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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1963-12-18

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 Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3316
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia for the Session 1963-64 was
held on Wednesday, December 18, 1963, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President J. B. Macdonald (in the Chair),
Mrs. H. F. Angus, Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Dr. A. E. Birney,
Rev. J. Blewett, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. J. F. Brown, Dr. W. A.
Bryce, Mr. F. L. Burnham, Mr. K. P. Caple, Mr. A.W.R.
Carrothers, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. I. McT.
Cowan, Dean B. A. Eagles, Mr. H. Elder, Dr. J.F.K. English,
Dean W. H. Gage, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. H. B. Hawthorn,
Mr. W. E. Ireland, Dr. J. A. Jacobs, Dr. S. M. Jamieson,
Dr. F. H. Johnson, Dean S. W. Leung, Mr. S. L. Lipson,
Mr. R. R. Loffmark, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary,
Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Dean A. W. Matthews,
Mr. D. F. Miller, Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. D. C. Murdoch,
Dean D. M. Myers, Dr. K. D. Naegele, Rev. W. Nicholls,
Mr. E. P. Nicol, Dr. J. M. Norris, Acting-Dean V. J. Okulitch,
Dr. M. A. Ormstoy, Mr. H. N. Parrott, Dean G. N. Perry,
Dr. J. Ranz, Dr. W. Rototoins, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dr. R. F. Sharp,
The Honouratole James Sinclair, Dean F. H. Soward, Dr. T.M.C.
Taylor, Mr. E.C.E. Todd, Dr. F. Turnbull, The Honourable
Mr. Justice D. R. Verchere, Mr. F. E. Walden, Dr. H. V. Warren,
Dr. R. W. Wellwood, Dean T. G. Wright, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky,
Dr. K. F. Argue and Dr. J. K. Friesen. M
Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3317
Messages of regret for their inability to toe
present were received from Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross,
Mr. W. T. Brown, Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Mr. J. S. Keate, Dr. H. L.
Keenleyside, The Honouratole Mr. Justice N. T. Nemetz,
Dr. A. J. Renney, Dr. B. Savery, Rev. W. S. Taylor and
Mr. A. A. Webster.
Minutes of the Previous
Dean Perry )
Dr. English) That the minutes of the second
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1963-64, held on Octotoer
23, 1963, toe adopted as circulated,
Recommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
Definition of Faculty
The Committee appointed to prepare a definition
of Faculties recommended that each Faculty should consist of:
The President
The Dean of the Faculty
The Dean of Inter-Faculty
and Student Affairs
The Dean of the Faculty
of Graduate Studies
The Librarian
ex officio
In the case of the Faculty of Graduate Studies: all
full-time Professors, Associate Professors and
Assistant Professors teaching graduate courses or
supervising graduate theses. In the case of all
other Faculties: all full-time Professors, Associate
Professors and Assistant Professors provided for
in the toudget of the Faculty.
Such other persons as the Faculty shall appoint in
conformity with rules determined by the Faculty and
approved by the Senate. Wednesday,  December 18,  1963 3318
Dean Myers)
Mr. Bowers) That Senate approve this composition
of the Faculties of the University
of British Columbia.
Membership of the Faculty
of Graduate Studies
Dean Soward then presented the recommendation of
the Faculty of Graduate Studies which had been deferred
from the previous meeting, "that all Instructors and
Lecturers actively engaged in the supervision of graduate
studies be made members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies".
He commented that this would add only three or four persons
each year to the memtoership of his Faculty.
Dean Soward)
Dr. Norris ) That memtoership in the Faculty of
Graduate Studies include all
Instructors and Lecturers actively
engaged in the supervision of
graduate studies.
