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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1970-10-14

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Wednesday, October 14. 1970
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the session 1970-71 was held on Wednesday. October 14, 1970
at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dr. A. E. Aho, Miss D.
Allen, Deputy President W. M. Armstrong. Dr. C. S. Belshaw. Mr. S. Black,
Rev. J. Blewett, Mr. C. B. Bourne. Mrs. A. Brearley, Mr. D. M. Brousson.
Dr. T. H. Brown, Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman Dr. D. H. Chitty,
Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. M. F. Clarke Dean I. McTaggart Cowan Dean C F.
Curtis, Mr. A. Dobrey, Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, Rev. R. W. Finn, Dr. S. M.
Friedman, The Hon. E. D. Fulton Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. W. C. Gibson,
Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Mr. D. S. M. Huberman Dr. S. Israels, Mr. R. W.
Jacobs, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dr. J. M. Kennedy Dean D. T. Kenny. Mrs. W. T.
Lane, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Dean S. W. Leung. Dr. P. A. Lusztig. Miss E. K.
McCann, Dr. A. J. McClean, Dean Helen McCrae, Dr. C A. McDowell. Dr. M. F.
McGregor, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. J. Reid Mitchell. Dr. B. N. Moyls,
Dr. J. M. Norris, Mr. E. O'Brien. Mr. R. F. Osborne. Dr. P. H. Pearse,
Mr. P. Plant, Dean B. E. Riedel. Dr. I. Ross, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. R. F.
Sharpe, Dr. J. D. Spouge, Mr. B. B. Trevino, Dr. G. M. Volkoff Dr. H. V.
Warren, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dr. B. L. White. Dean P. H. White. Mr. D. R.
Williams, Rev. R. A. Wilson. Dr. W. D. Young
Observers:  Mr. J. A. Banham, Mr. J. P. Blaney Mr. T. A. Myers,
Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Mr. F. J. Cairnie Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr.,
Dr. R. Daniells, Dean W. D. Finn; Mr. J. Guthrie Dr. D. F. Hardwick,
Dr. W. D. Kitts, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux. Mr. J. R. Meredith. Dean V. J. Okulitch,
Mr. J. V. Rogers, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. J. H. G. Smith Dr. J. K. Stager,
Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Scarfe    ) That the minutes oK the f^iAit regular meeting
Dean Cowan      ) oh Sznatz hor thz Session 1970-71,  having
been circulated, be takzn as rzad and adoptzd.
Carried 5309
Wednesdav, October 14. 1970
Business arising from the Minutes
Proposal to establish a Transportation Centre
Mr. Bourne presented the report of the New Programmes Committee on
the proposal for a Transportation Centre which had been referred to
the Committee at the previous Senate meeting.
The committee recommended approval of the proposal but felt that the
Director of the Centre should report to the Dean of a Faculty rather
than to the Deputy President so that the progress of the Centre would
be brought before Senate from time to time. The Committee had looked
at the financial implications and concluded that the University had
made no financial commitment.  They felt that in the course of time
there would be requests for more courses and professors in this field
but that this would probably happen whether or not the Centre were
established due to the growing interest in transportation studies.
Mr. Bourne  )     That Sznatz avprovz thz proposal to establish
Mr. O'Brien )     the Transportation Centre    provided, havzvei,
that thz Czntrz be placed under thz supervision oh thz dean oh a Faculty to bz choszn
by thz Przsidznt on the advicz oh thz
Committzz oh dzans and that conszouzntly
words indicating the dean oh thz Faculty
thai choszn by thz ^resident should replace
thz words "deputy President'  whzrzvzr thzy
appzar in thz proposal..
Senate agreed that the Centre be known as the Centre for Transportation
It was pointed out that there were many institutions on campus that
were primarily interdisciplinary under the supervision of the Faculty
of Graduate Studies and it was felt that the Centre for Transportation
Studies came in the same category. 5310
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Business arising from the_ Minutes
Proposal to establish a Transportation Centre (Continued)
Dr. McDowell )    That thz Czntrz hor Transportation Studies
Dr. Norris   )    be placed undzr thz supzrvision oh thz dzan
o{ thz Faculty oh Graduatz Studies.
