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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1956-12-12

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 Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2354
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1956-57 was
held on Wednesday, December 12th, 1956, at 8:00 p.m. in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Miss M. Agnew, Dr. W.J. Anderson, Dr. A.E. Birney, Miss CS.
Black, Dr. W.G. Black, Mr. C.B. Bourne, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell,
Mr. K.P. Caple, Dean S.N.F. Chant, The Honourable Mr. Justice
J.V. Clyne, Miss M. Cottingham, Dr. I.McT. Cowan, Mr. L.G.R.
Crouch, Dean B.A. Eagles, Miss M.M. Fallis, Dean W.H. Gage,
Mr. CC Gourlay, Dr. A.E, Grauer, Dean H.C Gunning, Dr.
W.H. Hickman, Dr. F.H. Johnson, Dr. F.A. Kaempffer, Mr. F.M.
Knapp, Colonel H.T. Logan, Dr. J.R. Mcintosh, Dr. M.M. Maclntyre,
Dean E.D. MacPhee, Dean A.W. Matthews, Dean M.D. Mawdsley, Mr.
F.A. Morrison, Dean J.W. Patterson, Mr. W.O. Richmond, Dr. H.R.
Robertson, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Rev. W.S. Taylor,
Dr. H.V. Warren, Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Mr. L.G.J. Wong, Rev. H.F.
Woodhouse and Mr. Neal Harlow.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Dean G.C Andrew,
Mr. J.M. Buchanan, Dr. D.H. Copp, Dean G.F. Curtis, Major H.C.
Holmes, Mr. J.S. Keate, Mr. L.J. Ladner, The Honourable Mr.
Justice A.E. Lord, Dr. R.F. Sharp, Dean G.M. Shrum, Dean F.H.
Soward and Dr. C.A.H. Wright. Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2355
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Sage )
Dean Chant)  That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1956-57,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Memorial to Dr. J. G. Brown
In accordance with instructions of Senate at the
previous meeting, the Committee on Memorial Minutes had
prepared a memorial statement to Dr. J. G. Brown, as follows:
Reverend J. G. Brown. M.A.. P.P.
1880 - 1956
Dr. J. G. Brown was born in Lakefield, Ontario
in 1880. He received his University and Theological
Education at Toronto. After a few years in pastoral
work in Ontario, he came to British Columbia where
he ministered in several congregations, including
his last charge of Ryerson Church in Kerrisdale,
From here he was appointed to the Principalship
of Ryerson Theological College and when, in 1927,
Ryerson College and Westminster Hall were merged,
he became the first Principal of Union College of
British Columbia on the University Campus.
Under his administration were erected the main
buildings of the College, viz., the West Wing in
1927 and the Tower Section in 1934.  His was the
difficult task of guiding the College successfully,
first through the period of the depression and
then through World War II.
After his retirement in 1948, he lived for
three years in Oxford, England, until his return
to British Columbia, when he assumed the pastorate
of The Church of our Lord in Victoria.
He remained on active duty to the end, having
conducted divine service twice on Sunday, October 14,
the day before his death.
The Union College Building will remain a visible
memorial to Dr. Brown. More enduring is the deep Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2356
impression which he made on the minds and hearts
of his associates in all walks of life, and on the
many students whom he assisted in their perplexities.
These will remember him best for his unfailing
spirit of kindliness and Christian charity.
Dr. Brown's three children are graduates of
the University of British Columbia, viz.. Professor
James B. Brown, B.A. '40, D.Phil. (Oxon.), Ellen
Lillian, B.A. '42, and Professor Donald G. Brown,
B.A. '47, D.Phil. (Oxon.).
To his widow, and to the other members of his
family, the Senate extends its deepest sympathy.
Dr. Taylor)
Col. Logan)  That this statement be approved and
spread on the minutes of Senate, and
that copies be sent to the members of
the family of Dr. Brown.
