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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1917-05-02

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Wednesday, May 2nd., 1917.
(154) Thefgurto i£gular meeting of the Senate of the University
of British CoSnabia^as^ne^d on Wednesday, May 2nd., at 2 P.M. in
the Board Boom, University Offloes.
(155) Present: the Chancellor, The President, Bean Klinck, Br.
Mcintosh, Br. Ashton, Br. Davidson, Mr. Chodat, The Bight Bev. A.U.
de Pencier,Mr. Bums,, Br. McKechnie, Judge Howay, Mr. Gordon, Mrs
Farris, Mr. Argue, Mr. turnbull. Dr. Pearson aad the Begistrsr.
the minutes of the regular meeting of February 14th, copies
of which had been sent to the members, were taken aa read; those
of the adjourned meeting of April 4th were read* and both were, on
motion of Br. Pearson and Bishop de Pencier, confirmed.
Mrs farris     )
(156) Bishop de Pencier) That a resolution of sympathy be sent to
Mr. f • W. Creighton, who had lost a son at the front .expressing at
the same time appreciation of the contribution he has made to the
cause of the Bmpire*     Carried.
Bishop de Fenoler drafted the following resolution:
Besolved: that the members of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia desire to express to Mr. and Mrs Creighton
their sincere sympathy in the grief oooasioned by their son's loss,
fhe members desire to express the feeling of pride they entertain
In the noble example of a life given in the performance of duty,
in defence of the Bmpire and the Bight, and they hope that the God
of All Comfort will strengthen and sustain them in their trial.time.
This was adopted unanimously.
(157)        The President reported to the Senate the reduction which
had been made by the Provincial Government in the estimates submitted by the Board of Governors for the year 1917-18. He stated
that the Board of Governors had been granted a hearing by the
Executive Council for Monday, May 7th, aad suggested the advisability
of having representatives of the Senate also attend.
After some discussion, it was moved by Judge Howay, seconded
by Br. Pearson and carried, that a delegation from the Senate
accompany the Board of Governors to the meeting with the Bxeoutive
Council in Victoria on Monday, May 7th., 1917.
It was agreed that a Joint meeting of the Board of Governors
and ef the members of the Senate be held at the Empress Hotel,
Tiotorla, on Monday morning. May 7th, at 9 o'clock.
Mr. Gordon)
(158)       Mr. Burns ) That the Registrar be instructed to write to the
Superintendent of Bduoatlon and ask him to take the necessary steps
to have a member of the Senate elected by the High School teachers
of the Province.   Carried*
M4^ fc
(159) The report of the Library Committee was then read by the
Chairman, Dr. Pearson.
Br. Davidson )
Mr. Argue   ) That the report of the Senate Library
Committee be adopted.   Carried.,
Bishop de Pencier)
Dr. Ashton     ) That the members of the Senate Library
(b)   Committee as at present constituted be members of the Joint
Managing Committee recommended in the report.   Carried*
(160) Dr. Ashton gave an oral report of the arrangements made by
his committee for the Congregation ceremony.
(161) The Chancellor reported adverse criticisms of the use of
Statin in the Degree formulae.
Mr* Argue )
Mr. Gordon ) That the formulae used in conferring degrees be
in English.
After some discussion this motion was put and lost.
(162) The President explained that the single Science diploma to
be granted this year, which it had been deolded should be in Bagllsh,
had not been prepared as it was found that the cost of a plate was
prohibitive* An interim Diploma from the Arts plate with the
necessary alterations wduld be issued instead, to be recalled and
re-issued in proper form when the new plate shall have been secured*
(163) Dr. Mcintosh then reported for the Calendar Committee the
recommendations of faculty with regard to Passing marka and
Classification of successful students, and those with regard to
Military Bduoatlon.
These* on motion of Dr. Mcintosh seconded by Mr. Argue, were
(164) The fieglstrar then presented the report of faculty on the
Sessional Examinations.
This was passed in parte and ordered filed as follows:
Judge Howay )
Mr. Gordon )  1st, 2nd and 3rd Years Applied Science*
Mr. fiobinson)
Judge Howay )       1st Tear Arts
Mr* Argue     )
Judge Howay )       2nd Tear Arts
Judge Howay )
Mr. Argue  )   3rd Year Arts
S&*L I»
Mr* Gordon )
Mr. Burns )   Graduates.
Dr. Ashton )
Mr, Burns )   Prise List
Mr. Argue )
(165) Chanoellor )   That the Prise of #25.00 and the
Scholarship of #75.00 won by Caroline Pansy Monday be paid to her
mother in one sum.      Carried.
Dr. Ashton )
Dr. Davidson)   That the condolence of the Senate be
drawn up in proper form and conveyed to Mrs Monday and family*
(166) The question of Honorary Degrees was introduced by
Principal Burns. After some Informal discussion,
Mr. Burns  ) It was resolved
Utt  Davidson) that the President be asked to name a
Committee of five to report at the next meeting on the granting
of Honorary Degrees*
Mr. Argue )
Mr* Bums )     that the meeting adjourn.       Carried.
Chairman. Secretary.
v --"


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