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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1976-10-13

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Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
The Second regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1976-77 was held on Wednesday, October 13,  1976 at
8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:    President D. T. Kenny (Chairman), Mrs. M. F. Angus,
Dean D. V. Bates, Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Mr. W. H. Black, Ms. J. P. Blandford,
Dr. C. B. Bourne, Dr. K. T. Brearley, Mr. W. L. Broddy, Dr. T. H. Brown,
Rev. P. C. Burns, Mr. D. Byl, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. D. H. Copp, Dr. J. D.
Dennison, Mr. R. J. Ensom, Mrs. F. Field, Dr. C V. Finnegan, Mr. G. S.
Funt, Mr. F. K. H. Gagne, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. R. F. Gray, Dr. D.
Haley, Acting Dean S. W. Hamilton, Dr. R. H. Hill, Dr. J. M. Houston,
Miss S. E. Hoyles, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dean W. D. Kitts, Dr. L. Kraintz,
Mr. J. Kulich, Dean P. A. Larkin, Mr. J. B. Le Huquet, Dean S. W.
Leung, Dean K. M. Lysyk, Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Dr. C. A. McDowell,
Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mr. J. F. McWilliams, Rev. J. P. Martin, Dr. H.
Mitchell, Mr. G. R. Moore, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Dr. P. H. Pearse, Mr. D.
Poy, Dr. M. E. Prang, Dr. J. F. Richards, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dr. V. C
Runeckles, Dr. S. O. Russell, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Vice President M. Shaw,
Mr. A. F. Sheppard, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. P. Suedfeld, Mr. J. A. C.
Swainson, Mr. G. A. Thorn, Miss C. L. V. Warren, Mr. R. S. Whyte,
Dean R. M. Will.
Observer:   Mr. J. A. Banham.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor D. F. Miller, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Mr. H. Buys, Dean E. M. Fulton,
Dr. W. M. Keenlyside, Mrs. W. T. Lane, Dr. P. A. Lusztig, Dr. B. N. Moyls,
Dr. M. J. A. Smith, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. M. Uprichard, DeanG. M.
Minutes of the previous meeting
Mrs. Field ) That the minutes of the First regular
Dr. McGregor    ) meeting of Senate for the Session
1976-77, having been circulated be
taken as read and adopted.
Carried 6634.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Business arising from the Minutes
Bookstore profit   (P. 6617)
At the previous meeting attention had been drawn to the profit listed for
the Bookstore in the Annual Financial Report of the University.   The Chairman
had agreed to report back to Senate concerning where the profit had originated.
The Chairman explained that the profit did not come from the sale of books
but arose chiefly from the sale of stationery, calculators and other sundry items
after the overall loss on the sale of books had been absorbed.   The Chairman
also stated that whatever profits had accumulated had gone into an accumulated
reserve fund for future development of the Bookstore.
University Endowment Lands   (P.6624)
At the previous meeting Mr. Byl had given notice of motion to the effect
that a joint Senate/Board committee should be struck to submit a proposal as to
the future use of the University Endowment Lands to the University Endowment
Lands study team.
In reply to a query the Chairman confirmed that a President's committee had
been established to make recommendations to the committee studying the future
of the endowment lands, and that the President's committee would accept briefs
concerning this matter.
Mr. Byl withdrew his motion.
Committee on Tenure   (P.6624)
Senate was informed that the Board of Governors was in the process of
reviewing tenure at U.B.C. but was not ready to release a report at this time. 6635.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Business arising from the Minutes
Committee on Tenure   (P.6624)    (continued)
It was hoped that a report would be available before the end of the 1976-77
Winter Session.
Committee on Prizes,   Scholarships and Bursaries
Dr. McGregor      ) That the new awards listed in Appendix 'A'
Dr. Copp ) be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors, and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
Senate Membership
The following item was reported to Senate:
Declaration of vacancy on Senate (Universities Act section 36(6))
1 student representative of the Faculty of Science due to the
resignation of Mr. R. L. Salkeld.
