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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1960-05-11

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 Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2808
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1959-60 was
held on Wednesday, May llth, 1960, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean G.S. Allen, Dr. W.J. Anderson, Dean G.C Andrew, Mrs.
H.F. Angus, Mr. W.O. Banfield, Mr. C.B. Bourne, Acting-Dean
C.G. Campbell, Dr, J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, The Honourable J.V. Clyne, Dr. I. McT.
Cowan, Mr. L.G.R. Crouch, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dean B.A. Eagles,
Dr. G.R. Elliott, Miss M.M. Fallis, Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dean
W.H. Gage, Mr. B.C. Gillie, Mr. H.C. Gilliland, Mr. C.C.
Gourlay, Dr. W.H. Hickman, Mr. J.N. Hyland, Dr. F.H. Johnson,
Col. H.T. Logan, The Honourable Mr. Justice A.E. Lord, Dean
H. McCrae, Dr. M.F. McGregor, Dean E.D. MacPhee, Dean A.W.
Matthews, Mr. F.A. Morrison, Dean D.M, Myers, Mr. N.T. Nemetz,
Dr. F. Noakes, Mr. H.N. Parrott, Mrs. L.E. Ranta, Dr. B.
Savery, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. R.F. Sharp, Dean G.M. Shrum,
Dr. H.V. Warren, Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Mr. L.G.J. Wong, Dr. S.H.
Zbarsky, Dr. J.K. Friesen, Mr. N. Harlow and Mr. J.F. McLean.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Mr. J.M. Buchanan, Very Rev. H.
Carr, Dr. W.H. Gaddes, Major H.C. Holmes, Dr. J.E.A, Kania,
Mr. F.M. Knapp, Mr. L.J. Ladner, Dean J.F. McCreary, Dr. W.N.
Sage, Dean F.H. Soward and Rev. W.S. Taylor. »
Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2809
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Mr. Wong  )
Mr. Gillie) That the minutes of the fourth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1959-60, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Memorial Statements
The Secretary read the following statements
prepared by the Committee on Memorial Minutes upon the
instruction of Senate at its previous meeting:
Dr. Charles Alfred Holstead Wright
Members of Senate record with sorrow their
sense of loss in the death of their colleague,
Dr. Charles Wright, a regular attendant and
active participant in the business of Senate
since his first election by Convocation in 1939.
Recipient in 1917 of the first degree in
Applied Science awarded by U.B.C, and in 1919,
of the first Master of Science degree, he was
and remained through all the years a loyal and
devoted graduate. Further studies in Physical
Chemistry won him McGill*s Ph.D. degree in 1921
and the Ramsay Memorial Fellowship. After two
years* study in London University and tours of
industrial plants in Western Europe and the
Eastern United States, he returned to Vancouver,
where he spent a year at the University of
9 British Columbia as Lecturer in Chemistry.
All this undergraduate and postgraduate
* experience laid a firm foundation for his
outstanding career as a Chemical Engineer with
the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company
whose Research Staff he joined at Trail in 1925,
His professional ability was widely
* recognized. He was elected to the office of
President, Chemical Institute of Canada, was a
member of several technical societies, and
contributed numerous articles to technical
publications. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2810
Dr. Wright's varied interests outside the
immediate area of his profession were kept in
easy balance. He held administrative posts in
many organizations, including the B.C. Chamber
of Commerce, of which he was President, The Trail
District Recreational Projects Society, of which
he was organizer and President, Trail and
District Arts and Crafts Association, The Boy
Scouts Association, The British Columbia Cancer
Foundation, and many others.  The U.B.C. Alumni
Association owes much to his energetic leadership
among the graduates in Trail and West Kootenay.
Dr. Henry Gunning, lately Dean of Applied
Science and a close friend from undergraduate days,
wrote of him in 1956:  "The first engineer to
graduate from U.B.C has set an example of
industry, professional skill and public service
that has been of incalculable assistance to all
later graduates and will be a beacon to guide
those in the years ahead." *
Col. Logan)
Dr. Warren) That this statement be spread on the
minutes of Senate, and that a copy be
sent to Mrs. Wright and the members
of the family with deepest sympathy
from the Senate.
