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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1967-09-06

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Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the Session 1967-68 was held on Wednesday,
September 6, 1967 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C S.
Belshaw, Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Rev. J. Blewett, Dr. M. Bloom, Mr. C B.
Bourne, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Mr. F. J. Cairnie, Dean I.
McTaggart-Cowan, Mr. D. A. Freeman, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dr.W. C Gibson,
Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dean D. M. Healy, Dr. W. S. Hoar,
Dr. J. A. Jacobs, Mr. J. S. Keate, Dr. H. L. Keenleyside, Dr. D.T. Kenny,
Rev. E. C Lebel, Mr. S. Lefeaux, Dean S. W. Leung, Dean J. F. McCreary,
Dr. C A. McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, Mrs. H. J. MacKay,, Mr. D. F.
Manders, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. F. A. Morrison, Dean V. J. Okulitch,
Dr. C J. Parfitt, Dr. A. J. Renney, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dean N. V.
Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. D. V.
Smiley, Dr. M. W. Steinberg, Dr. G. H. N. Towers, Mrs. B. E. Wales,
Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dr. R. W. Wellwood, Dean P. H. White,
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
Vistors:  Dr. F. K. Hare (President Designate), Mr. C R. Selman,
Mr. A. Myers, Mr. J. Banham.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. R. M. Clark,
Dean C F. Curtis, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, The Hon. Howard C Green,
Dean Helen McCrae, Mr. John R. Meredith, Mr. J. V. Rogers, Mr. B.
The Chairman opened the meeting by introducing President Designate,
Dr. F. Kenneth Hare.  Dr. Hare addressed Senate briefly, stating that
he was glad to have the opportunity to meet the members of Senate and
whilst he was returning to England in a few days, he looked forward to
taking up his duties here next year. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
The Chairman thanked Dr. Hare for giving Senate the opportunity
of meeting him.  Dr. Hare, who had other commitments, then withdrew.
The Chairman introduced Dean Riedel, the new Dean of Pharmacy and
Dean Shaw, the new Dean of Agriculture.  He also introduced Dr. Wellwood,
Acting Dean of Forestry who was attending in place of Dean Gardner.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Cowan  )       That the minutes of the fourth regular
Dean Scarfe )       meeting of Senate for the Session 1966-67
held on May 24, 1967, having been circulated
be taken as read and adopted.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Chairman explained that Dean Cowan had been asked to allow
the report of the "Review of Graduate Study" to be deferred to the
October meeting of Senate.  Members of Senate agreed to this proposal.
Dr. Gibson asked if it were possible that Senate could consider
the Campus Plan, perhaps at the October meeting of Senate.  The
Chairman agreed to see what could be done to implement this suggestion.
The Chairman explained that the items on curriculum and other
items presented by the faculties, mentioned in Appendix A of the previous
minutes, could now be considered as approved where finances were not
involved. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting  (Continued)
Other items fully approved by the Board were:
(a) The offering of Diploma Programmes for Engineers by the
Faculty of Applied Science in cooperation with the Department
of University Extension.
(b) The establishment of a School of Community and Regional
Planning in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
(c) Changes in degree regulations for the B.A. and M.Ed, degrees.
Members of Senate on Leave of Absence
The Registrar explained the recommendation of the Executive
Committee which was that the three members of the joint faculties on
leave of absence be replaced by those next in order on the election
list.  This would mean that Messrs. Rosenbluth, Norris and Stewart be
replaced by Messrs. Holland, Smiley and McNairn.
Dr. McDowell )      That the above procedure be adopted.
Dr. Jacobs   )
Replacements for members elected by individual faculties would, in
due time, be made by these faculties.
Student Membership on Senate
A report entitled "Final Report of the Student Senators Committee",
prepared by a Committee of the Alma Mater Society, had been circulated.
The Senate Executive Committee had asked Professor Bourne, together with
Dean Cowan and Dr. Clark to study this document and submit their comments
to Senate. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Student Membership on Senate (Continued)
The Committee's comments were circulated at the meeting and Professor
Bourne, Chairman of the Committee, pointed out the main discrepancies
with the Senate ruling contained in the minutes of the previous
meeting of Senate (Pages 3753-54).
Mr. Bourne )
Dean Cowan )
That the substance of the "Final Report of
the Student Senators Committee", amended as
recommended in the report of the ad hoc
Senate Committee, be approved.  That the
exact wording of the regulations governing
student membership on Senate be settled by
consultation between two representatives of
the Alma Mater Society, the Registrar and one
member of Senate, to be designated by the
Chairman of Senate.
The matter was discussed further for clarification after which the
motion was carried.