Notice of Appointment of Committee
to Consider Appeals from Students
The Secretary read the names of members of the
Committee to Consider Appeals from Students, appointed by
the President on instruction of Senate:
Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman)
Dean G. F. Curtis
Mr. F. A. Morrison
Dr. N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Mr. C. B. Wood     )
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
on October 29th, 1956, had approved the recommendations of
Senate with regard to the appointment of Dean M. M. Weaver
as Dean Emeritus of Medicine, and with regard to the
construction on the campus of a Panhellenic House. Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2357
Acceptance of Awards. Subject
to Approval of Senate
The Board of Governors reported acceptance of the
following new awards, subject to the approval of Senate:
Northwest Plaster Bureau Scholarship
Riddell, Stead, Graham and Hutchison Service Award
The Frank F. Smith Scholarship for Theology
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co. Service Award
The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Matriculation Scholarship in Education
The Winspear, Hamilton, Anderson and Company
Scholarship in Accounting (change in terms)
Ruth E. Cameron Memorial Scholarship (change in terms)
British Columbia Hotels Association Scholarships
(increase in number)
Dr. Ernest Roland Myers Scholarship Fund
The Hoffman-La Roche Limited Scholarship
The West Vancouver Parent-Teacher Council and
Associations Scholarship
The Col. Victor Spencer Scholarships
The British Columbia Cement Company Limited Scholarships
in Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and
The Canadian Scottish Chapter, I.O.D.E., Bursary in
The Saul Grant Scholarship.
For information of Senate, the Board also reported
acceptance of the Vancouver Normal School Fund; the Pacific
Coast Branch, Technical Division, Canadian Pulp and Paper
Association Student Aid Fund; the University Women's Club
of New Westminster Loan Fund; and a donation to the Mrs.
Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund.
From the Faculties
Arts and Science
New Courses
The following list of new courses and changes in
existing courses, as recommended by the Faculty of Arts and
J Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2358
Science on December 5th, 1956, was submitted for approval:
Asian Studies 200 (3)     - Intermediate Japanese
Asian Studies 210        - To be renumbered
Asian Studies 110
Economics 435 - Economic Statistics (change
in content only)
Economics 436 (3) - Industrial Statistics
Economics 140 - To be dropped
Economics 411 - To be renumbered Economics 201
Political Science 200 (3)  - The Government of Canada
Political Science 400 (3)  - Federalism
Classical Studies 440 (3)  - Classical Archaeology
English 401 - To be renumbered English 202
(with new description)
English 407 (3) - Dramatic Writing and Criticism
English 409 (3) - Fiction Writing and Criticism.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That these new courses, and changes in
existing courses, in the Faculty of Arts
and Science, be approved as recommended.
Proposed B.Sc. Course
Dean Chant stated that the Faculty of Arts and
Science had approved in principle the establishment of the
degree of B.Sc, provided a suitable programme of study
could be drawn up.  It was anticipated that the proposed
curriculum would be presented to Senate at the next meeting.
Changes in Programme
for B.H.E. Degree
A list of changes in programme for the B.H.E.
degree, approved by the Council of the School of Home
Economics on October 31st, 1956, was circulated:
1.  Courses renumbered and/or subject matter changed:
H.E. 100 (3) a. Introduction to Foods, Nutrition and
Home Management
b. Introduction to Textiles and Clothing.
(This replaces the present H.E. 100 and 102) Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2359
H.E. 105 (3)   Food Management I.
(This replaces H.E. 103 and part of H.E. 201)
H.E. 106 (3)   Textiles and Clothing
(This is a combination of the present H.E. 104 and 200)
2,  Physics 103 substituted for Physics 110, and
Economics 200 for Economics 140,in general requirements.
Miss Black)
Dean Gage )  That changes in the programme for the
B.H.E. degree be approved as recommended.
Commerce and Business Administration
Recommendations from the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration, approved at the meeting of that
Faculty on December 10th, 1956, were circulated.
Dean MacPhee)
Mr. Gourlay )  That the unit value of Commerce 343,
Public Utility Problems, be increased
from 1-g- to 3 units, effective in the
1956-57 Session.
Dean MacPhee)
Mr, Gourlay )  That graduates of the four-year course,
Commerce and Administration Option, of
the Royal Military College, who are
recommended by that College, should be
admitted to the Fourth Year of the
B.Com, programme of this University,
It was noted that this policy was in conformity
with that of the Faculty of Applied Science for graduates
in the Engineering Option of the Royal Military College, and
with established practice at the Universities of McGill,
Toronto, Queen's, and Western Ontario.
