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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1951-02-14

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 Wednesday, February 14th, 1951.  1677
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia, for the Session 1950-51,
was held on Wednesday, February 14th, 1951, at 8:00 p.m.,
in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  Dean W. H. Gage (in the Chair), Dean
L. Besley, Mr. Jacob Biely, Mr. Darrell Braidwood, Dr. V. C.
Brink, Mr. F. j. Burd, Mrs. J. H. Creighton, Dr. Roy
Daniells, Dr. C. E. Dolman, Dean B. Eagles, Mr. H. 0. English,
Dr. J. M. Ewing, Dr. R. E. Foerster, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dr.
Lawren Harris, Major H. C. Holmes, Dr. R. D. James, Mr.
G. D. Kennedy, Dr. R. B. Kerr, Mr. F. M. Knapp, Brig. S. Lett,
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. «. R. McDougall, Dean H. J.
MacLeod, Dean M. D. Mawdsley, Mr. J. F. Muir, Miss Florence S.
Mulloy, Dr. R. C. Palmer, Dr. L. E. Ranta, Mr. F. Read, Dr.
T. M. C. Taylor, Mr. F. A. Turnbull, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Mr.
R. T. D. Wallace, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dean M. M. Weaver, Dr.
E. V. White, Dean E. L. Woods, Dr. C. A. H. Wright.
Regrets for their inability to be present were
received from Dr. MacKenzie, Dean Chant, Dean Angus, Dr.
K. E. Taylor, Dr. W. S. Taylor and Mr. Caple.
The Chairman extended a welcome to Dr. Lawren
Harris as a new member of Senate.
Mr. Braidwood)
Mr. Read    ) That the minutes of the second regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
I95O-5I be taken as read and adopted.
Carried. 1
Wednesday, February 14th, 195L
From the Board of Governors
The Annual Financial Report for the year ending
March 31st, 1950, accepted by the Board at its meeting on
October 30th, was received for the information of Senate.
Mr. Kennedy )
Dr. Foerster) That the Annual Financial Report be
received and filed in the Registrar's
Office for reference by members of
Approval of Reoommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
on January 3rd, 1951, had approved the establishment of
the following Schools, approved by Senate on December 13th,
School of Nursing
School of Education
School of Home Economics.
It was further noted that the Board, at its meeting on
January 29th, 1951, had set the effective date for the
establishment of the following Departments as Schools, as
shown below:
School of Social Work - August 29th, 1950
School of Commerce - August 29th, 1950
School of Home Economics - January 4th, 1951
School of Nursing - January 4th, 1951
School of Education - January 4th, 1951.
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
also on January 3rd, 1951* had approved the establishment
of a course in Hospital Administration and certain course
changes in the Faculty of Arts and Science and in the Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1679
Faculty of Law, as approved by Senate on December 13th, 1950.
Approval of New Awards, Subject
to Approval of Senate
The Board of Governors on January 3rd, 1951,
accepted the following awards, subject to the approval of
The John MacRae Memorial Bursary
B. C. Coast Woods Trade Extension Bureau Prizes
in Architecture
The Mrs. Evelyn Stewart Hamilton McLennan Bursaries
The Vancouver Registered Nurses Award .
The British Columbia Electric Railway Company Limited
Fellowship in Agriculture
Renewals and increases of amount (as listed in Report
of Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries)
reported later in these minutes.
Re Length of the Fall Term
The Board of Governors at its meeting on January
29th referred to Senate for consideration the following
"That the suggestion that the Fall Term at the
University of British Columbia be lengthened be
referred to Senate for consideration."
Brig. Lett)
Dr. Wright) That this matter be referred to the
Faculties for consideration and report
to the Senate.
Dr. James requested that it be noted that the
proposal to lengthen the Fall Term was related to the problem
of Christmas examinations now being investigated by a Committee Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1&80
appointed by the President and that the findings of this
Committee be forwarded to the Faculties with the above
From the Faculties
Faculty of Forestry
The Faculty of Forestry, on February 1st, 1951,
recommended that Dr. George Allen be nominated as representative of the Faculty on the Library Committee to replace
Mr. Harry 0. Haines for the remainder of the Session 1950-51.
