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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1954-12-15

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 Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2112
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1954-55 was
held on Wednesday, December 15th, 1954, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dr. John Allardyce, Dean G. S. Allen,
Dr. W. J. Anderson, Dean G. C. Andrew, Dean H. F. Angus, Dr.
W. G. Black, Mr. C. B. Bourne, Mr. F. C. Boyes, Mr. J. M.
Buchanan, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. K. P. Caple, Dean S.N.F.
Chant, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne, Dr. Harold Copp,
Miss Mollie Cottingham, Dr. Ian McT. Cowan, Dean George F.
Curtis, Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Miss Mary Fallis, Dean W. H.
Gage, Mr. Bernard C. Gillie, Mr. H. C. Gilliland, Dr. A. E.
Grauer, Dean H. C. Gunning, Dr. W. H. Hickman, Dr. F. A.
Kaempffer, Mr. F. M. Knapp, Mr. H. T. Logan, His Honour Judge
A. E. Lord, Dr. M. M. Maclntyre, Mr. E. D. MacPhee, Dean
A. W. Matthews, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. Finlay A.
Morrison, Mr. W. 0. Richmond, Dr. Rocke Robertson, Dr. W. N.
Sage, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Mr. F. H. Soward, Dr. Harry V. Warren,
Dr. R. W. Wellwood, Dr. C.A.H. Wright, Dr. H. F. Woodhouse
and Mr. Neal Harlow.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Mr. L.G.R. Crouch, Major H. C. Holmes,
Mr. Stuart Keate, Dr. W. S. Taylor and Dean M. M. Weaver.
Before opening the agenda, the President welcomed
Mr. Gilliland, Dr. Sharp and Dr. Woodhouse as new members
of Senate. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2113
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Mr. Soward)
Dean Gage )  That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1954-55,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Notice of Appointment.
Committee on the "Iowa Plan"
Notice was received of the appointment by the Chair
of the following to serve on a committee to study the report
prepared by the Alumni Association with respect to making
provision for courses on religion at this University, this
study to be based, in part at least, on the "Iowa Plan":
Dr. W. G. Black (Chairman)
Dean G. C. Andrew
Miss Mary M. Fallis
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Judge A. E. Lord
Mr. F. H. Soward.
Additional names to be added at the discretion of
the Chairman.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
A letter dated November 5th was received from the
President reporting that the Board of Governors on October 25th
had approved a rewording in the terms of the Charles E. Frosst
and Company Scholarship, as approved by Senate on October 20th.
New Awards
Notice was received that the Board of Governors on
October 25th had approved the acceptance of the following Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2114
new awards, as approved by Senate on October 25th:
The Western Canada Steel Ltd. Scholarship in Metallurgy
The Andrew II. Hutchinson Scholarship in Biology and Botany.
New Courses
A letter dated November 6th was received from the
President stating that the Board of Governors on October 25th
had authorized a course leading to the degree of M.Sc. in
Radiological Physics, as approved by Senate on October 20th.
Notice was also received that the following new
courses, approved by Senate on October 20th, had been approved
by the Board of Governors on October 25th:
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Chemistry 542 (l) Proof of StructUre of Natural Products
Physics 534 (l)   Radiological Physics I
Physics 535 (1)   Radiological Physics II
Electrical Engineering 563 (2)  Servomechanisms
Chemical Engineering 598 (0)   Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Agriculture
Horticulture 423 (l)  Seminar.
Extra-Sessional Classes
A report was received that the Board of Governors
on October 25th had approved the following additional Extra-
Sessional Classes:
Education 575 - Educational Classics - Dr. Argue
Education 535 - Evaluation - Mr. Smith, Victoria
Education 535 - Evaluation - Dr. Kenny.
