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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1959-09-09

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 Wednesday, September 9th, 1959  2713
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1959-60 was
held on Wednesday, September 9th, 1959, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean G.S. Allen, Dr. W.J. Anderson, Mrs. H.F. Angus, Mr. C.B.
Bourne, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. K.P. Caple, Mr. A.W.R.
Carrothers, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dr. I.McT. Cowan, Dean G.F.
Curtis, Dean B.A. Eagles, Dr. G.R. Elliott, Miss M.M. Fallis,
Dr, J.G. Foulks, Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dr. W.H. Gaddes, Dean
W.H. Gage, Mr. B.C. Gillie, Mr. H.C. Gilliland, Mr. C.C.
Gourlay, Dr. W.H. Hickman, Mr. J.N. Hyland, Dr. R.D, James,
Dr. F.H. Johnson, Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Mr. F.M. Knapp, Mr. L.J,
Ladner, Col. H.T. Logan, Dean H, McCrae, Dean J.F. McCreary,
Dr. M.F. McGregor, Dean E.D. MacPhee, Dean A.W. Matthews, Mr.
F.A. Morrison, Acting-Dean J.F. Muir, Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Dr. F.
Noakes, Mr. H.N. Parrott, Mrs. L.E. Ranta, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr.
B. Savery, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. R.F. Sharp, Dean F.H. Soward,
Dr. H.V. Warren, Mr. L.G.J. Wong, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky, Dr. J.K.
Friesen, Mr. N. Harlow and Mr. J.F. McLean.  The President
welcomed the new Dean of Women, Mrs. Helen McCrae.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Dean G.C. Andrew, Mr. J.M. Buchanan,
Rt.Rev. R.S. Dean, Mr. J.S. Keate, Dr. F.P. Patterson, Dr.
H.L. Purdy, Dr. R.W. Wellwood and Dr. C.A.H. Wright. Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2714
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Gage    )
Mr.   Gourlay)     That  the minutes  of  the fourth regular
meeting of Senate  for  the  Session  1958-59,
having been circulated,   be taken as read
and adopted.
Notice of Appointment of
Representative of Anglican
Theological College
For information of Senate, the Secretary read a
letter from the Board of Governors of the Anglican Theological
College of British Columbia stating that the Right Reverend
R. S. Dean, Acting-Principal, had been appointed representative
of the College on Senate to May, 1960, to succeed the Reverend
H. F. Woodhouse.
Appointment of Representative
from Senate to the Board of
The President reported that Mr. Justice Lord had
completed a six-year period as one of the representatives
from Senate to the Board of Governors, and according to the
terms of the University Act he could not be re-appointed
at this time.
Dean Chant)
Dr. Cowan )  That Mr. K. P. Caple be appointed a
representative from Senate to the Board
of Governors until the meeting of Senate
following the elections by Convocation
in 1960.
Membership of Committee
on Curriculum
The Senate at its previous meeting had asked its Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2715
Chairman to constitute a Committee to deal with all questions
of curriculum for report to Senate.  The Secretary read the
list of appointees, as follows:
Mr. J.E.A. Parnall (Chairman)
Dr. S, A. Jennings (Secretary)
Mrs. H. F. Angus
Mr. K. P. Caple
Dean W. H. Gage
Dr. R. D. James
Dr. K. C. Mann
Dean F. H. Soward
Rev. W. S. Taylor
The Chairmen of the Faculty Committees on
Curriculum (ex-officio)
Appointment of Standing and ad hoc
Committees, and Representatives on
University Committees, for the
Session 1959-60
Dean Soward)
Mr. Nemetz )  That the Chairman of Senate, in consultation with appropriate members of Senate,
and of the Faculties concerned, be asked
to appoint standing and ad hoc committees
of the Senate, and Senate representatives
on University committees, for the Session
1959-60, and to report on these at the
next regular meeting.
Annual Financial Report, Year
ended March 31st, 1959
The Chairman stated that a copy of the Annual
Financial Report of the University for the year ended March
31st, 1959, was filed with the Secretary of Senate and might
be examined by members of Senate in his office.  For
information of Senate, the Chairman mentioned that the University operating revenue for the year had amounted to approximately
$9,500,000.00 apart from trust funds. Nearly 50% of the general
revenue of the University was derived from the Provincial Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2716
Government, and over 20% from the Government of Canada, the
latter supplemented by substantial sums recorded as "trust
funds" for research.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
on June 3rd, 1959, had approved new courses in Music and
Education as recommended by Senate at the previous meeting.
