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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Oct 19, 1921

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Wednesday, October 19th, 1921.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the session 1921-22 was held on Wednesday, October
19th, at 8 p.m., in the Board Room.
Present: The President, in the Chair, Dean F. M. Clement,
Dean R. W. Brock, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. W.
Sadler, Mr. L. W. Gill, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. D. Buchanan, Mr. L. F.
Robertson, Mr. D. M. Robinson, Mr. C. Killam, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Magistrate H. C. Shaw, Dr. W. B. Burnett, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Mr. G. E.
Robinson, Rev. A. H. Sovereign.
Mr. Gordon  )
Mr. Sovereign) That the minutes of the Fourth Regular
Meeting, May 11th, 1921, be taken as read,
and adopted.
Mr. Gordon )
Mr. Robinson)  That the minutes of the adjourned meeting
of May 12th, 1921, be taken as read, that
the words "Board of Governors" in paragraph
581 of the Senate minutes, be changed to
read "Senate", and that these minutes be
Dean Brock)
Mr. Killam)    That the minutes of the special meeting of
July 22nd be taken as read,and adopted.
Mr. Killam  )
Mr. Sovereign) That the minutes of the adjourned special
meeting of July 25th, 1921,be taken as read ,
and adopted.
Mr. Killam )
Dean Coleman)  That the minutes of the joint meeting of the
Board of Governors and Senate of July 25th,
1921, be taken as read, and adopted.
Carried. (250)
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921,
Mr. Gordon  )
Mr. Robertson) That the minutes of the special meeting of
Senate of August 16th, 1921, be taken as
read,and adopted.
616 Mr* Gordon  )
Mr. Sovereign) That the press be admitted for the full
Sean Brock)
Mr. Gordon)    That the press be admitted to-night.
617 A report from the Faculties on the September University
supplemental examinations was presented:-
Dean Clement)
Mr. Boving )  That the report on the September supplemental
examinations be adopted.
The Secretary stated that three students had not yet had
an opportunity of taking the supplemental examinations in Spanish,
owing to the resignation, just before the beginning of the session,
of the Instructor in Spanish.
Mr. Boving)
Dean Brock) That the matter be left in the hands of the
Faculty concerned with power to act.
A letter was read from Dr,  N. Wolverton, of Nelson,
regretting his inability to be present at the meeting.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Turnbull ) That the letter be received and filed.
618 A letter from the Board of Governors was read, approving the
recommendation of Senate that the course in Public Health Nursing be
extended to the full session; also one in reference to the Constitution
of University Faculties. V
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921.
A Mr. Killam )
Dr. Buchanan) That these two communications be received and
From the Faculty of Arts and Science.
619 Senior Matriculation regulation.
Recommended to Senate that the regulation, in reference
to the Matriculation of candidates who are actually
I engaged in mercantile, industrial or other occupations,
be amended so as to include Senior Matriculation as well
as Junior Matriculation.
L Mr. Gordon)
Dean Brock) That the recommendation be endorsed and that
the Department of Education be asked to sanction
, the same.
v Carried.
620 Representatives on Senate.
A letter from the Faculty of Arts and Science was read, giving
notice of the election of Dr. Boggs and Dr. Buchanan as representatives
on Senate.
621 Standing of H. C. Lewis.
Recommended to Senate that Hunter C. Lewis, a returned soldier,
suffering from the effects of shell-shock, be granted, in
consideration of his term's work and of medical certificates
presented, aegrotat standing in the Second Year.
Mr. Gordon ) That this recpmmendation be endorsed by Senate.
From the Faculty of Agriculture.
622 Representatives of Departments on Faculty.
The following letter was read:-
The Faculty of Agriculture would like to know whether Clause
(e) of the statute of Senate of December 15th, 1920, in
reference to the Constitution of Faculties means that the
representatives on the Faculty of Agriculture from Departments in other Faculties should be (a) from those Departments providing special instruction for students In Agricul- (252)
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921.
•ture, or, (b) from all Departments In which students in
Agriculture take olasses.
After some discussion:
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Boggs   ) That this matter be laid upon the table until
Dean Coleman's return, in order that we may
get an expression of opinion from him.
At this point Dean Coleman entered.
Mr. Boving,      )
Mr. G. E. Robinson)  That the matter be taken from the table
and re-opened for discussion.
Magistrate Shaw took the Chair while the President made a
statement in reference to this matter.
Mr. Gordon)
^ *       Mr. Killam) That Senate' interpret that clause in the
statute which is under discussion to mean
"and one representative nominated by the head
•■ft of each of those departments in other faculties
which provide instruction in obligatory subjects
ir. the faculty concerned".
* Mr. Boving )
Bean Clement)  In amendment:  That the question be referred
back for interpretation to
the Committee.
