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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1960-12-14

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 Wednesday, December 14th, 1960   2894
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1960-61 was
held on Wednesday, December 14th, 1960, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean G.S. Allen, Dean G.C Andrew, Mrs. H.F. Angus, Mr. W.M.
Armstrong, Rev. J. Blewett, Mrs. T.R. Boggs, Very Rev. II.
Carr, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Mr. M. Collins,
Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Dean B.A. Eagles, Dr. G.R. Elliott,
Dr. W.H. Gaddes, Dean W.H. Gage, Dr. W.C Gibson, Mr. B.C
Gillie, Mr. C.C Gourlay, Mr. G.C. Hacker, Mr. J.N. Hyland,
Mr. W.E. Ireland, Dr. R.D. James, Dr. F.H. Johnson, Dr. J.
E.A. Kania, Mr. J.S. Keate, Dr. J.L. Keays, Mr. F.M. Knapp,
Mr. S.L. Lipson, Dean H. McCrae, Dean J.F. McCreary, Dr. J.R.
Mcintosh, Dr. A.D. McKenzie, Dean A.W. Matthews, Dean D.M.
Myers, Mr. E.P. Nicol, Mr. H.N. Parrott, Dean G.N. Perry, Dr.
A.J. Renney, Mr. J.V. Rogers, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dean N.V. Scarfe,
Dean G.M. Shrum, Dean F.H. Soward, Rev. W.S. Taylor, Mr. E.C.E.
Todd, The Honourable Mr. Justice D.R. Verchere, Mr. R.T.D.
Wallace, Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Dr. D.M. Whitelaw, Dr. K.F. Argue,
Mr. N. Harlow, Mr. J.F. McLean and Dean E.D. MacPhee.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Mr. K.P. Caple, Dean G.F. Curtis,
Mr. L.J. Ladner, Mr. F.A. Morrison, Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Dr. W.
Robbins, Mrs. F.M. Ross, Dr. G.M. Volkoff, Mr. A.A. Webster,
Mr. H.C Wilkinson and Dr. S.H. Zbarsky. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2895
The President expressed regret for any
inconvenience suffered by members of Senate through the
change in date of the meeting from December 7th to 14th.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Soward)
Dean Andrew)  That the minutes of the second regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1960-
61, having been circulated, be taken as
read and adopted.
Chairmanship of Senate Executive
Senate agreed with a suggestion from the President
that Dean Andrew, who had been acting as Chairman of the
Senate Executive Committee, should be formally appointed to
that position.
Business Arising from the Minutes
Proposed Abolition of "Emergency"
Programme for Teacher Training
Dean Gage reported that the Joint Board of the
College of Education had concurred in the recommendation of
the Faculty of the College of Education, as reported to the
previous meeting, that the one-year "Emergency" programme in
the Elementary Teaching field should be abolished, since the
shortage of teachers appeared to be less severe than when
the programme was introduced.
Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Johnson)  That the one-year "Emergency" programme
in the Elementary Teaching field be
abolished after the end of the 1960-61
Carried. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2896
Report of Computing Centre
Dean Myers commented briefly on the report of the
activities of the Computing Centre during its first four
years.   He stated that the Centre, in co-operation with
about twenty-five University departments and a dozen outside
organizations, had assisted in some 150 projects.
Dean Andrew)
Dean Gage  )  That the report be received, with
compliments to those responsible for
its preparation.
Teaching Hours for Extra-sessional
Credit Courses
Dean Chant stated that a survey of extra-sessional
credit courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science indicated
that approximately three-fifths of them were being taught in
one three-hour period per week.  Reports from other Faculties
would be presented at the next meeting.
Membership of Committee to Consider
Proposed Courses in Religious Studies
The Committee requested by Senate at its previous
meeting to consider proposed courses in Religious Studies
had been appointed with the following membership:
Dean F.H. Soward (Chairman)
Rev. J. Blewett
Very Rev. H. Carr
Rev. W.S. Taylor
Dean G.F. Curtis
Dean H. McCrae
Dr. W.C Gibson
Dr. J.R. Mcintosh
Dr. R.F. Sharp
Mr. E.C.E. Todd
Chancellor A.E. Grauer   )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)
Dean G.C. Andrew )  Ex-officio
Mr. J.E.A. Parnall Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2897
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors on
October 31st, 1960, had approved the establishment of an
Honours programme in Theatre, the new course Theatre 449,
and the establishment of a Ph.D. programme in Civil
Engineering, as recommended by the Senate.
