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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1949-08-26

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 Friday, August 26, 1949        1521
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia was held on Friday, August 26,
1949, at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean Blythe Eagles, Dean J.N. Finlayson, Dean S.N.F. Chant,
Dean G.F. Curtis, Dean H.F. Angus, Dean E.L. Woods, Dean M.
M. Weaver, Dean W.H. Gage, Dr. V.C. Brink, Professor Jacob
Biely, Dr. C.E. Dolman, Professor J.F. Muir, Dr. J. Roy
Daniells, Mr. G.D. Kennedy, Dr. H.J. MacLeod, Dr. G.M.
Volkoff, Mr. Francis J. Burd, Dr. A.R. Lord, Mr. H.O. English,
Mr. W.R. McDougall, Dr. J.M. Ewing, Reverend W.S. Taylor,
Reverend K.E. Taylor, Mrs. S.M. Creighton, Dr. R.E. Foerster,
Dr. A.E.D. Grauer, Dr. A.B. Schinbein, Mr. R.T.D. Wallace,
Dr. CA.H. Wright, Mr. D.T. Braidwood, Miss F.S. Mulloy.
The Chairman extended a welcome to Dean Weaver,
Dean Woods, Dean Eagles, Dr. Volkoff and Mr. Braidwood, who
were sitting on Senate for the first time.
Expressions of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale, Dr. Frank
Turnbull, Dr. R.C. Palmer, Mr. K.P. Caple, Dr. W.N. Sage,
Major H.C. Holmes, Brigadier Sherwood Lett.
Dr. Wright   )
Mr. McDougall)  That the minutes of the regular
meeting of May 10th, 1949, be
taken as read and adopted. .
Carried Friday, August  26, 1949        1522
Re-appointment, Members of Senate
Notice was received from the Minister of Education,
by letter dated July 4th, 1949, that the Government had
renewed the terms on the Senate of Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale,
Mr. Francis J. Burd and Major H. Cuthbert Holmes.  On behalf
of Senate the Chairman expressed appreciation of the return
of these members.
Change of Date, October Meeting of Senate
The President presented a request that, subject to
the convenience of the other members, the October meeting of
Senate convene on the twenty-fourth, instead of the nineteenth,
to enable him to fulfill commitments, made earlier in the
year, to speak to Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation meetings
in Regina and Saskatoon.  No objection was registered and it
was declared that the next regular meeting of Senate would
convene on October 24th, 1949*
Appointment of Standing Committees and Representatives
on University Committees for the Session 1949-50
In accordance with the authorization granted by
Senate on May 10th, 1949, the Chair recommended the following
Standing Committees and Representatives on University
Committees for the Session 1949-50:
Press Committee   Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton (Chairman)
Mr. Ernest Perrault (Secretary)
Dr. A. E. D. Grauer
Dr. C A. H. Wright
Dr. H. V. Warren
Dr. R. C. Palmer
Mr. F. J. Burd Friday, August 26, 1949     1523
Committee on Honorary Dean H.F. Angus (Chairman)
Degrees Dean G.F. Curtis (Acting Chairman)
Dean M.D. Mawdsley (Secretary)
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean J.N. Finlayson
Dean E.L. Woods
Dean M.M. Weaver
Dr. A.R. Lord
Dr. A.E.D. Grauer
Mr. K.P. Caple
Dr. Sherwood Lett
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Committee on Military Chancellor E.W. Hamber
Education President N.A.M. MacKenzie
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean J.N. Finlayson
Mr. CB. Wood
Lt.Col. R.W. Bonner
Cmdr. F.H.E. Turner
S/L A.R. Haines
Mr. James Sutherland
Committee on Memorial Dr. J. Roy Daniells (Chairman)
Minutes Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Committee on
Professors Emeriti
Dr. W.N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. C.E. Dolman
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean J.N. Finlayson
Dean G.F. Curtis
Mr. J.F. Muir
Representative on
University Council
on Athletics and
Physical Education
Representative on
University Committee
on Public Relations
Committee on a
Faculty of Medicine
(Senate and Faculty)
Dr. H.V. Warren
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Dean J.N. Finlayson (Chairman)
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean Blythe Eagles
Dean G.F. Curtis
Dean H.F. Angus
Dean W.H. Gage
Dean E.L. Woods
Dean M.M. Weaver
Dr. H.J. MacLeod
Dr. F.A. Turnbull Friday, August 26, 1949      1524
Committee on a       Mr. A.E. Lord
Faculty of Dr. G.M. Shrum
Medicine. Cont'd     Dr. W.A. Hoar
Dr. A.H. Hutchinson
Dr. L.E. Ranta (Secretary)
Dr. C.E. Dolman
Dr. Edgar Black
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Mr. Kennedy)
Mr. Wallace)  That constitution of Committees as
read be approved.
