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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1944-10-18

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Wednesday, October l8th, 1944.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia for the Session 1944-45 was held
on Wednesday, October 18th, 1944, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room.
Present:  Chancellor E. W. Hamber, President N.A.M.
MacKenzie (in the Chair), Dean F. M. Clement, Dean J. N.
Finlayson, Dr. J. C. Berry, Dr. G. H. Harris, Mr. F. A.
Forward, Dr. H. J. MacLeod, Mr. Walter H. Gage, Dr. 0. J.
Todd, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Mr. Francis J. Burd, Mr.
John W. Spencer, Mr. H. 0. English, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. A. E. Lord, Dr. H. V. Warren,
Dr. J. F. Walker, Mr. Lyle A. Atkinson, The Most Rev. A.U.
dePencier, and Miss Florence S. Mulloy.
On behalf of the members of Senate, the Chair extended
a welcome to Chancellor Eric W. Hamber and to Mr. H. 0.
English, Principal of the Provincial Normal School,
Victoria, succeeding the late Dr. V. L. Denton.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend the
meeting were received from Dean D. Buchanan, Dr. A.E. Dal
Grauer, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr. J. M. Ewing, Dr. C. A. H.
Wright and Miss Isobel Harvey.
Dr. Todd    )
Mr. A.E.Lord) That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting of August 25th be
taken as read and adopted.
Report on Election of Chancellor
A letter was received from the Registrar reporting
that, as no other candidates were nominated for the Chancellorship of the University to fill the unexpired term of
the late Chancellor R. E. McKechnie, the Honourable Eric W.
Hamber had been elected to that office by acclamation. 1064
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
A letter was received from Mr. H. L. Campbell tendering his resignation as a member of the Senate, and also a
letter from the Victoria Board of School Trustees appointing Dr. John M. Ewing, Principal of Victoria College, to
fill the vacancy.
Notice of appointment of Standing Committees and
Representatives on University Committees - Session 1944-45
Committee on Calendar
Dr. 0. J. Todd (Chairman)
Mr. F. A. Forward
Dr. G. H. Harris
Mr. W. R. McDougall
Press Committee
Dr. A. E. D. Grauer (Chairman)
Dr. C. A. H. Wright
Mr. A. S. Matheson
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. F. J. Burd
Committee on Honorary Degrees
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick (Chairman)
Dean D. Buchanan
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley
Mr. A. R. Lord
Mr. H. T. Logan
Committee on Recognition by Institutions
in the British Empire
Dean of Arts and Science
Dean of Applied Science
Dean of Agriculture
Committee on Military Education
The Chancellor
The President
The Dean of Arts and Science
The Dean of Applied Science
The Registrar
J 1065
Wednesday, October l8th, 1944,
Committee on Military Education (Continued)
The Senior Officer Commanding, Military
Service Training Corps
The Officer Commanding, C.O.T.C.
The Officer Commanding, U.N.T.D.
The Officer Commanding, U.A.T.C.
The President of the Alma Mater Society
Committee on Decorations and Distinctions which
University Students and Graduates receive
during the War (Special Committee)
Dr. H. V. Warren (Chairman)
Mr. A. E. Lord
Dr. H. J. MacLeod
Dr. G. H. Harris
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
President of the Alma Mater Society
Representative on Committee on Public Relations
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Representative on University Council on
Athletics and Physical Education
Dr. H. V. Warren
Representative on Rehabilitation Section,
Co-ordinating Council for War Work and
Civilian Services in Greater Vancouver
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Appointment of Library Committee -
nominations by the Faculties
Faculty of Arts and Science
Dr. M. Y. Williams
Mr. T. Larsen
Dr. W. A. Clemens
Faculty of Applied Science
Dr. A. E. Hennings
Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. J. C. Berry 1066
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
Dean Clement  )
Dean Finlayson) That the nominations by the
Faculties be approved.
Appointment of Committee on Senate
Elections, 1945
Dean Finlayson   )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the appointment of the
Committee on Senate Elections
be left to the Chair in consultation with the Registrar.