Acceptance of New Awards,
Subject to Approval by Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
at its meetings on October 31st and November 28th, I960, had
accepted the following new awards, subject to approval of
The T. Howard Goodwin Memorial Medal
The Richard Owen Memorial Prize
The Thea Koerner Memorial Scholarship
The Thomas Holmes Johnson Bursaries
The A.B. Wing Student Aid Bequest and Fund
The Vancouver Chinese Association of Commerce Bursary
The Johnston Terminals Ltd. Fellowship in Commerce
Aluminium Laboratories Limited Fellowship
Vancouver Hoo Hoo Club Scholarship in Forestry or Commerce
The U.B.C. Scholarship and Bursary Fund
The Seth Witton Memorial Bursary
The Edward J. Meilicke Fund (for bursaries)
The Ellen Ethel McHattie Memorial Bursary Fund
Chapter AE - P.E.O. Bursary
Acceptance of New Student Aid
Funds, and Contributions to
Existing Funds
For information of Senate, the Board reported its
acceptance of the Ernest G. Sherwood Student Aid Fund
amounting to $50,000.00, and a further contribution of
$500.00 to the Walter D. Frith Student Aid Fund. Wednesday, December 14th, I960  2898
From the Faculties and
School Councils
New Courses and Changes in
Curricula, and Calendar
Changes for 1961-62
For each Faculty in turn, the Registrar commented
on the principal changes recommended in curricula.   Full
details had been circulated to all those in attendance, and
the changes had been considered by the Senate Executive
Faculty of Arts and Science
The Faculty of Arts and Science recommended that
Asian Studies courses in the Chinese and Japanese languages
should be accepted as meeting the language requirements for
degrees given by the Faculty of Arts and Science;  and that
Asian Studies 205 and Classical Studies 331 be added to those
courses from which the required course in humanities and
social sciences might be chosen.
New Courses
Asian Studies 410 (3) - A Survey of the History of the Chinese
Communist Movement from 1921 to the Present Day
Chemistry 311 (2) - Modern Analytical Methods
German 405 (3) - Trends in the Novel of the Nineteenth and
Twentieth Century
History 427 (3) - The United States since the Civil War
Linguistics 200 (3) - General Linguistics
Mathematics 302 (3) - Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Mathematics 305 (3) - Statistics
Philosophy 212 (3) - Deductive Logic
Philosophy 422 (3) - Philosophy of Science
Physics 301 (2) - Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 303 (!) - Electronics
Physics 307 (2) - Introduction to Modern Physics
Physics 408 (2) - Fluid Flow
Psychology 206 (3) - Dynamics of Behaviour
Zoology 448 (1-2) - Directed Studies in Zoology
Physical Education 217 (i) - Social Recreation
Physical Education 225 (!) - Bowling Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2899
Recreation 495 (lj) - Field Work I
Recreation 496 (l|) - Field Work II
Courses Discontinued
French 406 (3)
History 415 (3)
Mathematics 100 (3)
Mediaeval Studies 440 (l|)
Music 305 (3)
Music 405 (3)
Physics 201 (2)
Physics 404 (l)
Physics 407 (l)
Psychology 202 (3)
Psychology 204 (3)
Theatre 404 (if)
Courses changed in Title, Description, Unit Value, Hours
or Number
Asian Studies 400
Biology 105, 500, 513
Botany 340, 535
Chemistry 310
Geography 207 re-numbered 307
Geology  304
German 401
History 312 re-numbered 212
International Studies 300
Mathematics 203
Music 402
Physics 402, 405
Psychology 201 re-numbered 308
Psychology 315, 405
Theatre 400
Zoology 400, 412, 419, 420
Zoology 411 re-numbered 311
Physical Education 260 and 360 re-numbered 360 and 260
Social Work 500
The School of Social Work proposed to insert in
the Calendar a statement concerning its Orientation
Programme, and to abolish the B.S.W. comprehensive examination.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the Calendar material for the Faculty
of Arts and Science, including the Schools
within the Faculty, be approved as presented,
subject to approval of new courses by the
Board of Governors.
Carried. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2900
The Faculty of Arts and Science had also approved a
new course in Religious Studies, which would be presented to
Senate later in the meeting by the Chairman of the Committee
on Proposed Courses in Religious Studies.
Faculty of Applied Science
The Faculty of Applied Science recommended that
the First Year should be common to all programmes;  that
Surveying should be eliminated from the work of the First
Year;  that General Geology should be advanced from Second
to First Year;  that a non-science elective should be
introduced in the Second Year, replacing compulsory English
250 (which would remain as a possible elective);  that a new
course, Materials Science (App. Sc. 278) should be added to
the Second Year;  and that the programme of the Second Year
should be common to all programmes except Chemical Engineering
and Forest Engineering.   The Faculty had also revised the
curriculum for Agricultural Engineering in the final two
years, although the programme was not being offered at the
present time.