Other Items arising from
the Minutes of the
Previous Meeting
Upon recommendation of the Senate Executive
Committee, it was agreed that consideration of representation
on Senate from the British Columtoia Teachers' Federation
should toe deferred to a later meeting, and that consideration
of a proposed change in name of the Department of University
Extension should be deferred pending further study of the
function of the Department in relation to this and other
universities. Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3319
Proposals re Changes in
In introducing this item, the President stated it
had been traditional for a series of recommendations as to
changes in curriculum to appear on the agenda of Senate in
December. However, at the February meeting in 1963, the
Senate had approved recommendations that changes in curriculum
be discussed by the Faculties during the spring and presented
to Senate in May, to become effective in September of the
following calendar year if the necessary budgetary provisions
were made in the meantime.
Moreover, in May of 1963 the Senate had established
a moratorium on the introduction of new courses or new
programmes of study requiring additional funds.
Although the Senate Executive Committee was recommending approval of certain proposals from the Faculties,
this could be only approval in principle pending the lifting
of the moratorium, except for such changes as could be put
into effect without additional cost.
Department of Economics
and Political Science
It was agreed that a recommendation from the
Faculty of Arts and the Senate Executive Committee that a
Department of Economics and a Department of Political Science
be formed from the present Department of Economics and
Political Science, should be referred back to the Faculty of
Arts for further information on any changes contemplated in Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3320
programme, and costs (tooth short-term and long-term) of
establishing the new Departments.
Master's Degree Programmes
The Senate Executive Committee had recommended
approval of a programme in Geophysics leading to the degree
of Master of Applied Science, and discontinuance of the
Master of Arts degree programmes in Bacteriology and
Immunology, Biology, Botany, Genetics, Pharmacology, Physics
and Zoology. The Executive Committee recommended also that
consideration of programmes leading to a Master of Arts in
Theatre and a Master of Music should toe deferred to the next
meeting of Senate since they could not be implemented while
the moratorium was in effect.
Dean Myers)
Mr. Lipson) That the proposal with respect to
the degree of Master of Applied
Science in Geophysics be referred
to the Faculty of Applied Science
for consideration.
Dean Soward)
Dr. Bryce ) That the Master of Applied Science
degree in Geophysics be approved.
Dr. Cowan  )
Dr. Okulitch) That consideration of the Master's
degree programmes in Theatre and
Music toe deferred, and that the
Master of Arts degree programmes
in the seven fields indicated toe
Carried. Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3321
Proposed Fine Arts
Studio Programme
The proposed Fine Arts Studio programme, leading
to a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, which had been approved
in principle in May, 1962, was returned for detailed consideration. The Senate Executive Committee had recommended
that this consideration toe deferred until the Curriculum
Committee of the Faculty of Arts had examined possible
overlap with courses presently being offered in other
Faculties.  Dr. McGregor stated that the Curriculum
Committee had ascertained from members of the Department of
Fine Arts that they were opposed to any form of collaboration
with other Faculties in the presentation of this programme.
Dean Chant added that the programme would be
expensive in terms of both money and space.
Dr. Belshaw)
Dean Gage ) That consideration of the proposed
Fine Arts Studio programme be
deferred until such time as the
Curriculum Committee of the Faculty
of Arts has completed its
examination of the possible overlap
with courses presently toeing
offered in other Faculties.
In amendment, it was moved
Mr. Nicholls)
Mr. Elder  ) That the proposed Fine Arts Studio
programme toe referred toack to the
Faculty of Arts for further
consideration and report on its
financial implications in so far
as that information is availatole.
Dr. McGregor stated that the Faculty of Arts
Curriculum Committee had toeen of the opinion that priorities Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3322
in funds and space were involved, and that these were
beyond the jurisdiction of a single Faculty. The President
pointed out that Senate could not make sound decisions
without knowing the financial implications.
The original motion, as amended, was then carried.
