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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Dec 21, 1938

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Wednesday, December 21st, 1938
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1938-39
was held on Wednesday, December 21st, 1938, at 8:00
p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair),
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dean D.
Buchanan, Dr. Blythe Eagles, Dr. D. G. Laird, Dr. M. Y,
Williams, Mr. A. H. Finlay, Mr. F. H. Soward, Mr. Ira
Dilworth, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Major H. C. Holmes,
Mr. A. R. Lord, Dr. V. L. Denton, Mr. William Morgan,
Mr. Sherwood Lett, Miss M. L. Bollert, Mr. A. E. Lord,
Mr. P. A. Boving, Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Miss Isobel
Harvey, Mr. Arnold A. Webster and Mr. J. N. Burnett.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Rev. Dr. Trumpour, Mr.
J. N. Harvey, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Mr. J. C. Oliver and
Mr. Sydney Anderson.
Mr. MacCorkindale)
Mr. A. R. Lord   ) That the minutes of the
first regular meeting of
October ISth, 1938, of
the adjourned meeting of
October 26th, 1938, and
of the special meeting of
November 14th, 1938, be
taken as read, and adopted.
Notices of Appointment of Committees
Representative on University Council on
Athletics and Physical Education
Mr. John C. Oliver 655,
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938.
On Re-establishment of the Course in Home
Mr. A. R. Lord - Chairman
Miss A. B. Jamieson
Dean M. L. Bollert
Mr. P. A. Boving
Mr. William Morgan
On Establishment of an Institute for Research
in the Social Services
Miss Isobel Harvey - Chairman
Mr. Sherwood Lett
Mr. F. H. Soward
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Mr. A. A. Webster
On Establishment of a Course, or College,
of Pharmacy
Mr. J. N. Burnett - Chairman
Dr. M. Y. Williams
Mr. A. H. Finlay
Mr. Sydney Anderson
Mr. A. E. Lord
On Establishment of a Pre-Medical Course
Dean J. N. Finlayson - Chairman
Dean D. Buchanan
Dr. Blythe Eagles
Dr. Evlyn F. Farris
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
Change in Representation of Senate on the High School
Accrediting Board
Notice was given that Professor L. F. Robertson
had been appointed as a representative of the University on the High School Accrediting Board in the place
of Professor Ira Dilworth, on leave of absence. 656.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938
Speaker for the Spring Congregation
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Boving    ) That the matter of the selection of a speaker for the
Spring Congregation be left
to the Chair.
Professional Training of Graduates in Home Economics
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
had approved the recommendation of Senate with respect
to the admission to the Teacher Training Course of
students from British Columbia who have graduated in
Home Economics in the University of Manitoba.
From the Faculties
High School Curriculum - Health and Physical
Sducat ion
In connection with the question of Health and
Physical Education for high school students, deferred
for consideration from the meeting of October 19th,
Dean Buchanan pointed out that the Department of Education was very anxious that all students in the public
high schools who wished to obtain a graduation diploma
or University entrance certificate should complete the
requirements laid down in Health and Physical Education
It was not proposed that grades obtained on this work
should influence standings obtained On the other subjects required for University entrance.  Candidates . 657.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938,
wishing to gain University entrance through the private
schools or by private study would be required to write
the prescribed examinations.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That Senate approve the arrangements for Health and Physical
Education as laid down in the
course of study.
Request of the Librarians' Section of the Secondary
School Teachers' Association of the Lower Mainland
for Courses for the Training of Librarians
Dean Buchanan presented a report of a special committee regarding this request which had been adopted by
the Faculties of Arts and Science, and Agriculture.  The
Faculty of Applied Science had decided to leave the
matter in the hands of the Faculty of Arts and Science.
The report of the Committee was as follows,-
At the outset the Committee agreed that it is
not expedient for the University to establish a
Library School as has been done in some other
Canadian universities.  It felt however that some
action was possible in accordance with the requests
from the Library Section of the Lower Mainland
Secondary School Teachers' Association.
Their Resolutions VI - X have to do with work
at the University.
1.  In resolutions VI and VII requests were
made for courses in Summer School either
"designed especially for administrators and
teachers to acquaint them with the importance
of the library in education" or "for teachers
and librarians in service on topics pertaining
to school library work."
The Summer Session of 1938 contained a 658.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938
course on the organisation of school libraries.
A course is to be given in the Session for
1939 and the Committee suggests that it be
along the lines of the second course proposed
above.  In future years it would be perhaps
possible to give the other type of course which
would benefit trained Librarians in need of a
refresher course.
2. Resolution VIII asks for lectures on the
place of the library in the school in the
course Education 12.  The course already contains such lectures and the Committee suggests
that direct reference to them be made in the
3. Resolution IX asks for a course in School
Library work along the line of the courses on
Methods in English, Classics, etc.  The Committee recommends that five additional compulsory lectures be given on this topic, the
lectures to be in connection with Education 12.
4. Resolution X requests credits in education.
Such credits were already given towards the
academic certificate in the Summer Session of
1938 and it is recommended that this practice
be continued.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward
That Senate approve the recommendations of the Faculties,
that five lectures be added in
connection with the course,
Education 12, and that these
lectures in School Library work
be required of all people taking the Teacher Training Course.