Membership of Senate Committees
The Chairman explained that the 1966-67 list of Senate Committees
had been circulated with an asterisk against the name of each of the
members who would no longer be available to serve on them.  He
suggested that Senate appoint a nominating committee and that the
nominating committee submit proposals to the October meeting of Senate.
He further agreed to a suggestion that, where necessary, the
chairman of committees be allowed to co-opt other members of Senate for
the time being.
Dr. Webber )
Dr. Scott  )
That Senate elect a committee of three to
nominate replacements and additions for
Senate Committees and that the present
committees continue with current membership
until the nominations are confirmed.  Further,
that any committee may co-opt for its members
in the meantime. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Membership of Senate Committees  (Continued)
It was suggested that where co-opting was deemed necessary, the
President should be consulted.
Dr. Belshaw expressed concern at the terms of reference of some of
the committees in that the committees' functions were ill-defined with
the result that their function within the University was ambiguous.  He
mentioned that the committee entitled Liaison with Provincial
Universities had not met since he had become a member of it.
The desirability of creating other committees and dispensing with
some of the existing ones was mentioned.  The Chairman agreed but said
that he had hoped to delay such action until the student members had
been appointed.
After further discussion it was suggested that the terms of
reference of committees, and the addition and deletion of committees
should come within the purview of the Committee on Role and Organization
of Senate.  The Chairman agreed to this suggestion.
The motion was then carried.
The Chairman then called for names for the three-man Nominations
Committee.  The following were nominated.
Dr. C A. McDowell
Dr. C H. N. Towers
Dr. D. T. Kenny
Dean Okulitch )      That the nominations be accepted.
Dean McCreary )
Carried Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Membership of Senate Committees  (Continued)
It was agreed that Dr. McDowell should act as convener.
Members of Senate were requested to let the Secretary of Senate
know if they did not wish to remain on any of the committees.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
The report of the Curriculum Committee had been circulated.
Dr. Hall explained that the main concern of his committee had been
to ensure that adequate liaison had taken place between faculties
and departments.
With reference to Agricultural Engineering 515 in the Faculty of
Graduate Studies, the Committee had felt that the Division of
Animal Science had some interest in part of the course and therefore recommended that Senate be assured that this Division had
been consulted.
Dr. Hall also referred to the Dental Hygiene Curriculum.  The
Chairman read a letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
which confirmed the Faculty's agreement with the recommendations
of the Curriculum Committee.
The recommendation that Dental Hygiene 204 be given a Microbiology
designation had been brought to the attention of the Head of the
Department of Microbiology for his consideration. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee  (Continued)
Dr. Hall       )    That the report of the Curriculum Committee
Dr. MacKintosh )    be received for information.
Honorary Degrees Committee
The Committee had recommended that invitations be extended to the
following persons to receive degrees at the Spring Congregation
Mr. Richard B. Wilson,
Chancellor of the University of Victoria
Mr. P. A. Woodward,
Merchant and Philanthropist
His Excellency the Right Honourable
Daniel Roland Michener
His Worship Jean Drapeau, Q.C.
Mayor of Montreal
Dean McCreary spoke briefly on the main considerations that had
been given to the selection of the nominees.  He also raised the
name of Dr. Hugh MacLennan who had been unable to accept an Honorary
Degree last Spring owing to a sudden illness and suggested that the
offer be repeated in Spring 1968.
Dean McCreary   )   That the recommendations of the Honorary
Dr. Keenleyside  )    Degrees Committee be approved.
It was noted that with the exception of Dr. MacLennan, whose degree
would be D.Litt, (Honoris Causa), the degrees would be the LL.D.
(Honoris Causa). Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Honorary Degrees Committee  (Continued)
Further discussion followed on the qualifications of candidates
for honorary degrees.  The Chairman of the Honorary Degrees
Committee assured members of Senate that his Committee would
welcome suggestions for recipients of degrees.
Concern was expressed that degrees appeared to be offered only to
men of means, whereas there were many instances of men who had
made names for themselves in academic fields.  The expense of
travel to receive such a degree would preclude some in the latter
category from accepting the honour.
Dean McCreary assured Senate that his Committee was also of this
opinion and that a recommendation had been submitted to the Board
of Governors that in the future each honorary degree recipient be
offered a contribution toward his expenses that would cover
minimum air fare.  The University has always provided for the costs
of the accommodation of degree recipients in Vancouver.
Dr. Gibson )        That the recommendation of payment of a
Mr. Miller )       contribution towards expenses be forwarded
to the Board of Governors with the approval
of Senate.
