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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1921-07-22

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Friday, July 22nd, 1921
5Q3 A special meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia was held on the evening of Friday, July 22nd, 1921,
at eight o'clock in the Board room at the University offices.
Present: Dr. Coleman, Acting President, in the Chairj
Mr. Wilfrid Sadler, Dr. E. H. Archibald, Dr. H. Ashton, Mr. L. F.
Robertson, Mr. T. A. Brough, Mr. T. 1. Gibson, Mr,  G. W. Scott, Mr.
C. Killam, Dr. W. B. Burnett, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. G. E. Robinson,
and Rev. A. H. Sovereign.
539 It was agreed that the press be admitted to the meeting
without prejudicing (our) action in the future.
The call for the special meeting was read by the Secretary.
Letters were received from the Chancellor and from Mr.
Brough on behalf of Mr. J. S. Gordon, and telephone messages from
Judge Howay and Judge Swanson, expressing regret at not being able
to attend the meeting.
Dr. Ashton)
Mr. Scott ) That the correspondence be filed.
590 The Chairman, on behalf of the members of the old Senate
and of The University, extended a very cordial welcome to the new
members of Senate.
591 Offer of a private bursary.  Correspondence was read with
regard to this matter. The donor of the proposed bursary had requested that her name and that of the recipient be not divulged.
Mr. Killam)
Mr. Gibson) That the action of the Registrar
g^ijigiyjjjjg^jig k
Friday, July 22nd, 1921.
as to administration of the offered bursary of
$450.00 be approved and that the offered bursary
be accepted subject to the eligibility of the
student affected.
In amendment:
Dr. Ashton )
Mr. Robinson) That this request be sent to the Board of
Amendment put to vote and lost •
The Chair ruled that a second amendment was in order, and
the following was offered:
In amendment:
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Brough  ) That the communication be referred to a
committee consisting of the Acting Chairman,
Dr. Ashton and Mr. Robinson, with power to
act. Carried
From Faculty:
592 Postgraduate Scholarship in Applied Science:
That the University accept the offer of Dean Brock of a
Scholarship of the value of $100.00 to be enjoyed during
the session 1921-22 by a graduate student in Applied Science
who shows special aptitude for post graduate studies.
Dr. Burnett)
Mr. Killam )  That this scholarship be accepted and that a
letter of appreciation be sent to the donor.
593 The award of the three postgraduate scholarships:
That the post graduate scholarships be awarded as follows:
The University Scholarship f200.00 to Dorothy Blakey.
The Anne Wesbrook Scholarship $100.00 to Alfred Rive.
The Dean Brock Scholarship #100.00 to CO.Swanson.
Mr,  Turnbull )
Dr. Archibald) That these postgraduate scholarships be
awarded as recommended.
Carried T
Friday, July 22nd, 1921.
594 Application of Harry Cross to have Matriculation Scholarship
* That the application of Mr. Harry Cross of Victoria to
have the Matriculation Scholarship of $100.00 awarded him
in July, 1916, revived in order to be enjoyed by him
while in attendance at the University during the session
1921-22, be granted.
Mr. Sovereign)
Mr. Gibson  ) That the recommendation be approved.
«   595 Alma Mater Society Constitution Amendments.
Amendment I.
Clause 5, - The Executive.
(b) Members, -
13. The Marshall, who shall be an undergraduate
of the Junior or Senior Year of any Faculty.
q£ (f) The Duties of the Marshall, -
He shall be responsible for -
1. All general organized student effort and
2. The arrangement of the program of the year's
activities and the stimulation of public and
student interest in University affairs.
3. His efforts shall be directed through the
Presidents of the Undergraduates Societies
to the various class presidents with whom
shall lie the responsibility of direct contact
with the students.
,, 4. Before the end of the Spring term he shall
hold a demonstration election of a Yell King
and two assistant yell leaders. The Yell
* King shall be responsible to the Marshall
for the proper conduct and leadership of all
student demonstration.
Clause 6, - Elections.
f (f) The election of the Marshall shall be held on the
Thursday following the election of the Presidents
of the Literary and Scientific Department and the
*» (237)
^ T Friday, July 22nd, 1921.
|fe Athletic Association. The nominations for
Marshall shall be in the hands of the Secretary
of the Alma Mater Society by the Tuesday evening
following the election of the President of the
"" Literary and Scientific Department and the
Athletic Association.
* Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Scott  ) That Senate approve of Amendment I to the
Constitution of Alma Mater Society, with the
correction of the word "President" to
."Presidents" under Clause 6 (f).
Amendment II•
That student organizations not subsidiary to the
Alma Mater Society shall make application to the
Students Council before the end of the third week of
the fall term for permission to use the University
name and crest for that session.
To this application the following information regarding
the society making application shall be appended.
1. Name
2. Aims and objects
3. Conditions of Membership
4. Complete list of members
5. Complete list of officers
The Alma Mater Society will hold student members of
such organization responsible to the Alma Mater Society
for the conduct of the organization in any way in
which it may be held, directly or indirectly, to affect
the University.
Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Gibson ) That Senate adopt amendment II to Constitution
of Alma Mater Society.
596    Exemption from summer attendance. - Applied Science.
"That for First Year Returned Men, who cannot return to
the University next year unless they have five months'
summer work in which to earn the necessary funds. Field
Work be postponed until the beginning of the session."
