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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1928-02-15

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Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
The   third   regular meeting of  the  Senate  of The
University  of  British   Columbia  for  the   session  1927-28
was  held  on  Wednesday,   February   15th,   1928,   at  8:00  P.M.,
in   the  Board  Room.
Present:   President Klinck   (in  the   Chair),   Dean  R.   W.
Brook,   Dean H.   T\   J.   Coleman,   Hr.   H.   H.   King,   Hr.   A.   F.
Barss,  Mr.   W.   E.   Duckering,   Dr.   R.   H.   Clark,  Mr.  H.   F.
Angus,   Dr.   M.   Y.   Williams,   Mr.   J.   A.   Campbell,   Hr.   James
Henderson,   Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.   Vanoe,   Dr.   T.   H.   Boggs,   Dr.
G.   0.   Sedgewiok,  Hr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Hr.   Sherwood Lett,
Hr.   A.   E.   Richards,   Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign,  Mr.   G.   W.   Scott,
Mrs.   Beatrice  Wood,   Dr.   Cecil  Killam,   Hiss A.   B.
Jamieson,   Host  Rev.   A.   U.   de   Penoier,   Hr.   Sydney
Anderson and  Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett.
Dr.   Coleman     }
Mr.   Henderson)   That   the  minutes   of   the   seoond
regular meeting of   December  21st
and  of   the   special  meeting of
January  6th  be   taken  as   read,
and adopted.
Carrie d
An expression of regret at inability to be present
at the meeting was received from His Honour Judge Swanson.
The President:  Since the meeting of January 6th,
this body has suffered a yery  great loss in the death of
H39   Hr. G. A. Fergusson.  Those of us who were acquainted
with Hr. Fergusson and with his work before he became a
member of this body, appreciated the tower of strength
which he was in the educational world in this province,
and after association with him closely for a number of
years in Senate, I am sure that our appreciation of him
grew and our respect deepened.  He was a quiet man but
one who was very painstaking in his work and no one has 06 6
Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
W contributed  more   to   the  wise   decisions  of  this   body  than
the   late  Mr.   Fergusson.     Out  of  respeot   to  Mr.   Fergusson,
I   shall  ask   the  members   of  Senate   to  rise.
Dr.   Coleman     )
Hiss   Jamieson)   That  a   committee   be   appointed   by
the   Chair  to   draft  a   letter  of
condolence   to  Hrs.   Fergusson.
i* Dr.   Vance        )
Hr.    Campbell)   That   in   case   of   the   death   of a
member of   the   Senate,   the  President
I be   respectfully   requested   to  ask
i two  members   of   the   Senate,   if
possible,   to  attend   the   funeral   in
» an   official   capacity.
The   President:     We   were   all   shocked   to   learn   of   the
1139        death  of Miss  Undine  Howay  in  Paris  and   since  His Honour,
^ Judge  Howay,   is   a member  of   this   body,   I   think   it  would
be   fitting that  official   cognizance  be   taken  of  the   death
! of Miss Howay and   that  a  letter  of   condolence   be   sent   to
Judge  Howay.
Dr. Killam)
P Mr. Lord  } That the same committee draft a
letter of condolence to Judge Howay.
1140       Notices  of Appointment   of   Committees
Co-ordinating  Committee   of  the   Board  and  Senate  -
Dr.   T.   H.   Boggs
To   oonsider   the   question  of a  general  report  on   the
Standing of   the   student   body;* at   the  examinations
Dr.   W.   _.   Vance,   Chairman
Mr.   H.   H.   King
Hr.   H.   F.   Angus
Dr.   H.   Y.   Williams
Hiss  A.   B.   Jamieson 00/
Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
On Music as an Optlonal  Subject  for  those wishing
to  qualify as  First   Class  Teachers
Dr.   W.   H.   Vance,   Chairman
Dr.   J.   0.   Brown
Dr.   H.   T.   J.   Coleman
Hr.   A.   F.   Barss
Hrs.   Beatrice  Wood
To  place  before   the  Minister of Lands and   the  Premier
the   arguments  of  Senate   re  Refreshment   Booth  and
>    •w   * —       '   '     '"   " '■        '       "' V-'.1    "   "' "       '"   ■ ' '
Parking Station  on Marine  Drive
—     ■'■H>»fijf W'1-IIP.'-' I       l«l!«HWP»M      |—       ■ I»ll»l-       I      ■
Dr. W. H. Vance, Chairman
Dr. Killam
Dr. Brown
Dr. Sedgewick
On request for Formation of an Officers' Training
Mr.   H.   F.  Angus,   Chairman
Mr.   A.   ?.   Barss
Ur,   W.   2.   Duokering
Ur,   Sydney  Anderson
Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign
From  the   Board   of Governors
1141 Affiliation of Union College of British Columbia
At a special meeting of the Board of Governors
held on January 10th, 1928, affiliation was granted to
Union College of British Columbia and the Secretary was
empowered to sign the statute.