Dates for student elections to governing bodies
Senate at its meeting of November 12,  1975 agreed that the elections for two
students to serve on the Board of Governors and seventeen students to serve on
Senate, as outlined in the Universities Act sections 20 (e) and 35 (2)  (h), be
conducted annually in the following manner:
calls for nominations by mid-November
close of nominations on the last day of the first term
voting to be completed by the end of January
those elected to the Board of Governors to take office at the first
Board meeting on or after February 1
those elected to Senate to take office at the first meeting of Senate
on or after April 1. 6636.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Dates for student elections to governing bodies   (continued)
The Registrar recommended that the elections for student representatives to
the Board of Governors and the Senate in this Academic Year be as follows: -
call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Friday, November 19, 1976
close of nominations, 4.00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 21, 1976
election date, Wednesday, January 19, 1977
advance polls 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Tuesday, January 18,  1977
polling Wednesday, January 19, 1977, 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Mr. Swainson     ) That the recommendation of the Registrar
Dean Larkin        ) concerning dates for the election of student
representatives to the Board of Governors
and the Senate be approved.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee   (See Appendix 'B')
Dr. Runeckles presented the report.   The committee recommended approval
of all items submitted with the exception of Education 512 and 537, Biochemistry
402 and Botany 311.
Dr. Runeckles       ) That the curriculum proposals submitted
Dean Bates ) by the School of Architecture and the
Faculties of Arts, Graduate Studies (with
the exception of Education 512 and 537),
Law, and Science (with the exception of
Biochemistry 402 and Botany 311), and
outlined in Appendix 'B', be approved.
In reply to queries the Chairman explained that approval of Education 512
and 537 had been withheld because the prerequisites for these courses had not
yet been approved by Senate. 6637.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee   (continued)
With regard to Biochemistry 402 it was explained that a statement had
been added to the description to the effect that at least a second class average
in Biochemistry 300 was recommended.   Members of the committee had expressed
concern that since Biochemistry 402 was a required course for the major this
would mean that students who did not get a second class average in Biochemistry
300 would have to change majors.   The committee were looking into this matter
and would probably have a recommendation in time for the next meeting of
Referring to the proposed new description for Botany 311 Senate
was informed that after consultation with the Department of Plant Science
modifications had been made and that this would have to go through the
Faculty of Science again before being submitted to Senate for approval.
The motion was put and carried.
Committee on Examinations:     Policies and Practices
The committee had been established in January 1975 to review examination
policies and practices generally, with emphasis on Christmas examinations.   In
November 1975 the committee submitted a report to Senate which was referred to
Faculties and Schools for review and comment.
Dr. McGregor informed Senate that the recommendations of the committee
had been revised in view of comments received from the Faculties and Schools.
He also stated that the committee assumed that these recommendations did not 6638.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Examinations:     Policies and Practices   (continued)
apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies or to the post-graduate professional
The report contained five recommendations: -
(1) That Faculties be urged to make full use of the formal
examination periods, both in December and in April, and
that, unless the relevant Dean and Head, for sound academic
reason, grant exemption, all courses designed for First and
Second Year students (e.g. courses in lists A and B under
Arts in the Calendar, pp. 61-62) be examined in December
as well as in April, the results to be reported in the same
form as are the final results.
(2) That Senate re-emphasize and insist upon adherence to a
previous statement of policy that forbids the holding of
any examination, formal or informal, during the two weeks
preceding the formally scheduled examinations of December
and April.    (N.B.   This recommendation does not apply to
regular weekly or bi-weekly tests or to traditional and current
practices in laboratories.)
(3) That Senate require scrupulous adherence by invigilators
(members of the Faculty and other invigilators) to the
regulations governing the invigilation of examinations.
(4) That the instructions printed on the front of the examination
booklet be revised to read as follows:
The University of British Columbia
This booklet is provided for the exclusive use of
students writing formal University examinations.
(a) your name, printed in block letters, surname first
(b) your usual signature 6639.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Examinations:     Policies and Practices
1. PUT ON EACH BOOKLET:    (continued)
(c) your permanent registration number
(d) subject of examination
(e) date
(f) instructor's name
(g) section-number
2. ALL YOUR WRITING MUST BE HANDED IN . This book must not
be torn or mutilated in any way and must not be taken from the
No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination-room
after the expiration of one-half hour or to leave during the first
half-hour of the examination.
Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators,
except in cases of supposed errors or ambiguities in examination
CAUTION   -   candidates guilty of any of the following, or similar
dishonest practices shall be immediately dismissed from the
examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action.
(a) Making use of any books, papers, or memoranda other
than those authorised by the examiners.
(b) Speaking or communicating with other candidates.
(c) Purposely exposing written papers to the view of other
candidates. The plea of accident or forgetfulness shall
not be received.
5. That Senate urge Faculties to curtail the use of the "take-home"
examination, both in the extent of its administration and in the
weight assigned to it in the calculation of marks. 6640.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Examinations:     Policies and Practices   (continued)
Dr. McGregor     )
Dr. Gray )
Dr. McGregor
Dr. Gray
Dr. McGregor
Dr. Copp
Dr. McGregor
Dr. Suedfeld
Dr. McGregor
Mr. Broddy
That recommendation 1 be adopted.