Mr. Turnbull )
Dr, Archibald) That this privilege be extended for
Jfc	 (238)
Friday, July 22nd, 1921,
another year.
597 Course In Geological Engineering.
"That students who have already taken Second Year Science
or Third Year Mining, be allowed to proceed to a degree
in Geological Engineering by taking a course, satisfactory
to the Dean and the Department of Geology, that conforms as
closely as possible to the prescribed course in Geological
Engineering and presents an equal amount of academic work.
Uncertainty as to time table makes it difficult to outline
the course definitely."
Mr. Turnbull )
Dr. Archibald) That Senate approve of this resolution and
that the arrangement of the course be left
in the hands of the Faculty of Applied
Science, with power to act.
598 Extension of Course in Public Health Nursing.
"Experience having shown that four months is too brief
for the Short Course in Public Health Nursing, it is
recommended, that the class be extended to occupy the full
University year, the lecture work to occupy the first term
and the field work the second term. The proposed course
is as follows:
Lecture Work - 1st semester.
Motor Mechanics 18
Nutrition 12
Communicable Diseases 12
Sanitation &  Hygiene 12
Tuberculosis 12
Child Welfare 12
Public Health Nursing 24
School Nursing 12
Social Service 12
History of Nursing 12
Teaching Principles 12
Economics & Social Legislation 12
Mental Hygiene 6
Health Legislation 6
Field Work - 2nd Semester.
General Visiting Nursing 4 weeks
Child Welfare 2  " (239)
Friday, July 22nd, 1921.
City Schools 2 weeks
Rural Nursing 3  "
Tuberculosis 3  "
Settlement &  Social Service   1  "
Mr. Turnbull )
Mr. Sovereign) That Senate approve of the recommendation.
599 Change in courses in Mathematics as presented in Calendar.
Dr. Buchanan requested and Dean Coleman recommended the
interchange of Courses 3 and 4, so that course 4 would be given this
year and alternate years, and course 3 next year and alternate years.
Mr. Brough  )
Mr. Robertson) That the request be approved.
600 For the information of Senate, a letter was read from
Wallace Seecombe, Superintendent, Royal College of Dental Surgeons
of Ontario, re work prescribed for pre-dental course.
Reports of Committees.
601 The Committee appointed to vise the results of the
examinations at Victoria College, with power to act, reported
approval of the standing of students, as endorsed by Faculty.
602 The committee appointed to draw up a certificate to be
Issued in connection with the Short Course in Public Health Nursing,
with power to act, presented the form of certificate adopted, for the
information of Senate.
603  To get legal opinion on the interpretation of Section 124 of the
Public Schools Act. (240)
Friday, July 22nd, 1921.
A letter from Mr. J. S. Gordon, Chairman of the Committee
was read, in which he stated that he and Mr. Robertson considered
that Senate had not empowered the committee composed of Mr. Robertson and himself to secure the legal opinion referred to.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Brough      )    That Mr. Gordon's letter be filed.
604 Co-ordinating Committee of the Senate and the Board of Governors.
The Secretary reported that the Acting President, Dean
Brock, had requested Dr. Ashton and Bishop de Pencier, members of
the above committee, to secure legal opinion on the interpretation
of Section 124 of the Public Schools Act, as requested by Senate.
Dr. Ashton presented an interim report of progress.
605 Mr. Robinson reported progress for the committee to
consider the report from Faculty on the constitution of the Faculty.
606 Correspondence with the Board of Governors was read re
securing photographs of the members of Senate.
Dr. Burnett)
Mr. Sadler ) That these letters be filed.     Carried
607 The following letter from the Board of Governors, was
At a meeting of the Board of Governors of The
University held on May 25th, it was resolved that the
Senate be requested to co-operate with the Board in
determining the condition of admission to the University
for the next session. It is considered necessary to limit
the student body to 950 students and as the number of
qualified applicants is likely to exceed that number, some
method of selection will have to be adopted. (241)
Friday, July 22nd, 1921,
As this question is partly within the jurisdiction of
the Senate, I am requested by the Board to say that the
Board will be glad to meet the Senate for a discussion of
this matter at any date that may be fixed by the Senate.
Mr. Killam )
Dr. Burnett)
That the communication of the Board of
Governors be laid on the table.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Sovereign)
That Senate draw to the attention of the
Board of Governors:
(a) The large anticipated increase in
attendance in the coming session.
(b) The inadequacy of the present
(c) The necessity of taking Immediate
steps to remedy this inadequacy.
(d) The Senate's inability to give its
approval to any move looking towards
the exclusion of qualified applicants
for admission.
(e) The Senate's willingness to meet the
Board in joint session on Monday
evening, July 25th, at 9 o'clock, to
consider the foregoing representations
as well as the question referred to/the
Senate by the Board in its communication
of June 7th.
Mr. Brough)
Mr. Gibson)
That all Faculty members of Senate be a
Committee to prepare a statement in the matter
of accommodation, with power to act. The Chairman of the present meeting will be Chairman of
the committee.
Mr. Killam  )
Mr. Robertson) That we adjourn until Monday evening at
eight o'clock.
Chairman '  Secretary


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