Some members felt that, as there would be a large undergraduate
contingent in the Centre the Faculty of Graduate Studies was not the
best place for it.
The amendment was lost.
The motion was put and carried.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the proviso that none of the programmes be implemented
without formal reference to the President and the formal agreement of
the President; and that the Deans and Department Heads concerned with
new programmes be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any,
of such new programmes.
Eligibility regulations for extramural athletics approved as proposed
by the School of Physical Education and Recreation. (Page 5300-1)
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Scarfe )     That thz new awards listed in Appzndix 'A'
Mr. Osborne )     be acczptzd subjzct to thz approval o{, thz
Board oh Governors. and that Izttzrs oh
thanks  be sent to the donors.
Carried 5311
Wednesday,  October 14,   1970
jtepj^ts^oj^ommitj^eesof  Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Dr.   Norris,   Chairman of  the Senate  Curriculum Committee during
the period of Dr. Hall's leave-of-absence    presented the report of
the Committee.
Dr. Norris  )     That thz proposal oh thz Faculty of,
Dr. Chapman )     Agricultural Sciences to ohlzr thrzz new
courses in Food Scizncz   outlined in
Appzndix 'B', Pagz  5293. be approvzd.
With regard to proposed changes in Agricultural Mechanics 300,
301 and 415, the Committee did not recommend approval until
consultations concerning unnecessary duplication of material had
been undertaken between the Department of Agricultural Mechanics
and the Department of Chemical Engineering. When the differences
are resolved a report to this effect from the two Heads of Departments
concerned should be forwarded to the Senate Curriculum Committee.
Dr. Norris  )     That thz dzlztion o{ Agricultural Mechanics
Mr. Osborne )     401 and 414,  outlined in Appzndix  'B' vagz
5293, be approved.
Faculty of Arts
Enquiries had been made by the Committee regarding the joint
offering of Economics 101 and Philosophy 100. The Committee had
concluded that the proposal would result in a rigorous course, fully
justifying the allocation of 6 units to it.
Dr. Norris )      That thz proposal oh the Faculty oh Arts to
Dr. Clark  )      o^eA Economics   101 and Philosophy 100
jointly   outinzd in Appzndix 'B'.  vagz 5161,
be apvrovzd.
Carried 5312
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Reports ^)f Committees of Senate
Cjurr_iculum Committee  (Continued)
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Dr. Norris    ) That thz proposal o{ thz Faculty oh Commerce
Dr.  Gibson   ) and Business Administration to discontinue
thz Actuarial Scizncz Option 7, outlined on
pagz 5290, bz approvzd.
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Norris )      That the curriculum changes proposed by
Dr. Brown  )      the Faculty o{ Pharmaceutical Sciznezs,
outlined in Appzndix  '8', page 5293, bz
approvzd   but that Anatomy 390 not bz madz
compulsory until incrzaszd znrolmznt can
bz accommodatzd.
It was agreed that the Secretary should remind all Deans,
Directors of Schools, Department Heads and Curriculum Committee
Chairmen of the following resolution passed by Senate at its
meeting of December 10, 1969:
"That curriculum changes submitted to faculties and then
to Senate include a statement specifying:
(a) the nature and extent of prior consultation with
related disciplines, departments or faculties-
(b) the outcome of such consultation.'
It was also agreed that Senate members with queries, suggestions
or dissenting opinions on submissions from the Faculties and Schools
referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee should submit their
comments to the Curriculum Committee Chairman within 10 days of a
Senate meeting. 5313
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
R_epor^s_^f_COTimijttees_o^f_ Senate (Continued)
Njpminat ing_ pDmrni tte e
At the September 16, 1970 meeting of Senate the Nominatinp Committee
was requested to recommend the membership of a committee to consider a
request for affiliation with the University of the proposed Ecumenical
Theological Centre. Dr. Volkoff reported the following membership:
Mr. C. B. Bourne
Dr. R. M. Clark
Dean G. F. Curtis
Dr. B. N. Moyls
Dr. Volkoff )     That Sznatz approvz thz rzcommzndations oh
Dr. Chapman )     thz Nominating Committzz.