Mr. Kennedy       )
Dr. T. M. 0. Taylor)  That this recommendation be
Faculty of Medicine
Further to the resolution received from the Board
of Governors at the meeting of Senate on February 15th, 1950,
with regard to certain Divisions or Departments within the
Faculty of Medicine,
Dean Weaver)
Dr. Ranta  ) That Senate formally advise and consent
to the establishment of the following
Departments within the Faculty of
Medicine: Anatomy, Biochemistry,
Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Pathology, Pediatrics, Physiology,
Calendar. 19 51-52
Before introducing the next item on the agenda,
the Calendar for 1951-52, the Chair asked the Secretary to
read a letter from the Secretary of the Faculty Association, Wednesday, February 14th, 1951
transmitting to Senate the following resolution passed
unanimously by the Association at a special meeting held
on February 8th, 1951:
"THAT the Faculty Association forward a recommendation to Senate and the Board of Governors asking
them to consider the inadvisability of introducing
new courses of study at increased cost at a time
when Faculty salaries remain at their present
unsatisfactory level."
In this connection,
Dr. James  )
Dr. Daniells)
Dr. James  )
Dr. Volkoff)
That the Chair appoint a Committee to
investigate new courses and possible
duplication in existing courses with
a view to eliminating unnecessary
offerings, and report to Senate.
That in view of the indications that
budgets of existing Faculties, Schools
and Departments are to be substantially
cut, Senate request the Board of
Governors to give special attention to
proposals for new courses and fields
of study before authorizing financial
The Calendar material for Arts and Science was
presented, together with a mimeographed summary of proposed
Dr. Daniells    )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Arts and Science
as submitted be approved.
The Calendar material for Physical Education and
the Schools of Commerce, Education, Social Work and Home
Economics was then considered. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1682
Mr. McDougall)
Mr. Wallace  ) That the Calendar material for this
Department and these Schools be
Dean MacLeod presented the Calendar material for
Applied Science (Engineering).
Dean MacLeod)
Dr. Warren ) That the Calendar material for this
section of the Faculty of Applied
Science be approved.
Dean MacLeod presented the Calendar material for
the Schools of Architecture and Nursing.
Dean MacLeod)
Dr. Dolman  ) That the material submitted for
these Schools be adopted.
Dean Eagles presented the Calendar material for
Dean Eagles)
Mr. English)  That this material for the Faculty of
Agriculture be approved for the Calendar.
The Chairman reported that there were no changes
from the current session in the Calendar material of Law
and of Pharmacy.
Dean Weaver presented the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Medicine.
Dean Weaver)
Dr. Ranta  ) That the approval of Senate be given to
this material submitted for the Calendar.
Carried. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1683
Dean Besley presented the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Forestry, together with a recommendation of
the Faculty that the following course be approved, effective
in the present Session:
Forestry 306. (2) Elementary Forest Mensuration. Units
of tree and forest product measurement,
use of instruments, log scaling, timber
cruising, application of volume and
yield studies, collection and analysis
of field data. Textbook:  Chapman and
Meyer, Forest Mensuration. (1-2) (1-2)
Dean Besley )
Dr. Foerster)  That the Calendar material in Forestry
and the recommendation of the Faculty
re Forestry 306 be approved.
The Calendar material for Graduate Studies was
received.  It was noted that this included the proposal of
a course leading to the degree of Ph.D. in Clinical
Psychology and new courses leading to the degree of M.A. in
Anatomy, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Clinical
Dr. Volkoff)
Dean Eagles) That the material submitted for the
Faculty of Graduate Studies be adopted.
Brig. Lett )
Mr. Kennedy) That in submitting the Calendar material
the Board of Governors be informed that
all new courses (other than replacement
courses) included in the Calendar
material as approved by Senate are
recommended subject to the condition
that financial provision has been or
can be made for such courses without
detriment to courses presently offered.
