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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1954-02-10

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 Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2032
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1953-54 was
held on Wednesday, February 10th, 1954, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N. A. M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dr. John Allardyce, Dean G. S.
Allen, Dean H. F. Angus, Mr. F. C. Boyes, Dr. V. C. Brink,
Dean S. N. F. Chant, Mr. K. P. Caple, Miss Mollie Cottingham,
Dr. Ian McT. Cowan, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. Roy Daniells,
Dean Blythe Eagles, Mr. H. 0. English, Miss Mary Fallis,
Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean W. H. Gage, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dean
H. C. Gunning, Dr. W. H. Hickman, Dr. R. D. James, Dr. R. B.
Kerr, Mr. F. M. Knapp, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Dean A. W.
Matthews, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. J. Fred Muir, Mr.
W. 0. Richmond, Dr. W. N. Sage, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Dr. H.
V. Warren, and Dean M. M. Weaver.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood ^ett, Dr. A. E. Grauer,
Dr. C. H. Wright, The Honourable Mr. Justice J. V. Clyne,
Dr. W. S. Taylor, Dr. W. A. Ferguson, Mrs. F. M. Ross and
Dr. R. M. Wellwood.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Angus)
Dean Gage ) That the minutes of the second regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1953-54,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Carried. Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2033
Notice of Appointment. Committee
To Consider Future Enrolment
Notice was received of the appointment by the
President of the following Committee to consider the problems
presented by the expected influx of students at the University
over the next ten-year period.
Mr. C. B. Wood, Chairman
Dean W. H. Gage
Dean G. C. Andrew
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Miss Mollie Cottingham
Chancellor Sherwood Lett)
President N. MacKenzie  )  Ex-officio.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
A report was received that the Board of Governors
on January 6th had approved the acceptance of the following
lectureships, as presented to Senate on December 16th, 1953:
The Simmons Lectureship
The CIBA Lectureship
New Awards
The Board of Governors, on January 6th, approved
the acceptance of the following new awards, as approved by
Senate on December 16th, 1953:
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
(Local 213) Bursary of $100700"
The Sandoz Prizes in Clinical Microscopy
The Hamber Gold Medal
The Dr. Walter Stewart Baird Memorial Prize. Wednesday, February 10th, 1954. 2034
Student Exchange Programme
The Board of Governors on January 6th approved the
proposal that a student exchange programme be set up between
the University of Washington and the University of British
Columbia, on the assumption that it might include both
undergraduate and graduate students; that it be carried out
for one year with the University of Washington on a trial
basis; and on the basis of that experience that further
consideration be given to the matter.
Department of Soil Science
A report was received that the Board of Governors
on January 6th approved the establishment of a Department of
Soil Science, as approved by Senate on December 16th, 1953.
Summer Session Courses. 1954
A report was received that the Board of Governors
on January 6th approved the courses proposed for the Summer
Session, 1954, as approved by Senate on December 16th, 1953.
New Courses
Notice was received that the Board of Governors on
January 6th approved the establishment of new courses, as
approved by Senate on December 16th, 1953.
Approval, Subject to Approval
by Senate
A letter dated January 15th was received from the
President reporting that the Board of Governors on January 6th
had approved the acceptance of the following new awards, Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2035
subject to approval by Senate:
Freight Traffic Management Prizes
The Allied Printing Trades Council Union Label Scholarship
The Kiwassa Club of New Westminster Bursary
The Westminster Medical Association Bursary
The Kerrisdale Chapter. I.O.D.E.. Bursary
The Dean's Medal (Faculty of Medicine)
Further in this connection, it was reported that the Board
of Governors on January 25th approved the acceptance, subject
to approval by Senate, of The Lower Mainland Dietetic
Association Scholarship in Home Economics.
It was noted that details of these new awards would
be presented under the report of the Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries.
From the Faculties
Calendar Material. 1954-55
Dean Gage, Chairman, presented the report of the
Calendar Committee.  Proposed changes in all Faculties, for
the Session 1954-55, had been circulated in mimeographed fonn.
