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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 7, 1930

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80 •
Wednesday,   May   7th,   1930
The   fourth   regular   meeting   of   the.Senate   of   The
University   of   British  Columbia   for   the   session   1929-30
was held on Wednesday, May 7th, 1930, at 9:30 a.m., in
the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean F. M.
Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. H. M.
King, Dr. A. F. Barss, Mr. W. E. Duckering, Dr. R. H.
Clark, Dr. M. Y. Williams, Judge P. S. Lampman, Mr. James
Henderson, Mr. J. A. Campbell, Mr. G. W. Clark, Mr.
P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. J. G. Brown, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance,
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. A. E. Lord, Canon A. H. Sovereign,
Judge J. D. Swanson, Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam,
Miss A. B. Jamieson and Mr. Sydney Anderson.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting, were received from Archbishop de Pencier and
Mr. H. F. Angus. t
Dr. Clark   )
Mr. Anderson) That the minutes of the third
regular meeting of February 19th,
1930, and of the special meeting of
April 3rd, 1930, be taken as read,
and adopted.
The following recommendation from the Faculty of Arts
and Science was presented:
That, upon recommendation of the Department
of Modern Languages, a student who has
successfully passed the examination for
teachers at the Sorbonne {Cours de preparation pour les professeurs de francais a,
l'etranger) be excused from the examinations
for M.A. in French (major) and Education
(minor) and be enabled to take the degree
upon presentation of a satisfactory thesis
in French.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Williams ) That the recommendation of Faculty
be approved .
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Wednesday, May 7th, 1930
Sessional Examination Results
The Sessional Examination Results were presented,-
Faculty of Arts and Science  -  by Dean Buchanan
Victoria College -  by Principal Elliott
Faculty of Applied Science   -  by Dean Brock
Faculty of Agriculture       -  by Dean Clement.
These were considered section by section and
adopted .
Report on Prizes and Scholarships
The Faculty of Agriculture reported that a further
sum of $3,500 was now available from the David Thorn
Estate, and recommended ,-
That a further sum of $2000 from the
David Thorn Estate, or a sum sufficient
for the purpose, be set aside to provide
a Bursary of $100 to be awarded to the
Junior Matriculant with highest Matriculation standing registering in the
First Year of Agriculture, and
That the balance of the David Thorn monies
($1500) be made available as loans to
students on the same basis as previous
loans from the same estate.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Barss   ) That the recommendation of the
Faculty of Agriculture be adopted.
Sessional Awards
Open prizes and scholarships and those for Arts and
Science were presented by Dean Buchanan, those for Applied
Science by Dean Brock and those for Agriculture by Dean
Clement.  These were approved section by section, excepting 82.
Wednesday, May 7th, 1930
The Vancouver Harbour Commissioners' Scholarship - $250.00
The Winners of The French Government Scholarship,
book prize and bronze medal, were announced to Senate.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Vance    ) That the Vancouver Harbour
Commissioners' Scholarship be
accepted for this year, on the
understanding that it be given
to the candidate proceeding to
the degree of B.Commerce, who
receives the highest standing.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Williams ) That the Vancouver Harbour
Commissioners' Scholarship be
awarded to Frank Webster
Hallonqui st.
Report of Election of Faculty Representatives on Senate
Faculty of Arts and Science
Mr. Angus
Dr. Hutchinson
Faculty of Applied Science
Dr. Vickers
Mr. Turnbull
Faculty of Agriculture
Mr. Lloyd
Dr. Moe
Mr. Lord       )
Canon Sovereign) That any vacancies on committees
arising as the result of the retirement of members of Senate, be
filled by the Chairman.
The President:  This brings to mind that this will
be the last meeting at which a number of members who have
served very acceptably for three or more years, will meet
with us.  While this has an element of sadness to some of 83.
Wednesday, May 7th, 1930
us, to others it may carry a measure of relief.  It is
quite fitting that reference should be made to it at
this time.  I wish to express my very great appreciation
of the services which the retiring members have given to
the work of the Senate during the period through which
they have been associated with this body.