New Awards and Changes in
Awards, Accepted Subject
to Approval of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors, at
its meetings on June 3rd, July 6th, July 27th and September
2nd, 1959, had approved the following new awards and changes
in awards, subject to approval of Senate:
The Graduating Classes of 1959 Bursary
The Davis & Company Bursary
The Cowichan Valley Medical Society Bursary
The Queen Elizabeth Scholarships (University of
British Columbia)
Agnes Merle Turnbull Scholarship
Robert Keith Porter Scholarship
The Alice Bishopric Memorial Book Prize
The Gordon Young (B.C.) Limited Bursary in
Poultry Science
Pan-Abode Scholarship in Architecture
The Deas Island Tunnel Scholarship
The Vancouver Federal Employees Credit Union Harold
Pocock Memorial Scholarship - increase in amount
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetics Association
Bursary - increase in amount
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AM Bursary - increase in amount
Pacific Coast Division of the American Pulp and Paper Mill
Superintendents Association Scholarship - change of name
to Paper Industry Management Association Scholarship.
Details of these awards would be presented with the Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2717
report of the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries.
New Loan Funds
For information of Senate, the Board reported
approval of the Section of General Practice, B, C Division,
CM.A. Student Aid Fund and the Vancouver Provincial Normal
School Graduates Loan Fund.
Report on Registration,
Summer Session, 1959
Copies of the report on registration in credit
courses for the 1959 Summer Session had been circulated. The
total of 3,828 was slightly below the 1958 registration of
Report of the Director of
Summer Session, 1959
Dean Chant, as Chairman of the Summer Session
Committee, outlined the report of the Director of Summer
Session, and Dr. Friesen described the main features of
the Summer School of the Arts.
Dean Chant )
Dean Scarfe)  That the reports on the Summer Session
be received, and letters of congratulations
sent to the Director and Associate
Directors of the Summer Session.
From the Faculties and Schools
Recommendations that
Certain Students be
Required to Withdraw
Copies of the recommendations from the various
Faculties that certain students failing to meet the prescribed Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2718
academic standards be required to withdraw from those
Faculties, were distributed at the meeting.
Dean Matthews requested that the name of Igor
Bitners, who had not been in attendance in 1958-59 but who
had been required to withdraw from the Faculty of Pharmacy
following the 1957-58 Session, should be included in the list
from that Faculty.
Dean Curtis requested that the case of Roger
Pedersen should be subject to the action of the Faculty of
Law at its meeting on September 10th.
Dr. Kania)
Dean Gage) That, with the addition and condition noted
above, the recommendations of the Faculties
that students as listed be required to
withdraw from those Faculties, be approved.
Faculty of Arts and Science
Course in Philosophy
The Faculty of Arts and Science, at its meeting on
September 8th, had recommended the introduction of a new course,
Philosophy 505, Seminar on Mediaeval Philosophy.
Dean Chant)
Dr. Savery)  That this new course be approved, subject
to the approval of the Faculty of Graduate
Studies and of the Board of Governors.
Proposed Course in
Religious Studies
Dean Chant read the description of a proposed new
course, Religious Studies 100, which in the opinion of the
Curriculum Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Science, and Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2719
the Faculty as a whole, contravened Section 99(1) of the
University Act. Following lengthy discussion, it was moved
Mr. Nemetz)
Mr. Ladner)  That the Chairman be asked to appoint an
appropriate Committee to consider this
proposed course and to give a legal opinion
as to whether it was in accordance with the
terms of the University Act.
The Chairman then nominated to membership the
members of the Senate with legal training, excluding the
Chairman of Senate, and asked Dean Curtis to convene the first
meeting of the Committee.  He suggested that the Committee
might add to its membership, or call in consultants, at its
The Chairman pointed out that, if the Committee
should decide the course was acceptable under the University
Act, it would again be submitted to Senate for approval on
the basis of its academic worthiness.
Extra-Sessional Courses
The Faculty of Arts and Science recommended that
the following extra-sessional courses should be offered on
the University campus during the 1959-60 Winter Session:
Anthropology 200
Economics 200
English 200
English 426
French 210
Geography 207
Geography 303
German 200
History 101
Mathematics 202
Philosophy 100
Philosophy 340
Political Science 201 Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2720
Political Science 303
Psychology 100
Psychology 202.
The Faculty recommended further that Home Economics
300 (a course intended for teachers) should be offered in
Abbotsford, and that on an experimental basis, Mathematics 308
should be offered in Nanaimo.  At the close of the Session,
the Department of Mathematics would report to the Faculty of
Arts and Science and Senate as to the success of the course
and the advisability of offering credit courses at centres
away from Vancouver keeping in mind the expenditure of time
and energy by the Faculty members involved.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage  )     That the extra-sessional  courses for
1959-60,   as  recommended by  the Faculty
of Arts and Science,   be approved.