Report on Autumn Congregation and
Installation of President
In the absence of Dean Buchanan, Chairman of the
Installation Committee, Dr. Sedgewick presented a report of
Report on Registration
For the information of Senate a statement of registration for the Session 1944-45 was circulated.  The total
number of students enrolled as at October l8th, 1944, was
2905 as compared with a total of 2,542 on October 20th,
1943.  This included a total of 70 applicants under
P.O. 5210.
From the Board of Governors
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
stating that, at the meeting on September 25th, the recommendation of Senate with reference to the proposed appointment of a full-time assistant to carry out the policy of
the Committee on Public Relations had been referred back
to this Committee for further report. 1067
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club Scholarship
in Home Economics - Approved
For the information of Senate a letter was received
from the Board of Governors approving the offer of the
Sears-Roebuck Foundation Bursaries, and also a further
letter stating that subsequent to the August meeting word
had been received by the Chairman of the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries to the
effect that charter limitations prevented the Foundation
from establishing the bursaries at the present time.
Co-operative Seed Growers' Association Bursary - Approved
H. H. MacDougall Bursary - Approved
Vancouver Sun Scholarships - Approved
Directed Reading Courses for 1944-45 - Approved
Additional Scholarship to provide for candidates
of equal standing on the University Entrance
Examinations - Approved
For the information of Senate a letter was received
from the Board of Governors approving a third course in
Personnel Administration to be offered by the Department of
University Extension at the request of the Department of
Labour, Ottawa, and on the same basis as the previous
courses in Personnel Administration.
From the Faculties
For the information of Senate a report was received
with reference to Supplemental Examinations, Special Examinations and Re-readings. 1068
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
Dr. Sedgewick presented the list of candidates in the
Faculty of Arts and Science:
Dr. Sedgewick    )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the recommendations of the
Faculty of Arts and Science with
respect to candidates for the
degrees of M.A., B.A. with
Honours, B.A. in the General
Course, B.Com., and B.Ed, and
for the Diploma in Social Work
be approved.
Dean Finlayson presented the report of the Faculty of
Applied Science:
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Forward   ) That the recommendations- of the
Faculty of Applied Science with respect to candidates for the degree
of B.A.Sc. in Nursing, B.S.F. and
the Diploma in Public Health
Nursing be approved, and that John
A. Sanderson be granted the degree
of B.A.Sc. if he passes Special
Examinations in Electrical
Engineering 12 and 13.
Dean Clement presented the report of the Faculty of
Dean Clement)
Dr. Harris  ) That the recommendations of the
Faculty of Agriculture with reference
to the degree of B.S.A. be approved.
Curriculum Changes, 1944-45
The following recommendations of the Faculty of Arts
and Science regarding changes in curriculum for the Session
1944-45 were received: 1069
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944,
Department of Classics
(a) That Greek 14 be added in the Calendar
(1) on page 83, section (f)
(2) on page 83, under "Notes"
(3) on page 86, in the third paragraph of section 3,
(b) That the initial paragraph under the Department of
Classics, page 135, be altered to read:
"Greek 1 is open to students who have presented
Greek I for University Entrance; Greek 2 is
open to those who have passed in Beginners'
Greek, Greek 1, or Senior Matriculation Greek".
Department of Commerce
1. Commerce 3 (Cost Accounting) to become Commerce 3a -
a lg-unit course instead of a 3_unit course.
2. Commerce 13 (Foreign Trade Practice and Policies)
to become Commerce 3b - a l£-unit course instead
of a 3-unit course.
N.B. These are both old courses which are being again
offered as advanced courses in Commerce.  For the
present they will be handled as seminar courses
reserved for a few selected students.
3. Agricultural Economics 2 and Philosophy 9 be permitted as Commerce electives with the approval of
the Dean and of the Head of the Commerce Department.
4. For the Session 1944-45 Government 1 be accepted
in lieu of Commerce 4 (Commercial Law) which is
not offered.
Department of History
That for the Session 1944-45 History 16 be substituted
for History 17.
Department of Home Economics
That Animal Husbandry 22 (Animal Nutrition, 3 units,
and Horticulture 16 (Landscape Gardening and Floriculture), 1§ units, in the Faculty of Agriculture, be
approved as electives to students in Home Economics
in their third and fourth years. 1070
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
^P Department of Philosophy and Psychology
(1) That Psychology 10 (Mental Measurement and Psycho-
x logical Tests) be withdrawn for the academic year
L (2) That Education 10 (Educational Psychology) be
accepted as the equivalent of an advanced course
in Psychology for the academic year 1944-45.
