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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Dec 17, 1930

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Array 104.
Wednesday, December 17th, 1930
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1930-31
was held on Wednesday, December 17th, 1930, at 8:00 p.m.,
in the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean R. ¥. Brock, Dean D. Buchaman, Mr.
J. M. Turnbull, Dr. H. Vickers, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson,
Mr. James Henderson, Mr. J. A. Campbell, Mr. G. W. Clark,
Mr. P. H. Elliott, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. H. T. Logan,
Mr. A. E. Lord, Rev. Canon A. H. Sovereign, Dr. C.
Killam, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. Sydney Anderson, The
Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier, and Mr. Lyle A. Atkinson.
Mr. G. W. Clark      )
Archbishop de Pencier) That the minutes of the
first regular meeting of
October 15th and of the
special meeting of
November 5th be taken as
read, and adopted.
Expressions   of   regret   at   their  inability   to  attend
the   meeting were   received   from  Rev.   Dr.   Y.   H.   Vance   and
Rev.   Dr.   J.   G.   Brown.
Notice of appointment of Committee on Calendar
Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Chairman
Dr. Hutchinson
Mr. Lloyd
Dr. Farris
Miss Jamieson
Representative on Senate - Victoria College
The Secretary of the Board of School Trustees of
Victoria notified Senate that Prof. Percy H. Elliott had
been elected representative on Senate for the next term. >■ 105.
< Wednesday,   December   17th,   1930
^^P Letters  from  the  Board  of   Governors were   read
granting approval   to   the  following   recommendations   of
In  reference   to  dates,   fees,   regulations
and   courses   for   the   Summer   Session   of   1931.
That a   special   scholarship   of   $150.00 be
granted   to   Miss  Mary Winnifred   Grant.
That   Miss  Ann  B.   Ferguson,   Fourth   Year  Arts,
be   granted  a   special  Khaki  University
it Scholarship   of   $75.00
In  reference   to   the   course   in  Physlcal
*■ Educa tl on   for   the   Teacher  Training Course
From  the  Faculty  Council
Registration  Regulations
* .
Dean  Buchanan)
A Mr.   Lord )   That   the   recommendations   be   con-
> sidered   clause   by  clause.
v The regulations were considered clause by clause.
y Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Lord     ) That the report be adopted.
The report as adopted is as follows;
1.  That the present arrangement be continued which
provides for a last day for registration for First
Year students in Arts and Science and in Agriculture
(as Wednesday, September 18, 1929) and a last day for
i all other students (as Friday, September 20, 1929).
jt 2.  That a late registration fee of $2 be charged all
students who register after the "Last Day" and up to
and including the day when lectures begin (as
Wednesday, September 25th). r
Wednesday, December 17th, 1930
r ' 3.  That in addition to the $2 for late registration
a fine of $1 a day ($6 a week) be imposed upon all
$ students who register after the day when lectures
begin, the maximum fine being $2 plus $12.
* 4.  That no registration after two weeks beyond the
day when lectures begin be accepted without the
rv special permission of the Faculty concerned.  A
candidate so accepted for registration will have to
pay the maximum fine of $14 and may be required to
take fewer courses than the regular year's work:
i provided that if the student is required (on
' account of late registration) to take less than
fifteen units the fine may be reduced or waived by
the Faculty concerned.
i *■
From the Faculties
* K-a-i University funds open to Victoria College
That, in view of the fact that the
Committee (on Prises and Scholarships)
is of the opinion that the Khaki
University Fund was intended to apply
for University work in B. C. generally,
'., it be recommended that candidates from
'!• Victoria College shall be eligible pro
vided the Scholarship is enjoyed at The
University of British Columbia.
Dr. Killam   )
Mr. Anderson ) That the recommendation be approved,
Khaki  University Scholarship   for   Dorothy  Johnson
* That a   special  Khaki  University  Scholarship   of  $75.00  be   now  given   to   Dorothy
v Johnson,   student   in  Third  Year  Arts,   who
obtained  an average   of   77%  at Victoria
College   last   year.     Miss   Johnson   is   the
* daughter   of  a   soldier  who  was  killed   in
the   late  war.
Mr. Sovereign)
£ Mr. Logan    I That the recommendation be approved
Carried 107.
Wednesday,   December   17th,   1930
From the  Faculty   of  Applied  Science
Convocation Prise
That the Convocation Prize which was won
and relinquished by Alexander Hrennikoff
last Spring be awarded to the student
taking second place, namely, Basil E. Bailey.
Bean Brock   )
Hr. Turnbull ) That the recommendation be adopted.
Dean  Brock  gave   a   statement   of   Mr.   Hrennikoff'8
academic   standing,   and   of  his   action  in   relinquishing
this  Prize   and  also   the  University  Scholarship   in  1928.
He   reported   that  Mr.   Hrennikoff   was   a  brilliant   student
and  that  his   thesis  would   do   credit   to   a  professional
Dean Brock )
Mr.   G.W.Clark   )   That   the   Secretary be   instructed
to   send   to  Mr.   Hrennikoff  an
appropriate   letter  or  other  token
of  Senate's  appreciation.
From the  Faculty   of Agriculture
Scholarship   for  Mr.   H.   F.   Salisbury
That  a   special   scholarship   of   $100.00
from the   David  Thorn Estate   Scholarship
Fund be   given   to   H.   F.   Salisbury,
First   Year  Agriculture.
Dean   Clement)
Mr.   Atkinson)   That   the   recommendation be   adopted.
A letter and resolution from the Bach Choir in
reference to the establishment of a Chair of Music at
the University were read. 108.
Wednesday, December 17th, 1930
Mr. Sovereign)
Dr. Sedgewick) That a reply be given showing the
different steps which have been
taken from time to time in regard
to the establishment of a Chair of
A letter from the Secretary to the Governor General
was read in which it was stated that the exact dates of
His Excellency's visit to Vancouver in the spring had not
been decided.
The Senate tendered its congratulations to Dean
Buchanan on his receiving the honorary degree of LL.D.
which his Alma Mater, McMaster University, had conferred
on him.
Archbishop de Pencier)
Mr. G. W. Clark      ) That we adjourn.


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