The Honourable Eric Werge Hamber
Members of Senate of the University of
British Columbia record their sorrow in the
death of Chancellor Emeritus, The Honourable
Eric Werge Hamber, and their deep appreciation
of his services to the cause of higher
education in British Columbia.
His close association with the University
began in 1936 with his appointment as a member
of the Board of Governors, prior to his assuming
the duties of Lieutenant-Governor.  He was
therefore no stranger to the work of university
administration when unanimously elected Chancellor
eight years later.
Throughout his period of office, 1944-1951,
Chancellor Hamber entered with enthusiasm into
the University's task of finding solutions to
U.B.C. Alumni Chronicle. Spring, 1956, p. 9. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2811
the many new and unprecedented problems created
by rapid post-war expansion. His wise counsels
were a vital element in the achievements of
those years.
Among his most important contributions was
the part he played in effecting closer relations
between business leaders and the University
community.  His keen interest in the University
and its affairs continued until his death.
He and Mrs. Hamber set a fine example in
the encouragement of scholarship by establishing
the Hamber Endowment Fund for Medical Research.
He also donated and endowed the Hamber Gold Medal
and Prize in the Faculty of Medicine and founded
annual scholarships for medical and nursing
students.  His lifelong interest in amateur sport
is reflected by his donation of the Hamber Trophy
for Inter-University Ice Hockey.
Members of Senate will long remember with
feelings of gratitude and pride the years of
Dr. Hamber's Chancellorship, - his many gracious
and generous acts, his confident spirit and the
untiring devotion of his leadership.
Col. Logan     )
Mr. Justice Lord)  That this statement be spread on
the minutes of Senate, and that a
copy be sent to Mrs. Hamber with
sympathy from the Senate.
Notice of Appointment of
Representative of Victoria
Notification was received that the Victoria College
Council had re-appointed Dr. Hickman as its representative
on Senate for the three-year period ending in March, 1963.
The Council had asked that Mr. R. T. Wallace,
Vice-Principal of the College, be permitted to attend Senate
meetings from July 1, 1960 to June 30, 1961, when Dr. Hickman
would be on leave of absence; and that he be granted all
Senate privileges. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2812
Mr. Gilliland)
Mr. Parrott  )  That the request of Victoria College
Council with respect to its
representation on Senate during Dr.
Hickman's leave of absence, be granted.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
at its meeting on February 29th, 1960, had approved new
courses and discontinuance of courses as recommended by
Senate on February 10th,  The Board had also approved the
change in name of the School of Physical Education, and the
establishment of a Department of Continuing Medical Education.
Dr. D. H. Williams had been appointed first Head of the new
New Awards and Changes in
Awards. Accepted Subject
to Approval of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
at its meetings on February 29th, March 28th and May 2nd,
1960, had approved the following new awards and changes in
awards, subject to approval of Senate:
Princess Betty Chapter I.O.D.E. Bursary - increase in value
The T. J. Rutherford Essay Prizes
The Naval Officers' Association of British Columbia
The Naval Officers' Association of British Columbia
The Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, B.C.
Section, Prizes - increase in value
The Kia-Ora Service Club Bursary
The Lieut.-Col. C.C. Merritt, V.C, Chapter, I.O.D.E.
Bursary Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2813
The Alpha Chi of Zeta Beta Tau Bursary
The Friends of Victoria Nagler Scholarship
The Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
The Doctor Joseph Vickar Memorial Bursary
Lauries Ltd. Bursaries
B. C Society of Internal Medicine Bursary - increase in
These would be submitted by Dean Gage for formal approval
later in the meeting.
New Loan Fund
For information of Senate, the Board reported
approval of the Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association
Loan Fund, to provide small loans for students on practice
teaching assignments.
Committee to Examine the
University Act
The Secretary read a letter from the President
stating that the Board of Governors had appointed three of
its members to a special committee to examine the University
Act and to make recommendations as to the future of higher
education in British Columbia. At the request of the Board,
to complete the committee membership so that a report might
be prepared by the end of the summer, the President had
nominated as provisional Senate representatives Dr. Hickman,
Dean Chant and Dean Gage, on the understanding that their
appointments would be confirmed or disallowed by Senate.