*■ (3) That one course in Philosophy numbered 2-20 be
accepted as the equivalent of an advanced course
in Psychology for the purpose of enabling students
> who are majoring or taking Honours in Psychology
to fulfill the Departmental requirements.
The following recommendations of the Faculty of Applied
Science with reference to curriculum changes for the Session
1944-45 were also received:
Department of Nursing and Health
Second Year - Omission of Nursing 1 (History of Nursing)
Final Year  - Reduction of Nursing 12 (Vital Statistics) from 18 hours to 6-8 hours.
Mr. A.E. Lord)
Dr. Warren   ) That the recommendations of the
Faculties of Arts and Science
and of Applied Science with
-«• reference to Curriculum Changes
be approved.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr. Gage, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee on
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, presented•the report on
the Autumn Awards, as recommended by the Committee and
approved by the Chairman of Senate in conformity with the
> resolution of Senate passed December 18th, 1929*
This report included recommendations approved by the
*■ ^       Faculties concerned for postponement for one year of the 1071
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
following Scholarships because of war service:
Faculty of Arts and Science
Benny, Geoffrey A. - Beverley Cayley Scholarship
(from Session 1941-42)
Booth, Kenneth G. -  Lefevre Scholarship (from Session
Margeson, John R.  - Ahepa Scholarship (from Session
Ralston, Keith    - Women's Canadian Club Scholarship
(from Session 1942-43)
Faculty of Applied Science
Lynott, ¥/illiam J. - Dr. F. J. Nicholson Scholarship
(Geology) - second instalment
(from Session 1942-43)
Rose, David J.     - University Scholarship (from
Session 1942-43)
Faculty of Agriculture
Oliver, Walter J.  - David Thorn Scholarship (from
Session 1942-43)
In addition to the above, the following recommendation
was received as approved by the Faculty of Applied Science:
"Because of the fact that graduate work in
Geology is not at present available the Joint
Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships, and
Bursaries recommended the, postponement for one
year of the second instalment of the Dr. F. J.
Nicholson Scholarship (Geology) in the case of
Geoffrey 3. Leech who had received the award in
Mr. Gage   )
Mr. Forward) That these postponements be granted,
Mr. Gage also reported that Leslie T. Edge, in the
Second Year of Applied Science, winner of a Royal Institution and University Scholarship for Senior Matriculation, 1072
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
^P       had been obliged to withdraw from the University because of
ill health.
Mr. Gage      )
Dean Finlayson) That postponement of this scholar-
j, ship for one year be granted.
Report on Award of Bursaries
For the information of Senate, Mr. Gage gave a summary
x of the award of named Bursaries, Special Bursaries and
Dominion-Provincial Bursaries.  This statement showed the
j. awards by Faculties and Years and the averages of recipients
in each group of bursaries.  In all, l8l awards had been
made by the Committee and the total sum distributed amounted
to $30,757.50.  Twenty-two awards, totalling $2,997.50, were
^k made by means of Named Bursaries, 42 awards, totalling
$5,565.00 under the Special Bursaries Fund, 26 awards totalling $3,800.00 under Section 1 of the Dominion-Provincial
Bursaries and 91 awards, totalling $18,395.00 under Section
x 2 of the Dominion-Provincial Bursaries.
Mr. A.E.Lord)
i. Dr. Warren  ) That Senate record its appreciation
of the work of the Chairman and
members of the Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries in con-
* nection with the award of these bur
saries and the detailed report
Carried unanimously
Reports of Committees
> Library Committee
A letter was received from Professor T. Larsen,
J- Chairman, transmitting the fifteenth report of the 1073
Wednesday, October l8th, 1944.
Library Committee to Senate, covering the period from
April 1st, 1943, to March 31st, 1944.
Mr. A.E. Lord)
Dr. Sedgewick) That the report of the Library
Committee be received.