In connection with the material from the Faculty of
Graduate Studies, Dean Gage commented on the addition of
"Criminology" and "Genetics" to the list of subjects in which
an M.A. may be taken, and on the addition of "Genetics" to
the list of subjects in which a Ph.D. can be taken.  He
mentioned also that a proposal to offer the M.S.A. and M.Sc.
degrees in the field of genetics would be presented to Senate
in detail at a later date.  The addition of "Forest Engineering"
to the list of subjects in which the Master of Applied Science
degree may be taken was noted, as was the substitution of the Wednesday, February 10th, 1954.  2036
degree of "Master of Business Administration" for the degree
of "Master of Commerce".  Also noted were additions to courses
in Fisheries and Zoology, listed under the "Institute of
Under the material submitted for the Faculty of
Arts and Science, Dean Gage commented on minor changes in
description of courses and the under-noted new courses.  In
connection with the new courses listed in French and Latin,
Dean Gage stated that these courses were arranged to fit in
with the new high school programme.
New Courses
iBotany 543 (1-3) Directed Studies
Economics 302 (3) - Economics of Income and Employment
Economics 303 (3) - Agricultural Economics - Replacing
Agricultural Economics 303
French 210 (3) - Second Year University French) Replacing
French 220 (3) - Second Year University French) French 202
Geology 413 (2) - Geology of Canada and North America
-Geology 504 (li) - Advanced Structural Geology
-Geology 545 (li) - Research Conference
International Studies 205 (3) - Introduction to the Far East
Latin 210 (3) - Introduction to Latin Literature - Replacing
Latin 202
-Mathematics 520 (2) - Topics in Applied Mathematics
-Physics 519 (1) - Molecular Spectroscopy
Psychology 306 (3) - Introduction to the Psychology of
Speech Disorders
Psychology 406 (3) - Psychology of -"peech Disorders
Sociology 436 (3) - The Correctional Process and the
Administration of Criminal Justice
Sociology 437 (3) - Contemporary Corrections in North
America and the United Kingdo"m
-Sociology 534 (li) - Institutional Programmes in Correction
-Sociology 535 (li) - Non-Institutional Programmes in Correction
-Sociology 537 (if) - Treatment Programmes in Corrections
-Sociology 533 (li) - Field Work Required for M.A. in
-Sociology 539 (3) - Field Work Required for Diploma in
Zoology 416 (li) - Histological Technique
Zoology 417 (3) - Comparative Vertebrate Embryology Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2037
^Zoology 513 (2) - Ichthyology
-Zoology 514 (2) - Limnology
-Zoology 515 (li) - Technology of Marine Products
-Zoology 516 (1) - Seminar in Fisheries Biology
Note:  Courses marked with an t  are offered by
Departments in Arts and Science for students
in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
School of Education - New Courses:
565 (3) - Special Course in a Subject-Matter Field
552 (li) - Mental Hygiene in the School
School of Social Work - New Courses:
588 (li) - Correctional Treatment Methods
581 (If) - Seminar in Advanced Casework '
A change in policy in the Faculty of Applied Science
was noted, whereby permission to write a supplemental examination a third time may be given only if the course is repeated or
an equivalent course is taken.  Tutoring approved by the Dean
may be accepted as an equivalent course.
New Courses
Chem. Eng. 456 - Applied Electrochemistry
Civil Eng. 270 - Strength of Materials) Replacing Civil
Civil Eng. 275 - Dynamics ) Engineering 260 and 290
Civil Eng. 353 - Photogrammetry
Civil Eng. 556 - Inelastic Bending
Elec Eng. 361 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Replacing Mechanical Engineering 365
Elec. Eng. 363 - Introduction to Circuits and Electronics
Elec Eng. 561 - Network Theory
Geology 413   - Regional Geology
Mech. Eng. 374 - '■'•'hermodynamics Laboratory
Mech. Eng. 469 - Dynamics of Machines
Mech. Eng. 473 - Heat Transfer
Metallurgy 560 - Research Methods
Metallurgy 576 - Magnetic Properties of Metals
Metallurgy 578 - Plastic Deformation and Lattice Imperfections.
The following changes in policy in the School of
Architecture were noted, Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2033
1. In lieu of recommendation that students take aptitude
tests prior to registration, it is now recommended that
they interview the Director of the School.
2. A student may be permitted to repeat once his first year
in the School of Architecture, and only one of the
remaining four years of the course.
The following changes in policy in the School of
Nursing were noted, as were the under-listed new courses:
1. All degree course students (the present Nursing B and
Nursing C) to have the same curriculum in the final
year.  (Students who entered the Course prior to
September 1951 will complete it according to the old
2. The one-year curricula for graduate nurses to be called
Diploma Courses instead of Certificate Courses.
New Courses:
Nursing 203 - Methods of Teaching
Nursing 400 - Human Growth and Development
Nursing 460 - Fundamentals of Supervision "
Nursing 470 - Clinical Teaching
Nursing 433 - *'ield Work (for s.S.N. Degree)
Nursing 496 - Psychiatric Nursing.