Carried. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1684
Mr. Braidwood)
Maj. Holmes  ) Whereas Senate is apprehensive of
financial limitations affecting the
University Curriculum, be it resolved
that a Senate Committee be appointed
to review all courses offered or
proposed to be offered in the curriculum
with a view to evaluating the importance
and necessity of such courses in the
University Curriculum.
Requirements for University Entrance
and Senior Matriculation, 1952
The Secretary noted that the only changes proposed
in the "Requirements" for 1952 were the dropping of Economic
History from the Senior Matriculation programme, and
editorial revisions to bring the course numbers and other
details into conformity with the new High School Programme
of Studies and with regulations in the University Calendar.
Mr. Wallace     )
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor) That the "Requirements for University Entrance and Senior
Matriculation, 1952" be approved,
as indicated, and that the Chair
be authorized to approve any
further minor changes that may be
Courses for Summer Session, 1951
The following courses proposed for the Summer
Session, 1951, were received from the Summer Session
Anthropology 401 - Indians of British Columbia (3 units)
Bacteriology 201 - Introductory Bacteriology (3 units)
Biology 100 - Introductory Biology (3 units)
Biology 330 - Principles of Genetics (3 units)
Chemistry 100/1 - General Chemistry (3 units)
Chemistry 200 - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
(3 units) Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1685
Chemistry 300 - Organic Chemistry (3 units)
Commerce 251 - Fundamentals of Accounting (3 units)
Commerce 471 - Business Finance (3 units)
200 - Principle of Economics (3 units)
310 - International Trade (3 units)
509 - High School Methods (4£ units)
521 - Philosophy of Education (3 units)
522 - The Secondary School (1^ units)
529 - Educational Psychology (3 units)
532 - Psychology of Adolescence (It units)
550 - Introduction to Guidance (lj$  units)
551 - Counselling Techniques (li units)
560 - Teaching in the Secondary School (l£ units)
58I - Methods in Educational Research (1§ units)
100/1 - Literature and Composition (3 units)
200 - Literature (3 units)
406 - Studies in English Poetry (3 units)
421 - Theatre Practice (3 units)
408 - Elizabethan Literature (3 units)
428 - American Literature to I865 (3 units)
101 (3 units)
French 202 (3 units)
♦French 403 - Course for Teachers (3 units)
Geography 101 - Elementary Physical Geography (3 units)
- Human and Economic Geography (3 units)
- Human and Political Geography (3 units)
Main Currents in Twentieth Century History
(3 units)
♦History 317 - The Southwest Pacific (3 units)
History 417 - Economic History of Western Europe Since 1500
(3 units)
Linguistics 319 - General Introduction to Modern Linguistic
Science (3 units)
Mathematics 200 - Algebra and Geometry (3 units)
Mathematics 205 - Elementary Statistical Analysis (3 units)
Mathematics 300 - Calculus (3 units)
Philosophy 100 - Introduction to Philosophy (3 units)
Philosophy 304 - Social Philosophy (3 units)
Physical Education - Men
Gymnastics (1 unit)
Basketball (£ unit)
Minor Games (£ unit)
Dance (1 unit)
Track and Field (£ unit)
Geography 201
Geography 307
German 100 (3
History 101 -
Physioal Education -
Physical Education
200 -
210 -
218 -
241 -
450 -
Individual Games (f unit)
Dance (1 unit)
Team Games (1 unit)
Individual Games (£ unit)
Physical Education 460 - Organization and Administration
of Physical Education (2 units)
221 -
Physical Education 241 -
Physical Education 311 -
Physical Education 321 -
Physical Eduoation (Men and Wednesday, February 14th, 1951   1686
Physical Education 470 - Health (2 units)
Physics 100/1 - Elementary Physics (3 units)
Physics 200 - Mechanics, Heat and Molecular Physics (3 units)
Political Science 330 - History of Political Thoughts
(3 units)
Psychology 100 - Introductory Psychology (3 units)
Psychology 201 - Social Psychology (3 units)
Psychology 202 - Psychology of Adjustment (3 units)
Sociology 335 - Ethnic and Status Groups (3 units)
Slavonic Studies 203 - Russian Reading and Conversation
(3 units)
Spanish 201 (3 units)
*  Courses offered for the first time.