The original motion was put to vote and carried.
Standing of certain students.
Recommended to Senate that Archibald Blair, a returned
soldier who has, as a Partial' student, "completed the
work of the first two years in Agriculture with good
standing, be granted full undergraduate standing.
Recommended to Senate that H. L. StevesT who had been
granted Matriculation standing with a supplemental in
Chemistry in 1917 and who has completed First Year Agriculture, including Chemistry, with good standing, be granted
full undergraduate standing.
Mr. Killam      )
Mr. G. E. Robinson) That the recommendation of the Faculty
of Agriculture be approved.
623 (253)
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921,
fc       From the Faculty of Applied Science.
624 Pass Mark in Nursing.
Recommended to Senate that the pass standing for First Year
students in the course in Nursing be the same as that for
First Year Arts, namely, - 40$ in each subject and 50$ on
the total; and that this standard be retro-active to last
spring's examinations.
Mr. Gordon)
Dean Brock) That this recommendation be endorsed.
625 Course in Nursing.
Recommended to Senate that, because of changes made in the
courses of First and Second Years in Arts, the course in
First Year Nursing be amended to read:-
1. English 1 (a. and b.)
2. Mathematics 1, or Latin 1, or French 1, or History 1,
or 2, or 3.
3. Physics 1
4. Chemistry 1
5. Biology 1 and Zoology 1
and that the course of the Second Year be amended to read:-
1. English 2 (a. and b.)
2. Chemistry 2
3. Philosophy 1
4. Economics 1
5. Bacteriology 1 and 2.
Dean Coleman)
Dean Brock ) That the recommendation be adopted.
626 Affiliation of Westminster Hall and Anglican Theological
Reported to Senate that the Faculty of Applied Science has
no representations to make regarding the applications of Westminster Hall and the Anglican Theological College for affiliation.
Mr. Killam  )
Mr. Robertson) That the report be received and filed.
Carried. (254)
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921.
627 Appointment of representatives on Senate.
A letter from the Faculty of Applied Science was read, giving
notice of the election of Dr. Archibald and Mr. Gill as representatives
on Senate.
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull) That the letter be received and filed.
From the Secretary of the Matriculation Board of Examiners.
June examinations. (Matriculation).
(a) Statistical returns.
(b) Scholarships.
Dean Coleman )
Mr. Robertson) That the first part of the report be received
and filed.
Mr. Robertson)
Dean Coleman ) That the scholarships be awarded in accordance
with the report.
September supplemental examinations. (Matriculation).
Statistical returns.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Boving ) That the report be received and filed.
,-g A letter from the Secretary of Convocation, transmitting
the minutes of the annual meeting of Convocation, held on May 12th,
1921, was read. The only resolution calling for action by the Senate
was the following:-
That, with a view to co-ordinating the work of the various
Educational Bodies of this Province, this Convocation again
petition the University authorities to take the necessary
steps towards the appointing of a Board of Examiners in
Music in the event of the Educational Authorities favourably
considering the inclusion of Music in the High School
curriculum. (255)
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921.
Mr. Gordon )
Dr. Burnett) That the matter be laid on the table, to be
dealt with at the next regular meeting of
egg A communication from Mr. E. W. Wynne, D.Sc, of Liverpool,
England, applying for an honorary degree from the University of
British Columbia, was presented.
Mr. Boving)
Dr. Boggs ) That the Secretary be instructed to inform the
writer that his letter has been received and
considered, but that his application cannot be
g32 The application of the Religious of the Sacred Heart for
affiliation with the University in the First and Second Year of the
Arts course was submitted.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Boving) That we refer this matter to a dommlttee of
three, to be named by the Chair, to report at
the next meeting.
The report from Dean Coleman, as Director of the Summer
School, was presented:-
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Buchanan) That the report be referred to the Faculty
of Arts for consideration and recommendation.
Night Classes.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Killam ) That since night classes are part of University
extension, that this also be referred to the
Faculty of Arts.
6_. Dean Brock presented an interim report, on behalf of his
Committee, in respect to the election of a High School Representative
to the Senate. (256)
Wednesday, October 19th, 1921,
635 Mr. G. E. Robinson presented of the committee
appointed to consider the Report from Faculty:-
That Inasmuch as Senate has from time to time recognized,
acted upon, and assumed responsibility for various recommendations of the old faculty, and inasmuch as the three
faculties of Arts and Science, of Applied Science, and of
Agriculture are now constituted in accordance with the
University Act,
It is in the opinion of the Committee unneccesary for
Senate to take any further steps in regard to matters relating to the old faculty.
Mr. G. E. Robinson)
Dean Coleman     )
That this report be adopted.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Gill    ) That the meeting adjourn.
A (P. AZA>
S&-&Y at- /ffaZ^k*}


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