Dean MacPhee)
Mr. Wong   )  That the programme in each of the First
and Second years of the course leading
to the B.Com. degree be increased from Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2360
15 to 18 units, effective September
1957 for students registering in either
of those years for the first time.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
New Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards and changes
in awards was recommended to Senate under the terms of award
The Frank F. Smith Scholarship for Theology
A scholarship of $300.00, gift of Mr. Frank F. Smith
of Vancouver, will be awarded to a student in the
graduating class for the B.A. degree who is
continuing his studies at Union College of British
Columbia in preparation for the ministry of the
United Church of Canada.  Selection of the winner
will be made by the University, in consultation
with the Principal and Staff of Union College.  In
selecting the winner, consideration will be given
to academic standing, personal qualities and
character, and promise.
Northwest Plaster Bureau Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00 is made available by the
Northwest Plaster Bureau to the student in the
Fifth Year, who is considered by the Faculty of
the School of Architecture to be outstanding in
his or her progress towards the profession of
Architecture and devotion to good practices in
building design and construction, and who indicates
that he or she proposes to continue in the
profession of Architecture after graduation.
Peat. Marwick. Mitchell and Co.
Service Award
A Service Award will be offered annually by the
firm of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co., Chartered
Accountants, to students intending to enter the
profession of public accounting. It will be open,
in competition, to students completing Third Year
Commerce and proceeding to Fourth Year.  To be Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2361
eligible for this award applicants must qualify in
respect of academic standing, ability, aptitude
and personality, and consider possible employment
with the firm on graduation.  By the terms of the
award, the winner will be granted his tuition fees
for his fourth year, and guaranteed employment
with the firm during the summer period.
Riddell. Stead. Graham and Hutchison
Service Award
This service award will be given to a student in
Third Year Commerce who is proceeding to the Fourth
Year and who intends on graduation to enter articles
with a practicing firm of Chartered Accountants.
The student will be given employment with Riddell,
Stead, Graham and Hutchison for the summer and,
in addition, his tuition fees will be paid in his
Final Year Commerce.  The award will be made to
the student whose personality, ability, academic
record and other characteristics, are, in the
opinion of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration, those needed by a successful
Chartered Accountant.  Interested students should
apply to the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration before March 15.
The Winspear. Hamilton. Anderson and
Company Scholarship in Accounting
(revision of terms)
A scholarship of $300.00, the gift of Winspear,
Hamilton, Anderson and Company, is offered
annually to students in the accounting option who
are proceeding to the degree of B.Com. This
scholarship will be awarded in May to a student
who, in the fall, will enter the Third Year.
The award will be made on the recommendation of
the Faculty of Commerce to a student of outstanding
The Canadian Society of Exploration
Geophysicists Matriculation Scholarship
in Education
This scholarship of $350.00 will be awarded to a
male student on the basis of high standing in
Grade XII or Grade XIII examinations in Mathematics,
Physics, and Chemistry. Winners must enter, or
have already entered, upon the degree course
(secondary field) in Education, with teaching
majors in Mathematics, Physics, and/or Chemistry.
Applications should be made to the Dean of
J Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2362
Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs,
University of British Columbia.
Dr. Ernest Roland Myers Scholarship
Fund  (Calendar statement)
This fund, a bequest from the late Dr. E. R.
Myers, provides an annual scholarship for
promising and deserving students who are pursuing
studies in the Faculty of Medicine and who merit
financial assistance. The award will be
determined at the discretion of the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries.
The Hoffman-La Roche Limited
This scholarship of $200.00, the gift of Hoffman-
La Roche Limited, Montreal, will be awarded to the
student in the First Year of Medicine who obtains
the highest standing in Physiology.
The Col. Victor Spencer Scholarship
Six scholarships of $300.00 each, the gift of
Colonel Victor Spencer, have been provided for
worthy and deserving undergraduates with high
standing.  Winners who are continuing their
undergraduate studies and who maintain their
standing are eligible, at the discretion of the
University, for renewals in the following year.