A statement concerning the request of the Ecumenical Theological
Centre to affiliate with The University of British Columbia had been
circulated for the information of Senate.
Committee on Recommendation 7 of the Long Range Ob1ectiyes Report
Dr. Chitty )      That thz rzport oh thz committez bz rzczivzd.
Dr. Ross  )
After a brief discussion the motion to receive the report was
In order to provide a broader and more integrated form of education
the committee recommended that Senate establish a Centre for Liberal
Studies, whose functions would include (a) assessing the need for this
kind of learning, (b) devising programmes to satisfy it, (c) co-ordinating
information about non-specialist lectures and other cultural activities
on campus and in the city, and (d) sponsoring a University Lecture Series. 5314
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Reports of Committees_of Senate
Committee on Recommendation 7 of the Long Range Objectives^ Report
It was stated that the University Lecture Series would consist of
contributions from faculty members on a voluntary basis.
Dr. Ross   )      That Sznatz zxaminz thz proposal to establish
Mr. Jacobs )      a Centre hor Liberal Studies.
After further discussion it was agreed that the President be requested
to select a committee to consider the proposal.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Dentistry
The proposed course and curriculum revisions. outlined in Appendix
'B', were referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee.
Faculty of Education
Dean Scarfe )     That Education 472/3 and 475/6 bz ohherzd
Mr. Dobrey  )     on Saturdays in Cranbrook, subject to thz
approval o{ thz Faculty oh Education.
Faculty of Graduate jStudies
It was agreed that the proposed new courses and course changes,
outlined in Appendix 'B', be referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee.
A summary of a report on the preparation of instructors for Two-Year
Colleges had been circulated for information. Dr. Moyls gave notice
of motion as follows:
"That Departments make available to graduate students some teaching
experience on a non-compulsory basis, the record of such experience
to be entered on the  student's  transcript." 5315
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Proposals of the Faculties (Continued)
Faculty of_Medi cine
The proposed new course, Medical Microbiology 447 outlined in
Appendix 'B', was referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee.
The proposal to make the Division of Anaesthesiology into a
Department was referred to the Senate New Programmes Committee.
Registration 1970-71
The  report  on registration figures  for  1970-71 was  received for
At the February 25,   1970 meeting of Senate the Registrar was
requested  to report  to Senate following registration in September on
enrolment  in General Science  190.     The Registrar reported  that 45
students were enrolled in this course.
Membership of J>enate Cqmmittejas
Committee on_minimum standards  for physical,  financial and academic
resources jper student.     (Senate Minutes Page 5213-5)
The membership of this committee has now been established as follows:
Oji^r^epresentative anointed by_each of  the Deans_of:
Commerce and
Business Administration - Mr. D. B. Fields
Education - Dr. F. H. Johnson
Law - Dr. A. J. McClean
Applied Science - Mr. N. D. Nathan
Graduate Studies - Dr. J. K. Stager
Science - Dr.   R.  Stewart
Arts - Dr.   R.  Will 5316
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Membership of Senate Committees
Committee on minimum standards f^r_pjhv^ical financial and academic
resources per student.  (Continued)
One^^representatiye_ ajrpj^inted jointly by the Deans of:
Medicine )
Pharmaceutical Sciences )  Dr. A. G. Mitchell
Dentistry )
One_ representative appointed jointly by the Deans of:
Agricultural Sciences   )  _ ,
Forestry )  Dr' C' A' Rowles
One student Senator appointed by the Nominating jCommjLttee:
Mr. E. O'Brien
Proposed earlier date for application for admi ssi on
The Registrar pointed out that in the past August 1 had been the
last day for application in most Faculties. However with the necessity
of limiting enrolment to the facilities available it was essential that
more time be provided for the selection of candidates and for the
notification of all applicants. The proposal envisaged the establishment
of June 30 for all Faculties and Schools having currentlv a later date,
the moving of the date for applicants from other countries to May 1
from June 1, but the retention of earlier dates for those Faculties and
Schools requiring them.
Dean Scarfe )      That thz last day hor submission oh
Dean Riedel )     applications by students applying hor
admission to the University hor thz
hirst timz,  zxczpt to Faculties
requiring an zarlizr application datz.
bz June 30.