Mr. Gourlay)
Mr. Wong  )  That Dr, Hickman, Dean Chant and Dean
Gage be asked to represent the Senate
on the special joint committee to
examine the University Act.
Carried. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2814
It was agreed that Mr. Wallace should be asked to
serve in place of Dr, Hickman on this committee at meetings
which Dr. Hickman was unable to attend.
Professorship in Electrical
The President reported that the British Columbia
Power Corporation, Limited and British Columbia Electric
Company Limited had offered an annual grant to the University
commencing in 1960-61 and subject to review at the end of
three years, to provide the salary of a Professor of
Electrical Engineering who would conduct graduate courses in
addition to some undergraduate teaching, and devote more
attention than customarily to research. The Board had
accepted this offer for the purposes stated.
The Secretary read a letter from the donors
suggesting that the most suitable of the names considered
for this Professorship would be "The B, C. Electric
Professorship in Electrical Engineering".
Dean Myers)
Dr. Noakes)  That the Senate approve the establishment
of a Professorship in Electrical Engineering
as outlined, to be known as "The B. C.
Electric Professorship in Electrical
From the Faculties
Results of Sessional
Examinations. Final Years -
Candidates for Degrees
Copies of the list of candidates for degrees, of
those who had passed in subjects written but not completed Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2815
requirements, and of those required to write supplementals,
had been circulated. The Registrar stated that over 1,200
students had qualified for degrees at the Spring Congregations, compared to 1,133 in 1959.  The number of B.Sc.
candidates had risen from 78 in 1959 to 147.
The Registrar brought to the attention of Senate
the case of Douglas Frank Harry Whitford who had completed
the requirements for a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Science
(B.Sc) but had not undertaken compulsory physical education.
Dr. Savery)
Mr. Clyne )  That Mr. Whitford be granted his degree
on the basis of his academic record, and
that the requirement with respect to
physical education be waived.
Mr. Justice Lord)
Mr. Nemetz     )  That the standing of Mr. Whitford
be referred to the President and
the Registrar for investigation and
report to Senate at its next meeting,
and that he be granted his degree
in due course if he completes the
requirement in physical education
or provides a satisfactory explanation
of his failure to comply with the
It was agreed that the Registrar should telephone
Mr. Whitford's parents to inquire as to possible explanations
for his unwillingness to undertake physical education
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That the recommendations with regard to
candidates for degrees in the Faculty of
Arts and Science be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2816
Dean Myers)
Mr. Crouch)  That the recommendations of the Faculty
of Applied Science in regard to candidates
for the Bachelor's degrees be approved.
Dean Eagles )
Dr. Anderson)
That the recommendations of the Faculty
of Agriculture with respect to the
degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, in the Honours course and the
General course, be approved.
Dean Curtis)
Mr. Bourne )  That the candidates listed for the degree
of Bachelor of Laws be granted that
Acting-Dean Campbell)
Dr. Friedman       )
That the candidates recommended
for the degree of Doctor of
Medicine be approved.
Dean Matthews)
Mr. Morrison )
That the recommendations of the Faculty
of Pharmacy with respect to candidates
for the degree of Bachelor of Science
in Pharmacy, be approved.
Dean Allen )
Dr. Wellwood)
Dean MacPhee)
Mr. Gourlay )
That the candidates for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Forestry, both
regular course and Sopron Division, be
approved for the degree for which they
have qualified.
That the recommendations of the Faculty
of Commerce and Business Administration
with respect to candidates for the degree
of Bachelor of Commerce be approved.
Dean Scarfe)
Dr, Johnson)
That the candidates for the degree of
Bachelor of Education (Graduate, Secondary
or Elementary Programme) as recommended
by the Faculty be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2817
Dean Shrum)
Dr. Cowan )
That the candidates listed for the various
degrees in the Faculty of Graduate Studies,
as recommended by the Faculty, be awarded
the degree for which they have qualified.
Authorization for Release
of Marks - All Years
Dean Andrew)
Mr. Gillie )
That the Registrar, in consultation with
the Deans of the Faculties and the
Chairman of Senate, be authorized to
make any necessary amendments in the
lists of candidates for degrees, to
release the marks for all students, and
to deal with the results in the lower
Extra-sessional Courses.