The Ruth E. Cameron Memorial Scholarship
(revision of terms)
As a memorial to Ruth E. Cameron, Chief Librarian of
New Westminster and for many years a member of the
Club, the University Women's Club of New Westminster
awards annually a scholarship of $250.00 to a woman
student proceeding from Grade XII, Grade XIII, or
First Year University, to the next year of her
course at the University of British Columbia. To
be eligible for consideration, an applicant must
reside in New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, or
Surrey and have attended a school in these areas
for at least the last five months of the school
year immediately preceding her admission to the
University.  In making the award, consideration
will be given to the scholastic standing and
financial circumstances of applicants. At the
discretion of the awarding committee the scholarship may be divided to provide two awards, one of
$150.00 and the other of $100.00.  Further Wednesday, December 12th, 1956 2363
information and application forms may be obtained
from the office of the Dean of Administrative and
Inter-Faculty Affairs. Applications must be
received not later than June 15th.
The West Vancouver Parent-Teacher
Council and Associations Scholarship
A scholarship of $150.00, given by the Parent
Teacher Council and the Parent Teacher Associations
of West Vancouver, was made available in December,
1956 to students in First Year Education resident
in West Vancouver.  It was awarded to the student
with the highest standing in December as determined
by the Christmas tests and examinations.
The British Columbia Cement Company
Limited Civil Engineering Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00 donated annually by
British Columbia Cement Company Limited is offered
to students in Engineering.  It will be awarded
to a student who is completing Second or Third
Year and is continuing in Civil Engineering at
this University.  The award will be made to a
student who has an outstanding academic record
and who, in the opinion of the Faculty, shows
unusual promise and ability.
The British Columbia Cement Company Limited
Chemical Engineering Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00 donated annually by
British Columbia Cement Company Limited is offered
to students in Engineering.  It will be awarded
to a student who is completing Second or Third
Year and is continuing in Chemical Engineering
at this University. The award will be made to a
student who has an outstanding academic record
and who, in the opinion of the Faculty, shows
unusual promise and ability.
The British Columbia Cement Company
Limited Scholarship in Architecture
A scholarship of $500.00, donated annually by
British Columbia Cement Company Limited, is
offered to students in Architecture.  It will
be awarded to a student who is continuing his
undergraduate studies at this University in
Architecture, has an outstanding academic
record, and in the opinion of the staff, shows
unusual promise and ability.  In the event that Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2364
two candidates are considered to be of equal merit,
the scholarship may be divided to provide two
awards of $250.00 each.
The Canadian Scottish Chapter. I.O.D.E..
Bursary in Education
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Canadian
Scottish Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be awarded to a
woman student in the First Year of Education.
This bursary will be given to a student who needs
financial assistance to begin her studies.  In
considering applicants, attention will be paid
to academic standing, personal qualities,
character, and aptitude for teaching.
The Saul Grant Scholarship
This scholarship of $100.00, established as a
memorial to Saul Grant by the Vancouver Section
of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada,
will be awarded to a student in First Year
Education proceeding to a degree or certificate
in the teaching field. To be eligible for this
award a student must not only have high academic
standing, but also possess those qualities of
character and personality which are necessary
for success in teaching elementary and secondary
school children.
The British Columbia Hotels Association has
increased its awards available in 1957 from two
scholarships of $250.00 each to four scholarships
of $250.00 each.
The Jim Wallace Credit Union Service
Awards (donated annually by the B. C.
Credit Union League)
These two awards of $250.00 each are available for
undergraduates completing their Third Year of
Commerce or Agriculture and proceeding to the
Fourth Year. The awards will be made in
consultation with the B. C Credit Union League.
They will be given to students who have good
academic standing and have shown evidence of
interest in or knowledge of the credit union and
co-operative movements.  Selection of the winners
will be made in February. Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2365
The Best Mimeograph Co. Ltd. Bursary in Law
Best Mimeograph Co. Ltd., Vancouver, offers annually
to a student in the Faculty of Law a bursary of
$150.00 together with a copy of each of the case
books produced by the Company and required by the
student in the year of award.  The award will be
made to a student who is financially deserving,
and has attained high standing. Preference will
be given to applicants entering the Final Year.
The Allan S. Gregory Memorial Prize
A book prize of the value of $50.00, the gift of
Ladner, Downs, Ladner, Locke and Lenox, will be
awarded annually to the student in Third Year Law
who, in the opinion of the Faculty, has displayed
great merit in Moot Court work.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Scarfe)  That these new awards, and changes in
awards, be accepted, and appropriate
letters of thanks sent to the donors.
