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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1952-11-27

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 Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1900,
A special meeting of the Senate of The University
of British Columbia was held on Thursday, November 27th,
>. 1952, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room, to meet
with (1) representatives of the students, (2) the staff in
Physical Education, and (3) the Men's Athletic Committee,
on the question of University policy in respect to athletics,
and more particularly the resolutions adopted by Senate at
^ the meeting on May 13th, 1952.
Present:  President N. A. M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Dr. John Allardyce, Dr. G. S. Allen, Dean H. F.
t Angus, Dean Lowell Besley, Dr. V. u. Brink, Mr. F. J. Burd,
> Dean S. N. F. Chant, Mr. K. P. Caple, The Hon. Mr. Justice
J. V. Clyne, Mr. H. 0. English, Miss Mary Fallis, Dr. W. A.
Ferguson, Dr. R. E. Foerster, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean
W. H. Gage, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. A. E. Grauer, Dr. R. D.
James, Mr. G. D, Kennedy, Dr. R. B. Kerr, Mr. F. M# Knapp,
Dr. M. M. Maclntyre, Dean H. J. MacLeod, Dean M. Dorothy
Mawdsley, Mr. Finlay A. Morrison, Mr. J. Fred Muir, Mr. W# 0.
Richmond, Dr. T. M. C. Taylor, Dr. W. S. Taylor, Dr. G. M.
Volkoff, Dr. H. V. Warren, and Dean M. M# Weaver.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Dean
Blythe Eagles, Dr. Roy Daniells, Dr. W, H. Hickman, Miss
Marjorie Agnew, Mrs. F. MacKenzie Ross, Dr. C. H. Wright,
Dr. W. N, Sage and Mr# J, M, Buchanan. Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1901.
The following representatives of various
interested groups were present:
Students' Council: Mr. Raghbir Basi, Miss Jane Banfield,
Mr. Gerry Duclos, Miss Jean Hood, Mr. Geoff Pringle, Miss
Ann Willis, Mr. Bill St. John, Mr. Frank Carroll, Miss
Peggy Andreen, Mr. Gerry Maine.
Staff. School of Physical Education: Mr. R. F. Osborne,
Miss Marian Henderson, Mr. H. Douglas Whittle, Miss
Marjorie Leeming, Mr. Jack Pomfret, Mr. A, B. Laithwaite,
Mrs. May Brown, Mr. Hjalmar Andersen, Mr. R. Penn, Mrs.
R. O'Brien, Mr. Richard Mitchell, Mr. Barry Lowes.
Men's Athletics Committee (not included above): Professor
W, G. Heslop, Mr. Grant Donegani, Mr. Peter Lusztig.
Dr. MacKenzie called the meeting to order and by
way of review read the report of the Senate Committee on
policy with respect to competitive and inter-collegiate
athletics, as approved by Senate on May 13th, 1952.
Further in this connection, the President referred to two
letters which were submitted to the October 22nd, 1952,
meeting of Senate, and recorded in the minutes of that meeting,
one, from the Chairman of the Men's Athletic Committee,
submitting two resolutions which were passed by a meeting
of that Committee on October 15th, 1952; the second from
the Secretary of the Alma Mater Society, under date of
October 16th, submitting two similar resolutions which were
passed at a special meeting of the Students' Council held
on October 16th, 1952. Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1902.
Dr. MacKenzie drew attention to the fact that
Senate is the body responsible for the academic work of the
University and the general supervision of student life and
activities, and assured those present that any decisions
reached, or actions taken by the Senate, were reached or
taken with the best interests of the students in mind. He
went on to state that if there were good reasons why the
resolutions passed by Senate with regard to athletics should
be amended or abolished, he was sure that Senate would be
glad to hear about them and to discuss them with the
representatives present at the meeting.
Mr. Basi, President of the Students' Council,
spoke on behalf of that body, and read the following
motion which was passed by the Council on November 24th, 1952:
"That Students' Council feels that any Freshman
ruling is undesirable because it interferes with
the growth of individual responsibility, and
because it hurts many students who can carry on
extra-curricular activities and also keep up
their scholastic standing.
THEREFORE we respectfully request the Senate to
rescind the freshman ruling for athletics; and
as a step toward the solution of the problem to
reconsider raising University entrance requirements and standards."
He explained that this resolution was prompted by two
objections to the ruling of Senate: first, an objection
to a special ruling for athletics, not applicable to
other extra-curricular activities; and second, an
objection in principle to interference in"self-education,"
i.e., the studentfs responsibility for his own decisions. Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1903.