In the material submitted for the Faculty of
Agriculture, Dean Gage commented on the following new course:
Agricultural Mechanics 402 (li) - Internal Combustion Engines.
Revisions in the Faculties of Law, Pharmacy,
Medicine and Forestry, which were of a minor nature only,
were noted.
Dean Gage )
Dean Curtis) That the Calendar material, 1954-55,
be approved as submitted.
Carried. Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2039
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and ^ursaries
New Awards
Acceptance was recommended of the following new
awards, described as follows for purposes of the Calendar:
The Dean's Medal (Faculty of Medicine)
A silver medal will be awarded to a student in the
graduating class whose record and progress throughout
the five years have been outstanding.
The Westminster Medical Association Bursary
This bursary of $300.00, the gift of the Westminster
Medical Association, will be awarded to a student in
the Faculty of Medicine for study in the Session 1954-55.
The award will be made to a promising student of good
ability who, without financial assistance, would be
unable to begin or continue his studies in the Faculty
of Medicine.
The Lower Mainland Dietetic Association
Scholarship in Home Economics
A scholarship of $100.00, the gift of the Lower Mainland
Dietetic Association, will be awarded annually to a
student in the graduating year who has taken a Dietetic
Major.  The award will be made to a student who has high
academic standing, who is proceeding to a dietetic
interneship, and whose plan of study for the interneship
is approved by the Director of the School.  Applications
for this Scholarship must be received by the Dean of
Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs not later than
March 15th.
The Kiwassa Club of New Westminster Bursary
This bursary of $75.00, the gift of the Kiwassa Club of
New Westminster, is available annually for a woman
student who is resident in New Westminster and is
entering the University from Grade XII or XIII. The
award will be made to a student who has good academic
standing and who requires assistance to begin her
J Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2040
The Allied Printing Trades Council Union
Label Scholarship
This scholarship of $200.00, the gift of the Allied
Printing Trades Council, is available for students
proceeding from Grade XII or Grade XIII to a course
of study at the University in any field.  The award
will be made to a financially deserving student who
is selected by the University on the basis of
scholastic achievement and interest and participation
in school and community affairs. Students interested
in competing for this award should apply by letter
to the Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs
not later than August 15th.
The Kerrisdale Chapter. I.O.D.E.. Bursary
This bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Kerrisdale
Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be awarded to a student who
has good scholastic standing and is in need of
financial assistance.
Freight Traffic Management Prizes
The members of the Freight Traffic Management League
offer a prize for the highest-ranking student in each
year of the three-year evening course of Freight
Traffic Management.  The prize in each of the First
and Second Years will be the tuition fee for the
following year.  The prize in the Third Year will be
a cash award of $25.00.
The Rosemary R. Hope Bursary
A bursary of $250.00, gift of H. A. Hope Esq., will
be awarded annually to a worthy and deserving student
in the Faculty of Medicine.
Dean Gage)
Dr. James) That these new awards be accepted and
that appropriate letters of thanks be
sent to the donors.
Changes in Awards
It was reported for information that the Macmillan
Company of Canada Limited had increased each of its two Prizes
in Creative Writing, one for the best original short story Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2041
and the other for the best original poem, from $25.00 to
$50.00; and that The T. E. and M. E. Ladner Memorial
Scholarship had been increased annually from $300.00 to
$400.00, since the interest on the fund donated by Mr. Ladner
now yields this amount.
It was recommended that The Jim Wallace Credit Union
Bursary (donated annually by the B. C. Credit Union League)
be renamed "The Jim Wallace Credit Union Service Award
(donated annually by the 3. C. Credit Union League)", and that
the terms of award be altered to make this award available to
a student completing the Third Year of Commerce and proceeding
to the Fourth Year, rather than an open award in any year and
It was recommended that the name of the B. C.
Inter-High Boys' Basketball Association Scholarship be
changed to The B. C. Inter-High Boys' Basketball Association
(Thunderbird Quarterback Club) Scholarship.  It was noted that
there would be no change in terms or method of award.
It was reported that The Canadian Institute of
Forestry (British Columbia Sections) medal would in future
be offered by the national organization and would be made
available to each of the four Canadian universities which
have forest schools, namely the Universities of New Brunswick,
Laval, Toronto and British Columbia.
