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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Apr 20, 1920

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Array (145)
Tuesday, April 20th, 1920.
412 A special meetr'.ng of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia was held on Tuesday, April ?0th, 1920, at 8 p.m.,
at the University offices.
413 Present:- The Jresident, in the Chair; the Chancellor,
Dean R. W. Brock, Mr. J. A. McLean, Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. L. Killam,
Dr. D. Mcintosh, Dr. H. Ashton, Mr. L. F. Robertson, Mr. T. A. Brough,
Dr. H7. D. Brydone-Jack, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Mr. W. P. Argue, Magistrate
H. C. Shaw and Hev. W. H. Vance.
414 A letter was read from Hr,  F. H. Buck, Convenor of the
Baccalaureate Church Service, extending to Senate,on behalf of the
Graduating Class of 1920,an invitation to attend the Second Annual
Baccalaureate Church Service to be held on May 2nd, in Christ Church
at 4 p.m.
Gordon) That the letter be acknowledged and the invitation
415 Establishment of Red Cross Chair of Public Health.
Letter of March 23rd from A. J. Forsyth to President Klinck:-
"My dear Mr. President,
I have pleasure in forwarding you herewith copy of a
resolution passed: at the meeting of the Executive of the
British Columbia Provincial Branch, Canadian Hed Cross
Society, held in its offices, London Building, Vancouver, on
Friday, March 19th, 1920.
The resolution is as follows:-
Moved by John Ridington, seconded by F. W. Jones, and
carried unanimously:
"That the Provincial Branch of the Canadian Red Cross
Society, British Columbia, notify the President of
the University of British Columbia, and, through him,
the Senate and the Board of Governors, as follows:- (146)
1. That the Provincial Branch, as part of its Peace
Programme, would co-operate with the University
in its work of education by assisting to establish
and to maintain a Chair of Public Health in that
Institution, to be known as "The Ped Cross Chair
of Public Health."
2. The arrangements set forth in this resolution
shall continue and be a charge upon the general
funds of the Provincial Branch for a period of
three years from the date of its acceptance by
the University.
3. In the event of the acceptance of this offer by
the University, the Provincial Branch undertakes
to pay to the University annually an amount, not
to exceed Five Thousand Dollars (#5000.00), equal
to the salary of the Professor appointed to the
Ped Cross Chair of Public Health. The first of
such payments shall be ??ade by the Hon. Secretary-
Treasurer upon receipt of advice from the President of the University of theappointment and
amount of salary of the Professor in question, and
shall be followed by two other payments of equal
amounts, made respectively on April 1st, 1921, and
April 1st, 1922."
Will you kindly bring this resolution to the attention of
the Board of Governors and the Senate of the University,
in order that official action may be taken to accept the
offer therein contained.
As a result of this co-operation between the Society and
the University, and the increased educational facilities
provided thereby in the event of this offer being accepted,
the Provincial Executive hopes that the cause of Public
Health, which everywhere is now being regarded as of great
importance, will be materially advanced throughout British
Yours very truly,
(Signed) A. J. Forsyth,
Letter of April 1st, 1920, to Mr. S. W. Mathews from President
J (147)
"Dear Mr. Mathews,
The appended letter from Mr. A. J. Forsyth, Hon .Secretary-
Treasurer, Provincial Branch, Canadian Eed Cross Society,
offering to establish and to maintain a Chair of Public
Health in this University, to he known as "The Red Cross
Chair of Public Health", was presented to the Board of
Governors at the meeting held on March 29th, 1920.
After some discussion, in which appreciation was expressed
of the generosr'ty of the Bed Cross Society, the offer was
accepted by the Board of Governors.
The matter is now ready for Senate and the Board of
Governors has requested that a special meeting of Senate
be called to consider this and the question of summer
schools in General Science, in Academic and Professional
Subjects and in Education.
Yours very truly,
(Signed) L. S. Klinck."
Vance   ) That we approve of the acceptance of the Red
Cro3S Chair of Public Health and express our
appreciation of the generosity of the Bed Cross
Vance )
McLean) That all matters in connection with the P.ed Cross
Chair of Public Health be referred to Faculty
for recommendation to Senate.
416 Summer Course for Teachers.
Outline of Summer Course for Teachers as prepared by the Superintendent
of Education:-
416 a.    1. Course in General Science for the benefit of High School
teachers who are not specialists in science subjects but are
required to teach ther as part of the High School Course of
(a) Physics and Chemistry - Caldwell & Eikenberry.
(b) Botany and Zoology - (Bergen & Caldwell,
(  Practical Botany.
(Introduction to Zoology,
(  Davenport. (148]
2. Course in Academic and Professional Subjects to assist the
holder Of a Second-Class Certificate in qualifying for a
First-Class Certificate.
