Year and graduate
students in place of a fourth-year section of Psychology
308; that Theatre 350 (Theatrical Production), allowing
credit for instruction given informally in the past, toe
approved; and that Zoology 424 (Principles and Protolems of
Animal Genetics) and 425 (Advanced Problems in Genetics) toe
approved since a commitment had been made to a newly
appointed member of Faculty, and cost of equipment and
supplies was included in the budget.
Dean Chant  )
Dean McCreary) That these changes in curriculum for
the Faculty of Arts and Science be
approved, to become effective in
September, 1963, subject to approval
of new courses toy the Board of Governors.
Carried. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3263
Faculty of Pharmacy
The Faculty of Pharmacy recommended, effective for
the 1963-64 Session, a change in title of Pharmacy 415, and
increases in unit value and/or teaching hours of Pharmacy
110, 416 and 417; and introduction of the following new
courses for the 1964-65 Session:
Pharmacy 412 (2) - Preparation of Sterile Products
Pharmacy 424 (2) - Quality Control
Pharmacy 427 (2) - Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmacy 437 (2) - Topics in Pharmacognosy
Pharmacy 455 (2) - Community Health.
Mr. Morrison)
Dr. Zbarsky ) That the changes in courses in
Pharmacy for the 1963-64 Session
be approved as recommended; and
that the new courses effective
for the 1964-65 Session, to
complete the four-year programme,
be approved subject to approval
of the Board of Governors.
School  of Rehabilitation
A revised four-year degree programme for the
School of Rehabilitation Medicine, including the details of
the Fourth Year which had not toeen previously drawn up, had
been circulated. Dean McCreary commented that courses in
Sociology had been added through the four years of the course,
and that the theoretical part of the course had been revised
to correspond more closely to that in Nursing.
Dean McCreary)
Dean Curtis  ) That the revised degree programme
in Rehabilitation Medicine be
approved as recommended.
Carried. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3264
Committee on Honorary
Miss Marjorie Agnew had expressed her thanks for
the honorary degree offered by Senate, tout regretted that
her health did not permit her to accept it at the Spring
Congregation this year.
Victoria College
Dr. Hickman presented the list of candidates for
degrees as recommended by Victoria College: Bachelor of
Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education (Secondary
Programme and Elementary Programme), and a report on
academic standing in all years for the Session 1962-63.
Dr. Hickman)
Dr. Elliott) That the candidates for degrees
as recommended toy Victoria College
be awarded the degree for which
they have qualified.
Dr. Hickman expressed his appreciation of the
very benign control which this Senate had exercised over
the academic destinies of Victoria College, and his personal
appreciation of his association with the University of
British Columtoia and its Senate.
Dr. Elliott, on toehalf of the Faculty of Victoria
College, thanked the Senate for the representation it had
allowed to the College Faculty over the past five years.
The President stated that the University of British
Columtoia would retain a close association with the University
of Victoria during the years ahead, and looked forward to Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3285
co-operating with the new university as it developed. On
behalf of Senate, he wished the University of Victoria and
its Faculty the very best of success for the future.
Circulated Material
A report issued by the Canadian Universities
Foundation on "Admission to University, 1962" had toeen
circulated for information. The President commented on the
tendency across the country for continuing rise in academic
Universities Act
The President asked Dean Curtis to summarize the
effect on Senate of the new Universities Act, which would
come into force on July 1, 1963.
The Act, designed to govern a number of
institutions, contained elements of flexibility - for
instance, the composition of Senate included "not less than
six nor more than fifteen members, as determined by the
Senate, to be elected toy Convocation from the members thereof,
who shall not be memtoers of the Faculties" (section 23(h)),
and made provision for the election of "one or more memtoers,
as determined toy the Senate, toy any society or group or
organization in the Province which in the opinion of the
Senate contributes in a significant way to the economic or
cultural welfare of the Province" (section 23(i)). The
important change in Faculty representation was that instead
of each Faculty electing two members to Senate, each Faculty Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3266
would elect one member, and in addition, the Faculties
"either in joint meeting or in such manner as the Faculties
in joint meeting may toy regulation determine" would elect a
number of memtoers equal to the total of: appointees toy the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council (four), memtoers elected by
Convocation (fifteen in the case of the University of British
Columbia), and memtoers representing community groups.
A transitional clause (section 84(2)) stipulated
that the Chancellor, members of the Board of Governors, and
memtoers of the Senate other than memtoers of Faculty elected
under clause (to) of section 60 of the British Columtoia
University Act, holding office under that Act, would continue
in office until the completion of their respective terms of
office. With the change in status of Victoria College from
an affiliated college of the University of British Columtoia
to an independent university as of July 1, 1963, its
governing toody and Faculty would cease to toe represented on
the Senate of the University of British Columbia.
Special provision was enacted for the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia to include toy statute fifteen
memtoers elected toy Convocation and three memtoers appointed
toy the Board of Management of the Alumni Association.
Mr. Todd inquired what arrangements were toeing
made atoout Faculty representation on Senate. The President
stated that a meeting of the Joint Faculties would be called
prior to the first regular meeting of Senate for the year
1963-64.  If it were necessary to hold a special meeting of Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3267
Senate prior to that time, the Faculties would be
represented by their present appointees unless they had
already made new appointments.
Other Business
Dean MacPhee
The President reminded Senate that Dean E. D. MacPhee
would be retiring from the University on June 30, 1963.
Dean MacPhee had been a member of the University for many
years and had rendered most distinguished service; his
assistance, loyalty, and hard work had been greatly appreciated
by Dr. Macdonald during his first year in the Presidency.
Academic Programme at
Prince George
Dean Chant recommended that the academic programme
at Prince George which had been in effect for three years
should be continued for 1963-64 - that is, that a member of
Faculty from the University should offer credit courses in
Prince George as a Resident Instructor, at the cost entirely
of the Prince George School Board. The School Board had
requested continuation.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the academic programme at
Prince George be continued for
1963-64 as recommended.
Carried. Wednesday, May 22, 1963 3268
Result of Senate Elections
The Secretary of Senate presented the results of
the Senate election for the term 1963-66:
Chancellor (elected by acclamation)
Dr. Phyllis G. Ross
Members of Convocation elected May 21, 1963:
(in alphabetical order)
Mrs. H. F. Angus
Mr. K. P. Caple
Mr. W. E. Ireland
Dr. J.E.A. Kania
Mr. J. S. Keate
Dr. H. L. Keenleyside
Dr. M. F. McGregor
Mrs. H. J. MacKay
Dr. I. McTaggart-Cowan
Mr. E. P. Nicol
The Honourable James Sinclair
Dr. F. Turnbull
The Honourable Mr. Justice D. R. Verchere
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. A. A. Webster.
Appreciation to Retiring Members
The President expressed the indebtedness of the
University to retiring members of Senate for their
assistance in dealing with its problems during their term
of office.
The meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.
v "Secretary. 1
To accompany Senate minutes of Wednesday, May 22, 1963   32G9
For information of Senate, the candidates
receiving the highest number of votes among those not
elected to Senate at this time, were (in order of votes):
Mr.  Richard M.  Bibbs
Mr. Joseph V. Rogers
Mr. Charles McK. Campbell, Jr.
Dr. Barnett Savery
Dr. Sydney M. Friedman
Mr. Arthur P. Dawe.
I   .


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