Of the above list, English 406 and History 317 are new
courses proposed to meet the wishes of visiting lecturers,
and French 403 is a new course proposed at the suggestion
of the Provincial Department of Education to meet the
requirements of teachers of French. None of these will be
offered in the Winter Session.
Mr. McDougall)
Major Holmes ) That the courses proposed for the
Summer Session 1951 he approved.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships, Bursaries
and Loans
The following new awards were recommended in
accordance with the terms specified:
This Fellowship of $800.00, the gift of the British
Columbia Electric Railway Company Limited, will be
available for a student proceeding to a graduate
degree in Agriculture at this University. The
recipient of this award will be chosen on the basis
of scholastic record and promise of ability in
research by the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes
Scholarships, and Bursaries, in consultation with
the research committee of the Dean of Agriculture. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951   1687
An award of $250.00, provided by the Vancouver
Chapter of the Registered Nurses' Association of
British Columbia to encourage post graduate studies,
is available for students in the Teaching and
Supervision course of the School of Nursing at The
University of British Columbia. Both degree and
certificate students are eligible.  In order to
permit the winner to obtain further practical
experience before continuing her studies, the award
may be claimed up to three years from the date of
A bursary of $100.00, established as a memorial to
the late Mrs. Evelyn Stewart Hamilton McLennan,
will be available each year for a period of five
years.  In each year, the award will be made to a
student of a different faith. This bursary, provided
by a donation from Mr. I. J. Klein of Vancouver, will
be open to students in any year and faculty who have
good scholastic standing and are in need of financial
Prizes to the total of $250.00, the gift of the
B. C. Coast Woods Trade Extension Bureau, are
available annually in the School of Architecture
as follows:  (a) for the best set of wood
construction details and working drawings in
connection with a design project in Second Year
Architecture, a first prize of $75.00 and a second
prize of $25.00; (b) for a special design project
in the Fourth and Fifth Years of Architecture in
which the use of wood as a building and design
medium would predominate, a first prize of $100.00
and a second of $50.00.
A bursary of $150.00 will be awarded annually
from the proceeds of an endowment made by Mrs.
John MacRae to commemorate the ideals of her
husband, who was among the early practitioners
of pharmacy in this community. The award will be
made to a student of good academic standing, in
the Faculty of Pharmacy, who is in need of financial
assistance and whose qualities of character indicate Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1688
that he will regard his profession as a means of
public service.  It is the donor's hope that the
recipient, without obligation, will in due course
assist others in a similar manner.
(Note:  amount of endowment $5,000.00)
This scholarship of $100.00, the gift of the Osier
Society of Vancouver, will be awarded annually, after
the establishment of the full four-year course in
Medicine at the University, to the student or students
who are proceeding to the Fourth Year and who, in the
opinion of the Faculty, have the most outstanding
records in the study of Internal Medicine. Pending
the establishment of the four-year course, the award
will be made in the Session 1950-51 for the best
record in Physiology, and in the Session 1951-52 for
the best record in Pathology.
Prizes to the total of $150.00, the gift of the
H. R. MacMillan Export Company Limited, are available annually for students registered in the Fourth
Year of Agricultural Mechanics.  These prizes will
be awarded, on the recommendation of the Department,
to the students submitting the best reports on an
assigned study involving the use of Douglas Fir
plywood for agricultural purposes. Details of the
study to be undertaken may be obtained from the
Head of the Department of Agricultural Mechanics.
A bursary of $30.00, the proceeds from a play
performed by Second Year students under the
direction of members of the Department of French,
will be available for a student who has completed
French 202 and who proposes to specialize in
French in his Third Year. The award will be made
to a student who has good academic standing and
needs financial assistance.