College and Faculty of Education
Dean Scarfe read the list of extra-sessional courses
recommended by the College and Faculty of Education for the
Session 1959-60:
North Vancouver
Prince George
North Vancouver
Salmon Arm
Williams Lake
Burnaby. Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2721
Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Kania ) That extra-sessional courses for 1959-60,
as recommended by the College and Facult y
of Education, be approved.
Dr. James reported on non-credit courses in
Mathematics for teachers given in cooperation with the Department of University Extension at various centres in the Province
during 1958-59, and proposed for 1959-60.  These courses were
being enthusiastically welcomed by the teachers able to attend.
Faculty of Medicine
New Course
The Faculty of Medicine at its meeting on September
8th had approved a new course, Pharmacology 515, Application
of Biochemical Techniques to Pharmacology, and had referred
this course to the Faculty of Graduate Studies as well as to
Dean McCreary)
Dr. Foulks  )  That this new course in Pharmacology be
approved, subject to the approval of
the Faculty of Graduate Studies and, if
it involved the expenditure of money,
of the Board of Governors,
Post-graduate Training
in Psychiatry
Dean McCreary stated that some years ago, funds
had been made available in other Provinces, through Federal-
Provincial mental health agencies, for post-graduate training
programmes in Psychiatry of a high standard.  Dr. Tyhurst was
now anxious to initiate such a programme at the University of
British Columbia. Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2722
Dean McCreary)
Dr. Friedman )  That Senate approve in principle a
post-graduate training programme in
Psychiatry, on the understanding that
it will be supported by grants from
sources outside of the University.
School of Architecture
On February llth, 1959, the Senate had approved
changes in the undergraduate programme of the School of
Architecture, subject to further study of proposed preliminary
courses in drawing and drafting.
The School of Architecture now recommended that
"evidence of drawing ability" might replace the proposed
required courses. The School would offer a non-credit course
in drawing and drafting through the Department of University
Extension.  Students applying for admission to the School
would be required to submit a folio giving evidence of their
ability in these fields.
In addition, the School had reviewed and revised
the present five-year course in order to reduce the student
load.  Copies of the proposed revisions in the existing
curriculum had been circulated prior to the meeting.
Acting-Dean Muir)
Dean MacPhee   )  That the proposed revisions in the
curriculum of the School of
Architecture, with respect to both
the present five-year course and the
entrance requirements for the three-
year professional section of the
six-year programme, be approved as
Carried. Wednesday,   September 9th,   1959    2723
Reports  of Committees
Prizes,   Scholarships
and Bursaries
Sessional Awards
Copies of List No.   3,   dated June  18th,   1959,   of
prizes,   scholarships and fellowships awarded on the basis  of
standing in  1958-59,   were  circulated at  the meeting.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That awards as recommended be approved.
New Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards and changes
in awards was recommended, under the terms of award indicated:
The Graduating Classes of 1959 Bursary
A bursary of $ , established and endowed by
the Graduating Classes of 1959, is offered annually
to undergraduates in any year and faculty.  It
will be awarded to a student with good academic
standing who requires financial assistance to begin
or continue his or her University studies.
The Davis &  Company Bursary
A bursary of $250.00, the gift of the law firm
of Davis Hossie Campbell Brazier & McLorg,
Vancouver, is offered annually to students in
the First or Second Year of the Faculty of Law.
It will be awarded to a student with good
academic standing and promise who needs financial
assistance to continue his studies.
The Cowichan Valley Medical Society
A bursary of $200.00, the gift of the Cowichan
Valley Medical Society, is offered annually to
a student from the Cowichan Valley area who is
taking pre-medical or medical studies at the
University of British Columbia.  The award will
be made to a student who has good academic standing
and needs financial assistance.  If, in any year,
no applicant qualifies, the funds contributed will Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2724
be available either to provide a larger award or
several awards in a future year.
The Alice Bishopric Memorial Book Prize
A book prize of $25.00 in memory of Mrs. Alice
Bishopric, is awarded annually to a student in
the Second or Third Year of the B.P.E, degree
course with high standing in the Biological
The Gordon Young (B.C.) Limited Bursary
in Poultry Science
A bursary of $350.00, the gift of Gordon Young (B.C.)