Loan Funds
For information of Senate, Dean Gage reported
receipt of the following new loan funds, and donations to
existing funds:
Pacific Coast Branch, Technical Division, Canadian
Pulp and Paper Association - loan fund of $250.00
Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund - additional donation
of $2,000.00
Vancouver Normal School Fund - a loan fund of
approximately $1,000.00
University Women's Club of New Westminster - loan
fund of $400.00.
Summer Session
Dean Chant, Chairman of the Committee on Summer
Session, pointed out that with the establishment of the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and the Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2366
College and Faculty of Education, there were now three
Faculties offering large numbers of credit courses in the
Summer Session.  In order that summer courses could be
determined early in the year, it was recommended that the
Heads of Departments should submit proposals with regard
to summer courses to the Director of Summer Session, that
the Director should then make recommendations to the Committee,
and the Committee recommend directly to Senate without
referral to the Faculties except when matters of policy were
involved, or when courses not regularly offered in the
winter session were contemplated.
Dean Chant )
Dean Scarfe)  That the procedure for recommending
Summer Session courses to Senate be
modified, as outlined.
Dean Chant then made reference to the list of
courses requested for the 1957 Summer Session, and approved
by the Summer Session Committee.  Copies of this list had
been distributed to all those present. He explained that
the majority of the additional courses pertained directly
or indirectly to requirements for the degree of Bachelor of
Education or certification for teachers. Attention was
drawn to the proposed course History 203, Canada West of the
Great Lakes, to be offered in the 1957 Summer Session "in
preparation for" the 1958 Centenary Celebrations.
Anthropology 200 (3)      - Introduction to Anthropology
Anthropology 403 (3)      - Cultures of the Arctic
Bacteriology 100 (3)      - Introduction to Bacteriology
Biology 105 (3) - Fundamentals of Biology
Biology 332 (2) - Introduction to Genetics Biology 333 (1)
Chemistry 101 (3)
Chemistry 205 (3)
Chemistry 300 (3)
Classical Studies 331 (3)
Classical Studies 333 (3)
Commerce 90 (3)
Commerce 101 (3)
Commerce 151 (3)
Commerce 201 (3)
Commerce 252 (3)
Commerce 371 (3)
Commerce 376 (3)
Economics 100 (3)
Economics 200 (3)
Economics 325 (3)
English 100 (4 sections)
English 200 (6 sections)
English 201 (3)
English 202 (3)
English 400 (3 sections)
English 407 (3)
English 408 (3)
English 409 (3)
English 427 (3)
English 428 (3)
English 421 (3)
Fine Arts 200 (3)
French 110-120 (3)
French 210-220 (3 section
French 301 (3)
Geography 101 (3)
Geography 201 (3)
Geography 303 (3)
Geography 409 (3)
Geology 200 (3)
German 90 (3)
German 200 (3)
German (3)
History 101 (3)
History 102 (3)
Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2367
- Lab. in Introductory Genetics
- General Chemistry
- Physical-Inorganic and
Analytical Chemistry
- Organic Chemistry
- Ancient History
- The Roman Empire
- Typewriting
- Shorthand
- Fundamentals of Accounting
- Secretarial Practice
- Intermediate Accounting
- Business Finance
- Personal and Business Finance
- Econ. History of Europe
- Principles of Economics
- Labour Economics and
Industrial Relations
- (See p. 2369-70)
(3) - First Year Literature and
(3) - Second Year Literature and
- Children's Literature
- Writing - Practice in
Imaginative Writing
(3) - Advanced English Composition
- Dramatic Writing and Criticism
- Elizabethan Literature
- Fiction Writing and Criticism
- The English Novel (or alternate)
- American Literature to 1865
(or alternate)
- Theatre Practice
- History of Art
- First Year University French
s) (3) - Second Year University
- Contemporary French Literature
- Introduction to Physical
- Economic Geography
- World Geography
- Geography of Canada and the
United States
- General Geology
- Beginners' Course
- Second Year University German
- One senior German course
- Main Currents in Twentieth-
Century History
- The History of Canada History 203 (3)
History 311 (3)
History 314 (3)
History 415 (3)
Latin (3)
Mathematics 101 (2 sections)
Mathematics 202 (3)
Mathematics 205 (3)
Mathematics 303 (3)
Music 300 (3)
Philosophy 100 (3)
Philosophy 340 (3)
Physics 100-101 (3)
Physics 200 (3)
Physics 303 (3)
