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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1930-10-15

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Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1930-31
was held on Wednesday, October 15th, 1930, at 8:00 p.m.,
in the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Dr.
G. G. Moe , Mr. E. A. I»loyd, Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Dr. H.
Vickers, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Mr. H. F. Angus, Mr.
James Henderson, Mr. James A. Campbell, Mr. G. W. Clark,
Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. H. T.
Logan, Mr. A. E. Lord, Rev. Canon A. H. Sovereign, Dr.
Evlyn F. Farris, Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam,
Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. Sydney Anderson and Dr. W. B.
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Clark ) That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting held on August 29th,
1930, be taken as read, and adopted.
Letters of regret at their inability to attend the
meeting were received from Judge Swanson and Mr.
Sherwood Lett.
Mr. Lord    )
Mr. Anderson) That these letters be received
and filed.
Notices of appointment of committees
Senate  Member  of  Co-ordinating Committee
Mr.   J.   M.   Turnbull
On Honorary Degrees
Rev. A. H. Sovereign, Chairman
Dr. R. W. Brock
Dr. D. Buchanan
Dr. Evlyn F. Farris
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
,., ...jamiaam—,. ...... .^.:— ., -... ., ■, ^t^irtiaiBaftMf ii-i-f, <,«~..^ -.->;-, ttHiafriraV i*i1Hit*i ('"
...    ■'■-"■^-^^-"•^rirTFTi^^ ^^W.W.BW'^WPWWI        .III  I      ...ii.!  i  ■■„_! ii    i   i.i»h.w
( 93.
Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
Senate Representative on Committee for Management
of Gymnasium
Mr. A. E. Lord
Appointment of Committee on Calendar
Mr. Lord     )
Miss Jamieson) That the appointment of the
Committee on Calendar be left
in the hands of the Chair.
Honorary Degree for His Excellency Lord Willingdon
The   Chairman   stated  that  His   Excellency had  not   yet
informed   the  University of   the   date   he  would  be   in
Vancouver   to   receive   the   honorary   degree.     If  His   Excellency   should  be   present   at   the   regular   Congregation   on
May  7th,   there  would be   no   need  to   arrange   for   another
speaker;   but   if   a   special   Congregation were   necessary,
the   selection  of   a   speaker   for  the   regular   Congregation
would   soon   have   to   be   made.     It  was   left   with  the
President   to  ascertain  the   date   of  His   Excellency's   visit,
From  the   Faculties
A   report   on   Supplemental   Examinations,   Special
Examinations   and   Re-readings   from   September,    1929,   to
September,   1930,  was   read.
Dr.   Sedgewick)
Mr.   Lord )   That   the   report  be   adopted.
Candidates for degrees, Fall Congregation
Faculty of Arts and Science
_^___J____W___;.        .     .       . .      wiiiitiii^rtiimiin——_fr«—ii'i—iiiiiiii 94.
Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Killam   ) That the degrees recommended by the
Faculty of Arts and Science be
approved, with the exception of
• that of Mr. Wm. Ray McLeod.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Killam   ) That, in view of his war service,
Mr. Wm. Ray McLeod be given the
remainder of his Fourth Year and
granted the degree of B.A.
Dean Buchanan   drew  attention  to   the   case   of  Mr.
Alexander  George   Smith,   whose  name   should have  been   included   in  the   list   submitted   last   spring.     An error  had
been made  by  one   of   the   Departments  and   the   candidate
was   informed   that  he   had  a   supplemental.     Later   it  was
found   that  he   had  passed   and  he   was   at   once   notified.
Faculty  of   Applied  Science
Dean  Brock   )
Dr.   Vickers)   That   the   degrees   be   conferred  upon
those   listed.
Faculty  of   Agriculture
Dean   Clement)
Dr.   Moe )   That  the   degree   of  Master   of   Sci
ence   in   Agriculture  be   conferred
upon   John  B.   Munro,   and  that   the
degree   of   Bachelor   of   Science   in
Agriculture  be   conferred  upon
Donald  Sutherland.
Prizes and Scholarships
A list of the autumn awards was submitted for
Recommendati ons 95.
Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
1. Audrey Layton received the Royal Institution
Scholarship of $150. for first place in general
proficiency in the First Year in April, 1929.
The scholarship was postponed for one year and
is now relinquished.  It is recommended that
two special scholarships of $75.00 each, to
utilize this money, be granted to the following
two students of the same year:
Nora M. Mains
James W. Donaldson.
Dr. Moe     )
Mr. Anderson) That the recommendation be adopted.
2. It has been discovered that Miss Ann B. S.
Fe rgus on (Fourth Year Arts) is the daughter of
a soldier who was killed overseas.  She made
75% in her Third Year examinations and it is
recommended that she be given a special Khaki
University Scholarship of $75.00.
Mr.   Sovereign)
Mr.   Clark )   That   the   recommendation  be   adopted
Nominations for Library Committee
Faculty of Arts and Science
Mr. Angus
Dr. MacDonald
Mr. Soward
Faculty of Applied Science
Mr. Vernon
Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. Moe
Miss   Jamieson)
Dean  Buchanan)   That   these   nominations  be   approved,
From the  Faculty   of   Arts  and   Science
Three   Languages  as  Senior Matriculation  Subjects
That   candidates  for   the   Senior   Matriculation
examination be   allowed   to   take   three   languages, 96.
Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
without a science, as their optional subjects.
NOTE:  This choice of options is open to candidates for Junior Matriculation and also to
students taking the First and Second Years of
the course in Arts and Science in the Univer-
si ty.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Lord     ) That this recommendation be adopted.
Special Scholarship for Mary Winnifred Grant
At a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
on October 8th it was pointed out that one of the
Senior Matriculation candidates taking the three
languages at the examination in June last - Miss
Mary Winnifred Grant of Britannia High School,
Vancouver, made the highest standing for the
Province in the Senior Matriculation Examination —
an average of 82.9y0, but that the Matriculation
Board felt that as this course, technically, was
not authorized, the Senior Matriculation University
Scholarship should be given to the student ranking
highest in a course selected in accordance with the
printed "Course of Study", and, accordingly, the
Senior Matriculation University Scholarship was
awarded to Miss Sheila Joyce McKinnon of Kitsilano
High School, Vancouver, who made an average of 82.7%.
Recommended by the Faculty of Arts and Science,-
That because of her standing and in consideration of these circumstances a
scholarship of $150. be given to Miss Grant.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Clark    ) That this recommendation be
approved and submitted to the
Board of Governors .
Physical   Training  for   students   of   the   Teacher
TRAINing   Course
An  outline   of   the   course   was   submitted   to   Senate,
Dean Buchanan)
Miss   Jamieson)   That   the   establishment   of   this
course   in Physical   Training be 97.
Wednesday,   October   15th,   1930
appro ved.
Courses   and   Regulations   for   Summer   Session   1931
Dates   of   Summer  Session   1931
Proposed   Changes   in   Regulations
Proposed  Courses.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr.   Henderson)   That   these   recommendations  be
approved,   that  the   courses   as
listed  be   authorized   and   that
the   Chair  be   authorized   to   make
any  necessary  changes   in  these
From the Faculty of Applied Science
Exemption for students in Biology 1.
That because of the overcrowded condition
of the class in Biology 1, Applied Science
students who have made 65$ or over be
allowed exemption in this subject for the
academic year 1930-31.
Dean Brock   )
Dr. Hutchinson) That the recommendation be adopted.
Part of Course in Ore Dressing 1 moved from
Fourth Year to Fifth Year
That one of the two lectures in Ore
Dressing 1, now given in the Fourth
Year, be transferred to the Fifth
Year in 1931-32, and thereafter the
course be one lecture per week in
each of the Fourth and Fifth Years.
Dean Brock   )
Mr. Turnbull ) That the recommendation be
adopted •
From the Faculty of Agriculture
Electives of Second Year
^ 98,
Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
That,   for   the   Session  1930-31   only,
the  electives   of   the  Second  Year
(page   267)   include   Dairying  1   and
Horticulture   1   of   the   1929-30   Calendar.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Moe     ) That the recommendation be adopted.
Report of Committee on Limiting Attendance
1. The Committee has held several meetings.
2. The Committee is of the opinion that limitation
of attendance should only be resorted to in
case of absolute necessity.
3. Accommodation of students is necessarily determined by the size of the Staff and the general
equipment of the University.
4. It is impossible to determine the degree of
limitation necessary without knowledge for some
time in advance of the amount of money which the
University may expect from the Government for:
(a) Capital expenditure and
(b) Maintenance.
5. Your Committee recommended that the Board of
Governors ask the Government for some assurance
regarding Capital and Maintenance Income for a
period of five years.  The Board replied that it
was "not advisable to present such a request at
the present time".
j 6.  Your Committee understands that a Commission is
to be appointed by the Government to consider the
t question of University finance in all its phases.
7.  In view of the above circumstances the Committee
J begs to present this report and to ask that the
Committee be discharged.
Dr.   Vance )
Mr.   Clark)   That   the   report  be   received  and   considered   clause  by   clause,   if   necessary.
Carried I
Wednesday,   October   15th,   1930
Dr.   Vance )
Dr.   Sedgewick)   That  the   report  be   adopted.
Examinations in Chiropractic
A letter from Hon. J. A. Macdonald, Chief Justice of
the Court of Appeal was read expressing his opinion that
there was nothing further which Senate could do in the
matte r.
Dr. Vance    )
Mr. Sovereign) That the letter be received and
A letter from Mr. R. H. Pooley, Attorney General,
was read, thanking Senate for drawing his attention to
the situation in reference to the appointment of the
Examining Board for Chiropractors.
Mr. Clark  )
Dr. Burnett) That the letter be received and filed.
A letter from Dr. Lyall Hodgins was read for the
information of Senate.
Report of the Library Committee to the Senate
Printed copies had been mailed to members of Senate.
Mr. Angus    )
Dr. Sedgewick) That the report be received and
Recognition   of   The  University   of   British  Columbia by  the
Oregon  State   Department   of   Education
Dr.   Sedgewick)
Dr.   Farris        )   That  this   University  take   no
further  action  than   it  has  already 100.
Wednesday, October 15th, 1930
taken in the matter.
The meeting adjourned.
&<^Ay *'■ XXX*
Secre tary
<!& /
Cha irman


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