That recommendation 2 be adopted.
That recommendation 3 be adopted.
That recommendation 4 be adopted.
That recommendation 5 be adopted.
On behalf of Senate the Chairman expressed thanks and appreciation for the
work done by the committee.
Committee on Extracurricular Activities
Dr. Dennison presented a report on the activities of the committee for
The committee had met several times with various groups representing a
particular facet of the extracurricular program on campus.   General topics
discussed were finance, coaching, administration, facilities, Thursday noon
hour, and publicity. 6641.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Extracurricular Activities   (continued)
Finance:    It was stated in the report that a number of programs suffered
from a lack of funds and that many new sports were not being offered at the
University because of an inadequate budget.
Coaching: Generally, the number of coaches was inadequate, for a variety
of reasons.
Administration:   The committee had examined a recommendation in the
Hender Report with regard to the structure of the extracurricular program.
It appeared that some advantages would be gained from the recommendation
to place the intramural, recreation and club programs under a Director of
recreation activities.
Facilities:    Facilities seemed adequate to meet the needs on campus.   Two
exceptions, however, were the indoor tennis courts and floor hockey areas.
Concern was expressed that a sizeable part of the budget of the Intercollegiate
and Intramural Program was spent on renting space at the Winter Sports Centre.
Thursday Noon Hour: All groups expressed a concern for the retention of
the unscheduled 12.30 - 2.30 p.m. period on Thursdays for all students as this
was the only period when useful practices and activities could be held.
Publicity:   The committee was impressed with the range of physical activities
available on campus although it was felt that students were not sufficiently
informed of the choices available and that a more adequate format for publicising
these activities was needed. 6642.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Extracurricular Activities   (continued)
Dr. Dennison stated that the committee hoped to look at some of the
non-physical extracurricular programs and eventually present a report to
Senate with specific recommendations.
Program Review
At the May meeting Mrs. Field notified Senate that she would bring forward
a motion for discussion at the October meeting concerning review procedures.
Mrs. Field       ) That the matter of program review
Dr. Clark        ) be referred to the Senate Curriculum
Mrs. Field explained that the intent of the motion was to ask the curriculum
committee to study the question of whether or not programs should be reviewed,
whether such a review should cover both new and existing programs, and in the
case of new programs whether the review should take place within three to five
After a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
Bookstore Policy
The Agenda Committee recommended that a committee be established to
study the implications of the following proposal submitted by Dr. Belshaw:-
1.    That Senate adopt the principle that the Bookstore is an academic
service to the university analagous to that of the library and the
computing centre, contributing resources of a broad educational
character. 6643.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Bookstore Policy   (continued)
2.    That Senate form an ad hoc Committee to examine the implications of
the above principle, and in particular the proposal that there be the
following policies:
(a) to finance the building requirements of the bookstore in the
same manner as those of the library and computing centre,
(b) to administer the bookstore through the Vice-President for
University Development, that is the Vice-President in charge
of academic university affairs, and with the regular advice
of Senate,
(c) to reconstitute the bookstore committee as a Senate Committee
with a similar structure to that of the Senate Library Committee
and reporting to Senate,
(d) to emphasize the academic nature and environment of the
bookstore by physically separating the non-academic
commercial supplies, and by a substantial expansion of
academically oriented stocks of books, records, art prints,
and similar materials beyond normal text-book demand,
(e) to make every effort to reduce the price of books by adopting
a non-profit objective, and returning any financial surpluses
to the expansion of stock and the control of prices,
(f) to appoint specialist staff who are knowledgeable about subject
areas (as in the case of the library) and who can develop liaison
with faculty members and departments in those areas,
(g) to aim at providing serious books to the general public in the
interior of the Province (the continuing education function),
(h)      to advise the university about publishers' policies and other
factors which may be detrimentally affecting the academic
supply function.
That Senate invite the Bookstore, the Library, the Computing Centre,
and the U.B.C Press, to make proposals to Senate on the subject of
improved liaison between these entities with a view to coordinating
approaches to the supply of academic resources within their province,
and to providing regular advice to departments and faculty members
about the availability and comparative advantages of new resources
and techniques. 6644.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Bookstore Policy   (continued)
Dr. McGregor explained that the Agenda Committee felt that it was necessary
to establish a special committee because of the financial implications contained in
the motion.
Dr. Belshaw       ) That a committee be established to
Dr. Pearse ) study the implications of the proposal
on Bookstore policy.