Physical Education 101 (1) -
209 (i)
210 (J)
218 ($)
230 (i)
240 (J)
241 (i)
262 (li)
Physical Education 460 (l£)
Political Science 400 (3)
Psychology 100 (3)
Psychology 202 (3)
Psychology 301 (3)
Psychology 305 (3)
Psychology 403 (3)
Psychology 405 (3)
Russian 100 (3)
Slavonic Studies 306 (3)
Sociology 200 (3)
Spanish 90 (3)
Zoology 105 (3)
Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2368
- Canada West of the Great Lakes
- From Empire to Commonwealth
(or alternate)
- Europe from Westphalia to
Waterloo, 1648-1815
- Europe, 1815-1914
- (Composite course in; 110,
120, 210, 220, 303)
(3) - Algebra, Geometry and
- Calculus
- Elementary Statistics
- Mathematics for Teachers
- Music Appreciation
- Introduction to Philosophy
- Philosophy of Religion
- Elementary Physics
- Mechanics - Heat and Properties
of Matter
- Elementary Modern Physics
(or alternate)
Gymnastic Activities for the
Elementary School
- Softball
- Basketball
- Games, Contests and Relays
- Swimming
- Dance - Ballroom
- Dance - Elementary Modern
- Health I
- History and Philosophy of
Physical Education
- Organization and Administration
- The Government of Canada
- Introductory Psychology
- Mental Hygiene
- Developmental Psychology
- Personality Theory
- Mental Measurement and
Psychological Tests
- Learning
- Basic Russian
- Russian Literature in Translation
- Introduction to Sociology
- Beginners' Spanish
- General Zoology
Courses credited in Education only
but listed in other Faculties
Drama 205 (l^)
Teaching the Special Subjects -
Drama Drama 206 (li)
Fine Arts 101 (3)
Fine Arts 300 (3)
Fine Arts (3)
Music 201 (3)
Music 403 (3)
Wednesday, December 12th, 1956
- Teaching the Special Subjects
senior course
- History of Fine Arts
- Introduction to plastic and
graphic Arts
- One other major course
- Elementary Harmony
- Advanced Music History and
Courses for credit in Education
Education 300 (3)
"     305 (3)
"     307 (3)
"     309 (3)
- Survey of Educational Thought
- Art Education
- Music Education
- General Science for
Elementary Teachers
- Psychology of Adolescence and
Exceptional Children
- Oral French for Teachers in
Elementary and Junior High
- Library Science
- Educational Psychology
- Audio-Visual Technique
- Teaching the Secondary School
subjects English (li)
Social (li) Math (li)
2 to 3 others to be decided
- Special Problems in Teaching
Primary Grades
- Special Problems in Teaching
Intermediate Grades
- Special Problems in Teaching
the Mentally and Physically
- Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching
- Second Course, School
- Research in Methods of Teaching
a specified subject
- Administration of the Elementary
School (or as revised)
- Administration of the Secondary
School (or as revised)
- Supervision
- Health Education
- History of Canadian Education
- Comparative Education
- Evaluation
- Introduction to Guidance
- Counselling Technique
J Education
555 (3)
560 (3)
565 (3)
565 (3)
565 (3)
565 (3)
565 (3)
570 (3)
581 (3)
582 (3)
Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2370
- Speech
- Teaching in the Secondary
- French
- Chemistry or Physics or combined
- Socials
- English
- Home Ec
- Educational Sociology
- Methods of Educational Research
- Educational Statistics
For Basic Teacher Training of
Bachelors of Home Economics only
Education 102 (3)
"     302 (3)
"     410 (3)
Introduction to Teaching
Classroom Administration and
Special Problems in Home
Economics Education
Course in Industrial Arts to be given
at Vancouver Technical School
Education 404 (3)
M.E. 152)
M.E. 352)
404b (li)
352 (3)
352b (li)
231 and 232
Teaching the Secondary School
Teaching the Secondary School
Mechanical Drawing
350 (3)
350b (1)
450 (3)
450 b and
351 (3)
351 b and c
451 (3)
354 (3)
453 (3)
150 (3)
Mechanical Drawing
Mechanical Drawing
Electricity (Practice and
- Technology of Woodwork I
- Technology of Woodwork I
- Technology of Woodwork II
c (li) - Technology of Woodwork II
(Building Construction and
Woodwork Machinery)
Technology of Metalwork I
Technology of Metalwork I
(2 groups - Art Metalwork,
Sheet Metalwork)
Technology of Metalwork II
Oxy-Acetylene and Arc Welding
Auto Mechanics
General Shop
Courses to be offered for Secondary Advanced
Certificate (not for credit toward degrees)
Metallurgy (3) Wednesday, December 12th, 1956
Small Boat Building (3)
Pattern Making and Foundry Practice (3)
Auto Mechanics (3)
Advanced Building Construction (3)
Advanced Welding - Oxy-Acetylene and Arc (3)
Wood Finishing (li) .