Dean Gage)
Dr. James)  That the recommendations set forth above
with regard to changes in awards be
Carried. Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2042
Dean Gage reported for information that provision
was made recently in the Will of Mrs. F. 0. Soderman for the
setting up of The Oscar Soderman Memorial Bursary Fund for
students in Forestry or Forest Engineering, and suggested that
letters of appreciation be sent to Mrs. Soderman, Mr. A. P.
Gardner and Mr. Granville Mayall, in this connection.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus, Chairman, presented the following
recommendations of the Committee on Honorary Degrees:
That at the Spring Congregation, 1954, the degree
of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, be conferred upon
His Excellency The Right Honourable Vincent Massey,
C. H., Governor-General of Canada; and upon Mr.
H. N. MacCorkindale, on the occasion of his retirement
as Superintendent of Schools, Vancouver, B. C.
AND THAT, The degree of Doctor of Science, honoris
causa, be conferred upon Dr. Brock Chisholm and
Dr. Ethelyn Trapp.
Dean Angus )
Dean Curits) That these recommendations be approved.
Dean Angus )
Dean Curtis) That the Committee on Honorary Degrees
be authorized to offer an honorary degree
to Mr. Joseph Smallwood, Premier of the
Province of Newfoundland, subject to his
being present in Vancouver at the time of
the Spring Congregation.
School of Rehabilitation
Copies of the report of the Senate Committee to
Consider the Establishment of a School of Rehabilitation in Wednesday, February 10th, 1954.  2043
the Faculty of Medicine were circulated, under date of
February 10th.  Dean Gage spoke to the following recommendations, as contained in the Report:
1.  That a Diploma Course in Logopaedics be established under
the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine, as follows:
(a) Selected students who have fulfilled all requirements
for the B.A. degree to be admitted provided they
have successfully completed the following courses:
Anatomy 390, Biology 100 and 304, Chemistry 101,
Psychology 100, 202, 301, 303, 306 and 406, and if
possible, Psychology 405.  Normally a student who
proposes after graduation to take this Diploma
Course to be advised to include Biology 100,
Chemistry 101, Psychology 100 and 202 in the
first two years; Anatomy 390, Biology 304,
Psychology 301, 306 in the Third Year; Psychology
303, 406 and, if possible, Psychology 405 in the
Fourth Year.
(b) The Diploma Year (fifth year of the course) under
the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine, to
consist of (i) work in Logopaedics to follow
the introductory material covered in Psychology
306, 406; (ii) work in advanced anatomy and
physiology as related to disturbances of speech
and hearing; (iii) casework practicum; (iv) elective
courses.  It is anticipated that much of this special
work will be done at the Western Society for
Rehabilitation, and that it will extend through
twelve calendar months.
It was noted that approval in principle only was asked for
Section (b), and that details would be submitted to Senate
later through the Faculty of Medicine.  It was also noted
that the Faculty of Arts and Science had approved granting
credit toward the B. A. degree for Anatomy 390 and the new
courses in Logopaedics, Psychology 306 and 406; and that
the Faculty of Medicine had approved 1 (a) and, in principle,
1 (b), above. Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2044
Titles of the required undergraduate courses for
Logopaedics were listed as follows:
Anatomy 390   - Elementary Human Anatomy
Biology 100   - Introductory Biology
Biology 304   - Basic Physiology
Chemistry 101 - General Chemistry
Psychology 100 - Introductory Psychology
"     202 - Mental Hygiene
"     301 - Developmental Psychology
"     303 - Clinical Psychology
"     306 - Psychology of Speech Disorders I
"     405 - Learning
"     406 - Psychology of Speech Disorders II.
The Committee also reported that it had considered
other aspects of rehabilitation such as Occupational Therapy
and Physical Therapy, and requested permission to report to
Senate later on these matters, after further investigation.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Weaver) That Senate advise and consent to the
establishment of a Diploma Course in
Logopaedics, as recommended, and that
the Report of the Committee be adopted.
Courses with Low Enrolment
Copies of the report of the Committee appointed to
investigate courses with low registration were circulated for
information. It was noted that a total of 296 courses had a
registration of nine or less students and that almost every
course was considered an integral part of some definite
program of study. Dean Angus stated that the conclusion of
his Committee, that the small courses offered were for the
benefit of a very desirable minority of students.
After considerable discussion, Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2045
Dean Angus )
Dr. Hickman) That the Chair be authorized to appoint
a small committee to report back to
Senate in due course on classes with
large enrolment and the relevant
information about them.