The Faculty of Arts and Science, and the Faculty
of the College of Education, had recommended the following
extra-sessional courses for 1960-61:
Anthropology 200
Anthropology 400
French 210
Geography 303
Geography 410
German 110/120
Greek 100
History 102
Mathematics 300
Mathematics 306
Philosophy 304
Political Science (to be decided)
Political Science 300
Sociology 200
Sociology 305-6
(all courses in Arts
and Science to be
given at U.B.C.)
Education 305
Education 307
Education 308
Education 309
(Sections I and II)
Abbotsford, Mission City
Courtenay, Nanaimo, North
Vancouver, Powell River
Prince George
Alberni, Kelowna Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2818
Education 331 Burnaby
Education 332 Burnaby
Education 354 U.B.C
Education 390 U.B.C.
Education 400 Chilliwack, North Vancouver,
Education 405 Chilliwack
Education 406 Haney
Education 408 North Vancouver
Education 411 Surrey
Education 416 Burnaby, Fort St. John
Education 419 U.B.C.
Education 450 U.B.C.
Education 556 Burnaby.
Following the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and
Science, the Department of University Extension had recommended that English 200 and English 427 also be offered as
extra-sessional courses in 1960-61,
Dean Chant )
Dean Scarfe)  That the extra-sessional courses
recommended for 1960-61 be approved, on
the understanding that the two courses
in English will be submitted to the
Faculty of Arts and Science at its
next meeting.
Faculty of Arts and Science
At its recent meeting, the Faculty of Arts and
Science had approved the following resolutions and recommended them to the Senate:
1. That a new course, Chemistry 312(2), Structural
Chemistry, be introduced in the Winter Session
1960-61.  (Prerequisite, Chemistry 200 or 205.
The course would be taken by Honours Programme students.)
2. That the unit value of Chemistry 303 be increased
from 1 unit to 2 units and the lecture hours from
1 to 2 each week.
3. That the laboratory hours for Chemistry 203 be
increased from 2 to 3 hours. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2819
4.  That this Faculty concur in a recommendation from the
Victoria College to Senate that a new course, Astronomy
100, Elementary Astronomy, a 3 unit elective course,
be authorized for the Session 1960-61.
Dr. Cowan )
Dean Chant) That these recommendations of the Faculty
of Arts and Science be approved, subject
to approval of the Board of Governors
where necessary.
The Faculty had also recommended that consideration
be given to the possible appointment of representatives of
Victoria College to the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Gourlay)  That this recommendation be approved in
principle, and that Dean Chant and Dr.
Hickman, or his representative, be
authorized to discuss the proposal and
to bring a more detailed recommendation
to the next meeting of Senate,
Faculty of Applied Science
The Faculty of Applied Science had recommended
that Mathematics 450 (Analysis) be regarded as a possible
alternative to Electrical Engineering 451 (Electric Circuits
and Apparatus) in the Fourth Year of the Chemical
Engineering B.A.Sc. degree programme.
Dean Myers)
Mr. Crouch) That this recommendation be approved
for 1960-61 only.
Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law recommended that Mr. Kiichiro
Nishiguchi, having twice failed the work of the First Year,
be required to withdraw from the Faculty. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2820
Dean Curtis)
Mr. Bourne )  That this recommendation be approved.
Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration
The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
recommended that Mr. Raymond F. K. Chin be required to withdraw from the Faculty for a period of at least one year, on
account of poor academic standing.
Dean MacPhee)
Mr. Wong   )  That this recommendation be approved.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies, at its recent
meeting, had recommended:
1. That a new course Mathematics 555(1), Digital Computer
Programming, be offered, beginning in the Session
1960-61.  (This course would involve 1 hour lecture,
1 hour laboratory in the First Term.)
2. That a grading of "P" be instituted for marks in the
range 60-65% (not including 65), and, further, that
in a graduate programme no more than 3 units of course
work with "P" standing be credited toward a degree.
Dean Shrum)
Dr, Cowan )  That these recommendations be approved,
subject to approval of the new course
by the Board of Governors.