Other Proposals re
A number of other proposals for new courses, and
changes in courses and curricula, recommended toy the various
Faculties, had toeen forwarded toy the Senate Executive
Lengthy discussion followed, during which some of
the protolems arising from a moratorium extending beyond one
session were presented. Dr. Hawthorn commented that enrolment varied from year to year among Departments; he felt
the Deans should have some latitude in allocating funds to
Departments and authorizing changes in curriculum depending
upon their actual enrolment. Dr. Cowan stated that new
staff memtoers had to toe appointed to handle increasing
teaching loads and larger classes; these appointees could
not toe retained indefinitely if not given the opportunity
to instruct in their field of specialization. Dean Soward
felt that available courses in Graduate Studies should toe
listed in the Calendar, even if they were not offered each
year, in order to attract students from other universities. Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3323
Dr. McGregor)
Dr. Okulitch) That the recommendations from the
Faculties as to new courses and
changes in curriculum be approved
in principle sutoject to funds
becoming available and sutoject to
a lifting of the moratorium, and
that the Dean of each Faculty and
the Registrar be authorized to
admit courses to the Calendar if
they are substitutions for other
Notification of the
Granting of Faculty Status
Senate received for information a report that the
Faculty of Forestry had granted Faculty status for the
Session 1963-64 to Mr. 0. Sziklai, and the Faculty of Arts
to Mr. George Woodcock.
Effect of Moratorium on
Graduate Programmes
The Senate Executive Committee had forwarded a
resolution from the Faculty of Graduate Studies
"That this Faculty renews its request to Senate to
consider especially those departments in the
Faculty of Graduate Studies whose graduate programmes
are in the process of development and the effect on
them of the moratorium, when giving further consideration to the continuance or cessation of the
In view of the earlier comments on the effect of
the moratorium, this resolution was received for information.
Reports of Committees
Summer Session
The preliminary list of credit courses approved
for the 1964 Summer Session by the Committee was circulated Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3324
at the meeting. The President suggested that memtoers of
Senate might give some thought to whether or not all these
courses were appropriate to a University; and if some of them
were offered as part of a teacher-training programme,
whether or not they should receive credit towards a
University degree. Although these questions could not be
considered prior to the coming Summer Session, they should
be borne in mind for future discussion.
The Summer Session Committee had recommended also
that Summer Session supplemental examinations toe held in
Decemtoer rather than in July.
Dr. Cowan)
Dean Gage) That the recommendations of the
Summer Session Committee toe
approved, on the understanding
that changes may be made in the
list of credit courses to be
offered in the 1964 Summer Session.
Prizes. Scholarships
and Bursaries
A list of new scholarships and toursaries, and
increases in value of awards, had toeen circulated.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Soward) That the following new awards and
changes in awards toe approved, and
that appropriate letters of
appreciation toe sent to the donors.
Allstate Insurance Co. Bursary
A toursary of $100.00 will toe awarded annually to
a student in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration, entering either the third or
fourth year, who has good scholastic standing,
shows an interest in the area of insurance and risk
management, and is in need of financial assistance. 1
Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3325
Granville Mayall Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship of $300.00 has been established
toy the friends of the late Granville Mayall with
the assistance of the Automotive Transport
Association of B. C.  The scholarship is offered
annually to graduate or undergraduate students in
Commerce and Business Administration.  It is
awarded on the toasis of academic standing,
personal qualities and interest in the field of
transportation.  It is expected that the student
will undertake a paper in the area of transportation.
The Janine Elizabeth d'Estrube Scholarship
This scholarship, established by Dr. and Mrs.
P. F. d*Estrube, is dedicated to the memory
of their young daughter Janine Elizabeth in
recognition of her particular sensitivity to,
and love for, music.  It will be awarded annually
toy the Department of Music to a student of
woodwind instruments, preferably the clarinet.
The selection will be based on performing
ability, scholarship, financial need, and
promise of success.
The Douglas. Symes & Brissenden Bursary
in Law
A bursary of $300.00, gift of the firm of
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden, Vancouver, is
offered annually in the Faculty of Law.  It
will be awarded to a student who has good
academic standing, shows promise of success
in legal studies, and needs financial assistance.