1142 Summer Session Regulations
The recommendations in reference to Summer
Session, passed by Senate on November 8th, 1927, were
approved by the Board of Governors at the meeting of
December 29th, 1927. 558
Wednesday,   February  I5th,   1928
,,„_ New  Courses  in Agriculture
1143 ---•-—-■--■- — ■■ .-?■■■ — ~——_
The new courses in Agrioulture as adopted by
the Senate on December 21st, 1927, were approved by the
Board on December 29th, 1927.
From the Faculty Co-unoil
1144 The Standardization of Examination Results
Re commendations:-
(1) That the results of the Christmas Examinations
for the First and Second Years at least, be
presented for the information of Senate in the
tabular form attached hereto;
(2) That the Spring marks (with summary as above),
covering the full year and Including all
students, be presented for the approval of
(3) That, in addition, recommendations calling for
the action or  approval of Senate in regard to
degrees, standing, exclusion, etc., be made by
the separate Faculties in the form found most
suitable. 559
Wednesday, February 15th, 1928
Faoulty of
For the Information of Senate  (Christmas)
For the Approval of Senate     (April)
Bach.' s
Jta B^Pass.
Master' a
or Short
2       5
Class   I
Class   II
Passed,   50$
or over
Passed,   60#
or  over with
(1   Supp.
(2       "
13       -
(4         "
Passed  (Aegr. )
Med* Cert, pending
40%   to  49%
Under 40$
■"' ■
to  withdraw
■  !■■■_    ■  m
r ~'"* f
—— *
Wednesday,   February   15th,   1928
Dean  Brook)
Hr.   Lord     )   That   this   report   be   received  and
considered   clause   by  clause.
Dean  Brook       )
Dr.   Coleman     )   That   Clause   1  be  adopted.
Dean Brook)
Hr.   Lord     )   That   Clause   2  be  adopted.
Dean   Brock}
Mr.   Lord     )   That   Clause  3   be   adopted.
* Carried
* Dean   Brock)
Mr.   Lord     )   That   the   report  as i& whole  be   adopted.
* Carried
* From   the   Faculty  of  Arts  and  Sqlenoe
1145 Course   in German  in High  Schools
*9 That   the   Department   of Education   be   urgently
v requested   to  establish   a   three-years   course
in  German   in   the  High  Schools,   paralleling
the   courses   In  French and  Latin,   and  to
f further in any way possible   the  establishment
of   such   a   course   in   the   larger High   Schools
* of  the  Province.
Dr.   Coleman   )
, Dr.   Williams)   That   this   recommendation   be   adopted.
From the   Faculty  of Agriculture
1146 David  Thorn Estate,   and  Scholarships
, By  the   terms   of  the  will  of  the   late   David  Thorn his
entire  estate  was   left   to   the   Faculty of Agriculture   to
be  used   for  the  assistance   of   students   registered   in  the
Faculty  of  Agriculture.     The  estate   consists  of
#4,500.00   in  bonds,   about  §1,000.00   in   cash,   and 30  acres
of  land at  Port  Hammond,   valued  at  approximately $6,570.00
At  a  meeting of  the   Faculty  of Agriculture   on
January 6th   recommendations   in   reference   to   the  use   of
'^fe the   funds  from  this estate  were  passed,   as  follows: *
Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
That  we   recommend   to   the  Senate   and   the   Board  of
Governors   that #500.00  of  the   David  Thorn estate   funds
be   set  aside   for  loans   to  Third  and  Fourth  Year
students   in Agriculture,
That   such  loans   be  without   interest   till   the   borrowers
have   been   graduated  or  leave   the   institution,   and
that  following  this   time   the   interest   rate   be   7%,
That   these   monies  supplement  rather  than  substitute
for existing University  loan   funds.