Preliminary report on enrolment 1976-77
The preliminary report of the Registrar on daytime enrolment for 1976-77
was received for information.   The total enrolment figure was 22,944.   In reply to
a query it was stated that the final report on registration for 1976-77 would include
a breakdown of the enrolment figures to include part-time students.
Senate's prohibition of smoking  in classrooms
Senate was reminded of the regulation, reaffirmed by Senate at its meeting
of November 12,  1975, prohibiting smoking in lecture rooms during examinations
or during or between lectures.   Miss Blandford stated that it was very difficult for
students to concentrate in smoke-filled classrooms and also that it was difficult to
ask students not to smoke if faculty members were smoking.
The Chairman appealed to Deans, Department Heads and individual faculty
members to ensure that the regulation was enforced.
Other business
Teaching Evaluation
Mr. Byl informed Senate that a committee of the S.R.A. had declared teaching
standards as a priority for this year and that he was therefore interested to know 6645.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Other business
Teaching Evaluation   (continued)
what progress was being made by both the Senate Committee on Teaching
Evaluation and the President's Committee on Teaching Evaluation.
Vice-President Shaw stated that the President's committee was charged
mainly with the question of developing courses which would help people to
improve their teaching but that the committee was not yet ready to report.
Mrs. Field informed Senate that Dr. Moyls, Chairman of the Senate
committee, had attended meetings of the President's committee to ensure
that the work of the two committees was not being duplicated.
Disruption of lecture by Mr.   Harry Schwarz
The President read to Senate the following statement concerning the
disruption by a group of individuals of a lecture given on campus by
Mr. Harry Schwarz, a member of Parliament in South Africa:-
"I deplore in the strongest terms the recent disruption by a group
of individuals of a lecture given on campus by Mr. Harry Schwarz,
a member of Parliament for the Progressive Reform Party of South
The denial of the right of free speech to a visitor to the University
is a total rejection of the values on which a university is founded.
Without freedom of thought, freedom of enquiry and freedom of speech
a university cannot exist.   These freedoms must be maintained at all
I would be greatly disappointed if the individuals who took part in
this offensive demonstration were U.B.C. people.   Such undemocratic
refusal to grant a fair hearing to any person's views is not acceptable
behaviour by any member of the University." 6646.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Other business
Disruption of lecture by Mr.   Harry Schwarz   (continued)
Dr. McDowell      ) That Senate adopt this statement as
Dr. Suedfeld       ) its principle.
Carried unanimously
Dr. Suedfeld gave notice of the following motion: -
"That Senate request the administration to develop procedures
whereby recurrence of disruptions that violate the academic
freedom of lecturers and audiences on this campus can be
prevented or speedily terminated when they do occur."
Mr. Broddy stated that the committee purported to have been responsible
for the demonstration was not a committee of the S.R.A.
Centralized organization for handling computers
Dr. Belshaw stated that he had read that the Provincial Government was
contemplating creating by legislation a centralized organization for handling
computers attached to crown corporations and including universities.
The Chairman said that he had not been able to obtain a copy of the report
concerning this matter but that it was his understanding that it did not refer to
Report of the Tributes Committee
Dr. Stager presented the report.   Members of the gallery were asked to
leave. 6647.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Report of the Tributes Committee   (continued)
Professors Emeriti
The committee recommended that the following be granted emeritus status: -
Dr. H. Baker
Clinical Associate Professor        Paediatrics
Mr. L. Barclay Associate Professor
Dr. R. W. Boyd Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. W. H. Cockcroft Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. K. A. Evelyn Professor
Dr. Z. Folejewski Professor
Dr. C. E. G. Gould Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. H. B. Hawthorn Professor
Dr. J. Katz
Dr. J. Piters
Mr. V. Revutsky
Mrs. P. Schuldt
Dr. J . C. Thomas
Dr. F. Turnbull
Mrs. F. B. Vey
Dr. R. Wilson
Associate Professor
Senior Instructor
Clinical Professor
Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Clinical Professor
Diagnostic Radiology
Medical Microbiology
and Paediatrics
Slavonic Studies
Heath Care & Epidemiology
Anthropology & Sociology
Clinical Associate Professor        Paediatrics
Slavonic Studies
Mr. J. T. Young Professor Education
Dr. L. R. Zeldowicz      Clinical Assistant Professor Medicine
Dr. Stager )
Dr. McGregor    )
That the recommendations of the Tributes
Committee concerning emeritus status be
approved. 6648.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Report of the Tributes Committee
Professors Emeriti    (continued)
In amendment:
Dr. Copp )
Dean Bates      )
That Dr. H. H. Boucher be granted the
status of Clinical Assistant Professor
Emeritus of Surgery.