The Stephen Kenneth Nelson Memorial
This scholarship was established by friends
and classmates of Stephen Kenneth Nelson, who
graduated in Geological Engineering from the
University in May, 1963, and tragically lost
his life while engaged in survey work in August
of the same year.  It serves to pay tribute,
not only to his fine academic record, but also
to his outstanding personal qualities. This
scholarship will be awarded on the recommendation
of the Department to a member of the Dawson Club
entering the Final Year of Mining Engineering,
Geological Engineering or Geology, whose over-all
qualifications are considered to toe the most
outstanding. Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3326
Dr. H. B. King Memorial Scholarship in Education -
increased in value from $150.00 to $300.00 annually.
B. C. Federation of Women Doctors Scholarship in
Medicine - increased in value from $50.00 to
$100.00 annual1y.
Western Plywood Company Limited Bursaries -
increased in value from $250.00 to $400.00 total
Cunningham Prize in Pharmacy - increased in value
from $50.00 to $100.00.
The William Eugene Maclnnes Memorial Scholarship -
increased in value from $200.00 to $250.00.
The Mary Stewart Maclnnes Memorial Scholarship -
increased in value from $200.00 to $250.00.
The W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship in Physics and
Mathematics - increased in value from $200.00 to
J. Ewart Collins Memorial Scholarship - increased
in value from $100.00 to $250.00 annually.
British Columtoia Sugar Refining Company Limited
Scholarships - increased in value from total of
$2,500.00 to $3,500.00 annually.
The Association of Professional Engineers* Prizes -
increased in value from $25.00 to $50.00 each,
annually (six prizes)
Macmillan Company of Canada Prizes in Creative
Writing - increased in value from $50.00 to $100.00
each, annually (two prizes)
The Frank de Bruyn Memorial Prize - increased in
value from $50.00 to $100.00 annually.
Shell Canada Fellowship for Research - increased
in value from $1,800.00 to $2,250.00 annually.
Professors Emeriti
The Committee on Professors Emeriti and the Senate
Executive Committee had recommended that emeritus status at
the rank indicated toe conferred on the following memtoers of Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3327
Faculty who had retired, or had reached retiral age:
Dr. J. Allardyce - Professor Emeritus of Biology and
Botany (effective Decemtoer 31, 1963)
Mr. J. H. Creighton - Professor Emeritus of English
Mr. A. H. Finlay - Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering
Dr. G. H. Harris - Professor Emeritus of Horticulture
Miss Ruth Humphrey - Associate Professor Emeritus of
English (effective Decemtoer 31, 1963)
Mr. F. M. Knapp - Professor Emeritus of Forestry.
Dr. Gitoson)
Dean Gage ) That emeritus status be conferred
as recommended.
Interpretation of Policy
on Leave of Absence
As indicated at the previous meeting, the Senate
Executive Committee had referred to the Board of Governors
the question of whether memtoers of Faculty elected to Senate
as Faculty representatives were eligible to attend Senate
meetings while on leave of absence.
Since Faculty memtoers on leave of absence had
given up their University responsibilities for the period
of their leave, the Board had ruled:
"That Faculty members on leave of absence be not
eligible to attend meetings of the University
Senate or University committees for the period
of their leave; and that Faculty members on
leave of absence for a period of four months or
longer be replaced for the period of leave by
other eligible members of Faculty on Senate or
University committees of which they are members."
The Senate Executive Committee had recommended
that in so far as Faculty members elected to Senate as
Faculty representatives were concerned, the Chairman of
Senate should be authorized to appoint replacements from the 1
Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3328
appropriate category for such memtoers if they were granted
leave of atosence for a period of four months or longer; and
that these appointments should toe terminated when the members
on leave returned.
