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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1978-11-15

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Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
The Third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia for
the Session  1978-79 was held on Wednesday, November   15,   1978 at 8.00 p.m. in the
Board and Senate Room.
Present: President D. T. Kenny (Chairman), Mr. J. B. Barnett, Mr. W. H.
Birmingham, Mrs. M. F. Bishop, Dr. E. V. Bohn, Dr. C. B. Bourne, Miss M. F. Boyle,
Dr. K. T. Brearley, Mr. T. W. Breen, Dr. T. H. Brown, Mr. W. G. Burch, Rev. P. C.
Burns, Mr. D. A. Coulson, Dr. J. G. Cragg, Dr. J. Dahlie, Mrs. L. Daniells, Dr. J. D.
Dennison, Dr. A. J. Elder, Dr. C. V. Finnegan, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Mr. D. Gillespie,
Mr. R. H. Goodwin, Ms. P. Gouldstone, Dr. A. G. Hannam, Dr. T. D. Heaver, Mr. A.
Hedstrom, Dr. J. M. Houston, Dr. F. R. C. Johnstone, Dr. L. D. Jones, Dr. W. M.
Keenlyside, Dean W. D. Kitts, Dr. H. C. Knutson, Mr. J. Kulich, Mr. F. Lee, Dr. D.
Lupini, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Dean K. M. Lysyk, Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Ms. C. E.
McAndrew, Mr. W. A. McKerlich, Dr. J. H. McNeill, Mr. J. F. McWilliams, Rev. J. P.
Martin, Mr. R. K. Miller, Acting Dean A. D. Moore, Mr. I. S. Moss, Miss M. J. Nelson,
Mr. C. Niwinski, Dr. R. A. Nodwell, Dr. J. F. Richards, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dr. S. 0.
Russell, Mr. M. M. Ryan, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr. M. Shaw, Dr. J. G. Silver, Mr. D. W.
Smith, Dr. R. H. T. Smith, Dr. G. J. Spitler, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. 0. Sziklai, Mr. G. A.
Thorn, Mr. L. Valg, Dean G. M. Volkoff, Mrs. J. C. Wallace, Miss C. L. V. Warren, Mr. E.
Warren, Dean W. A. Webber, Dean R. M. Will, Dr. M. D. Willman, Dr. J. L. Wisenthal.
Observer:  Mr. J. A. Banham
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from Chancellor
J. V. Clyne, Dean G. S. Beagrie, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dean P. A. Larkin, Mr. J. M.
Maclntyre, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. V. C. Runeckles, Dr. R. F. Scagel, Mr. K. Suleman.
Minutes of the previous meeting
Dr. Richards   ) That the minutes of the Second regular meeting of
Dr. Knutson   ) Senate   for   the   Session    1978-79,   having   been
circulated, be taken as read and adopted.
Carried 7077.
Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
Senate membership
Mr. T. W. Breen, student representative for the Faculty of Science, will replace
Mr. Bruce Armstrong for the remainder of the one-year term ending March 1978.
Business arising from the Minutes
At the previous meeting Senate conferred upon Mr. Donovan Miller the rank of
Chancellor Emeritus. The Chairman read to Senate a letter from Mr. Miller in which he
expressed his sincere appreciation.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the proviso that none of the programs be implemented without formal
reference to the President and the formal agreement of the President; and that the
Deans and Heads concerned with new programs be asked to indicate the space
requirements, if any, of such new programs.
(i)       New courses and course changes recommended by the Faculty of Arts.   (P.7070—4)
(ii)     New courses recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  (P.7074-5)
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Senate was informed that The Mollie Cottingham Scholarship, details of which
were shown on the agenda, had been withdrawn temporarily and would be resubmitted at
a later date.
Candidates for Degrees
Mr. Warren )       That  the candidates for degrees as approved by
Dr. Keenlyside ) the Faculties be granted the degrees for which
they were recommended, subject to any necessary
adjustments in the lists to be made by the
Registrar in consultation with the Deans
concerned and the Chairman of Senate.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee (See Appendix)
Dr. Wisenthal presented the report. The committee recommended approval of: a
new course, Mathematics 111, submitted by the Faculty of Science; a Special
Program for Intending Secondary School English Teachers submitted by the Faculty of
Arts; new courses and course changes submitted by the Faculty of Applied Science;
new courses submitted by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration; a
new course and course change submitted by the Faculty of Medicine; and a course
change submitted by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 7078.
Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee (continued)
Dr. Wisenthal explained that Mathematics III, approval of which had been
withheld at the previous meeting, was now being submitted as a three unit course
with the proviso that Faculties that required Mathematics 12 for admission to First
Year would grant Ife units of credit for this course towards a degree.
Referring to the proposal of the Faculty of Arts to offer a Special Program for
Intending Secondary School English Teachers which would equip students to enter
Fifth Year Education, Dr. Wisenthal explained that approval was being recommended
with the proviso that there be an entry in the Calendar stating that due to possible
restrictions in enrolment students taking this program would not be guaranteed a
place in the Faculty of Education.
It was also noted that a proposed change in the description of the Fourth Year
Civil Engineering Program had been withdrawn by the Faculty of Applied Science and
would be submitted at a later date in a modified form.
Dr. Wisenthal ) That the proposals submitted by the Faculties of
Dr. Dahlie       ) Applied  Science,  Arts,  Commerce  and  Business
Administration, Medicine, Pharmaceutical
Sciences and Science be approved.
Continuing Education
The annual report of the Centre for Continuing Education 1977-78 had been
circulated together with reports on continuing education programs in Commerce,
Health Sciences and Social Work.
Dr. MacDougall presented the following report of the Committee, which had
been circulated:-
"I. The reports make clear the immense contribution that this University makes to
the intellectual life of the province - over and above the traditional on—campus,
credit programs. The total registrations are as follows: (previous year's
registration shown in parentheses)
Centre for Continuing Education 35,436 (33,777)
Health Sciences 11,246 (8,515)
Commerce (Executive programs) 2,030 (   1,895)
Commerce (Real Estate division) 3,612 (  3,359)
Commerce (Diploma division) 4,585 (  4,425)
Social Work 965* (   1,440)
57,874 (53,011) 7079.
Wednesday,   November   15,   1978.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Continuing Education
"I.   (continued)
*The number given for 1977-78 does not include those attending seminars and
workshops organized by the School of Social Work in other B.C. centres. The
1976-77 total of 1440 included 807 attending such programs.
You should note too that these figures do not include the 8,699 (8,396) students
also registered for courses offered by the University through the Office of
Extra-Sessional Studies. This is the subject of a separate report to this meeting
of Senate.
2. During the year the government established the Open Learning Institute. It will
offer programs in Arts and Science to students living in the interior of B.C. It is
still not clear how the programs of the Open Learning Institute will affect this
University's activities in the interior. The Interior University Programs Board
has been dissolved but we anticipate that the Universities Council will continue
to fund our existing activities in the interior - at least for the present. Indeed
we would hope that the Universities Council will encourage the expansion of our
activities in the interior. Many of our faculties - apart from Arts and Science -
offer credit and non-credit programs outside the lower mainland. An expansion
of these programs would be perfectly consistent with the development of the
Open Learning Institute. The Senate Committee on Continuing Education will
continue to work closely with the President's Committee on Interior Programs,
chaired by Professor Shearer. In the report of the Centre you should note p. 46
which sets out the geographical location of the programs offered by the Centre.
3. Some of the significant developments referred to in the Centre's report for
1977-78 that should be mentioned are:
(i) the development of the Language Institute (pp. 14-15). This
involved three different elements - (a) a T.V. pilot project on
teaching English to immigrants developed for the Ministry of
Education; (b) the French language program; and (c) the English
language program which, last summer, hosted 100 school
teachers from the Province of Quebec.
(ii) the expanded activities of the Women's Resources Centre (p. 19).
The number of women using this service almost doubled from the
previous year.
(iii) the self-help housing and solar energy programs (described on
pp. 11-12).
(iv) the major conferences administered by the Centre including "the
Anthropology of the Unknown", "Ibsen Conference" and "The
Symposium on Ecological Classification of Forest Lands in
Canada and the Northwestern United States".
Both the Division of Continuing Education in the Health Sciences and
Professional Programs of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
reported that their programs were offered more widely throughout the province.
You should note in particular the description of the executive programs in the
report of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. In the Health
Sciences the Division of Continuing Education is now working in co-operation
with Regional Directors. 7080.
Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Continuing Education  (continued)
"5. The new developments should not distract us from the more substantial, and
permanent, continuing education activities of this University. These activities
form a large, and growing, part of the University's activities. It seems unlikely
that this trend will be reversed. The Senate Committee intends to review the
developments that are taking place and to suggest policies which should guide the
University in its continuing education activities."
The Chairman expressed thanks and appreciation for the work done by the
Committee and paid tribute to Mr. Kulich, Director of the Centre for Continuing
Education, in stating that few Universities in North America have programs as
extensive as those of the Centre.
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Proposal to grant B.Com. degree - special case
Dean Lusztig explained that under the present regulations in order to obtain the
degree of B.Com. combined with the degree of LL.B. a student must have completed
the pre-Commerce year, the first three years in the Commerce and Law option in the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and the first two years in the
Faculty of Law. This privilege was restricted entirely to students who completed
their Law studies at U.B.C. The Dean explained that this privilege should be
extended to students who accept a Rhodes Scholarship to take legal studies at Oxford
Dean Lusztig ) That Rhodes scholars previously enrolled  in the
Mr. Warren     ) combined B.Com./LL.B. degree program who had
successfully completed their Third Year
Commerce requirements, be awarded the B.Com.
degree on evidence of satisfactory completion of
two years of legal studies at Oxford University.
Faculty of Medicine
Department of the History of Medicine and Science changed to a Division
Dean Webber explained that the proposal to change the Department of the
History of Medicine and Science to a Division had been reviewed by a committee
before being approved by the Faculty of Medicine.
It was explained in the material submitted to Senate that the History of Medicine
and Science was considered to be an important function of the Faculty and that the
outstanding collection of medical and scientific historical material should be
maintained. It was not considered appropriate, however, for administrative purposes,
that it be maintained as a Department. A director would be appointed with an
academic appointment in a suitable department. 7081.
Wednesday,  November  15,   1978.
Faculty of Medicine
Department of the History of Medicine and Science changed to a Division  (continued)
Dean Webber ) That the Department of the History of Medicine
Dr. Shaw        ) and   Science   henceforth   be   designated   as   the
Division of the History of Medicine and Science in
the Office of the Dean of Medicine.
Motions by Mr. Warren
Student Membership on the Senate Nominating Committee
At the previous meeting Dr. Stager, Chairman of the Nominating Committee,
informed Senate that there had been no response to a call for nominations for a
student representative on the Nominating Committee and recommended that the
membership of the Committee for the 1978-79 Session remain as at present with only
one student representative.  Senate approved the recommendation.
Mr. Warren, Law student and student representative on the Nominating
Committee, explained to Senate that when the call for nominations had been sent out
the only student representative interested in serving on the committee was another
Law student and at that time it had seemed that it would be preferable to have a
student from another Faculty. Consequently no nominations had been submitted.
However, since the previous Senate meeting Mr. Frank Lee, Education student
senator, had expressed an interest in serving on the Nominating Committee.
Mr. Warren       )        That   Frank   Lee   be   appointed   to   the   Senate
Mr. Hedstrom  ) Nominating Committee.
Dean Will stated that he thought the motion was out of order since at the
previous meeting a motion had been passed to the contrary.
The Chairman stated that he was willing to accept the motion.
The Chair was challenged but the challenge was lost.
During the following discussion Dr. Bourne expressed concern that the
established procedures for filling vacancies on the Nominating Committee were not
being adhered to and recommended that the matter be referred back to the Senate
Nominating Committee.
Dean Riedel   ) That the question of filling the student vacancy on
Miss Warren  ) the  Senate  Nominating  Committee   be  referred
back to the Senate Nominating Committee.
Carried 7082.
Wednesday,  November  15,   1978.
Motions by Mr. Warren  (continued)
Ad hoc Committee on Bachelor's Degree Granting Policy at U.B.C.
Mr. Warren     ) That   Senate   set   up   an   ad   hoc   committee   to
Mr. Niwinski  ) investigate and report on the bachelor's  degree
granting policy of the University. The terms of
reference to be the present regulations and
policies, as enunciated in the Calendar and
elsewhere, regarding the granting of the Bachelor
of Arts, the Bachelor of Science and other similar
degrees; and, without restricting the generality
of the foregoing, in particular the following
(1) should some degree of competence in a
language other than English be required for
these degrees;
(2) should more exposure to the Sciences
(including Mathematics) be required in
non-Science degree programs;
(3) should some degree of competence in
communication in both written and spoken
English be demanded beyond that which is
presently required; and
(4) should the University institute a "General
Studies" bachelor's degree wherein a student
may have a free choice of courses.
