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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1947-10-22

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October 22, 1947-
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia was held on Wednesday, October
22nd, 1947, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean D. Buchanan, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dean F.M. Clement,
Dean G.F. Curtis, Dr. O.J. Todd, Professor W.H. Gage, Dr.
H.J. MacLeod, Mr. F.A.Forward, Dr. J.C. Berry, Dr. G.H.
Harris, Mr. F. Head, Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale, Major H.C.
Holmes, Mr. A.R. Lord, Mrs. K.M.Beckett, Mr. K.P. Caple, Mrs,
Sally Murphy Creighton, Dr. Sherwood Lett, Mr. A.E. Lord,
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Miss Florence S. Mulloy, Dr. W.N.
Sage, Dr. G.G. Sedgewick, Dr. A.B. Schinbein, Dr. F.A.
Turnbull, Dr. H.V. warren, Mr. Gilbert Kennedy and Rev.
Kenneth E. Taylor.
Expressions of regret for their inability to be present were received from Chancellor E. W. Hamber, Mr. F.J.
Burd, Dr. C.H. Wright, Dr. J.F. Walker, Dr. J.M. Ewing and
Dr. A.E. Grauer.
The President introduced to Senate Rev. Kenneth E.
Taylor, O.B.E., the new Principal of the Anglican Theological College, and Mr. Gilbert D. Kennedy, the second representative of the Faculty of Law on Senate.  He also asked
that Mr. G. C. Andrew, Executive Assistant to the President
be permitted to attend Senate meetings in a listening
Mr. A.E.Lord)
Dr. Warren  ) That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting of August 22nd,
1947, be taken as read and adopted.
Election of Representative of the Faculty of Law on Senate
Notice was received from the Faculty of Law that Mr.
Gilbert D. Kennedy had been appointed as the second repre- *
October 22, 1947-
sentative of that Faculty on Senate.
The Secretary reported that notice had been received
from the Anglican Theological College of British Columbia
that Rev. Kenneth E. Taylor, O.B.E., M.A., B.D., the newly
elected Principal of the College, would be the representative of the Anglican Theological College on Senate, replacing Dr. H. R. Trumpour, retired.
Senate Elections, 1948
With respect to the preparation for Senate Elections,
Mr. A.E. Lord)
Dr. Sage    ) That it be left in the hands of
the Chair to appoint a Committee
on Senate  Elections.
Appointment of Standing Committees and Representatives
on University Committees. Session 1947-48
Committee on Calendar
Dr. 0. J. Todd (Chairman)
Mr. F. A. Forward
Dr. G. H. Harris
Mr. W. R. McDougall
Press Committee
Dr. A.E. Grauer (Chairman)
Dr. C.A. H. Wright
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. F. J. Burd
Committee on Honorary Degrees
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick (Chairman)
Dean D. Buchanan
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean F. M. Clement
Dean G. F. Curtis 1344
October 22, 1947-
Committee on Honorary Degrees (Continued
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley
Mr. A. R. Lord
Mr. K. P. Caple
Committee on Military Education
The Chancellor
The President
The Dean of Arts and Science
The Dean of Applied Science
The Registrar
The Officer Commanding, C.O.T.C.
The Officer Commanding, U.N.T.D.
The President of the Alma Mater Society
Committee on Memorial Minutes
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick (Chairman)
Dr. 0. J. Todd
Committee on Professors Emeriti
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick (Chairman)
Dr. 0. J. Todd
Dean D. Buchanan
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean F. M. Clement
Dean G. F. Curtis
Representative on the University Council on
Athletics and Physical Education
Dr. H. V. Warren
Representative on Committee on Public
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Dr. W. N. Sage)
Major Holmes  ) That these nominations be approved,
Appointment of Library Committee
Nominations by the Faculties:
Arts and Science - Dr. D. Blakey Smith
Mr. A. C. Cooke
Dr. I. McT. Cowan 4
October 22, 1947-
Applied Science - Dr. D. C. Murdoch
Agriculture    - Dr. J. C. Berry
Law - Mr. G. D. Kennedy
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage    ) That the nominations by the
Faculties be approved.
Report on Registration
For the information of Senate a statement of registration for the Session 1947-48 was presented.  The total
number of students enrolled as at October 17th, 1947,was
9256 as compared with the total of 8986 on October 23rd, 1946,
From the Board of Governors
New Courses in Psychology 303 and 404 and S]avonic
Studies 306, 308, 203 - Approved
Summer Session Students' Association Scholarship -
Kelly, Douglas Co. Ltd.Scholarship in Food
Technology - Approved
Additional University Entrance Scholarships - Approved
Rotary Club of Vancouver Bursary in Social Work -
Approved subject to approval of Senate.
From the Faculties
A report was received from the Registrar summarizing
the results of the Examinations in the lower years in all
Faculties for the Session 1947-48.
Dean Buchanan )
Dean Finlayson) That this summary be received
and filed.
For the information of Senate reports were presented
with reference to Supplemental Examinations, Special Exami- t
October 22, 1947-
nations, and Re-readings.  Mention was made of the greatly
increased number of papers written at centres outside
Vancouver and Victoria.