That we   recommend   to   the  Senate  and   the  Board  of
Governors   that   the  earnings  from #4,500.00   of   the
David  Thorn estate   funds   constitute  a   scholarship  of
#100.00,   to  be  known as   the   David  Thorn Scholarship,
and a  bursary of  #60.00,   to  be  known  as   the  David
4 Thorn  Bursary;   these   to  be   tenable   in  the   Second Year
and  awarded  on   recommendation of   Faoulty  on basis  of
* First  Year work in Agrioulture;   that earnings   from
these  monies  over and  above   the  #160.00   be  added  to
* Capital   Aooount   of   the  estate   to   cover possible
i _--- _00o-------
The   Faoulty  of Agrioulture   also  passed   the
^^^ following recommendations:
That   the   Senate   and   the. Board   of   Governors   be   asked
v that   in   the   event   of   a   student   not   being available
to  enjoy  the  #75.00  scholarship awarded  on   the   basis
+ of  First  Year work   in Agriculture,   on   recommendation
of  Faculty,   the   award  be  made  as  a  bursary or prise.
That  we   recommend  to  the   Senate   and   the   Board  of
Governors  that  a  scholarship  of #75.00  be  provided
4 in  the   Faculty  of Agrioulture   based  on  the   Second
Year's work  to  be   enjoyed   during  the  Third  Year.
Hr. King )
Mr. Barss) That Senate approve the principle of
this report and refer it to the
Board of Governors.
tf* oez
Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
Reports   of   Committees
On  Calendar
I     Changes  in Prizes  and  Scholarships:
1.      Recommended   that   the   Following be   approved:
(a)   The   Board  of  Governors  has   made   available
sufficient  funds   to  adjust   University and
Royal   Institution undergraduate   scholarships
as   follows:
1.     To   increase   nine   University Scholarships
from $75.00   to   $150.00.
il.     To  establish  two  University Scholarships
for   second   and   third   places   in   general
proficiency   in   the   First   Year  of Arts   and
Science,   these   replacing  two   of   the   Royal
Institution   Scholarships   of  $75.00  as   now
given.     The  $300.00  per  annum  available
for  these  purposes   from  the   Royal
Institution  fund will   now be  used  to   give
$150.00   each   for   first   place   in   First   Year
of  Arts   and   Scienoe   and   first   place   in
First  Year  of Applied  Science.
(b)   An  amount   of $1000.00   is  made   available   by   the
Board   of  Governors   for   speoial   scholarships   or
bursaries   to  be   awarded   in  April   and  for  one
year only.     Recommended  that   the  allocation be
made   in April  without  previous  definite
spe cification.
(o)   That   a   scholarship  donated  by   the   French
Government  be  aooepted  and   the   terms  published
in   the   Calendar.
(d)   That  a  new  University  Scholarship  of  $150.00   in
Nursing and Health  be  established   from funds
provided  by  the   Board  of  Governors  and   the   terms
published   in   the   Calendar.
2.     For  the   information  of  Senate:
(a)   That   in   the   competition   for   the   medals   offered
by   the   National   Committee   for   the   celebration
of   the   Diamond  Jubilee   of   Confederation,   only
the   bronze   medal   is  awarded,   the  winner being
Hiss  Helen Armstrong.     The   gold  and   silver
medals  are   placed   in   the  Archives  of   the
Universi ty. 563
Wednesday,   February   15th,   1928
(b)   The   Native   Sons   of   Canada  Scholarship  will   be
discontinued  after   the   present   session.
( c)   The  W.   C.   Macdonald  Scholarship -   statement
deleted  from  Calendar.
(d)   The   British   Columbia Fruit   Growers'   Association
Scholarship -   statement   re-worded.
II     New   Courses:
1.     Arts  and  Science
Bacteriology 4     -     Dairying 5
Chemistry 19     -     Clinical   Laboratory  Chemistry
Greek  9     -     Greek History   to   14  A.D.
Education   1     -     Introduction   to   the   Study  of
Education  2     -     Elementary Educational
Eduoation  3    -     History  and Principles  of
Eduoation  4     -     Psychology  of  Elementary   and
Secondary School  Subjects
Geology 14    -     Crystallography
Soolology 2    -     Social   Origins  and
Philosophy  10  -  Abnormal  and  Physiological
English  19(a)  -   Frivate   Reading,   open  to
Honour students  of  Junior
Supplementary  list   of   courses   in Eduoation:
Education  5 - Educational   Sociology
Eduoation  6 - Child  Psychology
Education  7 - Current  Educational   Problems
Eduoation  8 - Comparative  Eduoation
Education   9 - Educational   Research
2.     Applied  Scienoe
Geology  14  -   Crystallography
3 •     Agriculture
•Research  Directed"  -   to   be   open   in  all
Departments  as   in   Poultry
Husbandry   (authorised   last   Fall)
Agricultural  Economics  4 564
.Wednesday,   February   15th,   1928
III        Calendar
Part,   1.     -     Pages   1-58   -   Introductory
Short   paragraph,   approved   by   the   President,
on   "General   Conduct"   (page   37)
Page   33   -   Description   of  Hechanlcal
and  Electrical   Buildings   re-wrltten
Definition   of   "conditioned   student",   page
40,    re-defined.