-  (a) (b) (c)
English Physics Mathematics
Latin Chemistry Economics I and
French Biology History and
Professional Geography (Physical Civics.
Subjects          and Commercial)
Teachers desiring First-Class Certificates may take the
present Senior Matriculation Course; or they may select
two subjects from Group (a); two from Group (b); one from
Group (c).
The standard of work to be the same as for First Year Arts
or Senior Matriculation.
Examinations will be held by the Education Department in
all subjects at the usual time in June.
The Professional Subjects of Group (a) of 2 are as follows:-
Educational Psychology; Administration and School Manage-
. ment; History of Education; Rural Sociology and Economics;
Vocational Education.
Any two of these may be substituted for a language of Group
(a) which requires two or three year.*! previous study.
Teachers taking the subjects of Course 2 must complete to
the satisfaction of their instructors; two consecutive summer
courses in each subject chosen and also a supervised reading
course from September 1st to April 1st. The instructors in
the several subjects will conduct their own tests and
examinations and furnish the Department, through the Registrar, with a report on the examinations taken by each candidate.
3. Course in Education (leading to Bachelor's of Doctor's degree
In Pedagogy) open to all teachers and, In the cnse of University graduates, leading to a Degree in Pedagogy.
Subjects:- Educational Psychology, History of Education,
Administration of Education, Principles of Education and
General Method.
4. Course for Holders of First-Class Teachers' Certificates
who wish to proceed to a University degree in Arts or Science. (149)
Lectures to be given on two or three subjects of the present
Second Year Arts Course. Teachers who do this summer work
to the satisfaction of the instructors to be given such
credit towards a degree, as the University may think proper.
A supervised Course in heading for the winter months might
also be arranged for.
NOTES. Length of Summer Course to be from 5 to 6 weeks.
Announcement of Courses: By University Circular,
supplemented by reference in Education Department
Announcement of Summer School.
416 b. Report of Special Committee of Faculty, approved by Faculty, and
submitted to Senate:-
Your Committee, appointed to consider the Proposed Summer
Course for Teachers, begs to submit the following recom-
mendat i ons:-
1. That the courses outlined in Clause 1 of the proposals
be approved and that, if possible, French be added to their
Instruction, as under Clause 1, would then be given according to the following schedule:-
Physics 5 hours a week for 6 weeks.
Chemistry ditto
Botary ditto
Zoology ditto
French ditto
2. That the University undertake to give instruction, as
under Clause 2 of the Proposed Course, with a view to
assisting teachers in qualifying for a First-Class Certificate: with the proviso that the University set no examinations
and assign no University credit for the specific work
performed in Summer School.
Your Committee does not see its way to recommend that the
University undertake, at present, to give University credits
towards First-Year standing on the basis of Summer-School
work as such. We believe that a Summer-School student who
has just completed the heavy work of a year's teaching
cannot, with advantage, attempt more than 15 hours of lectures
a week, or their laboratory equivalent, with the home work
necessarily accompanying this instruction. 15 hours a week
might conceivably allow of 5 courses of 3 hours a week, or
3 courses of 5 hours a week. The shortness of the term seems
to make concentration on 3 courses preferable from the viewpoint both of the student and of the instructor; and the (150)
Committee therefore recommends this latter alternative. The
result of such a course would be as follows: that, at the
end of a six weeks* term, a student will have completed two-
fifths (2/5) of a normal year's work in three subjects; or,
to put it in another way, that he will have accomplished
slightly less than one-fourth (l/4) of the full work of the
University's First Year. Now the Proposed Course evidently
looks towards Summer School work which, with outside reading,
will cover the work of the First Year ( the equivalent of
Senior Matriculation) in two years. But the University,
though it will gladly suggest or outline extra-mural work,
cannot, at present, undertake to supervise it. The Committee
therefore recommends, as stated above, that the University,
instead of giving a full First Year course, provide, according to a definite program, assistance to teachers who wish
to prepare for Senior Matriculation, allowing their: to
present themselves for the regular departmental examinations
after one or two summer sessionsat their own discretion.
It is taken for granted that the work of the First Year
will be held as the equivalent of Senior Matriculation.
3. That the instruction to be giver, as under Clause 2,
consist of five lecture hours^ja week for six weeks in each
of the subjects listed except^Ceography and Economics.
4. That the Proposed Course, as under Clause 3, be approved,
but that the words in parenthesis he struck out and that
the words "when courses in such a department are established
in the University" be added to the Clause.
5. That no immediate provision be rrade in the matter of
courses for First-Class teachers, as under Clause 4, since
this question involves a great many subsidiary questions;
but that consideration be given to the matter with a view
to subsequent report.
6. That a fee of Ten Dollars be charged to all students
of the Summer School whether they take one subject or more.