New Department of Commerce
A letter was received from the Faculties.  The
report of the Senate Committee recommending that a
Department of Commerce be created out of the existing 659.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938
Department of Economics, Political Science, Commerce
and Sociology, had been considered, and the Faculties
recommended that a Department of Commerce be established.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That a Department of Commerce
be established.
It was understood that the name of the present
Department would be changed to the "Department of
Economics, Political Science and Sociology".
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Courses for the Summer Session 1939
Dean Buchanan presented a list of the courses to
be given in the Summer Session of 1939.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That these courses be approved
for the Summer Session of 1939.
Additional Work in Physical Education
Dean Buchanan presented, as a progress report, the
following resolution which had been passed by the
Faculty of Arts and  Science,-
That the attention of Senate he drawn to
the desirability of offering additional
work in Physical Education in the University.
In this connection Dean Buchanan drew to the
w i 660.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938.
attention of Senate the fact that there were demands
being made for work in Physical Education, as well as
for new faculties and courses.
From the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes
and Scholarships
Mr. Soward presented the following recommendations
of the Committee:
'-• B'nai B'rith District No. 4 Hillel Foundation
(1 That the offer of the renewal of this scholarship,
of the value of £250.00, for the Session 1938-39 be
^P Alliance Francaise Bursary
That the bursary awarded by the Alliance Francaise
of $50.00 be accepted and that the final sentence of
' the terms of award of the bursary, described in the
University Calendar on Page 56, be re-worded to read -
"The award will be made on the recommendation of the
Committee on Prizes and Scholarships."  For the Session
1938-39 the award is to be made during the second term
\; and the Registrar is asked to make public this bursary.
Lady Laurier Club Bursaries
" i That the Lady Laurier Club offer of two bursaries
of $50.00 each for the Session 1939-40 be accepted.
i These bursaries are to be awarded on the same conditions
tf < 661.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938
as in the Session 1938-39, as described on Page 56 of
the University Calendar.
University Chapter I.O.D.E. Loan Fund
That the offer of the University Chapter of the
I.O.D.E. to establish a University Chapter I.O.D.E. Loan
Fund be accepted.  This fund is to consist of $100.00
for the Session 1938-39 and is to be open to women students of the Second, Third and Fourth Years.  Loans are
to be made on the basis of scholarship and financial
{' need and are to be granted by the Committee in consult
ation with the Dean of Women.  This award is to be made
in the second term of the Session 1938-39 and the
Registrar is asked to announce it.
Mr. Soward)
Dr. Eagles) That Senate accept the offers as
contained in the recommendations
of the Committee on Prizes and
Request of the Students' Council for the Establishment
of a Department of Physical Education
A letter was received from the Students' Council,
under date of November 16th, 1938, transmitting the
following minute of the Students' Council,-
That a letter be written to President Klinck
and to the Deans of the various Faculties informing them that the Students' Council would
urge that the Department of Physical Education
be established and that at least one unit of
Physical Education be compulsory in 1st or 2nd
f, ■■'?'
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938.
year for all men and women students graduating
from this University and that the requirements
for graduation include this unit or units in
addition to the required 60 units.
Mr. Lett)
Mr. Lord) That the request of the Students'
Council be referred to the Faculties,
and to a special committee of Senate
to be appointed by the Chair to consider the request and also the
report of the Faculties; and that
Item 7 (b) of the agenda, - additional work in Physical Education in the
University, - also be referred to
this committee.
It was agreed that the Secretary of Senate should
advise the Students* Council that the matter is under
consideration, but that the request had been received
too late to have the suggestion, if approved, put into
effect this year.
Proposed Criteria for the Accrediting of High
Schools, 1938-39
Dean Buchanan presented a statement of the proposed
criteria for the Accrediting of High Schools in the
Province of British Columbia for 1938-39.  This statement, which had been circulated to members of Senate,
set forth the general policy to be followed in accrediting a high school and specified the requirements in
regard to staff, buildings and equipment, and in reference to the course of study, to be met by a high school
seeking accreditation.  It set forth, also, the standing
M 663.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938
to be met by students for recommendation.  These
requirements, which were practically the same as those
that were in force for 1937-38, had come from the
Accrediting Board, and had been approved by the
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That the recommendations as
approved by the Faculties and
as submitted, also, by the
Department of Education be
A letter was received from Miss Sara E. G. Mac-
donald, Principal of Crofton House School, asking if it
would be possible to make an arrangement with The
University of British Columbia whereby Crofton House
students, with a high academic standing, could be admitted to the University without taking further examination after leaving the school.
Dr. Farris  )
Major Holmes) That this matter be referred
to a Committee, to be appointed
by the Chair, for consideration
and report to Senate at the
February meeting.
Reports of Committees
On Preparation of Report on Award of Prizes
and Scholarships
Mr. Soward, on behalf of the Committee, reported 664.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938.
The Eleventh Report of the Library Committee
covering the years April, 1936 to March, 1937 and April,
1937 to March, 1938, had been mimeographed and mailed
to all members of the Senate.