Changes   In  Prizes   and   Scholarships
Part   2.        -     Pages   59-133     -     Arts   and  Science
Page   65   re-drafted   to   include   the   substance
of   the   Summer  Session   regulations   approved
by  Senate
New   oourges   as  approved
Part   3.        -     Pages   144-201     -     Applied  Science
Page   144  -   Paragraphs   in   reference   to
Practical  Work Outside   the  University
re-wri t ten.
Page   145  -   delete   last   paragraph.
Page   172  -   paragraph   2,   delete   all   after
"In Arts"   in  second   last   line   and   insert  -
(See   page   —)
Page   180  -   insert   Chemistry   courses   as   given
in Arts   that  are   open  to  Applied  Scienoe
Page  201  -   new   course  -   as  approved.
Part  4.      -     Pages   225-254  -   Agriculture
Page   233  -   Chemistry 3   as   an   option   for
Chemistry  14   (on   the   advice   of   the   head  of
the   Department   in which   student   is   majoring)
New  courses  -   as   approved.
Part   5.
Pages   255-304     -     Statistics,
Societies,   Affiliated   Colleges. 565
Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
IV      Matriculation Requirements
Home  Economics  and  Technical  School   subjects
approved  as  Junior Matriculation  options,   and
Subjects   of   Junior Hatri culation   re-arranged.
(Senate,   Nov. 8,192#)
Outlines  of   courses  approved  by Heads  of
Approved   by  Superintendent   of Education
Supplementary outline   in Botany  for  teaohers,
outline   of   courses   in Home   Economics   and
outline   of   course   in  Teohnioal   Sohool  work
V       Summer Session Announcement
This   Is  being prepared  by Dr.   Weir,   Director
of   the   Summer  Session.      It  will   include   the
regulations  approved   by  Senate   and  a   list
of   the   courses   to   be   given.      New  courses   in
"Abnormal  Psychology"   and   "The  History  of
Western  Canada"  and  in Eduoation added.
The   following adjustments  of   the   regulations
for   the   Summer  Session   are   proposed  for
1. That   candidates   registering  in   the   Summer
Session  be   permitted   to   take   6  units  of  work
at   the   Summer  Session   of   1928,   without   the
completion  of  any  preparatory  readings.
2. That   preparatory  readings   for  the  months  of
April,   Hay,   and  June,   1928,   be   recommended
(as  outlined   in  the   Summer  Session  Announcement),   but   not   required.
3. That   no   examinations   on   the   preparatory
readings  be  prescribed  for   the  Summer Session
of   1928.
4. That   the   dates   of   the   Summer  Session,   1928,
be  as  follows:
July 3  -   Supplemental  Examinations   (if  any]
July 4  -   First   day  of  Lectures
August  21   -   Last   day  of  Lectures
August  22  and 23  -  Final Examinations
■j* 566
Wednesday,   February   15th,   1928
^^ Mr.   Henderson)
' Dr.   Clark )   That   the   report  as  a whole   be
■» _______
1148 To   draw up   definite   statutes   of Affiliation   for
Junior   Colleges
Dr.   Sedgewiok)
Dr.   Killam        )   That   the matter  be   deferred   to
the   next meeting of  Senate.
4 Carried
* 1149 On  Question  of Making  the  50$   rule   retroactive
j. The   Committee   reported  that  they had   considered   the
recommendations  of   the   Faculties  and had   obtained  from
other   Canadian  Universities   statements   in   regard   to
their attitude   in   reference   to   the   problem.      The
r Committee  made   the   following  recommendations:
1.     That   the   principle   of making  new  regulations
regarding  standards   retroactive   be   not
1^ approved,   and
> 2.      that  all  applications   for   retroactive   credit
in   individual   subjects  under  the   50$  rule   be
4 referred   to   the   Committee   on Admission,
Standing and   Courses   of   the   Faoulty   concerned
to   be   considered  on   their merits  as   special
* cases   for  recommendation   to   Faculty.
Hr.   Henderson)
* Dr.   Clark )   That   the   report   be   received  and
the   recommendations   considered
clause   by   clause.