The motion was then carried. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
A summary of the new awards and changes in awards, shown in
Appendix A had been circulated, together with Scholarship Lists
No. 4 and 5.
Dr. Morrison  )     That the new awards and changes in awards
Dean Okulitch )     be accepted, subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors, and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors, and that the
medals, prizes, scholarships and fellowships
be awarded as recommended on Lists No. 4 and
Report of the Director of Summer Session 1967
The report of the Director of Summer Session was received for
information, and it was agreed that thanks should be sent to the
Director by the Secretary of Senate.  If there were any questions to be
raised it was agreed that they could be raised at another meeting of
A question was raised as to whether this Committee should become a
Committee of Senate rather than a President's Committee.  Dean Cowan
expressed the opinion that the Summer Session Committee should undertake expanding duties with the growth of the Graduate Faculty. He felt
that the Summer Session should no longer be organized in a seven-week
period solely to suit the teaching profession.  He considered another
type of operation was necessary to satisfy the needs of the Faculty of
Graduate Studies.
It was agreed that the Chairman would look into the matter. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Report of the Director of Summer Session 1967  (Continued)
Dr. Belshaw referred to the previous arrangements and said that
most departments would like to see a more substantial operation.  The
main reason for not doing this in the past had been the high proportion
of teachers.  He considered there should also be expansion at the
undergraduate level and mentioned that the course offerings did not add
up over the years to a complete programme of studies to permit students
to take their bachelor's degrees during the Summer Sessions.
The Chairman agreed to consider this aspect also.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Arts
Offering of English 303 by the Department of Extension, in Kelowna,
during the 1967-68 Winter Session.
Dean Healy  )        That approval be given to the offering of
Dr. Scott  )        the course English 303 by the Department of
Extension, in Kelowna, during the 1967-68
Winter Session.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Proposed new course:
Geology 506 (3) Structural Petrology of Deformed Rocks.
Dean Cowan explained that owing to a misunderstanding between the
Department and the Faculty, this had not been submitted to Senate
earlier. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Proposals from the Faculties
Faculty of Graduate Studies (Continued)
Dean Cowan    )     That approval be given to the offering of
Dean Okulitch )     the course Geology 506 to be given in 1967-
68 and alternate years.
Administrative Structure, Health Sciences Centre
The Chairman explained the purpose of presenting this report to
Senate was to ascertain if there were academic implications in it and,
if so, to give Senate the opportunity to discuss them.
Dean Armstrong explained that the Committee had been asked to make
an investigation confined to administrative matters.  He further
explained that the Centre would operate under various outside Acts, and
that although the budget had to be approved by the Board of Governors
most of the funds came from other sources.  He felt that the establishment of the new administrative structure would not affect the present
academic pattern of the University.
Dr. Belshaw expressed disappointment that the academic field had
been deliberately kept out of the report. He had understood that the
hospital would permit the introduction of new methods of cooperative
medical instruction but could not see how these could be put into effect
if the rather rigid structure of the academic organizations that now
existed was retained.  Further, he felt that the hospital would be
performing a very important public service under the aegis of the
University and hence there would now be a precedent for the movement Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Administrative Structure, Health Sciences Centre  (Continued)
of other professional schools into the field of performing an essential
service for the public in order to raise funds for the teaching
Dean McCreary replied that there was no way that one could ensure
cooperation between faculties and that this could not be achieved in a
short space of time, but that a move toward cooperation was well underway for the majority of the departments.
Dean McCreary agreed with Dr. Belshaw's statement that the
University would be providing a public service.  However, he felt that
a University Hospital could not fulfil its role unless it provided the
very best of hospital care and that it was essential for the students
to participate in that care.
Dr. McDowell expressed concern with paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 6 and
45, 46, 47 and 48 of the report.  He felt that these contained concrete
academic implications that endangered the present structure of the
University.  The suggested Co-ordinating Committee was to be assigned
responsibilities that would appear to supplant those of Senate.  He
noted that with all other committees, the Chairman was elected by the
Committee, whereas the Chairman of the Co-ordinating Committee was
appointed by the Board in consultation with the President. He was
concerned with the power that appeared to be placed in the hands of
this Chairman. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Administrative Structure, Health Sciences Centre  (Continued)
He felt that if this report were accepted it would establish the
Health Sciences Centre as a jurisdiction separate from the main body of
the University.
Dean Armstrong explained that the Committee had not concerned
itself with academic reorganization. He agreed that there was an
academic implication on Page 2, paragraph 6, in that all units comprising the Centre had accepted the "health team" concept, and the
Committee had accepted it as well.  He agreed that this could well lead
to curriculum changes in these academic groups.