New Awards Accepted Subject
to Approval by Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors on
November 29th had approved the following new awards, subject
to the approval of Senate: Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2115
The York Lectureship in the Faculty of Medicine
The A. Johnson Bursaries Fund
The Delta Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon
Sorority Bursary
The Gillmor and Roderick Morrison Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. Isabel Day Memorial Scholarship
The Pacific Northwest Personnel Management
Association Scholarship
The Health Officers* Prize in Preventive Medicine
and Public Health
The Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club Medical
Students * Fund.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Recommendations re Membership
in Faculty
The Faculty of Arts and Science on December 14th
recommended to Senate that Dr. John K. Friesen, Director of
the Department of University Extension, be made a member of
that Faculty.
Dean Chant )
Mr. MacPhee)  That this recommendation be approved.
Honours Courses in Mediaeval
and Renaissance Studies
Notice was received that the Faculty of Arts and
Science, on December 1st, had approved the following
recommendations concerning Honours Courses in Mediaeval and
Renaissance Studies:
"(l)  That the Honours Course in Mediaeval Studies be
approved as submitted
"(2)  That the Honours Course in Renaissance Studies be
approved as outlined provided that arrangements
mutually satisfactory to the Dean and the Heads of
the Departments concerned can be made for a course
in Renaissance Italian Literature in Translation. "
Details of the proposed courses are contained in
a mimeographed memorandum, circulated to members of Senate. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2116
This plan brings together courses already being given by
separate departments. Only one new course, Mediaeval Latin,
is recommended in Mediaeval Studies.  In Renaissance Studies
it is recommended that English 402, listed in the Calendar
but not given, be offered for the proposed course.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  Tliat Honours Courses in Mediaeval Studies
and Renaissance Studies, as submitted, be
Course Changes
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science on December 1st that the following course
changes be approved:
"(1)  That the course International Studies 400, The Great
Powers and World Politics, be subdivided into International
Studies 400 (3) and International Studies 405 (3) to be
given in alternate years, the former to deal with the
period to 1939, and the latter with the period since
that date.
"(2)  That a new course in Mathematics be authorized,
Mathematics 301 (2) Introduction to Actuarial Science.
Selected topics chosen from: life contingencies,
morality tables, finite differences.  Prerequisites:
Mathematics 300, Mathematics 201.  (2-0; 2-0).
"(3)  That the following changes of number of courses as
proposed by the Department of Psychology be authorized:
Psychology 200 to become 410
Psychology 304 to become 310."
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the new courses, and changes of
number of courses in Psychology, as
recommended, be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2117
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and
Dean Gage, Chairman, presented the following
recommendations with respect to student awards:
(1) That the Britannia Mining and Smelting Company
Limited Scholarship of $250.00 be awarded to
John Alexander Hansuld,
(2) That the Canadian Association of Social Workers
(British Columbia Lower Mainland Branch) Prize
(Books, $25.00), be awarded to Nettie Isobel Proven,
(3) That the Social Work Alumni Prize, $25.00, be
awarded to Mrs. Claire Vecic,
(4) That the Cariboo Gold Quarts Mining Company Limited
Scholarship ($100.00), be awarded to John Hansuld,
(5) That the Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club Medical
Students' Fund Award ($400.00) be awarded to
Brian I. Finnemore.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Warren)  Tliat these five recommendations set forth
above be approved.
Postponement of Awards
Max Freeman Bursary of $25.00
Dean Gage recommended that this bursary, awarded
to Mr. Peter Aylen, be postponed until next Fall because Mr.
Aylen has had to discontinue attendance at University for
medical reasons.
Shaw Memorial Scholarship
of &62.50
This scholarship was awarded to Simm Wing Yip who
has received $31.25, the first half of this award.  Since
Mr. Yip has had to withdraw because of illness and domestic Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2118
affliction, Dean Gage recommended that the balance of $31.25
be held for him until he returns next September, 1955.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  Tliat these postponements be granted until
next September.