In this latter connection, Mr. Basi read the
following resolution, which was passed by the Alma Mater
Society at a general meeting held at noon, on Thursday,
November 27th, 1952, as follows,
"Whereas the Senate has set standards of age and
education for admittance to the University, and
"Whereas students meeting this standard are
sufficiently mature to decide for themselves how
much time to devote to studies and to extracurricular activities, and
"Whereas, in a democratic society it is of the
greatest necessity that the University develop
individual responsibility, and
"Whereas the prime responsibility should be to
provide the best in educational facilities and
to maintain the highest possible educational
standards rather than to concern itself with how
any particular minority group of students are
succeeding in their studies,
"Therefore, we, the students of the University of
British Columbia in general meeting assembled,
respectfully request the Senate to promote, as
far as possible, student responsibility for
their actions; to instill in students a desire
for education by means other than legislation;
and specifically to withdraw the regulation
respecting eligibility of freshmen to play in
intercollegiate athletics."
Mr. Duclos pointed out that the student body had
not been forewarned of the action of Senate on May 13th.
Mr. Main expressed the opinion that if any type
of eligibility rules were to be enforced they should come
from the students themselves, and read the following
resolution which was approved at a special meeting of the
Men's Athletic Committee, held on November 26th, 1952: Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1904.
"Whereas the Men's Athletic Committee in principle
feels that the Senate Freshman ruling is undesirable,
and whereas the problem's origin is chiefly one
sport, American Football, in which there is the
fear of commercialism, be it resolved that the
Men's Athletic Committee respectfully request the
Senate to rescind the freshman ruling in athletics
and further, that if there is a need of control of
Freshman participation in any particular sport that
recommendations for the necessary rulings come from
the Men's Athletic Committee to the Students'
Council to be enforced by that body in co-operation
with the administration."
Miss Hood presented the following resolution which
was passed by the Women's Athletic Directorate at its
meeting on November 20th:
"Because it  is the feeling of the Women's Athletic
Directorate that  the  freshman ruling is  adverse to
the best  interest of the Women s Athletic Directorate
we request the Senate to rescind its motion."
Mr. St. John mentioned the vote of the Alma Mater
Society on November 27th, 1952, defeating a resolution
asking for approval in principle of athletic scholarships.
Mr. Heslop reiterated the statement made by Mr.
Main, that Senate had not pointed out to the student body
that they were failing to meet their responsibilities.
In reply, Dr. MacKenzie stated that he did not
think there was any feeling on the part of Senate that the
students had been remiss in meeting their obligations in
connection with athletics or in respect of the academic
standing of some of the students, particularly those in the
first years. He went on to say that the reasons for the
actions taken by Senate grew out of conditions in other
parts of the continent which Senate was anxious should not Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1905,
be duplicated here, and also out of a study of the practices
in other institutions in reference to eligibility.  The
freshman ruling was adopted because it seemed wise and in
the best interests of the students themselves.
Mr. Osborne spoke on behalf of the staff of the
School of Physical Education, and supported the resolution
passed by the Men's Athletic Committee. He went on to
state that it was the opinion of the staff, though not the
unanimous opinion, that the freshman ruling should be
endorsed, but that the application of this ruling should
be deferred until such time as it is possible to improve
the programme in physical education along various lines.
He suggested, further, that if the freshman ruling is put
into effect, it would be wise for Senate also to rule that
students who wish to play for teams other than university
teams, should apply for special consideration, either
through the Students' Council, the School of Physical
Education, or some other body approved by Senate. This
would protect the student athletic interests and to some
extent the coaches of the teams.
In reply to a question, Mr. Osborne reported on
the hours devoted to various sports and to compulsory
physical education, and also gave reasons why American
football, up to the present, has had to depend largely
upon freshmen players.
Mr. Basi pointed out, with reference to American Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1906,
football, that at the noon meeting of the Alma Mater
Society, it had been suggested that The University of
British Columbia should withdraw from the Evergreen
Conference and form a Western Canadian Conference.
Dr. Gibson reported that the Alumni Association
had appointed a Committee on Athletics, and Dr. MacKenzie
asked that the report of that Committee be submitted to
Senate in due course.
In reply to a question, Mr. Duclos, Treasurer of
the Alma Mater Society, gave a summary financial statement
of expenditures for the current year for each of the sports
sponsored by the Alma Mater Society.
Mr. Basi expressed the appreciation of the
student representatives for the opportunity to discuss this
whole question with the members of Senate and Dr. MacKenzie
again assured the students that Senate's concern was the
best interests of the student body and the reputation and
standing of the institution itself.  The President also
thanked all those present on behalf of the various groups
for their courtesy in coming before Senate to present
their points of view.
The various delegations then withdrew and Senate
In the discussion which followed, Dr, Warren Thursday, November 27th, 1952  1907.
emphasized again the inadequacy of facilities for the
development of a full freshman programme.
Dean Besley raised the question, whether or not
athletics are entirely a student responsibility, since the
University furnishes the staff and facilities. He also
stated that generally a student's development has three
aspects, scholastic, physical and social.
It was agreed to postpone further discussion to
the next regular meeting of Senate, when this item would
be placed early in the agenda.
The meeting then adjourned.
Chairman. '


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