Professors Emeriti
Dr. Sage, Chairman of the Committee on Professors
Emeriti, presented the recommendation that the following
members of staff be appointed Professors Emeriti, as set
forth below, effective July 1st, 1954:
Professor H. M. King, Professor Emeritus of Animal Husbandry
Dr. D. G. Laird, Professor Emeritus of Agronomy
Dr. G. G. Moe, Professor Emeritus of Agronomy
Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Professor Emeritus of Biology and
Dr. C. W. Topping, Professor Emeritus of Sociology.
Dr. Sage  )
Dean Eagles)  That this report be adopted.
Librarian's Report
The Report of the Librarian to Senate was returned
to the agenda, as requested by Senate on December 16th, 1953,
and the Librarian was invited to be present for discussion of
this item. Some general discussion on the Library took place
and Mr. Harlow replied to questions re staff, budget, etc.  On
behalf of the members of Senate, the President congratulated
Mr. Harlow on his report and on the work being done in the
Annual Congregation
Dr. MacKenzie outlined plans for the Spring Congrega- Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2046
tion, 1954, when ceremonies would be held on Monday and Tuesday,
May seventeenth and eighteenth.  He stated that the first
class in Medicine would graduate on May 17th and that Dr.
Brock Chisholm would give the Address on that day; on the
18th, the Address would be given by His Excellency, The
Right Honourable Vincent Massey, C. H., Governor-General of
Victoria College
Dr. Hickman reported on the official opening at the
end of January of a Student Union Room at the College.
A letter dated December 20th, 1953, was read from
Mrs. Audrey Hartley expressing appreciation of a letter of
sympathy written to the family of the late Honourable Mrs.
T. J. Rolston.
A letter dated December 16th, 1953, was read from
J. L. Trumbull, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Health Centre for Children, stating that Miss Fallis'
appointment to the Board of that Centre, as a representative
of the Senate, had been confirmed by a meeting of the Directors.
Other Business
The President reported that a committee under the
chairmanship of Dean Chant had met to consider proposals
regarding Chemical Engineering and had presented a report
recommending that Chemical Engineering be established as a Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2047
separate department in the Faculty of Applied Science.  The
report of the committee was read, and it was agreed that
Dean Chant and Dean Gunning be asked to arrange a joint
meeting of the Faculties of Arts and Science and Applied
Science, to consider the relevant sections of this report,
and that in the meantime copies of the report be circulated
to Senate.
Release of Information re Marks
The President referred to a request from the Royal
Military College of Canada for figures of the percentage of
failures by years in the Faculties of Arts and of Applied
Science or Engineering, and to a request from the Engineering
Undergraduate Society, U.B.C, for a list showing the percentage
results in the Spring examinations, 1953, for publication in
the forthcoming Engineers' issue of the "Ubyssey". After
considerable discussion,
Dr. Friedman)
Dr. Volkoff ) That the President be asked to obtain
further information from the Commandant
of R.M.C. as to the reason for his
request, and subject to a suitable
explanation, that authorization be
given for the release of this information on a confidential basis, and with
a suitable explanation of what constitutes
failure appended.
Dr. Sage )
Dr. Brink)  That the release of information to the
Engineering Undergraduate Society be left
to the discretion of the Chairman of Senate
in consultation with the interested Deans,
and that the students be instructed as to
the proper interpretation of the figures
Carried. Wednesday, February 10th, 1954  2043
Publication. Dean Emeritus
H. J. Mac-eod
Copies of an article published in The B. C. Professional Engineer, September, 1952, "The Professions in Modern
Society," by Dean H. J. Mac-eod, were circulated for information.
Student Survey of Teaching Staff
The President reported for information that the
students were proposing to conduct an enquiry into the
teaching abilities and capacities of members of the staff,
by means of questionnaires.  He reported that he had suggested
to the students that they discuss this proposal with the
Faculty Association and that the results of their survey
should first be referred to the particular member of the staff
Eligibility Rules
Dean Matthews stated that he had intended to present
a report on behalf of Dr. Warren and himself on the manner in
which eligibility rules were working out, but suggested that
this subject be deferred to the May meeting of Senate when a
detailed report would be read.
Report on the University of British
Columbia in World Affairs
Dr. MacKenzie reported that at the request of the
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Survey Committee,
under the Chairmanship of Professor F. H. Soward, had prepared Wednesday, February 10th, 1954.  2049
a report on the above noted topic and that copies would be
circulated to the members of Senate and placed on the agenda
of the next meeting for discussion.
There being no further business, the meeting
C?A*yi&^> <&
Chairman/     ^-d


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