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Belshaw)
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Belshaw)
That memtoers of Faculty elected to
Senate toy individual Faculties or
by the Joint Faculties, if granted
leave of absence from the University
for four months or longer, toe
replaced on Senate toy other eligible
members of Faculty, these replacements to be made toy the Chairman of
Senate for the appropriate category
of Senate membership; and that these
replacements on Senate be terminated
when the member on leave of absence
returns to his University duties.
That the Chairman of Senate appoint
a small committee to prepare a
statement for the Board of Governors
on its ruling with reference to
leave of absence, calling attention
to some of the difficulties which
might arise if it is not interpreted
Proposals for Changes in
Requirements for Admission
and Re-admission to the
A sub-committee of the Senate Executive Committee,
consisting of Dean Gage, Dr. Chapman and the Registrar,
had, at the request of the President, reviewed requirements
for admission to the University. The report of the suto-
committee had toeen presented to the Senate Executive
Committee, and the following modified proposals were Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3329
recommended to Senate:
To toe eligible for admission a student must have
full standing on High School Graduation (University
Programme) of British Columbia.  (Students from outside
British Columbia are required to present a minimum
standing equivalent to Grade 13 B.C.). The University
will admit, however, only those students whose records
indicate that they have a reasonable chance of success.
The University will accept, to the first year of
University following Grade 12, students in the
following categories:
(a) students from an accredited secondary school who
are recommended in each subject of Grade 12 on first
(b) students who obtain on first attempt an average
of 60$ in a full set of examinations (English 40,
literature and language, and the terminal examinations
in three major subjects) conducted by the B. C.
Department of Education;
(c) students selected from those who do not come in
categories (a) and (b) tout whose overall secondary
school records, in the opinion of the University, are
(a) A student who passes in fewer than six units (two
courses) in the first year of University following
Grade 12 will not be permitted to re-enrol at
University to repeat the studies of that year.
Consideration will be given to re-admitting a student
in this category following his satisfactory completion
of Grade 13 or its equivalent. A student who passes
six units, while not receiving credit in the year, may
re-enrol on probation to repeat his studies but during
the subsequent session may be required to withdraw at
any time for unsatisfactory progress.
(to) A student in the First Year who obtains credit for
only nine units on a full programme will toe re-admitted
on probation tout during the subsequent session may be
required at any time to withdraw for unsatisfactory
(c) A student at any level of University study who
fails for a second time,whether in repeating a year or
in a later year, will be required to withdraw from the
University; he may toe re-admitted after a period of at Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3330
least one year if his appeal to Senate is supported
by the Committee on Admissions of the Faculty concerned
and upheld by Senate."
In presenting the recommendations to Senate, the
President stated that he did not fully agree with them.
He outlined admission requirements for other Canadian
provincial universities, most of which specified a minimum
standing of 60$, in some cases from Senior Matriculation.
Although British Columbia students entering with 60$
standing had a reasonable expectation of achieving some
credit in their First Year, they had little hope of receiving
full credit unless their Grade 12 average was 65$ or higher.
In general, he felt these recommendations were a step in the
right direction, but would not exclude many students who
were likely to have poor academic records at the University.
With respect to the proposals on re-admission,
the President quoted data for the years 1957 to 1961.
During these years, 746 students passing fewer than six
units in First Year had re-enrolled at the University; of
these, only 158 had passed their year on the second attempt.
Although a few students achieved success after early difficulties, the President felt that the majority of students
with poor records, and the University, suffered if these
students were permitted to re-register. He pointed out
that the fees paid by these students met only one-fifth of
the cost of maintaining them at the University. The Alma
Mater Society, in a letter to the Board of Governors, had
recommended raising of the entrance standards. Wednesday, Decemtoer 18, 1963     3331
The President believed that low academic standards
which had prevailed in many Canadian universities were an
illustration of a country-wide apathy, apparent in many
other aspects of national life also - e.g., low level of
support for research, failure of the business community to
take steps to develop the secondary industries which it
admitted were needed, emigration of well educated and highly
trained Canadians to countries providing better opportunities.