New Courses
Chemical Engineering 250 - Material Balances
Civil Engineering 366 - Earth Pressure
Mechanical Engineering 376 - Mechanical Laboratory
Agricultural Engineering 385 - Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Engineering 450 - Agricultural Engineering
Field Trip
Agricultural Engineering 470 - Agricultural Machines
Agricultural Engineering 475 - Heat Transfer Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2901
Courses Discontinued
Agricultural Engineering 350, 360, 370
Civil Engineering 150, 160, 250, 477, 557, 562
Mechanical Engineering 457, 473
Physics 552
Courses Re-numbered
Agricultural Engineering 380 and 450 re-numbered 480 and
465 respectively
Civil Engineering 451 re-numbered 452
Mechanical Engineering 152, Civil Engineering 270 and 275
re-numbered Applied Science 152, 270 and 275, with
appropriate changes in title, etc.
Courses Changed in Titlef Description, or Hours
Civil Engineering 350, 466
Mechanical Engineering 352, 479
Dean Myers  )
Dr. Wellwood)  That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Applied Science be approved
as presented, subject to approval of
new courses by the Board of Governors.
School of Nursing
Changes were recommended in the curriculum of the
degree programme for graduates of hospital schools, in order
to bring this programme to the same level as the regular
degree programme.  The School recommended a change in title
of the Diploma Course from "Clinical Teaching and
Supervision" to "Administration of Hospital Nursing Units".
It also proposed that a "Pass" category be introduced for
the B.S.N, degree, and an "Honours" standing for graduation.
School of Architecture
The School of Architecture recommended that the
pre-term drawing school for its students should be open also
to pre-Architecture students.   The Calendar material also Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2902
included numbers and descriptions for courses approved
Dean Myers)
Mr. Lipson)  That the Calendar material for the Schools
of Nursing and Architecture be approved as
Faculty of Agriculture
Changes in Calendar material for the Faculty of
Agriculture consisted of the following:
New Courses
Animal Husbandry 318 (3) - Livestock Production and
Animal Husbandry 413 (3) - Genetics and Animal Performance
Plant Science 406 (3) - Crop Processing
Poultry Science 413 ds) - Poultry Genetics
Courses Discontinued
Agronomy 406
Animal Husbandry 324, 424
Horticulture 216
Poultry Science 300, 315
Courses Changed in Title, Description, or Unit Value
Animal Husbandry 313, 322, 418, 420
Plant Science 423
Poultry Science 400
Dean Eagles)
Dr. Renney )  That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Agriculture toe approved as
recommended, subject to approval of new
courses by the Board of Governors.
Faculty of Pharmacy
The Faculty of Pharmacy proposed that the First
Term in Third and Fourth Year Pharmacy courses should start
a week before the normal opening of the University Session. Wednesday, December 14th, I960  2903
It recommended also that students be allowed to fail 6f,
instead of 6, units before losing credit for the year;  and
that students required to repeat a year be exempted from
lectures, laboratories and examinations in subjects in which
they had made at least 65$.
With respect to supplemental examinations, the
Faculty recommended that students be allowed to write only
4f instead of 6 units of supplementals, and that a mark of
40$ in a subject with an average of at least 50$ in the work
of the year, be required before supplementals were granted.
Dean Matthews)
Dean Gage   )  That the changes in regulations for the
Faculty of Pharmacy be approved as
Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty of Medicine recommended a number of
minor editorial changes, and the following new courses:
Physiology 440 (l) - Seminar
History of Medicine and Science 301 (3) - History of Science
Dean McCreary)
Dr. Whitelaw )  That the Calendar changes for the
Faculty of Medicine be approved as
recommended, subject to approval of
new courses by the Board of Governors.
Faculty of Forestry
The Faculty of Forestry recommended reduction in
the number of elective units in the Fourth Year of the
Forest Management option from eight to seven, and the
deletion of Civil Engineering 160 from the Third Year options.
Dean Allen)
Mr. Knapp )  That these changes in Calendar material Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2904
for the Faculty of Forestry be approved
as recommended.
Faculty of Commerce and Business
The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
recommended minor changes in Calendar material, and the
introduction of t\vro new courses:
Commerce 475 (li) - Financial Institutions
Commerce 476 di) - International Financial Institutions
Dean Perry )
Mr. Gourlay)  That the changes in Calendar material for
the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration be approved as recommended,
subject to approval of the Board of Governors.