Changes in Name and
Increases of Awards
The following increases and changes of name of
awards were recommended by Dean Gage:
Name Change of Name Increase
Pacific Mills Limited Crown Zellerbach Canada From $250.00 to
Scholarship Limited Scholarship     $500.00 annually
Plimsoll Club __________     From $150.00 to
Scholarships in $200.00 each
Forestry (2 awards) annually
The Mary Stewart      ___   _   __     prom $100.00 to
Maclnnes Memorial $150.00 annually
The William Eugene      From $100.00 to
Maclnnes Memorial $150.00 annually
B. C. Society of      __________     From $300.00 to
Internal Medicine $450.00 annually
The Simmons Lecture-  Simmons and McBride     From $300.00 to
ship in Medicine      Lectureship $500.00 annually
The Right Honourable  Sir Anthony Eden       From $50.00 to
Anthony Eden Chapter  Chapter, I.O.D.E.       $75.00
I.O.D.E. Bursary      Bursary
The Walter D. Frith      $500.00 added
Student Aid Fund to Fund.
New Awards
Acceptance was recommended of new awards, described
as follows for purposes of the Calendar: Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2119
The York Lectureship in the Faculty of
A lectureship in the.Faculty of Medicine has been
set up by Mrs. S. S. McKeen in memory of her father,
the late Andrew York, to bring to lecture at the
University and at St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, a
distinguished contributor to medical science.
The Delta Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi
Epsilon Sorority Bursary
A bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Delta Gamma
Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, is available
annually for a woman undergraduate in any year and
faculty. The award will be made to a student on the
basis of scholastic standing and need of financial
The Dr. Isabel Day Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship of $75.00, established in memory
of Dr. Isabel Day of Vancouver, will be awarded
annually to the student in the Faculty of Medicine
who is considered by the staff in Physiology to be
the most outstanding in that field.
The Home Economics Prize (change of terms)
A cash prize of $50.00 will be awarded to the
student obtaining highest standing in the work of
the First Year in Home Economics.
The Gillmor and Roderick Morrison
Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, of annual value of $50.00, was
established and endowed by Mr. and Mrs. A. B.
Morrison as a memorial to their sons, Gillmor Innis
Morrison, who attended the University both as a
graduate and undergraduate and who received the
degree of B.S.A. in 1939, and Roderick Norman
Morrison, who attended the University during the
session 1929-30.  This scholarship will be awarded
annually to a student in the Faculty of Agriculture
who has shown proficiency in the Third Year in the
field of genetics and is continuing his studies in
the Final Year.
The Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club
Medical Students' Fund
This fund, established and maintained by the Mount
Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club through annual Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2120
contributions, provides financial assistance for
worthy and deserving students who are proceeding
to the M.D. degree and have completed the First
Year in the Faculty of Medicine.
The Pacific Northwest Personnel
Management Association Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00, offered by the Vancouver
Chapter of the Pacific Northwest Personnel Management Association, is available to undergraduates
interested in a career in personnel or counselling
work and registered in the final undergraduate year.
Students desiring to compete are required to submit
letters of application, with supporting documents,
to the Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty
Affairs, from whose office full details should be
obtained before application is made.  Completed
applications must be received before October 10th.
Final selection of the winner will be made by the
Vancouver Chapter from among applicants recommended
as eligible and suitable by the Scholarship Committee
of the University.
The Health Officers' Prize in Preventive
Medicine and Public Health
A cash prize of approximately $75.00, provided from
a fund established and maintained by donations from
the Health Officers of British Columbia, will be
awarded annually to the student in the graduating
class of Medicine who, in the opinion of the
Professor of Public Health, has shown the greatest
interest in and has contributed the most to Public
Health and Preventive Medicine during his time as
an undergraduate medical student at this University.
The DoImage Towing Co. Ltd. Scholarships
Several scholarships to the total of $600.00, the
gift of Dolmage Towing Co. Ltd. of Vancouver, are
offered annually to undergraduates pursuing studies
in any year or faculty. Although the winners will
be selected by the University Scholarship Committee
on the basis of academic standing, achievement,
promise, and character, special consideration will
be given to those who are deserving of financial
assistance. The names of the winners will be
announced prior to the opening of the Fall session.