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )
That the recommendations of the Summer
Session Committee with regard to course
offerings for the 1957 Summer Session be
approved, and that the Committee be
authorized to make any minor alterations
which may be necessary.
Victoria College Summer Session
At the request of the Chairman, Dean Gage reported
on the proposal of Victoria College to hold a Summer Session
in 1957, with courses in general chosen from those offered
in the Winter Session.  However, since the Department of
Education would no longer have a Summer School for teachers
in Victoria, the College wished to include certain courses
in Education normally carrying credit in the Third and
Fourth years.
Dean Gage )
Dean Scarfe)  That for the 1957 Summer Session, Victoria
College be authorized to offer the
following courses on behalf of the
University:  Education 300, 305, 307,
405, 461; that all arrangements for
these courses be undertaken by Victoria
College in consultation with the
University; and that the College be
authorized to make minor substitutions
in the list of course offerings, in
consultation with Dean Scarfe and other
interested members of the Faculty of
the University.
Carried. Wednesday, December 12th, 1956 2372
Report of the University
Librarian. 1955-56
The report of the Librarian for the year 1955-56
had been circulated prior to the meeting.
The President read a letter from Dr. Cowan,
Chairman of the Library Committee, commenting on certain
aspects of library activity.
Discussion followed on the location of food
dispensers.  It was generally agreed that, if these were
permitted on the campus, they should not be placed in any
academic area, and in particular should be kept away from
the Library.
In connection with the establishment of a School
for Training of Librarians, the President reminded the
members of Senate of the numerous calls on the administration
for increased funds, and the steadily increasing cost of
maintaining the University services at their present level.
Dean MacPhee)
Dean Chant  )  That the report of the Librarian for
1955-56 be received, and that thanks
and congratulations be extended to the
Librarian and the Library Committee.
Report of the University
Health Service. 1955-56
The report of the University Health Service for
the year 1955-56 indicated very wide use of the facilities
provided, particularly in the Out-Patient Department. The
President mentioned other aspects of campus welfare, such
as Food Services, physical education, and mental health, Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2373
which might be brought more directly under the jurisdiction
of the Health Service.
Dean MacPhee)
Mr. Morrison)  That the report of the University Health
Service for 1955-56 be tabled, and be
returned to the agenda at a later
meeting for further discussion.
Honorary Degree Recipients
The Secretary read letters from Dr. Sidney Smith
and Dr. W. A. McAdam expressing their appreciation for
honorary degrees conferred at the Autumn Congregation.
Mrs. D. Buchanan
The Secretary read a letter from Mrs. D. Buchanan
expressing the appreciation of her family and herself for
the decision to name the new Arts Building in honour of the
late Dean Buchanan.
Family of Dr. J. G. Brown
A letter from the family of Dr. J. G, Brown, in
appreciation of the Senate's message of sympathy, was read.
Health Centre for Children
The Secretary read a letter from the Board of
Directors of the Health Centre for Children, asking the
Senate to nominate its representative on the Board of
Directors for 1957, and expressing the hope that Miss M, M.