Although some members supported the concept of the motion others felt that
such matters were the concern of the individual Faculties and that it would be futile
to establish a committee with such a wide mandate and with no specific sense of
The motion was lost.
Academic Year 1979-80
A draft of the section of the Academic Year for inclusion in the Calendar had
been circulated for information.
Attention was drawn to the date on which the second term usually begins, ln some
years the date was around the 3rd or 4th of January which was inconvenient for those
students whose families lived out of town. It was suggested that in future it would be
better if classes could start a few days later.
Attention was also drawn to the date that Geological Sciences students begin
Field School in the Fourth Year Program since last year many students found they had
some examinations scheduled after the commencement of the Field School and had
difficulty in trying to re-schedule these examinations. The Registrar agreed to look
into this matter. 7083.
Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
Report of the Director of Extra-Sessional Studies 1978
The report of the Director of Extra-Sessional Studies had been circulated for
information.   Tribute was paid to the work done by the Director and his staff.
Other business
Faculty of Education - change in admission requirements
The Agenda Committee recommended that proposed changes in admission
requirements be referred to the Admissions Committee before discussion by Senate.
Dr. Finnegan ) That     the     recommendation     of    the     Agenda
Mr. Warren     ) Committee be approved.
University Bookstore
Dr. Wisenthal drew Senate's attention to the report of the ad hoc Committee on
Bookstore policy submitted to Senate on May 25, 1977. Several resolutions were
passed at that time and Dr. Wisenthal requested the President to report on action
taken on the recommendations of the committee. The President agreed to report
back at the next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 9.45 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 1978.
Chairman 7084.
Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
Course and curriculum proposals
Applied Science
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
New course
Electrical Engineering
New course
Engineering Physics
APSC 260 - change in description and hours
CHML 250 - change in hours
CIVL 365 (I)  Basic Concepts of Water and Wastewater
CIVL 375 (2) split into two courses, now:
CIVL 375 (I)  Optimization in Civil Engineering
CIVL 495 (I)  Decision Analysis in Civil Engineering
CIVL 265 - change in description
ELEC 478 (I fe) Introduction to Computer Graphics
ELEC 475 (2) split into two courses, now:
ELEC 464 (I) Micro/Mini-computer System Design
ELEC 466 (I) Digital Signal Processing Systems
ELEC 485 (2) split into two courses, now:
ELEC 484 (I) Models of Electrical, Mechanical,
Ecological and Feedback Control Systems
ELEC 486 (I) Optimization Methods for Systems Design
ELEC 475 and 485
PHYS 480 Seminar
Special Program for Intending Secondary School English Teachers
The program involves 6 units of English in the second year and 18 units in the third
and fourth years combined.
Second Year:
English 201 (Major Authors)
English 202 (Canadian Literature) 7085.
Wednesday,  November   15,   1978.
Special Program for Intending Secondary School English Teachers (continued)
Third and Fourth Years:
English 304 (Advanced Composition)
English 329 (Modern English and its Background)
To be taken in the third year
English 330 (3 unit seminar in Practical Criticism)
English 365 (Shakespeare)
Three units of pre-1800 literature
One survey course (3 units) in the 19th or 20th
centuries.  (British or American literature)
Note: Students are advised to include a course in Biblical and Classical
Backgrounds in their undergraduate program (e.g. English 203, English
311, Classical Studies 310). English 203 (Biblicol and Classical
Backgrounds) may be substituted for English 202 in the second year
provided English 420 (Canadian Literature) is taken in the third or fourth
year. In the third year, Creative Writing 301 (Writing techniques) may be
substituted for English 304 provided an English course in the literature of
the 17th to the 20th centuries is added to the normal requirements of the
New courses COMM 423 (I fe)  Grievance Administration
COMM 441 (I fe)  Advanced Business Logistics
Deletion COMM 190
New course MICB 722  Microbial Infections
Change BIOC 412 Biochemistry Conferences - changed from
elective to compulsory course for first year
students for academic year 1978/79
Change PHAR 454 - change in unit value (now 2 units) and
New course MATH III (3)  Elementary Calculus


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