On suggestion of the Chair it was agreed that the
Committee on Memorial Minutes be asked to present to the
next meeting of Senate an appropriate memorial resolution
with reference to the recent death of the late Archbishop
DePencier, who was one of the original members of the
Senate of the University of British Columbia.
Committee on Admission Requirements
for Degree Course in Nursing
In accordance with the authorization granted by
Senate on -May 10th, 1949, the Chair reported by letter dated
June 3rd, 1949, that he had asked the following to constitute
a Committee to Consider Problems of Nursing Education; and
that he had asked the Chairman to call a. meeting for early
Representatives of University Senate and Administration
President N.A.M. MacKenzie
Dean Walter Gage (Chairman)
Dean Dorothy Mawdsley
Dean S.N.F.' Chant
Dean G.F. Curtis
Dean J.N. Finlayson
Dean M.M. Weaver
Dr. Frank Turnbull Friday, August 26, 1949      1525
Representatives of University Senate and Administration
Dr. A.R. Lord
Mr. K.F. Caple
Mr. C.B. Wood
Representatives of Department of Nursing and Health
Dr. C.E. Dolman
Miss H.E. Mallory
Dr. L.E. Ranta
Miss Ruth Morrison
Representatives of Other University Departments
Miss Charlotte Black
Kiss Marjorie Smith
Miss Muriel Upshall
Representatives of the Nursing Profession
Rev. Sister Columkille, President, Registered
Nurses' Association of British Columbia
Miss Alice Wright, Educational Consultant, Registered
Nurses' Association of British Columbia
Miss Elinor Pal^ser, Director, Vancouver General
Hospital School of Nursing
Miss Trenna Hunter, Director of Nursing, Metropolitan
Health Committee of Vancouver
Miss Esther Paulson, Supervisor of Nursing, Division
of Tuberculosis Control, Provincial Department
of Health
Mrs. A.G. Shugg, President, University Nurses Club
Mr.  L.N. Hickernell, Director, Vancouver General
Mr. Percy Ward, Secretary, B.C. Hospitals Association
Dr. J.M. Hershey, Commissioner, B.C. Hospital
Insurance Commission
Dr. G.R.F. Elliot, Assistant Provincial Health
Miss Monica Frith, Director of Public Health Nursing,
Department of Health, Victoria, B.C.
Additional Representatives
Mrs. Ernest Rogers
Mrs. Duncan McNair
Kiwassa Club Representative
University Women's Club Representative
Vancouver Junior League Representative
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club Representative Friday, August 26, 1949      1526
It was agreed that constitution of the Committee
to Consider Problems of Nursing Education be approved as read.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations of Senate
The Board of Governors at its meeting on May 30th,
1949, approved the new course Physics 420, Biophysics, as
authorized by Senate on May 10th, 1949*
At its meeting on May 30th, 1949, the Board of
Governors approved the arrangements with regard to Directed
Reading and Extra-Sessional Courses for the Session 1949-50
as authorized by Senate on May ICth, 1949.
The Board of Governors at its meeting on May 30th,
1949, approved the acceptance of a prize of $50.00, offered
by the B.C. Branch of the Canadian Association for Health,
Physical Education and Recreation, to the head of the
Graduating Class for the degree of Bachelor of Physical
Education, and awarded in May, 1949-
Approval, subject to approval of Senate
Department of Slavonic Studies
At its meeting on June 27th, 1949, the Board of
Governors approved a recommendation that the title of
Dr. J.0. St. Clair-Sobell be changed from Professor to
Professor and Head of the Department of Slavonic Studies,
as from July 1st, 1949, subject to approval by Senate of
the status of Department for the work being done in the
Slavic field at this University. Friday, August 26, 1949       1527
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That Senate advise and consent to
the formal establishment of the
Department of Slavonic Studies.