Faculty Representatives
on Senate
For information of Senate, the Secretary read the
list of Faculty representatives appointed for the three-year
term May, 1960 to May, 1963: Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2821
Agriculture        - Dr, A.J. Renney, Dr. CA. Rowles;
Applied Science    - Mr. W.M. Armstrong, Mr. S. Lipson;
Arts and Science   - Dr, R.D, James, Dr. W. Robbins;
Commerce and       - Mr. C.C Gourlay, Mr, H.C. Wilkinson;
Business Administration
Forestry - Mr. F.M, Knapp, Dr. R.W, Wellwood;
Graduate Studies   - Dr. W.C. Gibson, Dr. G.M. Volkoff;
Law - Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers, Mr. E.C.E. Todd;
Medicine - Dr. A.D. McKenzie, Dr. D.M. Whitelaw;
Pharmacy - Mr. F.H. Morrison, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky.
Education - to be elected prior to the next meeting
of Senate.
Report on Mathematics 308
Offered at Nanaimo
In authorizing the offering of Mathematics 308 at
Nanaimo during the Session 1959-60, the Senate had asked
for a report on the course at the end of the session.
Dean Chant stated that those registered had nearly
all been teachers.  Twelve had completed the course and
obtained credit; others had paid fees but merely "audited".
Dr. Jennings had conducted the course as a three-hour session
once a week.
The Faculty of Arts and Science, after hearing the
report on the course, had recommended that, with authorization
in each instance from the Faculty and the Senate, extra-
sessional courses in Arts and Science might be offered for
credit at centres away from Vancouver and the Lower Fraser
Valley. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2822
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and
Sessional Awards -
Final Years
Copies of List No. 1, dated May llth, 1960, of
awards for graduate study and in the final undergraduate
year only, were circulated. Dean Gage outlined briefly the
academic records of leaders of the graduating classes,
commenting particularly on the very close competition
between Michael Charles Lewis Gerry, winner of the Governor
General's Gold Medal, and David Wade Henderson, who was
awarded "honourable mention".
Dean Gage  )
Dean Andrew)  That the students named on List No. 1
be granted the awards for which they
are recommended.
New Awards and Changes
in Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards and changes
in awards was recommended, under the terms indicated:
The T. J, Rutherford Essay Prizes
Two prizes of $60.00 and $30.00 respectively,
given by T. J. Rutherford, Chairman of the Farm
Credit Corporation and retired Director of the
Veterans' Land Administration, will be awarded
during the session 1960-61 for the best two
essays of under 10,000 words submitted by
graduate or undergraduate students on "The
Voluntary and Progressive Reorganization of
Canadian Agriculture into Economically-sized
Family Farm Units - Its advantages to the Economy
and its Practicability were Ample Well-Directed
Credit Available".  Essays must be submitted to
the Dean of Agriculture by March 31, 1961. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2823
The Naval Officers' Association of British
Columbia Bursary Loans
Two bursary-loans of $300.00 each are offered by
the Naval Officers' Association of British Columbia
to students beginning or continuing studies at
the University (or Victoria College) in a full
programme leading to a degree in any field.
Applicants should, preferably, be present or former
members of a cadet force, of a reserve force or of
the permanent force, or the sons or daughters of
any Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, Rating
or man who has served, or who is now serving, in
the British Commonwealth naval forces or Merchant
Navies.  These loans are repayable, without interest,
within eighteen months after graduation.  If, by
the due date, the student has joined the permanent
force, the loan may be cancelled in its entirety;
if he has joined the reserve, 50% of it may he
cancelled. Applications, which must be received
at the University by August 1st, will be considered
on the basis of academic standing and need.
The Naval Officers* Association of British
Columbia Scholarships
Two scholarships of $150.00 each, provided by
the Naval Officers' Association of British
Columbia, are offered to students enrolled in
the University Naval Training Division (U.N.T.D.)
and continuing their studies in the following session
at the University (or Victoria College).  They
will be awarded at the close of the session on
the basis of all-round proficiency in the combination
of academic studies and the training programme
of the Unit, Winners of these awards are not
precluded from accepting other awards which they
may be offered.
The Kia-Ora Service Club Bursary
A bursary of $200.00, the gift of the Kia Ora
Service Club, Vancouver, is offered to students
planning a career in the field of work with
children. The basis of award will be academic
standing; interest, promise, and achievement in
the area of children's work, as indicated by
participation in school, University and community
projects; personal qualities and character; and
financial need. It is open to students who have
completed at least one year of University work.