Limited, is offered annually to undergraduate and
graduate students in Poultry Science.  It will be
awarded to a student who has good academic standing
and needs financial assistance to continue his
studies. At the discretion of the Chairman of the
Department of Poultry Science the bursary may be
shared in equal amounts by two students,
Pan-Abode Scholarship in Architecture
A scholarship of $500.00, the gift of Pan-Abode
(1951) Ltd. is offered annually to graduates of
high academic standing, proceeding to a master's
degree in Architecture at the University of
British Columbia.  If in any year no student
qualifies, the scholarship may, upon the
discretion of the faculty, be awarded to a student
entering Fourth Year of the course leading to a
degree of B, Arch., who received one of the
highest aggregate standings in the previous three
years of the course and shows outstanding promise
in his future professional career.
The Peas Island Tunnel Scholarship
In commemoration of the opening of the Deas Island
Tunnel on July 15th, 1959, at which Her Majesty
The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip
graciously consented to be present, a scholarship
of $500.00 was donated by Kiewit-Raymond-B. C.
Bridge (joint venture of Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Canada
Ltd., Raymond International Co. Ltd., B. C Bridge
& Dredging Co. Ltd.), Foundation of Canada Engineering
Corp, Ltd., Christiani &  Neilsen of Canada Ltd.,
A. I. M. Steel Ltd., Canadian Comstock Co. Ltd., and
Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. Ltd.  It was awarded in
September, 1959, to a student in Civil Engineering
at the University of British Columbia. Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2725
The Queen Elizabeth Scholarships (University of
British Columbia) - Five scholarships of $1,000,00
each annually over a period of ten years, to be
available at the graduate level.  (Calendar
statement to follow)
A scholarship with capital sum $3,000.00, the
gift of Agnes Graham Turnbull, to provide the
Agnes Merle Turnbull Scholarship to be awarded
to the top ranking first year student in Home
Economics proceeding to the second year.
(Calendar statement still to be drawn up)
The sum of $3,000.00, the gift of Agnes Graham
Turnbull, to provide the Robert Keith Porter
Scholarship to a high ranking undergraduate
student in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration proceeding to the degree of
Bachelor of Commerce.
(Calendar statement still to be drawn up)
The Vancouver Federal Employees Credit Union
Harold Pocock Memorial Scholarship - increased
this year from $250.00 to $350.00.
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetics Association
Bursary - increased from $50.00 to $100.00.
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AM Bursary - increased
this year from $50.00 to $100.00.
Pacific Coast Division of the American Pulp and
Paper Mill Superintendents Association
Scholarship - title changed to the Paper Industry
Management Association Scholarship.
Dean Gage)
Mr, Knapp)  That these new awards and changes in awards
be accepted as recommended, and that
appropriate letters of thanks be sent to
the donors.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Soward presented the recommendations of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees in reference to the Autumn
Congregation, to be held on Friday, October 30th:
That the degree of Doctor of Science be conferred
on Sir Hugh Taylor, F.R.S,, Past President of the Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2726
Faraday Society, former Dean of the Graduate School
at Princeton University, who upon retirement became
Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
That the degree of Doctor of Laws be conferred upon
Dr. John Robbins, for many years Director of the
Educational Branch of the Dominion Bureau of
Statistics, one of the organizers of the Canadian
Social Science Research Council and of the Humanities
Research Council, and Treasurer of the Canada Foundation.
Dean Soward )
Dean MacPhee)  That the degrees indicated be conferred
upon Sir Hugh Taylor and Dr. John Robbins
at the Congregation in October, 1959, if
they are able to be present to receive
the degree.
Dean Soward reported also that a Special
Congregation would probably be held early in May, 1960, to
confer upon Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery the
honorary degree which Senate had approved some time ago.
Proposed Faculty Counselling
Programme for New Students
Mr. McLean stated that the committee studying the
student proposal on a Faculty counselling programme had held
two meetings, one with the student representatives.  The
committee felt that the student request was for a Faculty
advisory, rather than counselling, programme.  The committee
decided also that the programme, if instituted, should apply
only to the Faculty of Arts and Science, since some of the
other Faculties had already established similar programmes.
The committee and students had concluded that
further study should be given during the 1959-60 academic year,
in view of the size and scope of the programme. Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2727
It was agreed that Mr. McLean and his committee
should continue to study this matter, and should report to
Senate at an appropriate time.
Report on University Counselling
A report on University counselling for students,
prepared by Dr. R. M. Clark for the Committee on Spiritual
Values, had been circulated to Senate at the request of
members of that Committee.
The President suggested, in view of discussion on
counselling services in the Residences, that Mr. McLean's
committee should consider what would be most desirable in
this respect.
Proposed School of Librarianship
A statement prepared by Mr. Harlow for the Board
of Governors on the need for, and cost of, a School of
Librarianship, had been circulated also to members of Senate.
Discussion included suggestions from some members
that if provision for a School of Librarianship had not been
included in the estimates for 1960-61, $50,000.00 should be
added to the estimates before formal submission was made to
Victoria for the operating grant.