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
Dean Buchanan presented the list of candidates for
degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage    ) That the candidates listed in the
report for the degrees of M.A. ,
M.S.W., B.A. with Honours, B.A. in
the General Course, B.A. in the
Double Courses, B.Com., B.H.E., B.Ed.,
B.S.W., and the Diploma in the
Teacher Training Course be granted
their respective degrees and diplomas.
Dean Finlayson presented the report of the Faculty of
Applied Science.
Dean Finlayson)
Dr. MacLeod   ) That the recommendation of the
Faculty of Applied Science with
respect to candidates for the
degrees of M.A.Sc, B.A.Sc, B.S.F.,
and Certificates in Nursing be
Christmas Examinations
The following report of the Joint Faculty Committee
on Christmas Examinations was adopted by the Faculties and
recommended to Senate for approval:
That the Faculty of Law be left to make its own arrangements regarding examinations, but that in the other
1. The last day of lectures be Tuesday, December 16th. 1347
October 22, 1947.
2. The period from Wednesday, December 17th to
Saturday, December 20th, inclusive be reserved
entirely for courses designated in the Calendar
as final at Christmas.
3« In courses not designated in the calendar as final
at Christmas, progress of students be determined
by one or more term tests held in the regular
class periods and, wherever possible, in the regular class rooms, these tests to be concluded on
or before December 16th.
4« Results of final examinations only be reported to
the Registrar's Office; the date for forwarding
results to be set by the Registrar.
5. In each course the names of students with unsatisfactory term grades or attendance be reported to
the Office of the Dean concerned, the final date
for submitting this information to be set by the
Mr. Gage    )
Dean Buchanan) That these recommendations be
approved with the understanding
that any necessary adjustments be
Curriculum Changes for 1947-48
Faculty of Arts and Science
The Faculty of Arts and Science approved the following new courses and changes in courses and recommended to
Senate that they be made effective in the present Session:
Social Work 559 - Probation Methods.  A study of dealing with the delinquent who is placed
on probation.  Discussion, lectures
and reading.
Two hours a week.  First Term.  1 unit.
Anthropology 3 00 - Social Anthropology.  A brief review
of the archaeological evidence on
(To replace the human origins; the biological back-
course Socio-  ground of culture; some contemporary
logy 325 of the theories of culture; a more detailed
same title)    study of primitive economics, religion,
social, and political organization.
Three hours a week.       3 units 1348
October 22, 1947-
Anthropology 400 - Culture Contact and Change.  Tne
expansion of Europe and the impact
on primitive societies; a study of
the social and individual adjustments of the primitive; evaluation
of the programs of governments,
missions and other agencies.  The
work of each student will include
actual observation of one situation
of culture contact.
Three hours a week.     3 units.
Biology 3 00 and 301 - That Biology 3 00 and 301 at present listed as separate courses of
1| units each be combined as
Biology 300, 3 units.
Home Economics -   That the following courses in other
Faculties be made available for
credit in the course leading to the
degree of Bachelor of Home Economies':
Architecture 170, 261, 270, 352
Nursing 455
Horticulture 314
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage    ) That these recommendations be approved
and made effective in the present
Faculty of Applied Science
The Faculty of Applied Science forwarded the recommendation that the course in Fourth Year Engineering Physics
be changed to read "Mathematics 401 or 420" effective in
the present session.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Forward   ) That this recommendation be
Faculty of Agriculture
The Faculty of Agriculture recommended that because
of limited accommodation in the latter course students be
- > 1349
October 22, 1947.
permitted, for this year only, to substitute Bacteriology
153 for Bacteriology 201.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Harris  ) That this change be approved.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science that for the Session 1947-48 the regulation
on page 36 of the 1947-48 Calendar, concerning the admission
of students with failures outstanding be changed to read:
"That students with failures outstanding in more
than three units be admitted provisionally subject
to their obtaining a passing mark in all subjects
at the Christmas examinations."
and that future action depend on the record of these students on the Christmas examinations.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage     ) That the recommendation of the Faculty
of Arts and Science be approved for
the Session 1947-48.
Membership in the Faculty of Arts and Science
The Faculty of Arts and Science approved a recommendation that Mr. Jasper Stembridge of the Oxford University
Press, Visiting Lecturer in Geography, and Dr. F. J.  Toole,
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University
of New Brunswick and Visiting Lecturer in Chemistry, be
made members of the Faculty during the time of their appointment as Lecturers.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Todd    ) That this recommendation o e approved,
Carried 1350
October 22, 1947-
Reports of Committees
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr. Gage, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee
on Frizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, presented for
information List No.3 of awards for the Session 1946-47.
Mr. Gage also summarized the reports of the Scholarship Committee with respect to the awards made under
Special Bursaries and the Dominion-Provincial Student Aid
Fund in September, 1947*
Mr.   A.Hi.Lord)
Dr.   Warren     )   That  the   reports be  received for
information; that a letter of thanks
be sent to Col. Fairey for his
interest in the work of distributing the Dominion-Provincial Student
Aid Fund; and that a special vote
of thanks be extended the Scholarship Committee in this connection.
