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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1917-12-12

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Wednesday, December 12th., 1917.
(191) The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for the Session 1917-18 was held on Wednesday,
December 12th, 1917 at 8 P.M. in the Board Room, University Offices.
(192) Present: Dean KLinok, Dr. Mcintosh, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Chodat,
'           Dr. McKechnie, Judge Howay, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack,
Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Pearson and the Secretary.
The Secretary informed the Senate of President Wesbrook's
absence from the city.
Dr. McKechnie   )
Dr. Brydone- Jack) That Judge Howay take the Chair. Carried.
\ The minutes of the regular meeting of October 10th, 1917, were
read and on motion of Dr. Pearson, seconded by Mr. Gordon, adopted.
(193) A letter dated Woodstock, Ontario October 16th., 1917
addressed to the Secretary of Senate by Everett W. Sawyer, .formerly
0 of Summerland, B. C. raised the question as to whether he,being no
'\ longer a resident of the Province, was still a member of Senate.
Mr. Argue     )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That in view of the fact that an election
^^        of members of the Senate will take place shortly, Dr. Sawyer's
!^        letter be filed.   Carried.
f A letter,dated December 6th, 1917 addressed to the President
by J. M. Turnbull, head of the Department of Mining, with regard to a
^ short course in practical Ore Dressing Laboratory work for returned
soldiers in cooperation with the Military Hospitals Commission, was
read. After some discussion, it was moved by Dr. McKechnie, seconded
by Mr. Argue, that Mr. Turnbull*s letter be sent up as a recommendation
to the Board of Governors.  Carried.
V    (194)       The Secretary reported to Senate special courses in Mechanical
Engineering for returned soldiers which the University is undertaking
in cooperation with the Military Hospitals Commission, under the
supervision of Mr. L. Killam of the Department of Mechanical
Engineering. These include
1. A course in internal combustion engine and automobile work;
2. A course in machine shop work;
3. A course in engineering to aid those who have completed the
necessary requirements, in passing examinations for third class
' engineer's papers\
4. A course in practical electricity.
The first three courses have been approved by the Military
Hospitals Commission and the fourth is now under consideration. The
arrangement involves no financial outlay on the part of the University.
Where it is necessary to employ additional instructors or to purchase
&U(^ (51)
equipment, apparatus, &o. to carry on the courses, the funds are
furnished by the Military Hospitals Commission.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Gordon  ) That Mr. Killam's report be filed.  Carried.
(195) Dean Klinck then reported briefly with regard to Short Courses
in Agriculture. He stated that in the course in Horticulture offered
in November 1917 there was an enrollment of fifty two, of whom
forty five were returned soldiers. As a result of the interest shown
in the work and the desire for more agricultural instruction of a
similar nature but in other subjects, it was decided to offer a combined course in Agronomy and Animal Husbandry in January. Following
this combined course, if possible, a course will be given in Amateur
Horticulture and in Poultry Husbandry, if a man in Poultry can be
secured. The course given in November was intended to meet the needs
of men who had experience in fruit growing rather than for amateurs in
general horticultural work.
Mr. Deane, British Columbia Vocational Officer for the Military
Hospitals Commission, has under consideration at the present time
a plan similar to that presented by Mr. Turnbull, whereby he is
recommending to the Dominion Government the expenditure of a certain
amount of money to enable us to get men to offer special courses in
Agriculture to returned soldiers.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Mr. Argue     ) That the report be received and a synopsis of it
spread on the minutes.    Carried.
(196) The Secretary then presented the report of the Registrar with
V          regard to the usage in other Universities in conferring degrees in
Applied Science. There had been collected from forty eight
Universities, including eight in Great Britain, five in Canada and
thirty five in the United States data which shows that English is
used in the diplomas of thirty two institutions and of forty one in
the formula for conferring degrees; and that Latin is used in the
> diplomas of sixteen, and of seven in the formula for conferring
Mr. Gordon )
Dr. Pearson) That the report be received and filed. Carried.
(197) The following report of the Committee on the Granting of
Honorary Degrees was presented by Judge Howay.
"The committee to which was referred the question of the
granting of honorary degrees begs leave to report as follows:
^ That it has carefully considered the whole matter, and, in
view of the circumstances that the University has only just
commenced its educational work, an5 even yet it is not in
possession of the material advantages which it will ultimately
enjoy by being quartered within the walls of its own buildings:
The committee recommends that the entire Question of the
M4^ - (52)
conferring of honorary degrees be deferred until such
time as the University has become fully established as a
seat of study and learning, and enjoys that dignity of
position which will arise from its having conferred upon
one or more of its students, for cause a degree in
learning equivalent to that proposed to be granted in
honoris causas."
Dr. McKechnie)
Dr. Mcintosh ) That the report be adopted.     Carried.
The members of the above Committee were as follows:
Judge Howay,(Chairman), Dr. Davidson, Mrs Farris, Dr. Ashton
and Dr. McKechnie.
Mr. Argue )
Dr. Pearson) That the meeting adjourn.        Carried.
(_^<_X. - Chairman. Secretary,


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