7. That a Summer School Staff be engaged, and remuneration
paid,as follows:-
One Instructor
in Education
as in
" Physi cs
1 »»
" Chemistry
» »i
" Botany
1 »
» Zoology
t  tt
" French
rt  "
» Engli sh
1    H
" Latin
rt   ?!
" Mathematics
11    >!
» History and
J4250 _ (151)
Your Cormittee, understanding that the Board is prepared to
vote -*3600 for Summer-School T7ork, estimates that this
amount, together with the fee mentioned in Pecomrrerdat i on
6, will provide means to meet all expenses.
Gordon  )
Pobertson) That the report of Faculty be considered clause
by clause.
Brough  ) That clause 1 be adopted.
McKechnie) That clause 2  be adopted.
Brough  ) That clause 3 be adopted, with the omission
of the word "in" preceding the word "Geography".
Gordon  ) That clause 4 be adopted.
Vance   )
Shaw    )     Tr amendment: That the proposed course, as
under clause 3 be approved but that all the
words after "Education" in the first paragraph
thereof, be omitted.
Roberts or. j
Argue   J T?iat clause 5 be adopted.
Vance   )
Boving  )  In amendment that the words "by the Faculty" be
inserted after "be given to the matter".
Vance   )
Brock   ) That clauses 6 and 7 be recommended to the
Board for adoption.
Brock   ) That the report of Faculty as amended be adopted.
417 A letter was read from W. K. Beech, Principal, High School
of Commerce, asking tha'; when the curriculum for the Summer School (152)
for Teachers is being prepared, provision be made for giving instruction in both the content and the teaching methods of the Modern
High School Commercial Course.
Shaw ) That the letter be referred to Faculty.
418 The President stated that inasmuch as the application of
a theological college for affiliation had to be considered at a
regular meeting of Senate, according to statute, it would not be
possible to consider the application of Westminster Hall for affiliation at this time, although the item appears on the agenda of
this meeting.
Prizes. Scholarships. Bursaries and Student Loans.
Recommendations of Faculty.
419 Book Prizes.
"That winners of book prizes be given an order for the
amount at the Congregation Ceremony, and that the prize
books be chosen by the student in consultation with the
Head of the Department under which the work has been done."
Argue ) That this recommendation be approved.
420 Captain Lerov Memorial Scholarship.
"That the following statement regarding the Captain Leroy
Memorial Scholarship be adopted:
•This Scholarship, of the value of $250.00, donated
by the Universities Service Club, will be awarded
for the-Academic year 1920-21, to a returned soldier
student at the University of British Columbia. Applications for this scholarship may be made by returned
soldier students who intend doing second, third or
fourth year work at the University of British Columbia,
or post-graduate work at any approved institution.
Each application must contain a statement of the
academic record, the war record and the special (153)
claims of the applicant, with two supporting references,
and must be in the hands of the Registrar not later
than April 30th, 1920.
The award will be made by Senate, upon recommendation
of Faculty acting in consultation with the Executive
of the Universities Service Club.' "
Brock )
Gordon) That this recommendation be adopted.
"That the following statements be adopted in regard to
the under-mentioned prizes:-
421 Historical Society Gold Medal.
♦This gold medal, donated by E. W. Keenleyside, Esq.,
shall be known as the Historical Society Gold Medal,
and shall be open to all students of the Graduating
The award will be made by the Department of History,
and will be based on the following considerations:
(1) the number of courses in History taken during
the student's undergraduate career, (2) his standing
in these courses, (3) his general interest in History.1
Gordon )
Mcintosh) That this recommendation be adopted.
Vance ) In amendment: That we accept the medal on the
terms laid down this year and refer the matter
back to Faculty for further consideration.
Argue ) Amendment to amendment: That it be referred to
Faculty with power to act.
4?? Pansy Mundav Memorial Prize.
•This prize, given by the women of Arts '18 in memory
of a brilliant fellow-student who died at the close
of her third year, will be awarded to the third year
student who obtains the highest standing in English
provided that the student has taken two.or more
courses in English during the year.
The prize will be in the form of a book or books to
be selected by the donors.' (154]
Gordon) That the recommendation be adopted.
423 The Wesbrook Prize.
•A prize of $50.00 has been given by Mrs. Wesbrook
to be awarded to the student obtaining second place
in the Graduating Class of 1920.'
Argue )
Brough) That the recommendation be adopted.
Boving) That a letter of appreciation be sent to the
donors of these various prizes.
424 The Secretary raised the question as to whether it was
the wish of Senate that reports sent out previous to a meeting should
be embodied in the minutes as forwarded to members. He was instructed
to embody the renorts in the minutes.
Argue   )
Robertson)  That we adjourn.
X? (-0. Mz^^ S^^f ^
Chairman. Secretary.


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