Faculty of the College
of Education
The Faculty of the College of Education recommended
that Education 206 and 208 be dropped from the Second Year
Elementary programme, reducing the requirements for the degree
from 69 to 66 units;  that a 21-unit block of courses be
required in the Third and Fourth Years of the Elementary
programme, to include a professional major with the balance
in academic courses or an academic major with the balance in
professional courses;  that a major in Russian be introduced
in the Secondary programme, that Education 520 be re-numbered
as 430, and offered as an elective in the undergraduate
programme, and that the following new courses be introduced:
Education 421 (3) - Teaching the Partially Seeing Child
Education 422 (l£) - Phonetics
Education 423 (li)   - Problems of the Deaf and Hard of
Education 424 (3) - Principles of Speech Correction Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Johnson)
Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2905
That the Calendar changes in the Faculty
of the College of Education be approved
as recommended, subject to approval of
new courses by the Board of Governors.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies recommended the
following changes in respect of courses:
New Courses
Civil Englneerin
Economics 502 (3
Economics 511
French 517 (3)
French 518 (3)
French 519 (3)
Geography 510
Geography 511
German 503
German 504
German 505
History of
Italian 515
- Transport Properties of Gases
- Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
- The Chemistry of Organo-Metallic Compounds
- Topics in Chemical Physics
564 (3) - Vibrations of Structures
- International Economic Theory
- Wage Theory and Collective Bargaining
- Monetary Theory and Central Banking Policy
- Theory and Policy of Natural Resource
- Industrial Structure and Public Policy
French Novel from 1600 to 1680
French Novel from 1680 to 1735
Language and Literature of Old Provencal
3) - Advanced Economic Geography
3) - Problems in the Geography of the
Soviet Union
Studies in Mediaeval Literature
Modern German Authors
German Expressionism
Medicine and Science 501 (l) - History of Medicine
(3) - History of the Italian Language
- The
- The
- The
(1§ or
(l| or
Italian 549 (3-6) - Master's Thesis
Mechanical Engineering 567 (l) - Engineering Rheology
Mechanical Engineering 591 (1-2) - Operations Research
Mechanical Engineering 598 (l) - Seminar
Oceanography 506 (l) - Introduction to Phytoplankton Ecology
Oceanography 507 (l) - Introduction to Zooplankton Ecology
Physics 506 (2) - Quantum Theory of Solids
(2) - Plasma Physics
Advanced Plasma Physics
- Traffic and Transportation Workshop
500 (3) - Political Theory
502 (3) - Theories of Public Administration
Theoretical Population Dynamics
Zoology 533 (2) - Problems in Wildlife Management
Physics 507
Physics 531 (l) -
Physics 532 (l) -
Planning 505 (if)
Political Science
Political Science
Zoology 527 (3) - Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2906
Courses Discontinued
Chemistry 514
Education 507, 552
Courses Re-numbered
Geology 520 divided into Geology 519 and 520
Planning 500 and 503 divided into 500 and 510;  and 503 and
504 respectively
Physics 501, 503, 504, 531 and 532 re-numbered 503, 505,
501, 547 and 508 respectively
Courses changed in Title, Description, Unit Value, etc.
Chemistry 520, 523
Economics 500
Education 533, 568
English 504, 505, 507, 510, 519, 535, 539, 540, 545
French 501
Italian 516
Mechanical Engineering 561
Metallurgy 582
Planning 520, 522
Zoology 519, 521
Dean Shrum )
Dean Soward)  That the changes in Calendar material for
the Faculty of Graduate Studies be
approved, subject to approval of new
courses by the Board of Governors.
Membership in Faculty of
Commerce and Business
For information of Senate, the Faculty of Commerce
and Business Administration reported that the following had
been granted Faculty status for the Session 1960-61:
Mr. A. Baxter
Mr. T.D. Heaver
Mr. D.L. McDonald
Mr. E.C Roper
Courses Proposed for 1961
Summer Session
A list was circulated at the meeting of credit Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2907
courses which it was anticipated would be offered at the
1961 Summer Session;
Dean Chant )
Dean Soward)  That the list of credit courses proposed
for the 1961 Summer Session be approved
as presented, subject to approval by any
other bodies concerned.
Reports of Committees
The annual report of the Librarian for 1959-60 had
been circulated prior to the meeting.   Dr. Cowan, as Chairman
of the Library Committee, commented on the improvements in
the Library and its study facilities since completion of the
new wing.   He presented the following recommendations on
behalf of the Committee:
1. That the Board of Governors be urged to increase
the annual grant for books and periodicals by $50,000.00.
2. That the necessity for additional staff positions
be emphasized because of the rapidly increasing size and use
of the Library, and the too few staff members to meet
immediate needs.
3. That the salaries of professional librarians be
revised as a means of attracting and retaining competent
staff;  and that the salary position of librarians be
reviewed and brought into as favourable a position in
relation to the faculty as existed three years ago.
4. That the proposal to increase the output of the
bindery by fifty percent be implemented as quickly as
possible, preferably by April, 1961.
Dr. Cowan  )
Mr. Ireland)  That the Annual Report of the Librarian
for 1959-60 be received, and the
recommendations of the Library Committee
be commended to the Board of Governors
for consideration.
Carried. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2908
Dean Soward)
Dr. Kania  )  That Senate express its appreciation to
the Librarian and his staff for this
excellent report.
Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries
New Awards and Changes in Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards and changes
in awards was recommended, under the terms indicated:
The T. Howard Goodwin Memorial Medal
A Gold Medal Award as well as an honorarium is
presented by Goodwin-Ellis Advertising Ltd.,
Vancouver and Calgary, in honour of Mr. T. Howard
Goodwin.   The award is available to students
completing the University of British Columbia's
Communications Two-Year Programme.   It will be
given on recommendation of an awards Committee to
a student considered to be outstanding.
The Richard Owen Memorial Prize
As a memorial to Richard Owen, a member of the
Class of 1962 who, in the summer of 1960, lost his
life in an accident, a fund has been established
by his friends in the Faculty of Medicine to
provide a prize.   This prize will be awarded
annually to a student with outstanding personal
qualities who has achieved high rank in the first
two years of the medical course.
The Thea Koerner Memorial Scholarship
A scholarship of approximately $400.00, established
by her friends in memory of Thea Koerner and in
recognition of her most generous encouragement of
the arts at the University and in British Columbia,
will be awarded annually, upon the joint
recommendation of the Departments of Fine Arts,
Music and Theatre, to a full-time student
regularly enrolled in one of these Departments and
proceeding to a degree, whose past performance and
future promise qualify him as the most suitable
recipient of the award. Vednesday, December 14th, 1960  2909
The Thomas Holmes Johnson Bursaries
Through a bequest from the late Thomas Holmes Johnson,
the following bursaries have been provided:
1. A bursary of approximately $350.00 to be awarded
annually to the son or daughter of a member in good
standing of Tyee Lodge No. 66, A.F.A.M., beginning
or continuing studies in Vancouver at the University
of B.C   The selected student must be recommended
for this award by the Officers of the Lodge;  approved
by a favourable vote of 50$ of the members of the Lodge
at a regular meeting;  have attended high school in
Prince Rupert, B.C;  and be recommended as to
proficiency, good character, and need for financial
assistance by the Principal of the High School.   The
recommendation must reach the Chairman of the
University Scholarship Committee by August 1st.
Final decision rests with the University Senate.   If
in any year, no candidate qualifies, the number of
awards described in the next section will be increased
to three.
2. Two bursaries of approximately $350.00 each will
be awarded to students who, having attended high
school in Prince Rupert, B.C, are beginning or
continuing their studies in Vancouver at the
University of B.C.;  are recommended as to character
and proficiency by the Principal of the High School
and three residents of Prince Rupert holding a degree
from a Canadian University;  and by the Principal as
to need for financial assistance.   Preference will
be given to students whose parents have resided in
Prince Rupert for five or more years.   Recommendations
must reach the Chairman of the University Scholarship
Committee by August 1st.   Final decision rests with
the University Senate.
The Vancouver Chinese Association of Commerce
This bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Vancouver
Chinese Association of Commerce, is offered to a
Chinese student who is beginning or continuing
studies in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration.   It will be awarded to a student
who has good academic standing and needs financial
The Johnston Terminals Ltd. Fellowship in Commerce
A fellowship of $1,500.00, the gift of Johnston
Terminals Ltd., Vancouver, is offered annually to Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2910
students beginning or continuing graduate studies
leading to a higher degree in Commerce and
Business Administration at the University of
British Columbia.   It will be awarded on the
recommendation of the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration, to a student or students
who are graduates of Canadian Universities, have
good academic records, and show promise in research.
Special preference, however, will be given to
applicants who propose to undertake research in the
field of transportation.   At the discretion of
the Faculty, the holder of the Fellowship may be
selected to receive it for a second year.
Applications, on forms available from the Dean of
Inter-Faculty Affairs, must be received at the
University not later than March 15th.
Aluminium Laboratories Limited Fellowship
This fellowship, the gift of Aluminium Laboratories
Limited, Montreal, is offered annually to students
admitted for postgraduate studies leading to a
Master's or Doctor's degree in the mathematical and
physical sciences, pure and applied.   Preference
will be given to candidates pursuing studies in the
field of physical metallurgy.   The normal period
of tenure will be eleven months, with a stipend of
$1,600.00 plus tuition fees, but the holder may
apply for permission to have the period reduced to
eight months, with a stipend of $1,100 plus tuition
fees.   During tenure the recipient is not permitted
to undertake teaching duties, to assist otherwise
in the routine work of the department, or to hold
simultaneously any other position of emolument.
Applications must be submitted by March 1st.
Chapter AE - P.E.O. Bursary
A bursary of $75.00, gift of Chapter AE, P.E.O.
Sisterhood, was made available in the Session
1960-61 to assist a woman student in the Social
work course.