The A. Johnson Bursaries (not put in Calendar)
Bursaries in the amount of $8,000.00, to be paid
in five instalments, have been donated to the Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2121
University by Mr. A. Johnson of Victoria.  These
bursaries are to be used in payment of the expenses
(tuition, board, room, and incidentals) for two
boys from the British Isles who will be selected
to attend the University of British Columbia.
They will be selected by a committee consisting of
the Head Master of Mr. Johnson's old school, the
Agent-General's Office, and others, in consultation
with the University.
The Duncan Hamilton Bursary Fund
Through the generosity of Mr. D. A. Hamilton of
Vancouver, a fund has been established to assist
selected students who would otherwise be unable to
begin or continue their studies at the University.
. In making awards, consideration will be given to
character, ability, and promise.  Those who are
assisted, although not required to assume any legal
obligation to repay, are asked to give an honourable
undertaking to do so when they enter gainful employment.
Mr. P. A. Woodward - Fellowship
$5,000.00 for a fellowship for one year in cancer
research in the Department of Biochemistry.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. MacPhee)  That the changes of name of awards,
increases of awards, and new awards,
set forth above, be accepted and letters
of thanks written to the donors.
Report of the Librarian
The report of the University Librarian to the
Senate, covering the period September, 1953 to August, 1954,
the 39th year, was received and copies circulated. Also
received was a covering letter dated December 13th, 1954,
from Dr. G. N. Tucker, Chairman of the Library Committee.
The Librarian, in his report, stated that provision
should be made in the book budget for an additional amount
of $14,000.00. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2122
Dr. Tucker, in his memorandum, supported this
request of the Librarian for larger book funds.
Mr. Logan )
Dr. Warren)  That this report be accepted and
congratulations extended to Mr. Harlow
for this excellent report.
Judge Lord pointed out that insofar as the request
of the Library Committee concerned money, this should be
referred to the Board of Governors for consideration, and
suggested that Mr. Harlow and Dr. Tucker be so informed.
Reports of Director of Student
and Personnel Services
Reports from Mr. J. McLean, Director of Student
and Personnel Services on Testing and Counselling for first
year students, Self Help, and a report showing the number of
students responsible for paying all or part of their expenses,
had been circulated to the members.
In this connection, the President stated that
when Dr. Jennings had submitted his report on the amount of
money paid to student assistants, this, together with Dean
Gage's and Mr. McLean's reports, would give a complete picture
of the help which the University provides to the students.
With reference to students in summer employment,
Dr. Wright stated that a number stopped work after they had
earned the maximum amount for which they were entitled to
income tax exemption and suggested that this matter should
be brought to the attention of the Federal authorities.  In
reply, Dean Curtis pointed out that the University had been Wednesday, December 15th, 1954  2123
pressing for a change in this regard and that he and his
committee of the National Conference of Canadian Universities
hoped to make representations, in due course, to the Cabinet
concerning this tax question.
Report of the Department of University
Extension on Enrolment in Extra-Mural
and Correspondence Courses
Copies of a report on enrolment in Extra-Mural
Courses and Correspondence Courses had been circulated prior
to the meeting for information.  It was noted that the total
number enrolled in Extra-Mural Courses in 1954 was 219 as
compared with 33 in 1949, and that the total registration in
Correspondence Courses from 1949 to November 17th, 1954, was
Annual Report. Department
of University Extension
The Annual Report of the Department of University
Extension for the period August 31st, 1952 to September 1st,
1953, had been circulated and was received for information.
Report of Joint Committee
on Teacher Education
At the request of the Honourable the Minister of
Education, a joint committee representing the Department of
Education and The University of British Columbia, was set up
to study the steps that might be taken to coordinate all
institutions with a view to the improvement of Teacher
Education in this province.  The personnel of the Committee
was as follows: f
Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2124
For the University of British Columbia:  Dean G. C. Andrew,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dean W. H. Gage and Mr. C. B. Wood
For the Department of Education:  Mr. H. L. Campbell, Deputy
Minister; Mr. J.F.K. English, Assistant Deputy Minister;
Mr. F. P. Levirs, Chief Inspector; and Mr. F. H. Johnson,
Co-ordinator, Teacher Education.