A bursary of the annual value of $100.00, the gift
of Mr. Esmond Lando, Vice-President of Queen Charlotte
Airlines, will be awarded to a student registered in
the Third Year of the School of Commerce, and requiring
financial assistance to enable him to continue studies
at the University.  In making this award, consideration
will be given to the academic record of the applicant
and his interest in Air Transportation. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1689
It was reported that the Calendar statement for
the B. C. Electric Company Service Award in Home Economics,
approved by Senate at its meeting on December 30th, 1950,
had been confirmed by the donor.
It was reported that the various awards listed
below had been increased in value:
The Phil Wilson Bursary (British Columbia Loggers'
Association)    - From $225.00 to $300.00
The International Student Service (U.B.C. Branch)
Bursary Fund    - From $400.00 to $500.00
Faculty Women's Club Bursary - From $75.00 to $125.00
University Women's Club Bursary - From $100.00 to $200.00
University Women's Club General Bursary
- From $100.00 to $200.00
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Bursary - From $50.00 to $75.00
Canadian Industries Limited Fellowship
- From $750.00 to $1,000.00
(The additional $250.00 is for department expense)
Triple Entente Chapter. I.O.D.E., extra bursary to
the amount of $50.00 provided, making total
It was reported that the following awards,
donated through the Plimsoll Club and originally given for
one year, had been renewed:
Dale and Company Limited: scholarship $250.00
Louis Wolfe and Sons (Vancouver) Limited:
bursary 300.00
North Pacific Shipping Company Limited:
scholarship 25O.OO
Anglo Canadian Shipping Company Limited:
bursary 300.00
Empire Shipping Company Limited:
scholarship 25O.OO
Seaboard Shipping Company Limited:
scholarships 300.00 Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1690
Canada Shipping Company Limited:
scholarship $250.00
Canadian Stevedoring Company Limited:
bursary 300.00
The Hon. Clarence Wallace, C.B.E.:
scholarship 250.00
Empire Stevedoring Company Limited:
bursary 300.00
International Paints (Western) Limited:
scholarship 125.00.
Mr. Kennedy )
Dean Mawdsley) (1)  That the new awards and Calendar
statements described be approved and
that appropriate letters of thanks be
sent to the donors; and (2) that the
increases in and the renewal of awards
be acknowledged with thanks.
It was reported by the Chairman that the Director
of University Extension recommended the awarding of four
bursaries in an amount equivalent to the fees for the
course in the Summer School of the Theatre. The bursaries
would be charged to revenue from the course.
Mr. Kennedy )
Dean Mawdsley) That the establishment of these
bursaries be approved, subject to
the approval of financial arrangements by the Board of Governors.
The following bursaries and scholarships had
been awarded as shown, on the approval of the President,
and were reported to Senate for information:
The B. C. Credit Union League
Bursary, $100.00 - Ronald H. Duff
The Road Builders and Heavy
Construction Association
Scholarships, $250.00 each - John S. Wood
Keith Jamieson Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1691
The Best Mimeograph and
Printing Company
Bursaries, $125.00 each- Marcel A. Huel     ) Awarded jointly
Walter Gordon McOuat) $62.50 each
Leonard Koole
Honorary Degrees
In the absence of the Chairman of the Committee
on Honorary Degrees, the Secretary, D@an Mawdsley, presented
a recommendation that at the Annual Spring Congregations
honorary degrees be conferred upon:
1. Dr. Ralph Bunche, if he is able to be in Vancouver
at the time to receive his degree in person;
2. Dr. Isabel Maclnnes;
3. Mr. Bruce Hutchison.
It was noted that Mrs. Nancy Hodges, Speaker of
the British Columbia Legislature, whose name had been
previously proposed for an honorary degree, would not be
able to be present at the Spring Congregation. The Committee,
therefore, suggested that her name be held over for
appropriate action when she might be able to be present.
It was assumed that the recipients of honorary
degrees would be divied between the two degree ceremonies
and that Dr. Maclnnes would be honored on the day on which
the new Women's Residences would be formally opened.