In answer to a query it was confirmed that this would not apply to
Graduate Students.
The motion was put and carried. 5317
Wednesday,  October 14,  1970
ZK£P^?5i. J-iLilf-FiEL ^■e£.tuJre.s__a£. 8:00  a.m.
A proposal that beginning in the Winter Session 1971-72 lectures
should begin at 8:00 a.m. rather than 8:30 a.m. was the result of studies
of a committee on class schedules. The purpose of the proposal was to
provide additional classroom space through more extensive use of present
It was pointed out that space utilization data was not yet completed.
Some members felt that wider information was needed including faculty
and student views.
Dean Kenny   )    That the proposal bz rzhzrrzd   to a
Dr. McGregor )    committzz {or h^iXher consideration.
After further discussion it was agreed that the President should
select a committee which would take into account the effect this proposal
would have on Food Services, Traffic, and Physical Plant whose responsibility it was to have lecture rooms ready.  A suggestion was made that
relevant information concerning this issue should be sent out to Faculties
before expressions of opinion were sought.
The motion was put and carried^
Recommendations from the Long-Range Objectives Committee Report
Recommendation 36
Dr. Norris explained that the intention was to provide a reading
period in the middle of the year. Faculties should encourage their
students to read more widely and reflect more deeply on material
transmitted to them in the course of the Autumn term. 5318
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Recommendations from the Long Range Objectives Committee Jteport
Recommendation 36 (Continued)
Dr. Norris      ) That, with thz exception oh courses  hinal at
Dr. Belshaw    ) Christmas , the current trznd toward a rzduczd
proportion oh Rzgistrar-administzrzd Christmas
zxaminations bz zncouragzd, and that Christmas
zxaminaXions bz schzdulzd outsidz thz normal
teaching hours only when such schzduling can
bz dzmonstratzd to bz desirable academically
or hor technical reasons.
Several members  felt  that  the  time made available by reducing
Christmas examinations would not be put to a useful purpose.     It was
also argued that in certain kinds of instruction it was desirable to
teach and lecture as long as possible.
After considerable debate the motion was put and lost.
Senate agreed to a suggestion that the President should discuss
with an appropriate group the role of marks, the various types of
examinations and variations in current practice concerning evaluation
of examinations.
Mr. Osborne gave notice of motion as follows:
'That Senate adopt a policy of forbidding the holding
of examinations in a class period in the two weeks prior
to the final examination period set by the University."
Recommendation 37
(i)  That  first term lectures be terminated December 10,   and that the
second  term begin on the  first Monday following New Year's Day except
where the New Year's Day holiday falls on Monday    then on the
Thursday  following the holiday;
(ii) That in Faculties where it is desirable the first term conclude
on the last day of lectures, the achievement of students being assessed
on the basis of assignments or tests given during the term: 5319
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Recommendations from the Long Range Objectives Committee Report
Recommendation 37 (Continued)
(iii) That where this is not desirable examinations be held in the
shortest time possible.
Dean Cowan        ) That rzcommzndation 37 oh thz Lona-Rangz
Dr. McDowell    ) Objectives Committzz rzport be tabled.
It was felt  that in view of Senate's decision regarding Recommendation
36,  Recommendation  37  should be  tabled.
The motion to table was put and  carried.
Recommendat ion_38
Dr.   Belshaw stated that there had been several reports  in the past
on  the introduction of  a summer  term.     The Committee  felt  that  this
recommendation dealt with  the issues as effectively as possible in
terms of the summer period.    They felt that it was an improvement.
although  there would be particular problems which would affect  teachers
in a practical way.
