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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1936-05-06

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Wednesday,   M«y  6th,   1936
The   fourth  regular meeting  of  the  Senate   of  The
University  of British  Columbia for  the   session 1935-36
was held on Wednesday, May 6th, 1936, at 9:00 a.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Aoting Dean J. H. Turnbull, Dean D.
Buchanan, Hr. E. A. Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe, Hr. F. A*
Wilkin, Hr. A. H. Finlay, Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. A. H.
Hutchinson, Mr. H. C. Holmes, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale,
Mr. J. Newton Harvey, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Mr. H. T. Logan,
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, His Honour Judge F. W. Howay, Miss
A. B. Jamieson, His Honour 3.   D. Swanson, Dr. C. Killam,
Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Mr. Sydney Anderson, Miss Isobel
Harvey and Mr. 0. J. Thomas.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Archdeacon Heathcote and
Dr. Sanderson.
Dr. Hutchinson  )
Mr. J. N. Harvey) That the minutes of the third
regular meeting of February 19th,
1936, and of the special
meeting of April 22nd, 1956, be
taken as read, and adopted.
Sessional Examination Results
The Sessional Examination Results were presented,-
Faculty of Arts and Science  - by Dean Buchanan
Victoria College -  by Principal Elliott
Faculty of Applied Science   -  by Acting Dean Turnbull
Faculty of Agriculture       -  by Dean Clement.
These were considered section by section and adopted,
and released to the press. 486.
Wednesday, May 6th, 1956
Special Actinn was taken as follows:
Faculty of Applied Science
Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Wilkin  ) That Eva Benson, Alison
Mcintosh and Elaine Skene,
students in First Year Nursing,
be required to withdraw from
the Faculty of Applied Science.
Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Wilkin  ) That Stephen P. Burden and
Donald G. Linklater, having
failed in the work of the
Second Year of Applied Science
for the second time, be
required by Senate to withdraw
from the Faculty of Applied
Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Wilkin  ) That William W. Mathews and
Harold G. Raphael, students in
Third Year Applied Science,
having failed the second time
in the work of the year , be
required by Senate to withdraw
from the Faculty of Applied
Report on Prizes and Scholarships
Sessional Awards
Mr. Logan presented the recommendations of the
Faculties in reference to sessional awards of Scholarships,
Prizes, Bursaries and Medals.
Mr. Logan  )
Dr. Killam ) That the awards of Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries be made as
recommended and the information
released to the press.
\ '#"
Wednesday, May 6th, 1956
Dean Clement )
Dean Buchanan) That Senate express its appreciation to the Committee on Prizes
and Scholarships for the excellent
report which they have prepared.
The Chairman, on behalf of Senate, expressed
appreciation of the work done by the Faculties in
connection with the results of the sessional examinations
and for the form in which these were presented.
Notice was received from the President that, as
funds were now available, the Board of Governors had
given effect to the recommendation of Senate that a
Department of University Extension be established.
Reports of Committees
On Calendar
Dr. Hutchinson presented the material for the
calendar for 1956-57 together with a synopsis of the
principal changes.  Action was taken as follows:
University Health Service
Attention was directed to the statement in regard
to the University Health Service and to the change in the
regulations, requiring that in future no students be
admitted to the University without first presenting a
medical certificate.  A general discussion followed.
Judge Swanson)
Dean Clement ) That the matter be referred to the
President and the Deans, in consultation with Dr. Dolman, Dean >
Wednesday, May 6th, 1936
) Bollert and the Provincial
Health Department; and that the
> Committee be given power to act.
»• Double Courses for the Degree of B.A. and B.A.Sc*
(page 171)
, Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Turnbull ) That there be no change in the
options in the first two years of
the combined course in Nursing
* insofar as Chemistry and Physics
is concerned, but that a note be
added advising students to select
u Chemistry 1 in the first year*
o Agriculture
Page 230 - Agronomy 20 changed to Agronomy 6.
Dean  Clement)
Mr.   Lloyd        )   That  this  paragraph   in  the   report
be  deleted.
Statistics, Societies, Affiliated Colleges
Paragraph re-worded: Students not allowed to
represent outside organizations in competitions without
consent of Athletic Association and Students* Council.
Dean  Clement)
Judge  Howay   )   That  the   clause   as  given in  the
1935-56  calendar  and  also   as
proposed  for   the   1956-57  calendar
be  deleted.
Dr.   Hutchinson)
Mr.   Lloyd )   That   the   calendar  for   1956-57,   as
amended be  adopted,   subject  to  the
approval   of   the  Board   of   Governors,
Carried 4
Wednesday, May 6th, 1956
The suggestion was made by His Honour Judge Howay
that copies of reports to be submitted to the Senate be
sent to members in advance of the meetings so as to give
opportunity for consideration.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Harvey   ) That this Senate be adjourned to
be summoned at the call of the


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