Mr. Finlay  )
Dr. Williams) That the report of the Library
Committee be adopted.
On Affiliation of a Roman Catholic College
The Committee appointed to consider the question
of the affiliation of a College for Roman Catholic
students presented the following resolution, copies of
which had been circulated to the members of Senate,-
That His Excellency the Archbishop of Vancouver
be advised that the Senate has considered his
request for affiliation of a College for Roman
Catholic students, offering certain subjects in
the Arts course only, and has found it inadvisable to approve the request; but that Senate
would be prepared to consider favourably a
request for affiliation of a Roman Catholic
Theological College if established and located
upon the University campus, upon the same basis
as in the case of the existing denominational
Theological Colleges.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Boving   ) That the recommendation of the
Committee be approved.
Carried 665.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938,
On Procedure in regard to the Election of
Chancellor and Members of Senate
The Committee on Senate Election Procedure
presented the following report.  Copies had been sent
to the members of Senate.
The proposed amendments to the University Act
in regard to Senate Election Procedure, adopted by
the Senate on October 26th, 1938, and approved by
the Board of Governors on October 31st, 1938, have
been passed by the Provincial Legislature.
Though these amendments prescribe the general
procedure to be followed, it is left with the
Senate (Sections 63 and 76), in case a vote is
necessary, to make rules respecting the same and
to specify the form of voting-paper and the method
of voting and counting such votes.
Your Committee, therefore, in addition to its
original report respecting changes in the University Act, now recommends,-
I.  That the poll be taken by a secret ballot,
and that to ensure this two envelopes be used -
one (the inner) to contain the ballot, without
the name of the voter, the other (the outer) to
give thereon the name of the voter.
II. That the method of voting be as follows, and
that a statement of this method be printed on the
ballot envelope,-
(1) Do not write anything on this envelope.
(2) After marking your ballot enclose it in
this envelope, and seal the envelope.
(3) Put this envelope (your ballot envelope)
into the identification envelope.
(4) Write your name and address plainly on
the upper left hand corner of the identification envelope.  Votes that cannot
be identified can not be counted.
(5) Return your ballot enclosed in the two
envelopes to the Registrar.
(6) When your name has been checked on the
Convocation Roll your identification
envelope will be destroyed, and the 666.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938,
ballot envelopes will be mixed before
opening, thus ensuring a secret ballot.
III. That the votes be counted by the Scrutineers
on the date set for the Senate Election, and, in
accordance with Section 81 of the University Act
"Upon completion of the scrutiny and counting of
the votes, the Scrutineers shall declare the
result of the election, setting forth the number
of votes cast for each person who has been nominated, and shall without delay report the same in
writing under their hands to the Senate."
IV. That a committee be appointed by Senate,
with power to act, to determine the nature and
amount of the information in regard to each candidate to be placed on, or to accompany, the ballot,
Mr. A. E. Lord)
Dr. Eagles    ) That the report be adopted.
Mr. A. E. Lord)
Dr. Eagles    ) That, pursuant to recommendation "IV" of the report, the
Chair appoint a committee,
with power to act, to determine
the nature and amount of the
information in regard to each
candidate to be placed on, or
to accompany, the ballot.
On Senate Elections
The Committee on Senate Elections, 1939, presented
a report, as follows,-
1. That the election of Chancellor and elective
members of Senate be held at the Registrar's
Office, at the University.
2. That the day of the election be Wednesday,
May 31st, 1939.
3. That the scrutineers be,- 667.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938,
Mr. P. A. Boving
Principal J. G. Brown
Mr. Blythe Eagles
Mr. A. H. Finlay
Mr. D. G. Laird
Mr. A. R. Lord
Mr. W. Morgan
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Mr. F. H. Soward
Principal H. R. Trumpour
Mr. J. N. Burnett
Mr. M. Y. Williams.
Dean Buchanan )
Mr. A. E. Lord) That the report be approved.
The reports of the following committees had been
mimeographed and mailed to all members of the Senate.
On Re-establishment of the Course in Home
On Establishment of a Faculty of Law
On Establishment of an Institute for Research
in the Social Services
On Establishment of a Course, or College,
On Establishment of a Pre-Medical Course
These reports were approved in principle by the
Senate and transmitted to the Board of Governors.
A letter was received from Dean J. N. Finlayson,
under date of December 20th, 1938, stating that at the
next regular meeting of Senate he would move that the 668.
Wednesday, December 21st, 1938.
following resolution, passed by Senate on March 18th,
1931, be reconsidered and rescinded:
That Senate recommends to the Board of Governors
that, in view of the decreased appropriation,
the moneys available be devoted to the cost of
teaching and such research work as may be necessary thereto.
The Chairman expressed his appreciation of the very
prompt consideration that had been given by the committees to the matters referred to them and also for the
excellent reports which they had submitted; for the expeditious way in which Senate had dealt with the reports;
and for the painstaking work done by the Secretary of
Senate in connection with the preparation of the material
for the meeting.
To all members of the Senate the Chair extended
best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy and
prosperous New Year; these wishes were heartily reciprocated by the members of Senate present.
The meeting adjourned.


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