His own opinion was, as recommended originally
toy the sub-committee, that a student who passes in fewer
than nine units in the first year of University following
Grade 12 should not toe permitted to re-enrol at the
University to repeat the studies of that year.
Dean Gage expressed his conviction that this
would not be the last change in admission requirements.
However, the regulations approved by Senate in February,
1963, with respect to higher academic standing for admission
to the University, had been approved on the understanding
that they would be instituted when additional facilities at
the Grade 13 level were available in the Province. Dean
Gage did not believe that these additional facilities would
be available by September of 1964. The criteria for selecting
students "whose overall secondary school records, in the
opinion of the University, are satisfactory" would be based
on actual results obtained by students in attendance in
1963-64. Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3332
In commenting on the proposals with respect to
admission, Dr. English stated that he did not believe it
was feasible to develop Grade 13 unless large classes and
adequately trained teachers were assured, and unless good
libraries and laboratories were available. Within the next
four or five years, junior colleges, the Institute of
Technology and vocational programmes would probably attract
many students who would otherwise be seeking entrance to a
University.  His Department hoped to have completed a reorganization of the secondary school programme by 1967, at
which time the group preparing for entrance to the
universities and the academic programmes in the junior
colleges would be more highly selected than at present.
Mrs. Angus suggested that the Academic Board
might be asked to make a careful study of admission standards
for the universities.
Mr. Ireland pointed out that, since only 50$
standing was required for admission from Grade 13 to the
University, the University was in effect forcing a growth
of Grade 13 which was generally regarded as undesirable.
The Registrar stated that eventually a study would be made
of academic performance in Grade 13 and admission to the
University from that level.  However, at present students
completing Grade 13 had no avenue of continuing their
education other than the University, whereas those completing
Grade 12 had alternatives for their next year if they did
not qualify immediately for admission to the University of
British Columbia. Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3333
Dr. Robbins)
Dr. Cowan  ) That the recommendations of the
Senate Executive Committee on
admission to the University from
British Columbia Grade 12 be
approved, effective in September,
With reference to the proposed regulations for
re-admission, Dr. Norris stated that students not eligible
to repeat First Year University, who were re-admitted
following satisfactory completion of Grade 13, were generally
of inferior academic quality and did not reach acceptable
standards in their Second Year University courses. Dean
Gage felt that re-entry to the University should not toe
denied these students until there were alternative opportunities for them to continue their education.
Dr. McGregor expressed the opinion that University
standards were normally judged not by the admission
regulations, or records of First Year students, but toy the
calibre of the  graduates.
Dr. Gibson suggested that the proposals with
respect to re-admission might be approved and announced now,
to take effect as of July 1, 1965.  He suggested also that
the University of British Columbia might introduce University
Entrance examinations entirely separate from those of the
Department of Education.
The extended discussion of the proposals on
admission and re-admission included urging by Dr. Sharp
that the procedures for evaluating First Year students be 1
Wednesday, December 18, 1963     3334
re-examined, and that failure rates toe reduced to
correspond with the raising of admission standards; by
Dr. Cowan that examination methods and teaching standards
be scrutinized, particularly toy the Department Heads and
Deans; and toy Dr. Belshaw that the actual mechanics of
handling large classes (including teaching methods and
examinations) toe studied.
Mr. Bowers)
Dr. Norris) That in clause (a) of the proposals
for re-admission to the University,
the phrase "fewer than six units"
toe changed to "fewer than nine units",
and that appropriate changes be made
as required in the other sections of
the proposals.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Gibson) That the recommendations of the
Senate Executive Committee on
re-admission of students, as
presented, be approved, effective
in Septemtoer, 1964.
In reply to a query from Mr. Todd, Dean Gage
affirmed that these regulations would not affect Faculties
which already had more stringent regulations for re-admission.
In view of the late hour, the Senate agreed to
defer other items on the agenda to the next regular meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m.


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