Institute of Oceanography
At its meeting on July 25th, 1949, the Board of
Governors approved the establishment at the University of
British Columbia of an Institute of Oceanography, subject
to the concurrence of Senate.  In this connection the
Secretary read a memorandum to Senate from the Chairman of
the Committee on Oceanography.  The Chairman outlined
discussion on this subject over the last three years at the
University and its presentation to the Universities Conference in Halifax in June, 1949, which Conference concurred
in the e-eneral views expressed that the first development in
this field should take place in British Columbia.  It was
pointed out that financial support would be provided,
initially at least, by interested departments of the Federal
Dr. Foerster)
Dr. Grauer  )  That the University of British Columbia
establish an Institute of Oceanography
with the co-operation of the Defence
Research Board of Canada and the Canadian Committee on Oceanography; that the
Institute be organized as follows:
President, University of British Columbia
Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
Head of the Department of Zoology
Head of the Department of Physics
Acting-Head, Department of Chemistry Friday, August 26, 1949      1528
Staff: W.M. Cameron, Honorary Associate
G.L. Pickard, Associate Professor
J.P. Tully, Honorary Lecturer;
and that only graduate students be
accepted by the Institute.
Dean Gage asked that Senate give some consideration to the
definition of the Institute within the University structure,
to which the Chairman replied that it would probably be in
the nature of an operating committee under the Faculty of
Graduate Studies, and thct a further recommendation would be
presented to Senate at a later date with regard to the academic aspects of the Institute's work.  Dean Angus suggested
that regulations be drawn up by the Faculty of Graduate
Studies to cover students registering in the Fall of 1949-
It was noted that registration in September, 1949 would be
under regulations not ratified by Senate, and that any
arrangements made would be subject to change.  The Secretary
read the following description of courses to be required of
all students enrolled in the Institute:
501 General Oceanography - An introduction to the study
of the sea.
Textbook:  Sverdrup, Johnston and Flemming,
The Oceans. Prentice-Hall.
Two lectures per week.  First term, Mr. Cameron.
1 unit.
502 Physical Oceanography - An introduction to the study
of the physical properties, circulation and mixing of
ocean waters and of observational methods in use.
Two lectures per week.  First term, Mr. Cameron.
1 unit.
503 Biological Oceanography - The biology of the sea in
relation to the physical and chemical conditions
Prerequisite:  Oceanography 501.  It is desirable to Friday, August 26, 1949      1529
have had previously Zoology 301 or Zoology 501.
Two lectures per week. Second term, Mr. Cameron.
1 unit.
504 Chemical Oceanography - The chemical constituents of
sea water, their significance, observation and
Prerequisite:  Oceanography 501.
One lecture and one laboratory per week.  Second term,
Mr. Tully.  1 unit.
Dean Gage )
Dean Angus)  That the courses listed be referred to
the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and that
arrangements for them be undertaken,
subject to their approval by that Faculty.
From the Registrar
Registration, Summer Session 1949
A report from the Registrar was circulated giving
details of registration by classes for the Summer Session,
1949, as at August 19th, 1949.
Registration, Extension Department Courses
The Secretary read a letter, dated July 26th, 1949
from the Director of the Department of University Extension
settin? forth the registration in courses offered by that
Department in the Summer Session.  A total of 254 registrations was noted.
These two reports were received with interest.
The Chairman commented on the pleasant and satisfactory
session and suggested that those responsible for the
organization of it should be congratulated.  He reported
for the information of Senate that the Director, Dr. M.A. Friday, August 26, 1949       1530
Cameron, had announced that he did not wish to be reappointed and that a recommendation would be placed before
the Board of Governors that Dr. J.R. Mcintosh should replace
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Examination Results. Summer Session
Dean Chant presented the lists of candidates who
had completed the requirements for degrees in the Faculty
of Arts and Science at the Summer Session.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts,
Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Home
Economics, Bachelor of Physical Education,
Bachelor of Education be awarded to the
respective candidates listed, and that
any necessary amendments to this list be
With reference to the release of these results,
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That, for the present, each candidate
listed be sent a statement to the effect
that he has completed the requirements for
a degree and that the entire list of
candidates for degrees at the Fall Congregation be submitted to the Press,
following the meeting of Senate in October.