The Seth Witton Memorial Bursary
As a memorial to Seth Witton, his family has
donated a bursary to be awarded in the session
1961-62 to an undergraduate in the Faculty of
Medicine.   In the amount of $100.00, it will be
given to a student with a good academic record and
need of financial assistance who has assisted in
the summer or summers in some project related to
cancer research. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2911
The Edward J. Meilicke Fund
The annual income from this Fund, bequeathed to the
Vancouver Foundation by the late Edward J. Meilicke,
will be paid to the University to provide a bursary
for a student or students taking studies leading to
a Bachelor of Science degree.
The Ellen Ethel McHattie Memorial Bursary Fund
A bequest to the Vancouver Foundation by the late
CT. McHattie provides an annual bursary of
approximately $300.00 for the University.   This
bursary will be awarded through the University to a
graduate student registered in the Social Work
Course, or to an undergraduate in the Second or
higher years in Arts and Science planning to enter
Social Work.   To be eligible an applicant must have
financial need and high scholastic standing.
The U.B.C Scholarship and Bursary Fund
The income from this Fund, established by the
Vancouver Foundation, and initiated by a bequest
from the late Archibald P. Glen, provides awards
to assist deserving students at the University of
British Columbia.
Vancouver Hoo Hoo Club Scholarship in
Forestry or Commerce $250.00
A Scholarship of $250.00, donated by the Vancouver
Hoo Hoo Club in support of their National Wood
Promotion programme will be awarded to an
undergraduate or graduate student whose major
interest is in the development, merchandising, or
promotion of forest products.  The award will be
made at the end of the spring term at the
recommendation of the Scholarship Committee on the
basis of academic record and interest in the field.
The Dr. Evlyn Fenwick Farris Scholarship
in Education
(revised Calendar statement)
A scholarship of $300.00, the gift of the University
Women's Club of Vancouver, is offered annually to
women students at this University in the full winter
session who are graduates of other Faculties
entering the professional year in Education, or
undergraduate students entering the Final year of
a Bachelor of Education programme.  This scholarship
will be awarded to the applicant, who, in the opinion Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2912
of the Faculty of Education, is best qualified in
terms of her personal qualities and academic record.
The Karen Elaine King Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given by Mr. and Mrs. F.E. King
of Calgary in memory of their daughter, Karen Elaine,
who attended this University in the session 1959-60.
In the amount of $350.00, it will be awarded to a
student who is outstanding with respect to personal
qualities and academic record, and who is worthy and
deserving of financial assistance.   This scholarship
is open to students who have completed the First
Year of studies in a full programme leading to a
degree and are continuing in the next higher year.
The Elsie Black Sclater Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, established as a memorial to Elsie
Black Sclater by her husband, Captain John Sclater,
New Westminster, is offered annually to students in
any year and faculty at the University.   In the
amount of $250.00, it will be awarded at the
discretion of the University to a student with
outstanding academic and personal qualities who is
worthy and deserving of financial assistance.
Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd. and Alberta
Phoenix Tube and Pipe Ltd. Bursaries
Bursaries to the total of $1,500.00, the gift of
Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd., Port Moody, B.C.
and their affiliated company, Alberta Phoenix Tube
and Pipe Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, were made
available in the session 1960-61 to the Department
of Mining and Metallurgy.   These bursaries were
awarded to the students taking a full programme of
undergraduate or graduate studies in the third and
higher years.  Winners are selected on the basis
of academic standing and need.
Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd., and Alberta
Phoenix Tube and Pipe Ltd. - donation of ^1,000.00
to the World University Service to assist Foreign
Exchange Students to attend Canadian Universities. Wednesday, December 14th, I960  2913
W.H. Maclnnes Entrance Scholarshipsin English
Through the generosity of Mr. W.H. Maclnnes of Vancouver,
scholarships of $100.00, $50.00 and $25.00
respectively are available to the three students
entering the University of British Columbia in
September with highest standing in the combined subjects
of English 40 and English 91.   To be eligible a
Candidate must write the scholarship examinations
conducted in June by the Department of Education,
Victoria, B.C.   In the event of a tie the award will
be made to the qualifying student with highest
overall average.   Winners of these awards will not
be precluded from holding other awards given by the
University.   Announcement of the winners will be
made by the University after the close of the
registration period.
The Hamish Heney Mcintosh Memorial Prize
This prize, the gift of William George Mcintosh,
Vancouver, in memory of his brother, Dr. Hamish
Heney Mcintosh, will be awarded to the student in
the Final Year of Medicine, who in the opinion of
the Faculty is best qualified in every respect to
practice his profession.   The prize consists of
specially bound volumes of Cushing's "Life of Sir
William Osier".
The Thorleif Larsen Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship of $100.00, established in honour
of Professor Thorleif Larsen, a member of the English
Department of the University of British Columbia
from 1919 to 1958, will be awarded annually to the
leading student in English 200.
Plimsoll Club Entrance Scholarships (2) - increase in
value from $250.00 to $346.00 each.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That these new awards and changes in awards
be accepted, subject to approval of the
Board of Governors where necessary, and that
appropriate letters of appreciation be sent
to the donors.