Carried unanimously
Mr. Gage, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries, presented the
following new awards, and recommended their acceptance on
the terms set forth below:
The Sherritt-Gordon Fellowship in Metallurgy
A fellowship of #1600.00, the gift of Sherritt-
Gordon Mines Limited, was awarded in the Session
1947-48 to enable a graduate in the Faculty of
Applied Science to proceed to a graduate degree
in Metallurgical Engineering.  The topic of research
was chosen after consultation with the Department
of Metallurgical Engineering of the University and
donors.  The award was made on the recommendation
of the Department.
Mr. Gage   ) ■
Mr. Forward) That this fellowship be accepted and
a letter of thanks sent to the donors.
Carried 1351
October 22, 1947.
The Rotary Bursary for Social Work
A bursary of -1300.00, the gift of the Rotary
Club of Vancouver, was made available in the
Session 1947-48 to a student in the Second Year
of the Social Work Course.  The purpose of this
award was to provide financial assistance for a
high ranking student to enable him to make a
study pertaining to the housing and care of aged
persons in the City of Vancouver.  The award was
made by the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships, and Bursaries in consultation with
the Head of the Department of Social Work.
Mr. Gage     )
Dean Buchanan) That this Bursary be accepted
and a letter of thanks sent
to the donors.
Mr. Gage announced that a revision in the terms of
the H. R. MacMillan Export Company Limited Prizes was found
necessary in order to meet actual conditions governing the
subjects for essays in Forestry.
Mr. Gage     )
Dean Finlayson) That the revised terms of these
prizes be approved and the
Committee permitted to make
necessary adjustments in the
Calendar wording.
Library Committee
A letter was received from Dr. Ian McT. Cowan, Chairman, presenting the eighteenth report of the Library Com-
mitteee to Senate covering the period from September 1st,
1946, to August 31st, 1947.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Caple   ) That the report of the Library
Committee be received and laid on
the table to be considered at the
next meeting of Senate.
Carried 13 52
October 22, 1947.
Honorary Degrees
Dr. Sedgewick, Chairman, presented the report of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees.  He announced that the Honourable John Hart had consented to accept the degree of
Doctor of Laws at the Autumn Congregation and that the
following scientists had been recommended for the degree of
Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) at the same Congregation:
Lee Alvin DuBridge, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Sc.D.,
President, California Institute of Technology
Ernest Orlando Lawrence, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Sc.D.,
Department of Physics, University of California,
Berkeley, California
Chalmers Jack Mackenzie, C.M.G., M.C., M.C.E.,
D.Eng., D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.S.C, President,
National Research Council, Ottawa
Omond McKillop Solandt, B.A. , M.A. , B.Sc, M.D. ,
M.A.(Cantab.), Director, Defence Research Board,
Dr. Sedgewick )
Dean Finlayson) That these recommendations be
approved by Senate.
Establishment of a Faculty of Pharmacy
In view of the length of time since this matter was
first brought before Senate it was suggested that it be
left over to the next meeting and that in the meantime the
report ot trie Committee oe again sent out to members of
Senate for consideration.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Todd    ) That this suggestion be approved.
Carried 1353
October 22, 1947-
Course in History of Living Religions
The recommendation of the Faculty of Arts and Science
that a course be authorized in the History of Living Religions, which had been laid on the table at the May meeting,
was taken up.  It was understood that such a course would
not be offered in the present session but that if and when
a competent instructor could be found it would be offered
in the Department of History.
Dr. Warren   )
Dean Buchanan) That this recommendation be
Statute re Membership in t he Faculties
The question of changing the Statute of Senate to
enable Faculties to add to its members without reference to
Senate was taken from the table where it had been placed
at the meeting in February, 1947.
Dr, Sedgewick)
Dean Clement ) That the recommendation that the
Statute of Senate be changed to
enable Faculties to add to their
memberships without reference to
Senate be approved on the understanding that Senate be notified
of additional appointments.
Letters were received from Mrs. S. J. Schofield
thanking Senate for its letter of sympathy and tribute to
the late Dr. S. J. Schofield.
In accordance with the request of Senate an Interim
Report was presented by the Department of University Extension covering the period from April 1st to September 30th,1947■ 1354
October 22, 1947-
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Caple   ) That the Interim Report of the
Extension Department be received
and laid on the table to be considered at the next meeting of
Dean Buchanan reported thc.t there were a few veteran
students confined to hospital who wished reading courses in
a number of subjects.  He recommended that arrangements
similar to those in effect during the war for students in
the armed forces be authorized.
Dean Buchanan   )
Principal Taylor) That arrangements be approved
for the offering of Directed
Reading Courses for veteran
students confined to hospital.
Dr. Turnbull requested Senate to pass a formal motion
approving in principle the establishment of a Medical School
in order that adverse criticism of the University in this
connection might be answered.  After lengthy discussion it
was decided that the Chair be asked to call a special meeting of Senate toward the end of November to consider this
whole question.
Dr. Sedgewick )
Dean Finlayson) That the meeting adjourn.
AS^AiaytAco <T3 Aocrzr*%_


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