Re Admission of Handicapped Persons
The Faculty of Arts and Science at its meeting on
August 26th, 1949, considered a request submitted by the
Deputy Minister of Education with regard to the admission of
persons handicapped through deafness or blindness to the
University, and passed the following resolution: Friday, August 26, 1949      1531
"That individual cases be considered on their
merits by the Committee on Admissions, Standing
and Courses, and that the Registrar be
empowered to admit students on the recommendation
of that Committee."
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the resolution passed by the Faculty
of Arts and Science be adopted by Senate.
Re Course Changes
Physical Education
At the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
held on August 26th, 1949, the following recommendations
were approved and recommended for the consideration of
1. that P.E. 212 (Fundamentals of Football) be decreased
from 1 unit to j unit; and that it be offered in the
second term;
2. that P.E. 314 (Advanced Rugby and Soccer) be expanded
to two courses (each of 5 unit); P.E. 314 (Advanced
Rugby) and P.E. 316 (Advanced Soccer);
3. that in view of item (2) above, P.E. 316 as it now
exists in the Calendar be renumbered as P.E. 318;
4. that P.E. 208 (Baseball and Softball) be added as a
\  unit course;
5. that the requirements in swimming be revised to make
P.E. 430 and 431 optional; and that the content of
P.E. 230 and 231, and 330 and 331 be adjusted
6. that P.E. 346 (Skiing — Principles of Teaching and
Coaching; Officiating in Ski Tournaments) be added
as a new optional one unit course open to both men
and women of the third and fourth years.  The course
would consist of one lecture per week and certain
assigned practical periods;
7. that in conjunction with P.E. 346 a Ski Camp be conducted on Grouse Mountain during the first week of
May for students who wish to oualify for the Friday, August 26, 1949     1532
Instructor's Certificate.  Students would be required
to pay all expenses connected with the camp except
costs of instruction.  The approximate cost to the
student would be $15.00 to $20.00.
It was noted that all changes are covered in the current
budget of the Department of Physical Education.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That these recommendations be approved.
Slavonic Studies
The following new courses, in connection with the
increased program in Slavonic Studies made possible by the
grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, were approved by the
Faculty of Arts and Science at its meeting on August 26th,
Slavonic Studies
312 Structure and Organization of the Soviet Economy
An examination of the principles and performance of
the economy of the Union of Soviet Socialistic
Republics with particular reference to planning
agencies. 3 units.
314 National Income of the Soviet Union
An analysis of investment, saving and consumption in
the Soviet economy.  Consideration will be given to
government policies concerning the determination of
commodity prices, monetary problems and taxation.
3 units.
412 The Theory of the Soviet State
The origin and development of political theory in
the USSR: the Russian interpretation of dialectical
materialism; the Soviet challenge to the West.
3 units.
318 Early Russian Literature
The course will aim at an understanding of the Friday, August 26, 1949     1533
social pattern of Muscovy as mirrored in the secular
and spiritual literature: part of the time will be
devoted to an introduction to Old Church Slavic.
3 units.
320 Polish Literature
Selected readings of Polish classical literature with
main stress on 19th century writers.       3 units.
502 Comparative Slavonic Philology Part II
A further examination of morphemes, accentology and
advanced studies in etymology and semantics; a
research theme will be assigned to each student.
3 units.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the additional courses in Slavonic
Studies listed be approved.
From the Faculty of Law
Dean Curtis presented a. report of the Faculty of
Law on Sessional examinations for the First and Second Years
for the Session 1948-49, including a recommendation that the
following students be required  to withdraw from the Faculty
First Year      Linden J. Bell
G. W. Duncan
J. H. Long
M. A. MacDonald
D. A. Nicolson
M. A. Smith
Second Year     C. H. Smith
Dean Curtis  )
Prof. Kennedy)  That the report presented be adopted.
Reports of Committees
PrizesT Scholarships and Bursaries
Summer Session Awards Friday, August 26, 1949      1534
The Chairman reported that recommendations for
Summer Session Scholarships were not available since it had
been impossible for the Committee to examine the Summer
Session results in the time at their disposal.
Dean Gage  )
Prof. Biely)  That the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships
and 3ursaries be authorized to release the
names of winners of Summer Session
Scholarships, together with other Fall
New Awards
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. Western
Branch Fellowship
A request of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Western Branch, for the following changes in the terms
of the fellowship bearing the name of the organization, was
presented to Senate for approval:
"That the #1,000.00 Fellowship be replaced by two
$500.00 Fellowships, these to be a vailable not
only to graduates in courses allied to Forest^/
but also to graduates in Forest Pathology and
Forest Entomology."