Dean Leung pointed out that whilst there were academic implications,
any of these changes would have to be approved by Senate before the
changes could be made, thus Senate's prerogative was protected.
Dr. Friedman agreed with Dr. McDowell.  He felt that the new
structure should not centre on patient care, as this was not really in
Professor Bourne asked if it was proposed to refer this to the
faculties involved for a full discussion.
The Chairman replied that there was nothing that could not still
be studied even after it had gone to the Board.
Dean McCreary agreed that there were academic implications but
that the majority of Universities with teaching hospitals had set up
similar organizations, cutting across academic lines, in some cases Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Administrative Structure, Health Sciences Centre  (Continued)
with a Vice-President, to whom the faculty reported rather than to the
President.  He deplored this latter arrangement which had been avoided
in the present proposal.
He felt it was necessary to get the right hand side of the chart
sorted out very shortly because the Psychiatric Unit would soon open,
and considered that no amount of study at this stage would clarify some
of the questions that had been raised.
The Chairman summed up that the report perhaps needed further
study but that the right-hand side of the chart was not Senate's
concern, whereas the co-ordinating of the faculties was.
Dr. Friedman stated that there was little fundamental disagreement
between Dean McCreary and himself. On the matter of the right-hand side
of the chart he felt this obviously needed to go ahead.
On the left-hand side he felt that administrative personnel had
sought ways to arrange for co-ordination but had looked at it from the
point of view of how it would work for them administratively.  He felt
that it should be looked at from the academic standpoint to ensure that
people's hands were not tied and that an undesirable precedent created.
It was suggested that the report be referred to the faculties.  It
was stressed that faculties apart from those with medical connotations
would be involved. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Administrative Structure, Health Sciences Centre  (Continued)
Dr. Friedman )      That the President's Committee be asked to
Dr. Gibson   )      confer with the Deans and Directors of the
Faculties and Schools concerned to ensure
that in the introduction of the organization
of the Health Sciences Centre the academic
interests of the University are well served.
(See Page 3815)
It was suggested that Senate ask the Committee to invite the
Deans of the Faculties concerned to meet and make a digest of the
report available to all faculties for them to study.
The motion was then carried.
Report of the Visiting Committee to the Institute of Earth Sciences
The Chairman on behalf of Senate, in asking Dr. Jacobs to speak,
expressed very best wishes to him in his new appointment at the
University of Alberta and thanked him for the very great contribution
he had made to the University of British Columbia.
Dr. Jacobs, after thanking the Chairman for his good wishes,
explained that it had been ten years since he had come to the campus and
only four years ago that a separate department had been made for
Geophysics.  The Department had given 50 graduate degrees and produced
some 200 publications.
The report, prepared by a small group of distinguished visitors,
was laudatory of the Institute's record. The report urged that the
Department undertake development in the fields of Marine Geology and
Marine Geophysics.  The report called attention to the inadequacy of Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Report of the Visiting Committee to the Institute of
Earth Sciences  (Continued)
the housing of the Institute. Dr. Jacobs felt that Senate should be
concerned with academic priorities such as the suitability of the
accommodations for Geophysics and felt that they should be debated.
Other Business
Campus Planning
Dr. Scott raised the question of campus planning. He mentioned
the slide show to which Department Heads had been invited and said
that some members of Faculty had indicated that they were not
entirely satisfied with all aspects of the plan including the
positioning of various buildings.
He felt that the Senate should approve of the plan and keep it
continually under review.  He was aware that it had financial
aspects and that Senate did not have power over such matters.  He
was also aware of engineering aspects.  Nevertheless, he felt that
Senate was able to set up committees by which the Campus Plan could
be reviewed and that its academic implications should be kept before
Dr. Scott said he would like to see a plan followed whereby a
committee composed of members of Senate and the Board of Governors
would be established to report its recommendations to Senate and
the Board. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Other Business
Campus Planning (Continued)
The Chairman explained that there had been a meeting at which
Faculty were asked to raise any objections in writing and in fact,
only one letter had been received, and that had been dealt with.
Dr. Friedman suggested that as only one letter was received it
must have been his, but he was aware of a great number of people
who had protested quite violently in the open and at the meeting
of the Department Heads.  He said there were, for example, strong
objections to changing to an East/West axis and to having the main
(centre) Mall covered by buildings.  He was particularly concerned
about the 5,000-car parking lot. He still considered that there
was on campus an internationally famous Planning Department and
that it should have been consulted.
Mr. Miller felt that no institution of this size could possibly
proceed with a plan of development without a master plan and that
the Board had developed a master plan through engaging consultants
who were masters in this particular type of planning.