The report of the Committee was presented to the
Minister and Acting President at a meeting at the University
on November 18th, and referred to the Board of Governors and
Senate for their consideration.  The report includes the
following recommendations:
"1.  In view of the urgent problem of supplying sufficient
teachers to meet the requirements of the elementary and
secondary schools and to give these teachers an academic
and professional education of a standard in keeping
with the important status of their work, this committee
recommends that there be a coordination of all existing
teacher training institutions - i.e. the Vancouver and
Victoria Normal Schools, the Summer School of Education
and the School of Education of the University, into a
faculty to be known as the College of Education.
"2. This faculty should operate as other faculties do,
except tliat there shall be constituted a Joint Board
of the College of Education consisting of (a) the
Chancellor of the University, the President of the
University, the Dean of the College of Education, or
their nominees, and one other member-at-large from
the Senate of the University, (b) the Deputy Minister
of Education, the Assistant Deputy Minister of
Education, the Co-ordinator of Teacher Education and
the Chief Inspector of Schools, or their nominees,
(c) the Principal of Victoria College or his nominee,
(d) a representative from the British Columbia
Teachers' Federation, and (e) a representative from
the B. C. School Trustees' Association.
The Joint Board of the College of Education should
be empowered to make recommendations to the Board of
Governors, the Senate and the President of the University,
as such may apply, and to the Minister of Education in
respect to the following:  The curriculum of the College
of Education, appointments to the staff of the College,
budgetary provisions for the College, capital expenditures for the College, and the same for any publicly
supported teacher training institution within the
Province in affiliation with the University of British
Columbia. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2125
"3.  To establish such a Joint Board this committee recommends
that legislation be introduced at the next session of the
legislature amending the British Columbia University Act,
section 86, along the lines suggested in Appendix A of
this report.
"4.  The Committee recommends that steps be taken to secure
the sanction of the Government, of the Greater Victoria
School Board, and of the Board of Governors of The
University of British Columbia to the taking over of
Victoria College from the School Board and operating it
through a Victoria College Council as a College
affiliated with the University of British Columbia and
offering courses for the academic and professional
education of teachers and others.  Victoria College
would be financed under a separate budget of the
Department of Education voted by the Legislature.  Such
budget would be submitted to and approved by the Board
of Governors of the University.
"5.  To sanction such action as recommended in 4. and the
expenditure of public funds on capital expenditures and
operation expenses of the new College of Education, the
committee recommends that legislation be introduced at
the next session of the Legislature amending sections
12 and 13 of the Public Schools Act along the lines
suggested in Appendix B of this report.
"6. Without prejudice to modification after further
discussion the Committee envisages a programme of
teacher training as outlined in Appendix C in which
(a) The basic certificate for elementary teaching
will be given at the conclusion of two academic years
work, although for the present it would be possible
to give interim certification at the end of the one
year course.  Each year would carry university credit
toward a four-year B.Ed, degree in elementary education.
(b) The basic certificate for high school teaching
would come at the end of a five-year basic programme
which would entail either a B.A. degree plus a one-year
teacher training course, as at present, or a combined
academic and professional course of five years which
when completed would entitle the student to both B.A.
and B.Ed, degrees,  (c)  Should an elementary teacher
with a B.Ed, degree wish to progress to high school
certification he could do so by taking an added year
of academic work.
"7.  The Committee recommends the erection of a new building
or buildings on the campus of the University of British
Columbia to house the new College of Education and the
expansion in the Faculty of Arts. On completion of these
buildings the Vancouver Normal School property should be
returned to the Government for disposal. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2126
"8.  If the general plan as proposed in this report be
approved by the Minister and the Board of Governors of
the University, the Committee recommends that the Joint
Board of the College of Education, or an interim joint
board, be constituted immediately, and that it be asked
to offer a recommendation for consideration by the
President and the Board of Governors as to a suitable
nominee for Dean of the College of Education as proposed
in 2. above.