"In consideration of worthy cases, these Fellowships
may be supplemented at the discretion of the
Executive Committee, Canadian Pulp and Paper
Association, Western Branch."
Dean Gage       )
Prin. K.E. Taylor)  That these changes in the
terms of award be approved.
Crystal Dairy Limited Scholarship
For the information of Senate it was reported that
an award was available for certain students in the Occupational Course in Agriculture through the Crystal Dairy Friday, August 26, 1949      1535
Limited, and that the fallowing Calendar statement would be
inserted in the section dealing with awards made by other
institutions but announced by the University.
The Crystal Dairy Limited of Vancouver offers
for annual competition a scholarship to the amount
of the tuition fees for the Occupational Course in
the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of
British Columbia.  This award v/ill be made to a
member of the Boys' and Girls' Clubs organized by
the Provincial Department of Agriculture.  To be
eligible for consideration, an applicant must be
at least seventeen years of a.^e and must be a member
of a regularly organized Dairy Club in the Lower
Eraser Valley during the year in which the award is
made.  The award will be made on the basis of ability
and proficiency in the club programme and the need
of the student.  Applications must be submitted to
the Supervisor of Boys' and Girls' Clubs, 404 West
Hastings Street, Vancouver, not later than July 15th.
Selection of the winner will be made,by a panel of
judges consisting of the Manager of Crystal Dairy
Limited, the Supervisor of Boys' and Girls' Clubs,
and the two Assistant District Agriculturists in the
Fraser Valley, acting under the chairmanship of the
Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries of the University.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus spoke with reference to certain degrees
already approved by Senate and offered to Dr. A.E. Richards,
Dr. Homer Thompson, Mr. Alfred Rive and Mr. Dana Wilgress.
Both Dr. Richards and Dr. Thompson expect to be present for
the Fall Congregation.  Since it is unlikely that either
Mr. Rive or Mr. Wilgress could be in Vancouver on October
26th, 1949, the Committee asked for authorization to offer
t^ese degrees in absentia, should it prove desirable.
The Committee further recommended that the degree Friday, August 26, 1949      1536
of LL.D. , honoris c__i_sj_, be conferred on the following
participants in a Legal Symposium to be held at the University
at the time of the Autumn Congregation:
Dean Frederick C. Cronkite, University of Saskatchewan
Dean E.N. Griswold, Harvard Law School
Dean Vincent C. MacDonald, Dalhousie Law School
Professor Hughes Parry, University of London
Dean Cecil A. Wright, University of Toronto
Dean Angus)
Dr. Lord  )  That the report of the Committee
on Honorary Degrees be adopted.
Speaker for Autumn Congregation
The Chairman asked permission to deal with an item
placed later on the Agenda, speaker for the Autumn Congregation, and reported that no one had been invited to give this
address pending a decision of the Committee responsible for
the details of the Legal Seminar as to whether or not the
Congregation Address should be the opening paper in their
series.  If it is decided to have a different theme for
Congregation, the President suggested that either Dr. Thompson,
Professor Parry or Dean Griswold be invited to speak.  The
matter was left for action by the appropriate parties.
Professors Emeriti
The Secretary read a letter from the Chairman of
the Committee on Professors Emeriti presenting the following
"That Dean F.M. Clement be appointed Dean Emeritus
of Agriculture;
"That Professor A.F.B. Clark be appointed Professor Friday, August 26, 1949      1537
Emeritus of French;
"That Professor Frank E. Buck be appointed Professor
Emeritus of Horticulture;
"That Professor O.J. Todd be appointed Professor Emeritus
of Classics."
Dean Curtis  )
Prof. Kennedy)  That the report of the Committee
on Professors Emeriti be adopted.
Correspondence Courses and Evening Classes for Credit
A letter, dated August 25th, 1949, from the
Director of the Department of University Extension, giving a
brief report on the progress made in connection with the organization of correspondence and extra-mural courses for
academic credit was read.  In addition mimeographed data,
CorrForm 1, 2 and 3, being suggestions for preparing
correspondence courses for the authors and supervisors of
the courses, and outlined regulations for the correspondence
and extra-mural courses, prepared by the Department of University Extension was circulated to Senate.  It was noted that
arrangements to offer the following five courses by October
1st, 1949, were going forward:
Correspondence Courses
English 200, A Survey of English Literature
Psychology 301, Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
History 304, Mediaeval Europe 500 - 1300 A.D.