Dr. Copp explained that Dr. Boucher had been a member of the Clinical
Faculty of the Faculty of Medicine for 12 years and therefore had not met the
requirement of Senate that Clinical Faculty must have served for a period of
15 years or more to be eligible for emeritus status.   It was felt that Dr. Boucher
had made a substantial contribution to the University and should therefore be
granted emeritus status notwithstanding the 15 year rule.
The amendment carried, and the motion as amended was put and carried.
The meeting adjourned at 9.40 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, November 17,
Chairman 6649.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
New Awards Recommended to Senate
Walter Bennett Scholarship
A scholarship of $500 annually, the gift of the Westminster County Real
Estate Board, is offered to a student, in the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration, with preference for (but not restricted to)
those taking the Urban Land Economics program, having high academic
standing and deserving of financial assistance, and whose residence is
within the operating area of the Board,   (i.e. N.Surrey/N. Delta, White
Rock/S.Surrey, Langley/AIdergrove, Matsqui, Abbotsford/Clearbrook,
Mission).   At the discretion of the Faculty the award may be divided into
two scholarships of $250 each.
The  Inter-Fraternal  Services Bursaries
Three bursaries in the amount of $300 each will be made available by
Inter-Fraternal Services to assist physically handicapped students who
show ability and promise in their field of study, and who are in financial
The Mellon Scholarship
Scholarships in varying amounts will be awarded from time to time to
students in the School of Community and Regional Planning.   The funds
for these awards were made possible by a grant from the Trustees of the
Richard King Mellon Charitable Trust.   The awards will be made on the
recommendation of the Director of the School.
The University Sopron Memorial  Fund
This fund, originally established by the University to assist students
in the Sopron division of the Faculty of Forestry, provides scholarships
for undergraduate students in any year and faculty.   The awards will be
made by the University Awards Committee. 6650.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
A  =   new courses or substantial changes
B   =   minor changes
B     Changes
Mechanical Engineering 437 (H)   Building Services
change to:
Architecture 437 (H)   Building Services   (Mechanical)
Electrical Engineering 438 (H)   Building Services
change to:
Architecture 438 (H)   Illumination in Buildings
A     Deletion
Latin 406
B     Change Latin 120 change in hours from (3-0;  3-0) to (4-0;  4-0)
Economic History
B     Change Requirements for the B.A. in Economic History - delete
HIST 200
Germanic Studies
A     New course GRST 401  (3)   Modern German Fiction  in Translation
B     Change
B      Change
B     Changes
B      Change
GERM 405 - change in description and units, now (H/3)
HIST 436 - change in title
PHIL 301 and 414 - change in descriptions
PSYC 320 - change in title and description 6651.
Wednesday, October 13, 1976.
Course and Curriculum Proposals   (continued)
Commerce and Business Administration
A      New courses COMM 528 (H)   Manpower Planning
COMM 558 (li)   Data  Base Design and Administration
COMM 559 (li)   Seminar in Information Systems
Analysis and Design
COMM 589 (H)   Seminar in Small  Business Policy
and Management
A     New courses     * Education 512 (li)   Problems and Issues in Special
* Approval of Education 512 was withheld
* Education 537 (H)   The Education of Multi-handicapped
* Approval of Education 537 was withheld
Education 544 (H/3)   Theoretical  Bases for Reading
Research and Practice
B     Change Law 208 - change in unit value from (1) to (1/H)
A     Change * BIOC 402 - change in description
* Approval withheld
A      New course Biology 202 (3)   Cell  Biology:   Structural and Chemical
B     Changes Biology 311, 313, 321, 322 - changes in descriptions
A  Changes      Botany 306, 307, 413 - change in hours 6652.
Wednesday, October 13,  1976.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
A     Changes   (continued)
* Botany 311 - change in title, description and hours
* Approval withheld
Botany 402 - change in description
A     New courses Botany 415 (H)   Algal  Physiology
Botany 448 (H or 3)   Directed Studies in  Botany
Computer Science
A      New course Computer Science 407  (H)   Organization of Computing
Projects and Facilities
Geological  Sciences
A     New course Geology 448 (H or 3)   Directed Studies in Geology
B     Changes
Geology 107 - change in description
Geology 448 - change in number, now 418
A     New courses Mathematics 203 (H)   Statistical  Methods  I
204 (H)   Statistical  Methods II
A     Changes
A     Deletion
304 (li)   Elementary Decision Theory
PHYS 406 and 407 - change in unit value, title,
description and hours
PHYS 408
A      New course Zoology 305 (H)   Biology of Invertebrates


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