Carried. Wednesday, December llth, 1960  2914
Proposed Courses in Religious
Dean Soward outlined the development of courses in
Religious Studies at the University, and reported that the
Board of Governors had offered an appointment as Professor
of Religious Studies to Rev. William Nicholls.   When asked
to suggest an appropriate course in Religious Studies, Mr.
Nicholls had proposed one entitled Foundations of Christian
Thought, which would be designated as Religious Studies 400
if approved.   A description of the course and the subjects
to be treated was circulated at the meeting.   This had been
approved by the Faculty of Arts and Science at its recent
Dean Soward)
Dean Chant )  That the proposed new course, Religious
Studies 400, be approved subject to
concurrence of the Board of Governors.
Recreation, Athletics and
Physical Education
Senate at its previous meeting had referred to the
Committee on Recreation, Athletics and Physical Education a
resolution of the Council of the School of Physical Education
and Recreation urging immediate consideration for the
provision of additional athletic facilities, particularly
gymnasium space.   Dean Matthews presented the recommendation
of his Committee that the highest possible priority in campus
development plans should be given to:
1.  Playing fields to be constructed in the Wireless
Station area if that can be obtained, or an equivalent area Wednesday, December 14th> 1960  2915
adjacent to the new Wolfson field;
2.  A winter sports centre, including an indoor pool.
The Committee recommended further that a study be
made of the feasibility of constructing a gymnasium floor
above the curling ice in the winter sports centre, to
provide additional space equivalent to the Women's
Dean Matthews)
Dr. Gibson   )  That the report of the Committee be
approved and forwarded to the Board
of Governors for consideration.
Ways and Means of Undertaking
A Study of Higher Education
The report of the Committee set up to explore ways
and means of undertaking a study of the needs, in their
academic aspects, of higher education in British Columbia,
had been circulated prior to the meeting.
Mrs. Angus)
Mr. Hyland)  That a special meeting of Senate be held
with the members of the Committee to
discuss this report and to consider action
which Senate might wish to take or to
recommend as a result of the discussion.
Dr. Gibson)
Dr. Cowan )  That the date of such special meeting be
Wednesday, January llth, 1961, at the
usual hour of 8:00 p.m.
Revisions of the University Act
On behalf of Mr. Nemetz, Dean Andrew reported that
the Committee on Revisions of the University Act was
consulting Victoria College on aspects of alterations in the Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2916
Act that would have particular application to the College.
After understanding had been reached, a further report would
be made to the Senate.
Leave of Absence Practices
and "Tenure" Document
The draft statement of University Policy on Leave
of Absence circulated at the previous meeting had been
revised and circulated to all members of Senate.   The
President commented that the following points should be kept
in mind:
1. Leave of absence is not a right, but has advantages
for the University as well as for individual members of the
2. Leave can be granted only for purposes which are
likely to be of value to the University and to the individual,
and when such leave will not impair the quality of the
teaching programme.
The document indicated that ordinarily individuals
granted study leave of a year's duration (July 1st to June
30th) would receive sixty percent of their salary, together
with the University *s full contribution to pension and other
fringe benefits if the individual going on leave maintained
his contributions to these benefits.   However, the University
would not feel obligated to contribute the full sixty percent
of salary if the individual's total income, excluding
research and travel expenses, would be in excess of his
regular salary. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2917
Leave to undertake special assignments such as
Visiting Professorships, Memberships on Royal Commissions,
etc., might be granted by the Board of Governors on
application, supported by recommendation from the Dean of
the Faculty.   Leave in such cases would ordinarily be without
salary if the individual were in receipt of substantial
salaries or honoraria.
Dean Matthews)
Dean Andrew  )  That the report on leave of absence
practices prepared by the subcommittee of the Deans for Senate at
its meeting in December, 1959, be
received for information.
A revised statement regarding appointments,
reappointments, promotions and tenure of the faculty and
academic staff, drawn up by the Faculty Affairs Committee
and approved in principle by the Faculty Association, had
also been circulated.
Dean Shrum)
Dean Myers)  That the policy statements on leave of
absence practices, and appointments,
reappointments, promotion and tenure, be
approved as statements of policy
acceptable to the Senate.
Personnel Department Report
on Student Statistics, 1960-61
A statistical report prepared by the Personnel
Office based on information provided by students at the time
of registration, had been circulated.
Dean Soward)
Dean Gage  )  That this report be received, and a letter
of thanks sent to Mr. McLean and his staff.
Carried. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2918
Victoria College
Proposals re Form of Degree
Diplomas and Hoods
A letter was read from the Victoria College
Faculty Board requesting:
1. That on the diplomas awarded to Victoria College
candidates for the degrees of B.A., B.Sc, and
B.Ed., the signatories be as follows:
The Chancellor and the President of the
University, The Principal and the Registrar of
Victoria College,
and that the diploma be impressed with a second
seal, the seal of Victoria College.