Dean Mawdsley)
Dr. Foerster ) That the degree of LL.D. honoris
causa be conferred at the Spring
Congregation upon Dr. Ralph Bunche,
Dr. Isabel Maclnnes, and Mr. Bruce
Hutchison, and that the President be
authorized, upon recommendation of
the Committee, to poll the members of
Senate in reference to any other name
which might be proposed in substitution
for Mrs. Hodges or for Dp. Bunche, if
he is unable to attend.
Carried. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1692
The suggestion that the degree of Doctor of Letters might
be conferred upon Mr. Hutchison instead of that of Doctor
of Laws was referred to the Committee on the understanding
that, if recommended, the members of Senate would be polled
for approval of the change.
Hoods for New Degrees
Dr. Daniells, Chairman of the Senate Committee on
Academic Colours, presented the following recommendations:
1. That the colour for the Faculty of Medicine be
a Green approximating No. 22NE in the Colour Harmony
Manual; and
2. That for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a
twisted cord of White and University Blue be
added to the present hood.
Dr. Daniells )
Dean Mawdsley) That these recommendations be
Library Committee
It was agreed that the Twenty-first Report of the
Library Committee be referred again to the next meeting of
Senate for discussion, if desired.
President's Committee on Athletics
It was reported that the Committee had met with
the students to consider the questions of an Athletic
Director and of Athletic Scholarships, and that reasonable
progress was being made. These matters were being considered
by a Sub-Committee and a report would be forthcoming in due
course. Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1693
Annual Keport of Department of
University isxtension
The Annual Report of the Department of University
Extension, which had been circulated to the members of Senate,
was tabled for discussion at the next meeting.
Report of Personnel Office on
Summer Testing
The Report on Follow-up from Summer Testing, 1950,
had been circulated to the members of Senate previous to
the meeting.  It was agreed that this be left over for
consideration at a later meeting.
Speakers for Spring Congregation
The matter of obtaining Speakers for the Spring
Congregations was raised.
Mr. Read )
Mr. Knapp)  That this be left to the Chair.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported that the financial problems
of the College for the coming year had been solved. The
necessary reduction of the Faculty would be accomplished
without hardship in view of the retirement at the end of
June of two senior members, Professors Cunningham and
Black. Further reference to their services would be made
at the meeting of Senate in May.
A letter, dated January 10th, 1951, was received Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1694
from Bishop Martin M. Johnson of Nelson, requesting the
affiliation of Notre Dame College at Nelson with the
University of British Columbia.  It was suggested that this
matter be referred to a Committee to be set up by the Chair,
on the understanding that Dean Angus, who is Chairman of
the existing Senate Committee on Catholic Education, would
be asked to serve on the proposed Committee.
Dr. Ewing )
Mr. Kennedy) That the appointment of a Committee
in accordance with this suggestion be
left in the hands of the President.
A letter, dated January 3rd, 195l» was received
for the information of Senate from Professor J. »*. Neill,
advising that the American Rose Society had designated the
Rose Garden at the University of British Columbia as an
Experimental and/or Display Garden of the American Society,
for 1951.
Letters of acknowledgement from Mrs. G. Schinbein,
Mr. J. Phillipson, Dr. J*. E. Foerster, Dr. Lawren Harris,
were received for information and ordered filed.
Other Business .
In further reference to the critical situation
that would result from a decrease in the University budget,
as forecast: Wednesday, February 14th, 1951  1695
Mrs. Creighton)
Dr. Warren   ) That the members of Senate wish to
assure the Board of Governors that
they are ready to co-operate in any
way which the Board might suggest or
find useful in bringing the seriousness
of this matter to the attention of the
Brigadier Lett expressed the opinion that it was
most important that no publicity be given to this matter
at the present time.
In connection with the resignation of the
University Librarian, Dr. Leslie W. Dunlap, to accept a
position as Associate Professor in the University of
Illinois Library School,
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor)
Dr. Daniells    ) That Senate express to Dr. Dunlap
its appreciation of his services
during his term of office as
Librarian and its regret at his
Dean Eagles)
Brig. Lett,) That the meeting adjourn.
t-^y oc-eu^*.* cA^- • ^~*~-Mg_t


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