Dr.  Belshaw      ) That tie University introduce a summer term in
Mr. Williams    ) addition to thz currznt summer session, with
thz hollowing conditions ••
(a) thz summzr term bz oh 13 wzzks plus reals - and zxamination pzriods. with a
maximum oh 74 credits per student;
(b) participation oh haculties in the summzr
term bz pzrmissivz not mandatory, and hznee
rzhlect thzin. acadzmic nzzd:
(c) cost bz included in dzpartmznt and h°-CulXy
budgzts ;
(d) thz present 7-weefe summzr szssion bz
zntirzly phaszd out. within livz years;
(e) thz present budget oh the summzr session
administration and vrogrammz bz rz-assianzd
in thz liqht oh   (c) •■ 5320
Wednesday,  October 14,   1970
Recommendatj.ons  from the Long Range Objectives. Committee__Report
Recommendation 38 (Continued)
Dr.  Belshaw     ) (h)  ho-culty members not bz pzrmittzd to
Mr. Williams    ) teach moAe than five conszcutivz tzrms,
and wlizn thzy do tzach hive conszcutivz
terms there, bz a minimum brzak of too
conszcutivz terms.    (Wliile the committee
considzrzd this rulz to bz a minimum safeguard oh teaching standards, przcisz dztails
oh this and other safeguards should be
arrived at through discussion with dzpart-
mznts, and with the Faculty Association
ivhich rzprzsznts thz professional concerns
oh thz {acjxlXy as a whole)
In discussion, the recommendation concerning the phasing out of the
present 7-week summer session was strongly criticized for the deleterious
effect that it would have not only on teachers who used this session
to up-grade their qualifications but also on regular university
students who could make up missing courses in this period and still
have two months during the summer to earn money. It was pointed out
that if Senate accepted the principle of a 13-week summer term it
would be tantamount to accepting the principle of the trimester system.
The motion was put and lost.
The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.
'       I Secretary
onfirmed. y,A^
Cl>aSIa^a U^yy^
Chairman A ) 5321
Wednesday, October 14. 1970
New AwardsRecommended to Senate
TJie Samuel David Leshgold Memorial Bursarv
A bursary of $50. established as a memorial to Samuel David
Leshgold by his wife, will be awarded annually to a student in
the Faculty of Medicine proceeding to the M.D. degree. Preference
will be given to a student who has a special interest in the field
of arthritis.
The Edith M. Rainbow Prize
A prize of $100, gift of Dr. and Mrs. J. H. G. Smith in memory of
Edith Rainbow, is offered to students in the Final Year of the
course for the degree of B.S.N.  It will be awarded to the student
with the highest standing who entered the University as an R.N. 5322
Wednesday, October 14, 1970
Education 301 - Educational Psychology, introductory course to be
included in the curriculum of First Year.
DH 301 - Change in number to DH 208
DH 204, 207, 304 - Change in description
DH 201, 205     - Change in unit value
DH 206 - Deletion
Revised Calendar statement on admission requirements:-
Completion of First Year ln the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty
of Science at The University of British Columbia, or its equivalent at another university or college.  Required subjects are:
English, Chemistry, Biology.  Recommended subjects are:
Mathematics, Physics (if Physics 11 not taken previously) or
Psychology.  (3 units or 6 semester hours or 9 quarter hours
in each).
Extra-sessional credit course^ proposals  1970-71
Education 472/3 Developmental re^djLnj?_-_Thj^or^tJ.c^l_/
Practical __Elementary_ Grades. Cranbrook
Education 475/6 Remedial Reading - Theoretical/
Practical Cranbrook
New Courses       Nursing 532 Psychiatric and_ Mental Health Nursing
Nursing 533 Community Mental Health Nursing 5323
Wednesday,  October 14,   1970
Community and Regional Planning
New Courses   Planning 526 Regional Planning in Canada
Planning 527 Q^ujant^it^ative Methods in Regional
Planning I
Planning 528 C^ant^tative Methods^ in Regional
Planning II
Pharmaceutical Sciences
CJiangea: -
540 - Change in unit value
501  (3) - Delete.     To_be_replaced by:-
510  (1);   511  (V)~;   512   (1)
520  (2) - Delete.    To_be replaced by:-
521 "(1)" and 522   (1)
New  Courses 500    Pharmaceutical Research T_echnjLques
541 Djruj^MeJtabolism
542 Pharmacology i>f_.the^e^ryo^s_Sys_tem
Medi._cal__ Micr ob i o 1 ojjy
New Course    447 (3) Directed_Sjtudies.  A special elective
programme of directed studies in clinical
or molecular microbiology for students in
their first medical year who have
completed Third Year Science courses in
a major programme in Microbiology


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