He could see no reason why the academic aspects could not be
discussed with the appropriate committee of the Board of Governors.
Dr. Scott    )      That the Property Committee of the Board be
Dr. Friedman )      requested to meet a committee of the Senate
to be appointed by the Chairman of Senate to
consider the academic aspects of the campus
Carried Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Other Business
Campus Planning  (Continued)
One further question was raised as to whether the clock tower
by the Library was going to be placed where there was a building
or not.  The Chairman promised to look into the matter.
The Meeting adjourned at 9.50 p.m.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 25, 1967.
^— Secretary
Chairman       X Wednesday, September 6,   19dl.
Nummary oJL New_ Awards  and Changes
i?._^w-a-r-4s_J^JPJP!!™§ndejd to Senate
New Awards
The_ Anjna__Margaret Armstrong^ M_em_orial_ Graduation Pjrize__in_ Metallurgy
This prize, established by friends and associates to honor the memory
of Anna Margaret Armstrong, not only pays tribute to her sterling
qualities of character and devoted service through teaching and
research in the field of metallurgy but also marks the affection and
esteem in which she was held by friends and colleagues.  In the amount
of $300, it will be awarded annually to the student in the graduating
class in metallurgy who, in the opinion of his class mates and members
of the Department, has made the most outstanding overall contribution
to his class and to his chosen profession.
The B. C Forest Products Fellowship in Forest Genetics
This research fellowship, the gift of British Columbia Forest Products
Limited, provides $5 000 annually for support of research studies in
forest genetics in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British
Columbia.  Up to $3,200 will be provided to the fellow, the balance to
be used for equipment, materials and supplies essential to the research.
The fellowship will be awarded to a candidate recommended by the
Faculty of Forestry and approved by the University Scholarship
The__Ho_ffmann - La Roche Canadian Centennial. Bursary
This bursary of $500 the gift of Hoffman - La Roche Limited, Montreal,
will be available annually to a student continuing studies in the
Faculty of Pharmacy. The Bursary will be awarded on the recommendation
of the Dean of the Faculty to a student of high scholastic standing who
has need of financial assistance. This bursary will be offered for the
1967-68 academic year for the first time.
The_Katherine Leshgold_ Bursary in Commerce
A bursary of $50, established and endowed by Mrs. Katherine Leshgold,
is offered annually in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration.  It will be awarded to a student who has need for
financial assistance and who has good academic standing. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
New Awards  (Continued)
The Marsh and McLennan Limited Scholarship in Commerce
As a mark of Canada's Centennial Year, Marsh and McLennan Limited
have established university scholarships in several areas throughout
Canada.  One of these scholarships, an annual award of $500, is offered
to students at the University of British Columbia who are registered
in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.  It will be
awarded annually to a student with outstanding academic qualifications
who is proceeding to the final year of studies leading to the B.Com.
The William M. Mercer Memorial Scholarship (donated by William
M. Mercer Limited)
As a memorial to its founder, William Manson Mercer (B.Com., U.B.C.
1943), and as part of its Centennial project, William M. Mercer Limited
has established a scholarship of annual value $500.  This scholarship
will be awarded in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
to an outstanding student who (a) is entering the final year, has a
good background in courses in economics and mathematics, and whose
graduating essay will be in a field related to employee benefit plans
or actuarial science, or (b) is entering the penultimate year, has
shown aptitude in economics and mathematics, and intends to write his
graduating essay in the final year on a subject related to employee
benefit plans or actuarial science. Special preference will be given
to students who, after graduation, propose to enter the field of
employee benefit plans or actuarial science particularly those who
have sat for actuarial exams to Fellowship in the Canadian Institute
of Actuaries.  A student who receives the award in third year will not
be precluded from receiving it again in the final year.
The Lillian Slusman Meyers Memorial Bursary
A bursary of $50 established in memory of Lillian Slusman Meyers by
her sister, Sara Slusman of Winnipeg, will be awarded annually in the
Faculty of Medicine. The bursary will be awarded to a student who has
a good academic record, shows promise of success in the field of
Medicine, and needs financial assistance to continue his or her
studies. Wednesday, September 6, 1967.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
New Awards  (Continued)
Xerox of Canada Limited Centennial Fellowship
This fellowship, gift of Xerox of Canada Limited, is offered in the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration for graduate study in
fT^. the general area of business administration. The amount of the
fellowship is $5,700, to be divided into stipend, tuition and
supporting costs at the discretion of the University and the Faculty.
Changes in Awards
The Canada Law Book Company Prizes
Increased from three of $25 each to three of $50 each.


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