Full details indicating qualifications and future
plans must be submitted in the application. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2824
The Lieut.-Col. C. C. Merritt. V.C.
Chapter. I.O.D.E. Bursary
This bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Lieut.-Col.
C. C. Merritt, V.C, Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be
available for a student entering the Third Year in
the Faculty of Medicine.  It will be awarded to a
student who needs and merits financial assistance.
The Alpha Chi of Zeta Beta Tau Bursary
A bursary of $50.00, the gift of Alpha Chi Chapter
of Zeta Beta Tau, is offered annually to students
who have completed one or more years of University
work and are continuing in a full programme of
studies in any faculty.  It will be awarded to a
student who has at least Second Class standing,
has financial need, and is worthy and deserving
of assistance.
The Doctor Joseph Vickar Memorial Bursary
A bursary of $100.00, established as a memorial
to Dr. Joseph Vickar by his friends, and given
through the Vancouver B'nai B'rith Hillel
Foundation, is offered to pre-dental and pre-
medical students in attendance at the University.
In making the award, consideration will be given
need and academic standing.
Lauries Ltd. Bursaries
Bursaries to the total of $450.00, given on
behalf of Lauries Ltd., Vancouver, were offered
for the session 1960-61.  They were awarded to
students in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration selected on the basis of ability,
promise, and need.
The Friends of Victoria Nagler Scholarship
A scholarship of $100.00, established by the
friends of Viotbria Nagler, is available annually
to students who are proceeding to the degree of
B.Mus. at this University and who have completed
at least one year of the prescribed programme.
The award will be made, on the recommendation of
the Head of the Department, to a worthy and
deserving student selected on the basis of
ability, proficiency and promise. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2825
The Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce
A scholarship of $300.00, the gift of the Vancouver
Chamber of Commerce, is offered to students entering
the First Year of the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration.  It will be awarded, on
the recommendation of the Dean and Faculty, to the
student with the highest scholastic standing who
exemplifies through his character qualities of
leadership and independent judgment.  If no student
is considered sufficiently well qualified with
respect to these qualities the award may be withheld.
The winning of this award will not preclude the
holder from enjoying the proceeds of other awards.
Princess Betty Chapter I.O.D.E. Bursary - increased
from $100.00 to $125.00 annually.
The Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
B.C. Section, Prizes - increased from $25.00 to
$35.00 each (three book prizes).
B. C Society of Internal Medicine Bursary -
increased from $450.00 to $550.00 annually, and
a second bursary of $500.00 provided for 1960-61.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Cowan) That these new awards and changes in
awards be accepted as recommended, and
that appropriate letters of thanks be
sent to the donors.
Honorary Degrees
The Secretary read a report from Dean Soward that
Dr. John W. Gardner would not be able to attend Congregation
in the spring of 1960 to accept the honorary degree offered
to him, but might be able to attend the October Congregation.
It was agreed that the degree approved for Dr.
Gardner should be conferred on him at the October
Congregation if he were able to be present then. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2826
Committee to Organize the
Work of Senate
The report of the Committee to Organize the Work
of Senate had been circulated prior to the meeting.
The Honourable J. V. Clyne explained in some
detail the reasons for the committee's recommendations,
which in summary were as follows:
1. That a Senate Executive Committee be constituted,
composed of the Chairman of Senate, Secretary of
Senate, Dean and Deputy to the President, Dean of
Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs, Dean of
Arts and Science, three non-faculty members and
two of the elected representatives of the Faculties,
with the following suggested duties:
To initiate discussion by Senate of matters of
academic policy and to prepare material for
information of Senate relative to such discussion;
To discuss matters referred to it by Senate or
by the Chairman of Senate for report to Senate;
To deal with and to settle on authority of
Senate, any matter referred to it by Senate.
2. That there be a Senate Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries and that, to avoid duplication
of effort, the Joint and Inter-Faculty Committee on
Prizes, Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans be
designated as this Senate committee.