Fallis might be re-nominated. Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2374
Dr. Johnson)
Dr. Taylor )  That the appointment of Miss Fallis as
Senate representative on the Board of
Directors of the Health Centre for
Children be renewed for 1957.
Pacific Northwest Trade
The Secretary read a resolution from the Pacific
Northwest Trade Association, adopted at a conference in
October, 1956, urging all colleges and universities of the
Pacific Northwest area to extend their facilities and
curricula for atomic technical education.  It was agreed
that this resolution should be received and acknowledged.
Other Business
Hungarian Students
The President reported, for information of the
Senate, that some 285 students and 28 members of the teaching
staff of the Department of Forestry of the Hungarian
Technical University in Sopron were expected to arrive in
British Columbia shortly. The Powell River Company had
agreed to provide housing facilities for them in Powell
River. The President had affirmed the University's
willingness to assist and cooperate in establishing these
teachers and students in British Columbia.
Rowing Crews
The President stated that the members of the
Rowing Crew were expected to return from Australia on Wednesday, December 12th, 1956 2375
Saturday evening, December 15th. Formal University
recognition of the achievements of students in the Olympic
Games would be deferred until the Second Term.
Dr. Warren  )
Dean Matthews)   Whereas Coach Frank Read, his
assistant John Warren, and the members
of the four-and eight-oared crews of the
University of British Columbia and the
Vancouver Rowing Club have brought great
credit and distinction to their University,
their Province, and their Country by
their performances in the 1956 Olympic
Games at Melbourne, Australia, be it
therefore resolved that the Senate of
the University of British Columbia
expresses its appreciation and admiration
to each and all concerned for their
unprecedented achievements.
The Senate is fully conscious that the
winning of a gold and a silver medal for
Canada is the result not only of inspired
coaching, but also of perfect team spirit,
voluntary self-dedication, and wholehearted devotion to the highest traditions
of amateur sport.
The Senate feels that the successes of
these crews and their coaches may well
serve as an enduring challenge for future
generations of students.
N.C.C.U. Meeting
Copies of the President's radio address from
Ottawa at the time of the National Conference of Canadian
Universities meeting in Ottawa had been circulated and were
University Building Programme
The President reported that accommodation for an
additional 71 women students would be available in the new Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2376
unit of the Women's Residences, to be opened at the
beginning of January.
Preparation of plans, and construction of the
first unit of International House, had been approved by the
Board of Governors.
Mr. Richmond
Congratulations were extended to Mr. Richmond on
his election as President of the Association of Professional
Engineers for British Columbia.
British Columbia Atlas
of Resources
The President read a letter from Dr. D. B. Turner,
Secretary of the British Columbia Natural Resources Conference,
expressing appreciation for the contribution made by members
of the University Faculty, particularly Mr. J. D. Chapman
and Mr. R. I. Ruggles, to the British Columbia Atlas of
Dr. Warren)
Dean Chant)  That Senate record its appreciation of
the outstanding contributions to the
British Columbia Atlas of Resources made
by Dr. D. B. Turner and Mr. A. L, Farley
of the Provincial Government staff, and
by the following members of the Faculty
of the University: Dr. C Belshaw, Mr.
J. D. Chapman, Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Dr. J.
Hatter, Miss Mary Jackson, Dr. S. M.
Jamieson, Dr. P. A. Larkin, Dr. C C
Lindsey, Dr. W. H. Mathews, Dr. J. L.
Robinson, Dr. C A. Rowles, Mr. R. I.
Ruggles, Dr. T. M. C Taylor and Mr.
J. H. Wallis.
Carried. Wednesday, December 12th, 1956  2377
Mr. Basil Robinson
Dr. Warren reported, for information of Senate,
that Mr. Basil Robinson, Rhodes Scholar for British Columbia
in 1940, had been asked to take charge of the Near Eastern
section of the Department of External Affairs.
Death of Miss Marjorie Smith
The President made formal reference to the death
of Miss Marjorie Smith, Director of the School of Social
Work, on October 26th, and to the fine contribution she had
made to the development of social work in this Province and
in Canada.
The meeting adjourned.
A^£^^e*o   yj £<>>
Chairman.  /     (_^S


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