Mr.   Henderson)
Dr.   Clark )   That   recommendation   1   be   adopted.
< Carried,
, Mr.   Henderson)
Dr.    Clark )   That   recommendation  2   be   adopted.
Mr.   Henderson)
Dr.    Clark )   That   the   report  as   a  whole   be
^-^ adopted.
TW Carried 567
Wednesday,   February   15th,   1928
1150 To  place   before   the  Minister of  Lands  and  the   Premier
the   arguments   of   Senate   re   refreshment   booth
and  Parking station on Marine   Drive;   letter  from
Minister  of  Lands
Dr.   Vance   read   the   correspondence   in  reference
to   this  matter.
Dr.   Vance        )
Hr.    Campbell)   That   the   report  be   received  and   the
correspondence   filed.
1151 To oonsider the question of a General Report on the
Standing of the Student Body at the Examinations
Dr.   Vanoe)
Mr.   Angus)   That   the   report   be   received  and   considered   clause   by   clause.
Dr.   Vanoe )
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   1  be  adopted.   Oarried
Dr.   Vance)
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   2   be   adopted.    Carried,
Dr.   Vanoe)
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   3   be   adopted.
With   the   consent   of   Dr.   Vance   and  his  seconder,   it
was  agreed   to   delete   all   the  words  after "be   sent   "Bo"   and
to   substitute   therefor   the   words   "other papers   in   the
Province   on   request".
Clause  as  amended   oarried
Dr.   Vance)
Hr.   Angus)   That   the   report   as   a whole,   as  amended,
be   adopted.
The report as amended and adopted is as follows:- ^o-^
Wednesday, February 15th, 1928
1.  Examination marks be communicated only to
members of the Senate and to the individual
student concerned.
2*  The present policy of publishing results be
continued; i.e. a general report as approved
by Senate be sent to the newspapers; marks be
issued to the student oonoerned (by mail if
necessary); graduates be furnished, on request,
with three copies of their university record.
3.  Copies of the general report in addition to
being communicated to the Vancouver papers as
at present be sent to other papers in the
Province on request.
1152       On Music as an optional subject for those wishing
to qualify as first class teachers
Your Committee is In favour of Music studies
in the schools and appreciates the interest of
various musical bodies In the Province in the
advancement of musical education through more
formal recognition of Music as a subject of study.
Since the questions involved are of decided
importance and since a full examination of them
is desirable, your Committee would ask to be
continued so that it may study the situation here
and in other provinces, and report in the light of
its findings at the next meeting of Senate.
Hr.    Barss )
Archbishop  de   Penoier)   That   the   progress   report
be   approved.
A  letter from  the  Looal   Council  of Women,
Victoria,   was   read,   in  which  the   Council   thanked   the
1153 Senate   for placing "Home  Economics"   in   the   subjects
for  Junior Matriculation.
Mr.   Lord)
Hr.   Lett)   That   the   letter  be   received  and  filed.
1 \
Wednesday, February 15th, 1928
Notice was received from Union College of British
Columbia with regard to the termination of the
affiliation of Westminster Hall and Ryerson College with
The University of British Columbia.
Dr.   Vanoe        )
Mr.   Campbell)   That   this  matter  be   referred   to  a
committee   to  be  appointed  by   the
In. amendment:
* Hr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord)   That   the   matter  be   referred   to   the
* University  solicitor with   the   request
for  an   opinion   as   to  what   action,   if
* any,   should   be   taken.
V First   motion  withdrawn.
Mr.   Lett's  motion   oarried.
Dean   Coleman   stated   that   the  Faculties  were
taking steps   towards   the   better  organization  of
1155       freshmen  at   the   opening of  the   session,   and   that   in
this   connection  it  was   the  wish  of   the   Faculties   that
the   date   of   registration  of  First   Year  students   be
put   forward  a   day  or   two.
Dr.    Coleman)
Dr.   Vance      )   That  Senate   authorize   such   changes,
in   Calendar,   in   regard   to   dates,   as
are   necessary  to  put   into  effect
the   freshmen  week.
Carried I
Wednesday,   February  15th,   1928
Dr.   Sedgewiok)
Hgg Hr.   Anderson   )   That   the  President   be  empowered
to call a special meeting of the
Senate to deal with the question
of  Junior   Colleges.
Hr.   Lord )
Dr.   Sedgewick)   That  we   adjourn.
&Z«jfy & • jtf*Z%^
Chai rman


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