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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1934-03-23

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Friday, March 23rd, 1934
A special meeting of the Senate of fhe University of
British Columbia was held on Friday, March 23rd, 1934, at
8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. E. A. Lloyd, Dr.
H. F. G. Letson, Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson,
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. G. W. Clark, Rev. Dr. W. H.
Vance, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, His Honour
F. W. Howay, Miss M. L. Bollert, Mr. Sherwood Lett, Miss
A. B. Jamieson, Mr. A. E. Lord, Mr. John C. Oliver, Dr.
C. Killam, Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Mr. Sydney Anderson and
Hiss Isobel Harvey.
An expression of regret at his inability to attend
the meeting was received from Hr. J. N. Harvey.
The Secretary read the call of the meeting.
From the Faculties
Junior and Senior Matriculation History for 1935
Junior Matriculation
Present Course
A. World History, 1870 - present day.
B. Canadian History, 1837 - present day.
Proposed Course
World History
(a) 1815 to present day.
(b) British Commonwealth of Nations, and
the United States, 1785 - present day,
Senior Matriculation
As for 1954* i
Friday, March 25rd, 1954.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Logan    ) That these courses be approved.
Reoommendatlon received from the High School and
University Matriculation Board, and the Faculties:
If a student is writing on a full year's
work and is taking at least eight papers
which have credits towards Junior Matriculation, he will be granted standing on
all his papers provided he makes at least
40% on each paper and at least 60% on the
total.  A full year's work shall mean work
which is equivalent in weight to complete
Junior Matriculation.
Dean Buchanan)
Miss Jamieson) That this recommendation be
Recommendation received from the High School and
UNIVERSITY Matriculation Board, and the Faculties:
1. That in schools where the work in the High
School Technical and Home Economics subjects
is carried on to the satisfaction of the Provincial High School Inspector, the standing of
students in the practical work of High School
Technical and Home Economics subjects be taken
on the recommendation of the instructor and
the principal.
2. That this standing be defined as "A", "B", "C",
"Failed" - these designations, in so far as it
is possible to represent them numerically,
being the equivalent of 80% or over, 65 - 80%,
50 - 65%, under 50%, respectively.
3. That the standing in practical work granted to
students by the school and accepted by the Board
of Examiners be recorded on the examination records and on the statements of standing issued
to the students.
* , 4
Friday, March 25rd, 1954,
4.  That this standing be not "averaged in" when
the general standing of the student is being
adjudicated or is being determined for ranking
or scholarship purposes.
Mr. MacCorkindale)
Dean Buchanan    ) That this recommendation be
Notice of appointment of Committee
On Inter-Faculty Student Fights  and Disciplinary
Dr.   C.   Killam,   Chairman
Mr.   Sherwood Lett
Dr.   J.   G.   Brown
Dean   F.   M.   Clement
Miss   U.   L.   Bollert
Appointment  of   representative   on University Committee
0n Public  Relations
A  letter  was  received  from the   Secretary  of  the
Committee   on Public  Relations  asking  that   Senate   appoint,
or  re-appoint,   its   representative  as   soon as possible.
Mr.   Logan        )
Mr.   Anderson)   That  this   appointment be   left  in
the  hands   of   the   President.
Reports  of  Committees
On Honorary  Degrees
That  the  Senate   of  The  University  of
British  Columbia grant   the  Honorary
Degree   of  Doctor  of   Laws  to  His
Excellency  Iyemasa  JTokugawa,   His  Imperial
Japanese  Majesty's  Minister  Plenipotentiary   to  Canada*.
Judge  Howay)
Dr.   Farris   )   That  the  report  of  the   Committee  be
received  and  adopted. _        ,    .
Carried 326.
Friday,   March  23rd,   1934.
On  Inter-Faculty  Student Fights
1. Whereas   the  Alma Mater   Society by  its  Constitution and  Rules  makes  provision for   discipline   and
punishment.     And Whereas there   is  an Appeal with  certain
control   to  the   Students*   Council   from which  Appeal  may
lie   to   the  Faculty  Council  with  a  final Appeal   to   the
Senate,  your  Committee   is   of  the   opinion that   the   Senate
should,   as  far  as  possible,   confine   its  activities   to
the  determination  of  Appeals  which  come  before   it.
2. Regarding the   question of  Inter-Faculty  Students'
Clashes  which  took place   in  the  month   of   January  your
Committee   finds   that  as  full   investigation has  been had
and measures have been  taken   in respect  of  the  same  and
to prevent any  like   recurrences  thereof,  no   direct Appeal
having been made   to   the  Senate  and  the  matter being  in
the  hands   of  the  Faculty Council,  no  action by  the
Senate   should be  now  considered.
3. Your  Committee   recommends   that   the   Students'
Council  be   asked   to   take   the   necessary   steps   to  amend
the   Code   of  the  Alma Mater Society by  adding Articles
dealing with  Theft,  Breach  of  the  Peace  and Wrong-Doing
4. Your  Committee   further  recommends   that   a
Statute   of  Prohibition be  passed by  the   Senate   for-
(1) Hazing.
(2) Any act by any student within the control of
the University, or any act by any person on
the Campus, causing or likely to cause injury
to any person or property.
Dr.   Killam       )
Dean Bollert   )   That  the   report be  adopted.
Dr.   Killam)
Mr.   Lett      )   That   the  matter  of   the  recommendations
for  statutes  of prohibition as  in
this   report,   be  referred  to   the   Coordinating  Committee   for preparation  of  the   statutes, after  consulting  the  University   solicitor,
if  they deem it  wise.
Carried 327.
Friday, March 23rd, 1954.
On Functions   of the   Co-ordinating  Committee   of the
Board  and   Senate
Dr. Hutchinson)
Dr. Vance     ) That the report be received
Dr.   Hutchinson)
Dr.   Farris )   That   the  following   resolutions
be  approved.
1. That the principle of having a Co-ordinating
Committee should be approved and that the
Committee should be continued.
2. That the method of appointment of representatives on the Committee should be in accord
with the general policy of the Board of Governors and of the Senate, respectively.
3. That the functions of the Committee as established by former practice are considered to be
sufficiently definite by the members to facilitate the effective functioning of the Committee,
In amendment:
Hr. Lord)
Hr. Lett) That the report be referred back to
the Committee for further report.
On Offer of Carnegie Corporation
Principal Vance reported progress.
Constitution of the Alma Mater Society
(Copies of the draft Constitution and a memorandum
to accompany it, had been mailed to members.)
Hr. Lett )
Mr. Logan) That the draft constitution and code, as
amended by the inclusion in the code of
articles dealing with theft, breach of the
peace, and wrong doing generally, be
approved, with such alterations as may be
sanctioned by a committee to be appointed
by the Chair.
Carried 328.
Friday,  March  23rd,   1934.
Judge Howay  )
Miss Jamieson) That we adjourn.
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