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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1922-02-15

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Wednesday, February 15th, 1922,
667 The Third regular meeting of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia for the session 1921-22 was held on Wednesday, Feb.
15th, 1922, at 8 p.m., in the Board Room.
Present: The President in the Chair, Dean F. M. Clement,
Dr. E. H. Archibald, Mr. L. W. Gill, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Bishop de Pencier,
Mr. D. M. Robinson, Mr. W. P. Argue, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Miss A. B.
Jamieson, Mr. C. Killam, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Dr. W. B. Burnett, Mr. G. E.
Robinson, Rev. A. H. Sovereign.
Bishop de Pencier)
Dr. Boggs      ) That the minutes of the regular meeting
of December 21st, 1921, and of the
adjourned meeting of January 5th, 1922,
be taken as read, and adopted.
A letter was read from Judge Swanson, regretting his inability
to be present at the meeting.
Mr. Argue)
Mr.  Gill   )     That the letter be filed.
The Secretary stated that Dean Coleman would be unable to get
to the meeting until about 9 p.m.
668   From the Board of Governors.
(Secretary of Senate)
"I have to inform you that at a special meeting of the
Board of Governors of the University of British Columbia held
on Januafy 30th, the recommendation of the Senate in favour
of the affiliation of Westminster Hall and the Anglican
Theological College under the terms of the statute was
received and the recommendation accepted.
It was the opinion of the Board, however, that in accordance with the University Act, as amended, the affiliation
should be authorized under "a statute made by the Senate for
that purpose and approved by the Board". This course does
not seem to have been followed explicitly."
(Honorary Secretary) . (274)
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Argue   )
Wednesday, February 15th, 1922.
1. That the Chairman of Senate be requested
to appoint a Committee of three who shall
draft the statute or statutes necessary
to bring into effect the affiliation of
Westminster Hall and the Anglican Theological College with the University of B. C.
2. That this Committee be empowered to forward
their draft directly to the Board of
Governors as an enactment of the Senate.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Recommendation, -
That Jenny Er varmp! and m«.tj qj^ ^ T rrypa»y t  wn0 had been
asked to withdraw from First Year Arts, and who had
since presented medical certificates that thev were
under disability at the time of the examination and
for a period during the term, be allowed to continue
with their work.
Mr. Argue )
Dr. Burnett)
That this recommendation be adopted.
(b) Recommendation, -
That Margaret A. McCabe. Fourth Year Arts, session 1920-
21, be granted the privilege of t.aking an examination
in Chemistry 1 of this University, in April, in Toronto,
under the supervision of the Registrar of Toronto
University, in order to complete her course for the
Mr. Gordon  )
Miss Jamieson)
That the recommendation be approved.
670   From the Faculty of Applied Science.
Recommendation, -
That J. C. Rear, who had been asked to retire from
Second Year Applied Science be granted permission
to repeat the classes in Mathematics, Physics, and
Mapping of the First Year and to take, also, English
2 (a) and (b), with the understanding that he must take
the examinations In these subjects and that, if he
improves his standing in any subject, credit therefor
be given to him, and with the proviso that any
instructor who finds this student's work unsatisfactory may ask him to withdraw from the class. (275)
Wednesday, February 15th, 1922.
Dr. Archibald   )
Bishop de Pencier) That the recommendation be approved.
671 Board of Examiners in Music.
Report of Committee of Senate to consider the whole question
of a Board of Examiners in Music.
Senate transmits to the Board of Governors the enclosed
resolution from Convocation, which in terms of its wording,
is directed to the lUniversity Authorities".
The Senate would in this connection a?k the Board of
Governors to reconsider a resolution of Senate passed
under date of Feb. 18th, 1920, and transmitted to the
Board. A copy of this resolution is appended hereto.
(As in Minutes of Senate of Feb. 18th, 1920).
To this resolution the Board of Governors replied under
date of March 1st, 1920, to the effect that "the
recommendation that a Board of Examiners in Music be
established was submitted, and it was resolved that
no action could be taken at the present time".
The Senate believes that the need for such a Board of
Examiners is no less real at the present time than it
was when the reeolution was passed, and would be glad
to join with the Board of Governors in a careful inquiry
into the matter, which inquiry would elicit for the
information of both bodies, the educational, administrative and financial aspects of the question.
Mr. Gordon      )
Mr. D. M. Robinson) That the report be adopted.
672 A letter from T. W. Cornett, Secretary of the High School
Section of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation, was read, giving
notice of the election of Mr. G. A. Fergusson, Principal of the King
Edward High School, Vancouver, as the representative on Senate of the
High School Teachers of the Province.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Boggs ) That the communication be filed and that the
Secretary be asked to notify Mr. Fergusson of
future meetings of Senate.
% (276)
Wednesday, February 15th, 1922.
673   Chapel Exercises,
Mr. Gill )
Dr. Boggs)
That we reconsider the minute of October 20th,
1920, re Chapel Exercises.
Carried by two-thirds vote.
Mr. Gill    )
Mr. Sovereign)
That the resolution of Senate of October 20th,
1920, relative to the interpretation of the
University Act with respect to religious
observances within the University be laid on
the table and that the whole question of
religious observance within the University,
including the interpretation of the University
Act in respect thereto, be referred to a
Committee Of five for consideration and report,
said Committee to be named by the President.
Mr. Killam)
Mr. Gill  )
That we adjourn.
^ @A4-U>~3^,^^3jfc.
si ■*


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