On Honorary Degrees '
The Chairman, Dr. Sedgewick, presented the following
"I beg to submit the following report of
recommendations for Honorary Degrees, as from the
Special committee on Installation Ceremonies.  The
committee recommends that the degree of Doctor of
Laws be conferred on the following:
His Excellency Liu Shih Shun,
Chinese Ambassador to Canada
His Excellency Ray Atherton,
American Ambassador to Canada
The Right Honourable Malcolm MacDonald,
British High Commissioner to Canada
Major-General G. R. Pearkes,
Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Command.
"We recommend that the degree be conferred upon
The Right Honourable Malcolm MacDonald in absentia."
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Warren   ) That this report be adopted.
On Faculty of Medicine
Dean Finlayson, the Chairman, stated that the subcommittee appointed by the Joint Committee of the Senate
and the B. C. Medical Association had prepared a brief
recommending the establishment of a Medical Faculty for
submission to the Government but that as the special
^ 1074
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
Committee had not yet been able to meet the Cabinet,
there was no further progress to report.  It was agreed
that copies of the brief, as submitted to the Premier,
would be circulated to members of the Senate for their
On New Units of Instruction
In the absence of Dean Buchanan, Chairman, Dean
Clement presented a report of progress for the Committee
on New Units of Instruction.  In its deliberations the
Committee had considered new units, Medicine, Law,
Pharmacy and Physical Education as being on an equal
basis, and at the same time had emphasized the fact that
expansion in new faculties and courses depended primarily on the expansion of the existing facilities in all
Faculties but particularly in the Faculty of Arts and
Reference was made by the President to the tentative
report of the Committee which included a general list of
buildings required at an estimated cost of over $6,000,000
and also a list of the more immediate needs of the University, totalling approximately $4,000,000.  For the information of Senate the President outlined in detail the
list of immediate requirements, and asked for the general
approval of the Senate for this programme so that the
matter could be considered by the Board of Governors at
the next meeting and could then be presented formally to 1075
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
the Government.
It was agreed that a statement of the proposed
expansions and additions on the basis outlined in the
tentative report of the Committee as stated by the President should be placed in the hands of Senate for their
Dean Clement)
Mr. A.E.Lord) That this progress report be
approved in principle.
On Memorial to the late Dr. F. J. Nicholson
In accordance with the resolution of Senate at its
meeting on August 25th, the following memorial had been
"Senate regrets to record the death on
May 10th of Dr. F. J. Nicholson who was a very
close friend of the University and at one time
a member of the Senate.  His generous benefactions
have been of great assistance to a considerable
number of our best students.
"The Secretary is directed to express the
Senate's sympathy to Dr. Nicholson's family and
to spread this record on the minutes."
Dr. Warren   )
Dean Finlayson) That this report be adopted.
Carried unanimously
A letter was received from Mr. Logan expressing the
appreciation of Mrs. Logan and himself for the message of
sympathy from the members of Senate on the occasion of the
death of their son.
A communication was received from Dean Mawdsley,
stating that the Dean of Women would be assisted in her 1076
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
work if she could be included as an ex-officio member of
the Faculty Council and of the Senate and requesting that
this be dealt with whenever the University Act is re-opened.
In this connection reference was made to the resolution
passed by Senate on August 29th, 1941, approving an amendment to the Act to provide that the Dean of Women be
included with the Deans of the Faculties as a member of
Senate.  This matter, together with certain other suggested
changes in the Act in connection with the election of members of Senate to the Board of Governors, had been laid on
the table at the meeting of Senate on December 17th, 1941.
Mr. A. E. Lord   )
Chancellor Hamber) That the question of ex-officio
membership of the Dean of Women
as a member of Faculty Council
and Senate be left on the table
until such time as the Senate
is advised that the University
Act is to be opened.
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Agriculture that the Dean of Women be made a member of that
Dean Clement)
Dr. Todd    ) That this recommendation be approved.
The Chairman gave a report of progress in respect of
the rehabilitation course for medical officers which is
being planned by the B.C. Medical Association in co-operation with Dr. C. E. Dolman, Head of the Department of
Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine. 1077
Wednesday, October 18th, 1944.
~~^ The meeting adjourned.
H&vw&a^ {Tsot^ojui^a


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