3. That Faculties be asked to submit calendar material
to the December meeting of Senate, with final
consideration being made by Senate at its February
meeting following a report of the Senate Curriculum
4. That a Senate Examinations Committee (five faculty
and five non-faculty members) be constituted to
review written examinations and to review failure
5. That a Senate Appeals Committee on Academic Standing
(two non-faculty members of Senate, the Dean and
Deputy to the President, Dean of Administrative and
Inter-Faculty Affairs and the Registrar) be formed to Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2827
examine any request for reconsideration of standing
directed to it by Senate or by the Chairman of Senate.
Mr. Clyne)
Dr. Cowan)  That these recommendations of the Committee
to Organize the Work of Senate be approved.
The President stated that, following elections to
the Senate, he would take steps, in consultation with the
Secretary of Senate and other appropriate members, to suggest
membership of the new committees recommended, to be presented
for approval of Senate at its meeting in September.  Mr. Bourne
pointed out the desirability of including a lawyer in the
membership of the Senate Appeals Committee on Academic
Mr. Clyne stated also that, as indicated after
the conclusion of the formal report, the Committee had
discussed certain related topics not included in its terms
of reference, such as the composition and general duties of
Senate and the function of Faculty Council.  It was agreed
that the suggestions of the Committee should be transmitted
to the joint Board and Senate committee studying the
University Act, under the chairmanship of Mr. Nemetz.
Committee on Leave of Absence
Dean Matthews stated that his sub-committee had
met with the Executive of the Faculty Association to discuss
the memorandum of the Executive on the recommendations of
the Deans' sub-committee with respect to leave of absence
practices.  The two groups had resolved some of the minor Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2828
points of difference, but other issues had been referred
back to the Committee of the Deans for further discussion.
Dean Matthews)
Dean Chant  )  That this be accepted as a progress
report, and that the question of leave
of absence procedure be returned to
the agenda of the next meeting.
Committee to Consider
Offering Credit Course
on Pacific Cruise Ship
Dean Scarfe reported that the committee considering
the proposal of the B. C. Teachers' Federation that a credit
course be offered in combination with a South Seas Cruise
during the summer of 1960 (committee consisting of Dean
Chant, Dr. Friesen, Mr. Jeffels and Dean Scarfe) had made
certain recommendations as to the conditions under which
such a course might be offered, but had suggested that the
proposal be referred to the Faculty of the College of
Education and the Faculty of Arts and Science.  In any case,
arrangements could not now be made for such a course in 1960.
Dean Scarfe)
Dean Chant )  That the possibility of offering a
credit course to teachers in association
with a summer cruise be referred to the
two Faculties mentioned, for consideration
and report back to Senate.
Committee on Recreation.
Athletics and Physical
At the previous meeting, Dean Matthews had
reported that discussion was in progress on a course in Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2829
Health Education, which might be offered on an experimental
basis to students in the two-year teacher training programme.
Senate had approved this course in principle, on the understanding that details would be approved by the Committee on
Recreation, Athletics and Physical Education.  The Committee
had requested further study of the proposed course, and had
decided that it could not be implemented for the Session
A report would be made to Senate when details had
been approved by the Committee.
Committee to Consider
Proposed University Extension
Programme at Prince George
Prior to introducing this topic, the President
read a letter from the Bishop of Prince Rupert stating that
the Roman Catholic community planned to open a Junior
College in Prince George in September, 1960.
Not related to this was the request from the Board
of School Trustees in Prince George that a senior member of
the University Faculty be posted to Prince George for a
year, on an experimental basis, to offer two or three courses
in English.  The Board of School Trustees was prepared to
pay all costs involved in such a trial programme.
Following discussion on the principle of extramural courses, and the essential nature of a university, it
was moved: Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2830
Dean Andrew)
Dean Scarfe)  That the request from Prince George for
certain credit courses to be offered by
a resident Faculty member in the 1960-61
Session, on an experimental basis, be
referred to the Faculty of Arts and
Science for consideration and recommendation
to Senate.
University Publications
Copies of the University Calendar for 1960-61 and
the Summer Session Announcement were available to members
of Senate.
Faculty Publications
Copies of Faculty publications received by the
President's Office since the last meeting of Senate were on
Annual Congregations
The Chairman reminded members of Senate that the
Annual Congregations would be held at 2:30 p.m. in the
Armoury on May 19th and 20th.  The addition to the Chemistry
Building would be formally opened by the Honourable L. R.
