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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1916-03-15

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Wedneectey, march 15th., 191b.
1  (bO)        The second adjourned meeting of the Senate of The
,,_ ../,,,   University of British Columbia was held in the
*      President's Office, Arts Building, on Wednesday, March
15th.. 1916 at 4 P.M.
(6l)        Present: The President, in the chair, Dean Klinek,
Dean Brock, Dr. Mcintosh, Dr. Ashton, Mr. Robertson, Mr.
''A«a/*    Chodat, Dr. Davidson, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Creighton, Mr.
Burns, Mr. MacLaurin, Dr. McKechnie, Mr. Gordon, Mrs
Farris, Mr. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack and Dr. Pearson.
f ,3a4/*-»-*'
(b2)        The Secretary reported that the Faculty, to which
the matter had been referred by the Senate, had decided
that the request of Mr. Ballard, a student of St. Mark's
Hall,  Anglican Theological College, to be examined on
work done extramurally could not be granted.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Mr. Burns      ) That the report be received and
adopted. Carried.
(03)        On the suggestion of the Chairman the advisability
^^^       of disposing of the Calendar material presented by the
Faculty-and discussed by the Senate at previous meetings
was then considered.
Dr. Mcintosh)
Mr. Gordon  ) That the Calendar material for 1916-
17 which has been presented to the Senate, be adopted,
with the exception of History. Carried.
(t>4_)       Dr. Mcintosh, Chairman of the Committee on
Courses and Calendar, presented calendar material dealing
with courses leading-to the degree of B.A..which had been
approved by the Faculty. The report was read as a whole
and action taken on the several sections as follows:
Mr. Argue    )
Mr. Creighton) That the report to the end of the
First Year be approved. Carried.
Dr. McKechnie)
Mrs Farris   ) That the Second Year Course as
announced with the subordinate clause "the language
taken under II must have been taken in the first year"
and with*the exception of History, be adopted.
Dr. Mcintosh)
Mr. Gordon  ) That the Third and Fourth Year
courses be adopted, with the exception of History and subject to the adjustment of values according to the unit
system by the Faculty. Carried.
Dr. Ashton  )
Mr. MacLaurin) That the report of the Committee ^^ (14)
on Courses and Calendar regarding "Courses leading to
the degree B.A." be adopted, with the exception noted in
regard to History and the adjustment of values according
to the unit system by the Faculty. Cc^t^U^b.
, n /•  (bFj)     A letter from Dr. Sawyer dated March 11th offering
, ui~<l""yr"       criticisms of certain courses in the Calendar, and
ljU.£f i asking what is to be included under expenses of members
was read. Dr. Sawyer's criticisms were considered and
the following resolution passed:
Dr. McKechnie )
Mr. Creighton ) That Dr. Sawyer's letter be received,
acknowledged by the Secretary and filed.     Carried.
(66)     In reply to Dr. Sawyer's question with regard to
expenses to be paid by the Board, the President expressed
the opinion that legitimate expenses would include
transportation, sleeping accomodation, and Hotel and
living expenses while in actual attendance at meetings.
(b7)     The report of the Senate Committee on Convocation
#4-,f' <-/**■   Procedure was, in the absence of the Chairman, Mr.' V.7ade,
"fc^ pleu$*.>c      presented by Dr. Ashton. The report was amended in
certain particulars after discussion by the members of
the Senate.
Dr. Ashton )
Mrs Farris ) That the report be adopted in the
amended form. Carried.
Nr The report follows:
To the Senate of the University of British Columbia,
Your Committee on Procedure at Convocation and
the conferring of Degrees begs to report as follows:-
Recommended that the gown to be worn by undergrad-
1^ uates be black in color and of the ordinary stuff material,
Cambridge pattern, sleeves looped. Graduates' gowns the
same, without loops, ribbons as in Cambridge, B.A. gowns,
• B. A. Hoods, blue (University color) edged with white
swansdown. College caps, black, with short tassels, B.A.
caps, same with long tassels. Tassels black.
Chancellor's robes, scarlet, Oxford D.C.I, pattern,
cloth, hood scarlet, lined with white swansdown.
^ President's robes the same.
Recommended that Convocation and the conferring of
Degrees take place in the Great Auditorium of the Hotel
Vancouver, procession to form in the Court House,
order of procession as follows:
^ *  V.
(67)       Freshman Year in the lead, followed by the second,
third and graduating years in order, Faculty,
Convocation, Seriate, Board of Governors, President and
Chancellor. Full academic costumes recommended for all
taking part in the ceremony and required for members of
the graduating class.
Recommended order of procedure:-
1. Prayers
2. Chancellor's address
3. President's address
4. Conferring degrees
Graduates to be presented by the Dean*of their
Faculties, or as may be otherwise arranged, to the
Chancellor, who will hood each graduate as he is
presented and pronounce the usual Latin formula.
5* Awarding the scholarships and prises.
Scholarships and prises shall be awarded by the
President, the successful candidates being introduced
by the professor entitled.
That owing to the lack of accomodation
consideration of the suggested Baccalaureate Sunday be
postponed for one year.
Other arrangements and necessary modifications
to be made by members of Faculty.
On behalf of the Committee.
Vancouver, B.C. F. C. Wade,
March 14th, 191b. Chairman.
yfyw .;7,^(68)        The report of the Senate Library Committee was
Gr^.l u'<J presented by Dr. Pearson.
Dr. Ashton)
Mr. Argue )  That the report be adopted.
Mr. Argue  )
(69)        Dean Brock ) That the Senate endorse the request
of the Board of Governors to the Provincial Government
^ for an additional two'hundred and ninety acres of land
^ adjacent to the University site and of the provisiong*# (lb)
^gL of some Fraser Bottom land in the immediate vicinity
^**/)  f''i* since it is quite clear that the preparation of the land
V*A^Ah,'lot(<»•< must precede by from one to two years the opening of the
(; , o Urnvprsit.v Acri nnl t.MVR.l   Call pp-p.   t,n t.honp w"hn dpsirp
University Agricultural College to those who desire
expert training. Carried.
Mr. Gordon  )
(70)     Mr. Robinson ) That the second Convocation of the
University of British Columbia be held on Friday, May cth.,
Dean Brock )  as an amendment to the above
Mrs Farris )  That the second Convocation of the
University of British Columbia be held on Thursday,
May 4th., 1916. Carried.
*•     (7D     The adoption of this resolution fixed the next
regular meeting of the Senate for May 3rd., 1916.
(72)     Dr. Brydone-Jack)
C Dr. McKechnie   ) That the appointment of examiners
^*~* '~ (,:      and the conduct of the final examinations 1915-ISI6" be
u^U^i    * :"  left in the hands of the Faculty with power to act.
<.» Carried.
On motion the meeting adjourned.        Carried.
Chairman Secretary.


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