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
stating that for the management of the gymnasium a
committee would be appointed, constituted as follows;
1 representative from Senate
1 representative from the Board of Governors
(the President)
2 representatives from the Faculty (to be
chosen by the President)
1 representative from the Alumni Association
2 representatives from the Alma Mater Society
Dr. Vance)
Dr. Brown) That the letter be received and filed.
Carr i e d
Dr. Vance )
Dr. Killam) That the appointment of the representative from Senate on the Committee for
the Management of the Gymnasium be
left to the Chair.
An announcement of a meeting of Convocation to be
held on the evening of May 8th was read for the
information of Senate.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Home Economics Requirements for first two years.
The Faculty of Arts and Science had been informed
that steps had been taken towards making provision for the
establishment of a course in Home Economics.  The Faculty
realized that it would take a year or more to arrange for
the proper direction, instruction and equipment for some 84.
Wednesday, May 7th, 1930
of the more specifically Home Economics Classes and that a
tentative plan would have to be adopted.  They recommended
that for the present,-
The requirements of the first two years consist of
30 units, 15 of which must be taken in each year.
English 1 in the First Year
English 2 in the Second Year
The first two courses in a language
offered for Matriculation, one
course in each year
Mathematics 1, in the First Year
Economics 1, or History 1, or 2,
or 4, or Philosophy 1
Chemistry 1 in the First Year and
Chemistry 2 in the Second Year
Physics 1 or 2
B i o1o gy 1
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Williams ) That the recommendation of Faculty
be approved.
Beginners' Language and Language 1.
Recommended,- ,
That calendar regulation 3, page 75, Calendar
1929-30, shall not apply to a Beginners'
Language and Language 1; that is, that a
candidate may take Beginners' Language and
Language 1 in the Third and Fourth Years
irrespective of the major subjects chosen, and -w.
Wednesday, May 7th, 1930
That the revised rule apply to candidates
who are taking a Beginners' Language in
'the Third Year in the present session and
also to those who propose to take a
Beginners' Language next session.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Brown    ) That the recommendation be adopted.
Application of Chi Omega Psi Fraternity for recognition
Mr. Lord     )
Mr. Anderson ) That the application of this
fraternity for recognition be
A letter was received from the Secretary to His
Excellency the Governor-General of Canada in reference to
the Honorary degree for His Excellency, requesting that
further action be postponed until next spring.
Dr. Vance)
Dr. Clark) That the letter be filed.
An application from Mr. George E. Cottingham for an
examination in Chiropractic was read.
Dr. Clark    )
Mr. Anderson ) That we proceed in accordance with
the Act to appoint the Examining
Board for Chiropractors; and that
Senate the College of
Physicians and Surgeons of British
Columbia and the B. C. Chiropractors
Association, through the Secretary,
for recommendations of two names
from each, for the approval of
Senate, at the August meeting.
Carried -&UT
Wednesday, May 7th, 1930
A letter was received from the High School and
University Matriculation Board stating that the recommendation received by the Board from the University in reference to Standing in English had been referred to the
British Columbia Teachers' Federation.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Williams ) That the letter be filed.
An application was received from Clarence Marion
Brune, Portland, Oregon, for an ad eundem or an honorary
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. G.W.Clark) That Mr. Brune be informed that the
University of British Columbia does
not grant degrees ad eundem gradum,
and that it grants honorary degrees
only on the invitation of the
Senate .
Mr. Lord)
Mrs.Wood) That the honorary degree of LL.D. be
conferred upon Dr. Theodore Harding
Boggs at the Congregation on May 8th,
Mr. Sovereign)
Mr. Lord     ) That a standing committee of five
on honorary degrees be appointed
by the Chair, to whom all matters
in connection with honorary degrees
be referred; the committee to
report to the Senate.
Dean Brock   )
Dean Clement ) That we adjourn.
Carried ht:
Wednesday,   May  7th,   1930
- f
^/tt^Ay a)   frrf*
Secre tary
^ Q.y
Chai rman


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