Mr. Ladner)
Dr. Cowan ) That Senate approve in principle the statement on a proposed School of Librarianship,
and recommend to the Board of Governors
that such a School be granted high priority
in respect of any additional services which
the University may be asked to undertake.
Carried, Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2728
Autumn Congregation
The President reminded members of Senate that Autumn
Congregation would be held on Friday afternoon, October 30th,
in the Armoury.  Sir Hugh Taylor would be asked to give the
Congregation address if he were able to be present.
Representatives from the Kootenay and Okanagan districts,
and members of the family of the late J. G. Robson, would be
invited for a ceremony marking the formal opening of the
three new Residence units.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman stated that registration at the 1959
Summer Session of Victoria College had been 582, a slight
increase over 1958. Anticipated enrolment for the 1959-60
Winter Session was 1,050, including some students in Third
The College proposed to hold a Capital Funds campaign
starting early in 1960.
The Secretary reported that letters had been received
from the Kiwanis Clubs of Williams Lake and Trail, urging that
the Government implement a plan of subsistence and transportation
allowances to British Columbia students attending the University
of British Columbia whose homes were not within daily travelling
distance of the University.
It was agreed that this recommendation should be
returned to the agenda of the next regular meeting, for
discussion in detail. Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2729
The Secretary reported the deaths, since the last
meeting of Senate, of Professor Emeritus Ellis H. Morrow,
Dr. A. A. MacMillan, Dr. J. R. Neilson and Dr. A. M. Agnew.
The President made reference also to the death
in July of Mrs. Leon Koerner, a generous and warm-hearted
friend of the University.  The Board of Governors had agreed
that the income from a memorial fund in her honour should be
used to establish a scholarship in the field of Fine Arts and
Mr. Ladner )
Dean Curtis)  That the Committee on Memorial Minutes be
asked to prepare a memorial statement on
Mrs. Koerner for the minutes of Senate.
Faculty Publications
Copies of Faculty publications submitted to the
President's Office since the last meeting of Senate were
available for reference.
Other Business
H. R, MacMillan Expeditions
For information of Senate, Dr. Cowan reported on
the purposes of an Expeditions Grant of $100,000.00 to be
provided by Dr. H. R. MacMillan over a 10-year period through
the Vancouver Foundation.  He anticipated that biological
studies in progress along the coasts of Central and South
America, and in the Yukon and Alaska, would be extended to
Kamchatka, the islands of Japan, the eastern section of the Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2730
Central Pacific and the coasts of New Zealand and Australia.
Proposed Labour College
President MacKenzie stated that the Canadian Labour
Congress proposed to establish a Labour College in association
with Carleton University in Ottawa, to be financed by the
Congress and staffed on short-term loan basis by Canadian
universities and the labour movement.
Fine Arts Centre
The President pointed out that funds presently
available from the Canada Council on a matching basis to
assist in the construction of a Fine Arts Centre, might not
be available if this construction were postponed indefinitely.
It was moved by Dr. Savery, seconded by Mr. Caple,
that Senate express to the Board of Governors its deep concern
at the present time because of the inadequate facilities for
the present programme in the Fine Arts and associated fields,
and the projected programme in these fields; and its hope
that when possible facilities would be provided to take care
of this work.
Dr, James      )
Acting-Dean Muir) That this motion be tabled for
consideration at the next regular
meeting of Senate, in relation to
the total building programme at
present contemplated.
Pan American Games
Dean Matthews brought to the attention of Senate
the excellent showing of University students past and present Wednesday, September 9th, 1959 2731
in the recent Pan American Games:
The four-oared rowing crew reached the finals, and
the eight-oared crew won a silver medal for second place.
Keith Maltman, 1950 graduate in Physical Education, won a
silver medal in wrestling.  Doug Kyle was second in the
10,400 metre race and third in the 5000 metre. Alice Whitty,
a former student, was second in the women's high jump.
Dr. Whittle had supervised the Canadian gymnastic
division, and Mr. Osborne was general manager of the Canadian
Dr. Warren)
Mr. Ladner)  That messages of congratulations be sent to
those mentioned as participating in the
Pan American Games.
High School Mathematical
Dr. James reported that a student from the North
Bend High School had placed second in the Northwest District
in this year's North American high school mathematical
competition.  The teacher, Mr. H. H, Beach, was a graduate
of the University of British Columbia.
Dr, James )
Mrs. Angus) That letters of congratulation be sent to
Mr. Beach and the high-ranking student.
The meeting adjourned at 11:20  p.m.
Chairman. I A   )


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