Peterson on May 19th, and the Commons Block of the Residences
by His Excellency the Governor-General on May 20th.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman reported on examination results at
Victoria College, as approved by the Council.  He asked
whether consideration might be given to the nature of the Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2831
ceremony to be held in 1961, when it was probable that a
number of students at Victoria College would be completing
their Fourth Year and qualifying for the Bachelor's degree.
Dr. Hickman reported also that funds already
received, or in the process of coming in, for the Victoria
College Building Fund Campaign, amounted to $1,725,000.00.
Dean MacPhee)
Dean Curtis ) That a formal message of congratulations
be sent to Dr. Hickman, Judge Clearihue,
and the Chairman of the Building Fund
Campaign, for the success of their
Dean Scarfe)
Mr. Gillie )  That, if it seems appropriate at the
time, the University should consider
and plan for a Special Congregation in
Victoria in the spring of 1961 to confer
degrees of the University of British
Columbia on the graduates of Victoria
College qualifying for such degrees.
Faculty Association Resolution
Re Study of Higher Education
Copies of a resolution of the Faculty Association
urging that the University make an extensive and detailed
study of the higher educational needs of British Columbia,
had been circulated prior to the meeting.
It was agreed that Dean Curtis as Chairman of the
Committee on the Future of Higher Education in British
Columbia, Dean Gage, Dean Chant and Dean Andrew, together
with such members of the Senate Executive Committee as could
be appointed at this time, should make recommendations to Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2832
the Chairman of Senate as to the personnel of a Senate
Committee to work in association with, or concurrently with,
the Faculty Association in undertaking such a survey.
Report on First Year Students.
Faculty of Arts and Science
A report by the Personnel Office on First Year
students registered in 1959-60 in respect to registration
and withdrawals, performance in Christmas examinations,
and percentage taking advantage of testing and counselling
services, was circulated at the meeting and received for
Health Centre for Children
The Secretary read a letter from the Board of
Directors of the Health Centre for Children stating that
Miss Fallis had been re-appointed a Vice-President for
1960, and that another University representative, Mr. G. T.
Cunningham, had been elected President.
The President drew attention of Senate to the
death on March 22nd of Professor-Emeritus Thorleif Larsen,
and the death on May 7th of Dr. Peter Spohn, Clinical
Assistant Professor in Paediatrics. Wednesday, May llth, 1960 2833
Other Business
Awards to Members of Faculty
The President reported that Professor Forward had
received the "Technical Achievement" award of Mining World
for the development of a zinc recovery process, and that
Professor Philip White was to read a paper to the Royal
Institution of Chartered Surveyors in July, 1961, as
recipient of the Institution's 1961 gold medal.
It was agreed that letters of congratulation
should be sent in both cases.
Community and Regional Planning
For information of Senate, the President reported
that the Community and Regional Planning Course had received
official recognition from the American Planning Institute
and the Town Planning Institute of Great Britain. Graduates
of the course would therefore be admitted to these
Institutes without further examinations.
Retiring Members of Senate
The President expressed his appreciation, and that
of the Senate as a whole, to Faculty representatives who
were completing their terms on Senate.
In addition, the Senate gave sincere thanks for
their participation in the work of Senate to three members
elected by Convocation who were not standing for re-election
at this time: Mr. J. M. Buchanan and the Honourable J.V. Clyne, Wednesday, May llth, I960 2834
each of whom had served for nine years, and the Honourable
Mr. Justice A. E. Lord who had been an active member of the
Senate for the past thirty-six years.
Illness of Judge Clearihue
Mr. Justice Lord)
Dr. Hickman    )  That a message of good wishes for a
speedy recovery from his recent
illness be sent to His Honour
Judge J. B. Clearihue.
Alumni Association "State
of the University" Committee
A report, dated April 27th, 1960, of the Alumni
Association "State of the University" Committee was
distributed at the meeting.  It was agreed that Senate
should express its appreciation to the Alumni Association
for making this report available, and should table the
report for consideration at the next meeting.
Honorary Degree for President
On behalf of Senate, Dean Gage congratulated
Dr. MacKenzie on the honorary degree to be awarded him by
the University of Saskatchewan on May 13th.
The meeting adjourned at 10:55 p.m.


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