2. That the hoods and gowns for Victoria College
graduates be identical to those of U.B.C.
Mrs. Angus )
Dean Scarfe)  That these requests be referred to the
Senate Executive Committee for
consultation with the Acting-Principal
and two staff members of Victoria College,
and the Deans of the Faculties concerned;
and that the Executive Committee be asked
to report to Senate at its next regular
Report by Acting-Principal
Mr. Wallace reported that Victoria College Council
at its meeting earlier in the week had approved
recommendations that the former Victoria Normal School
Building be named the Henry Esson Young Building, and that
the new classroom block at Victoria College to be formally
opened in January be named the E.B. Paul Building in honour
of the first Principal of the College. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2919
Letters of Appreciation
Letters of appreciation were received from Mrs.
F.M. Ross for congratulations by Senate on her honorary
degree from the University of New Brunswick, and from
Professors Cooke and Nowlan for emeritus status.
The Canadian Red Cross Society
A l^tt0" was pQa^ from the Blood Transfusion
Service of the Canadian Red Cross Society expressing
appreciation for student contributions to the clinic in
Mr. Gourlay)
Mr. Gillie )  That a message of appreciation be sent
from Senate through the Students'
Council to the student body for this
action on their part.
Health Centre for Children
A letter of appreciation was received from the
Health Centre for Children for the services performed by
Miss Mary Fallis while representing the Senate on the Board
of Directors of the Centre.
National Recreation Association
A Resolution of Congratulations from the District
Advisory Committee of the National Recreation Association,
Pacific Northwest District, in respect to the degree course
in Recreation, was brought to the attention of Senate.
Faculty Publications
Faculty publications received in the President's Wednesday, December llth, 1960  2920
Office since the previous meeting were on display for the
information of Senate.
Memorial Statement - Dr. S.S. Murray
The following memorial statement, requested by
Senate at its previous meeting, was read:
"Dr. S.S. Murray"
The members of Senate of the University of
British Columbia have noted with sincere regret
the passing of Dr. Stewart Murray.
Throughout the years, Dr. Murray made a
most valuable contribution to the work of the
University, particularly in the broad field of
Public Health.  He always showed a keen interest
in the training of medical students, and in this
connection he was most co-operative in making the
facilities of the Metropolitan Health Committee
available for teaching purposes.
Perhaps his greatest contribution was his
constant willingness always to give more of
himself and his time than was asked.   His warm
personality, his sunny disposition, his keen
interest in the affairs of the University and his
excellent personal relationships with the members
of the Faculty of Medicine, made him a most
respected colleague. Wednesday, December 14th, 1960  2921
Dean McCreary)
Mr. Keate    )  That this statement be spread on the
minutes of Senate, and a copy forwarded
to Mrs. Murray.
Deaths of Former Members of Faculty
For information of Senate, the President reported
with regret that Mrs. Marianne Jetter, formerly Assistant
Professor in the Department of German, and Professor K. Mori,
who had supervised the planning and development of the
Japanese Garden, had died in October.
Dons in Women's Residences
For information of Senate, the list of Dons in the
Women's Residences was read:
Miss Cairine Lewis Don, Anne Wesbrook Hall
Miss Shirley McKelvey Don, Isabel Maclnnes Hall
Miss Noreen Mollard Don, Mary Bollert Hall
Miss Kathleen Pound Don, Hut 22, Fort Camp
Miss Barbara Wallace Don, Acadia Camp, Huts 27-28
Miss Claire Williscroft Don, Acadia Camp
Miss Grace Watanabe Junior Don, Mary Bollert Hall
Other Business
School of Librarianship
The President reported that, following Board
authorization of the preliminary steps in the organization
of a School of Librarianship, Mr. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein
hoped to be in a position to start offering work in this
field in September, 1961.   Proposed courses would be
presented to the Faculty of Arts and Science and/or the
Faculty of Graduate Studies for approval, and subsequently
to the Senate. Wednesday, December llth, 1960  2922
Fees for Bachelor of Music Programme
The President reported that, in view of the large
amount of individual instruction for students proceeding to
the degree of Bachelor of Music, it would be necessary to
increase the fees in that programme from §396.00 to $446.00,
starting in September, 1961.
Arrangements would be made for a report on
activities in Music on the campus from 1958 to 1960, to be
circulated to all members of Senate.
Funds for Student Residences
The President informed Senate that the Government
of Canada had decided to make funds available for
construction of University student residences at an interest
rate slightly lower than the prevailing bank rate.
Minister of Education
The President drew attention of Senate members to
the recent appointment of the Honourable L.R. Peterson as
Minister of Labour as well as Minister of Education.
The meeting adjourned at 10:25 p.m.


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