"9.  The Committee recommends that the Dean be appointed as
of September, 1955, and that he be given the year prior
to September, 1956 to make the necessary plans for the
organization of a College of Education to open on the
latter date.
"10, The committee recommends that a token vote be incorporated
into the forthcoming budget of the Department to cover
necessary expenses in establishing and organizing the
College of Education,
"11, The committee respectfully requests the opportunity of
presenting this report formally at a meeting at which
it can be discussed personally with the Honourable the
Minister of Education and the President of the University."
It also includes suggested amendments to the
University Act (Section 86) and the Public Schools Act
(Sections 12 and 13) and a chart showing a possible
organization of Teacher Education.  Copies of the report had
been circulated to members of Senate in advance of this
In the discussion, Dean Gage pointed out that, in
view of the necessity of amendments to the University and
Public Schools Acts, and of a new Act to re-constitute
Victoria College, it was most important that the governing
bodies of the University should have copies of the proposed
legislation for study well in advance of the Session of the
Miss Cottingham, Secretary Treasurer, B. C. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2121
Teachers' Federation, and representative of the Federation
on Senate, presented a memorandum on behalf of the Federation
expressing agreement with sections 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10
but objections to recommendations 2, 3 and 6 of the report.
Dr. Sage  )
Judge Lord)  That the Report of the Joint Committee
on Teacher Education be approved in
principle without prejudice to the
objections voiced by the representatives
of the B. C. Teachers' Federation or
details indicated in Section 6 of the
Report; and on the understanding that
the proposed legislation will be referred
to the Senate and Board of Governors of
the University of British Columbia, for
consideration and approval.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman reported that the Victoria College
Council had received the report of the Joint Committee on
Teacher Education but, after discussion, had decided not to
make any recommendation until further information was available.
On behalf of the Council, Dr. Hickman expressed pleasure on
the selection of Mr. Walter D. Young, a former student of
Victoria College, as Rhodes Scholar from the University of
British Columbia.
The Secretary read a letter of appreciation
received from Mrs. H. 0. English with reference to the memorial
to her husband inscribed in the minutes of Senate. Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2128
Other Business
Report on Oceanography
A report was received from Dr. W. A. Clemens,
Director of the Institutes of Oceanography and Fisheries,
for the year 1953-54.  The President suggested that this
report be circulated before the next meeting of Senate for
discussion at that time.
Applied Mechanics Reviews
Dean Gunning in a memorandum dated December llth,
drew attention to a laudatory review of a recent paper by
Mr. A. W. Marris, Instructor in the Department of Civil
Engineering, published in the June issue of the Canadian
Journal of Physics.
Letter from Professor
G. Kennedy
A letter dated December 6th, 1954, was received
from Professor Gilbert Kennedy recommending that Senate
consider increasing the length of the teaching year at the
University of British Columbia and suggesting ways in which
students' time on the campus might be used more effectively.
Dr. Wright )
Dr. Hickman)  That this letter be referred to all the
Faculties and the Faculty Association for
their consideration and report to Senate.
Organization of Senate
The Chairman suggested that it might be possible
to organize the work of Senate more effectively by giving
the members a greater opportunity, through committees or Wednesday, December 15th, 1954 2129
otherwise, to deal with matters in some detail before they
come to the general meeting.
Judge Clyne)
Mr. Caple  )  That the Chairman be authorized to
appoint a committee to look into this
matter and report back to the next
meeting of Senate.
It was suggested further that this committee
consider the advantages and disadvantages of holding the
Senate meetings during the day rather than in the evening.
Mr, Logan)
Mr, Knapp)  Tliat this recommendation be approved.
There being no further business, the meeting
//ctwa^Ua, /V)o_^^
Chairman. \~A


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