Extra Mural Classes
Geography 201, Human and Economic Geography
English 411, The Drama to 1642
Dean Chant moved and the meeting agreed that a letter of
congratulation be sent to Dr. Shrum and the Department of Friday, August 26, 1949     1538
University Extension on the preparation and organization of
these courses.
Dean Gage brought up a question under consideration
by the Committee on University Extension as to the use of the
term "Correspondence" and the advisability of calling all
such courses "Extra-Mural".  The Chair asked Dean Gage to
bring in a further report from the Committee on this question.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported on activities of Victoria College
and Professor Wallace presented a number of pamphlets on the
Evening Division, Victoria College, for the academic year
1949-50, for distribution to the members of Senate.
Corre spondence
Board of Examiners, re additional Senior Matriculation
A letter, dated August 18th, 1949, was received
from the Executive Secretary of the Board of Examiners,
Department of Education, with reference to the Senior
Matriculation Scholarship report approved July 23rd, 1949-
Mr. Donald Ashley Cooper and Miss Lorna Roberta Dyck tied
for the award to be granted the candidate "of next highest
standing in all school districts of the Province other than
School Districts Nos. 39, 40, 41, 44, 45" with an average
of 87.9%.
Consideration was asked of the possibility of
granting a special scholarship to Mr. Peter Michael Claxton, Friday, August 26, 1949     1539
a totally blind student who completed Senior Matriculation
this year.  Because Mr. Claxton wrote French 101 in 1948 he
was not strictly eligible for consideration as a scholarship
candidate although he wrote five Senior Matriculation subjects
in June, 1949, and obtained an average of 77.8%.
It was also noted that no candidate fulfilled the
requirements for University Entrance Scholarship in Area I
and so no award would be required.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Lord )  That two additional scholarships be
granted from the University Bursary
Fund, and that this recommendation be
forwarded to the Board of Governors.
Lorraine Watt, re tenure University Entrance
Scholarship at Victoria College
A letter, dated August 3rd, 1949, was read from
Miss Lorraine Watt, winner of a University Entrance
Scholarship for School Districts Nos. 62-74, asking for
permission to attend Victoria College under this scholarship.
Dean Gage   )
Prof. Kennedy)  That permission to take up this
scholarship at Victoria College
be granted.
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy
A letter, dated May 17th, 1949, from the Chairman,
Committee on Pharmaceutical Education and Research, of the
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy was read
expressing gratification on the graduation of the first class
of pharmacists from the University of British Columbia. Friday, August 26, 1949      1540
P.M. Flather,^permission to use student records
A letter, dated August 8th, 1949, was read from
D.M. Flather asking permission to use the student records
at the University of British Columbia of science teachers
in the high schools of British Columbia.  It was noted that
the data would form part of a thesis towards Mr. Flather's
Ph.D. degree at the University of Washington.
Mr. Wood     )
Dean Finlayson)  That this permission be granted.
H.E. Arnold, re Honorary M.A. Degree
A letter, dated May 25th, 1949, was read from
Mr. Hugh E. Arnold with reference to his suggestion that
the University of British Columbia adopt the English
custom of conferring on suitable persons a minor degree,
such as the M.A. honoris causa, in cases where the higher
degree might not be thought justified.
Dean Curtis)
Dean Chant )  That this letter be referred to the
Committee on Honorary Degrees for reply.
Other Business
Dean Gage asked if the August meeting of Senate
could convene in future at the call of the Chair, to give
more opportunity for tabulating of marks after the Summer
Session.  This matter was left for discussion by the
President, the Secretary of Senate and the Deans.
The President stated that the report of the Friday, August 26, 1949      1541
Department of University Extension had been received and would
be available for distribution to Senate shortly.
For the information of Senate the President
reported on developments in connection with the 'War Memorial
Gymnasium.  Tenders received on this building ranged from
#850,000 to $890,000.  Since only $750,000 is available some
revision of the original plans will be necessary.
The meeting adjourned.


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