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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1971-11-17

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Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the session 1971-72 was held on Wednesday,
November 17, 1971, at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dr. A. E. Aho, Miss D.
Allen, Mr. D. V. Anderson, Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Mr. R, M. Bibbs, Mr, S.
Black, Dr. C A. Brockley, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Dr. T. H. Brown, Mr. P. T.
Burns, Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr., Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. D. H. Chitty, Dr.
M. F. Clarke, Mr. C. J. Connaghan, Dean I. McT. Cowan, Dr. R. Daniells,
Mr. A. C. L. Fox, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Mr. S. E.
Garrod, Mr. W. Gerson, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. R. F. Gray, Mr. I. F.
Greenwood, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Mr. R. W. Jacobs, Dean
D. T. Kenny, Mrs. W. T. Lane, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Mr. G. A. Letcher,
Mr. A. J. Longmore, Dr. P. A. Lusztig, Dean A. J. McClean, Dean Helen
McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Mr. J. A. McEwen,
Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mr. K. R. Martin, Dr. L. G. Mitten, Dr. B. N. Moyls,
Mr. R. F. Osborne, Dr. P. H. Pearse, Mrs. A. Brearley Piternick, Dr.
R. A. Restrepo, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. A. R. Robbins, Dr. G. Rosenbluth,
Dr. R. F. Scagel, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dean M. Shaw,
Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. M. W. Steinberg, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. J. T.
Sydor, Mr. B. B. Trevino, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. W. A.
Webber, Dr. B. L. White, Dean P. H. White, Mr. D. R. Williams, Mr. A. P.
York, Dr. W. D. Young.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Mr. T. A. Myers, Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from:
Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Deputy President W. M. Armstrong, Dr. J. D.
Chapman, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dean W. D. Finn, The Hon. E. D. Fulton, Mr.
J. Guthrie, Mr. D. S. M. Huberman, Dr. S. Israels, Dr. J. M. Kennedy,
Dr. W. D. Kitts, Dr. P. A. Larkin, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Dean S. W. Leung,
Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. J. M. Norris, Mr. P. Plant, Mr. J. V. Rogers,
Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dr. J. K. Stager, Rev. W. S. Taylor. 5498.
Wednesday, November 17,  1971.
Minutes of  the Previous Meeting
Dr.  Hardwick    )
Dean Gardner    )
That the Minutes oh tlie second regular
mzzting oh Sznatz hoi thz session 1971-72
having bzzn circulated, bz takzn as lead
and adopted.
Senate Membership
The Chairman welcomed new student members: Mr. D. V. Anderson,
Mr. A. C. L. Fox and Mr. J. T. Sydor (members-at-large replacing
Mr. J. J. Campbell, Miss M. Stephenson and Mr. A. M. Smolensky
respectively).  It was noted that Mr. A. P. York had been re-elected.
The Chairman also welcomed Dr. L. G. Mitten replacement for Dr. R. F.
Kelly as representative of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations -
subject, where applicable, to the proviso that none of the programmes
be implemented without formal reference to the President and the formal
agreement of the President; and that the Deans and Heads concerned with
new programmes be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of
such new programmes.
New courses and course changes in Agricultural Economics, Architecture,
Community and Regional Planning, French, Nursing and Slavonic Studies,
recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  (P.5483-4)
Committee on Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Cowan   )
Dr. Brockley )
That the new awards listzd in Appzndix 'A'
bz accepted subject to the approval oh the
Board oh Governors, and that letters oh
thanks be sent to the donors.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee
At its September meeting Senate had returned the Committee's
: 5499.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee (cont'd)
report for reconsideration. At that time Senate had indicated that
it would have been in a better position to judge whether the committee
had in fact reached sensible conclusions had they presented Senate
with at least a minimal amount of quantitative information. The
Committee had therefore been asked to evaluate the criteria and weights
they had used and, if possible, to carry out a sensitivity analysis so
that members of Senate could see just how much criteria and weights
mattered in deciding priorities. The Committee had attempted to comply
with Senate's request and Dr. Smith presented the Committee's revised
The basic recommendations of the revised report were:
1. That it was not possible to delay all building until a
comprehensive plan for future development was available since
there were urgent needs that had to be met now. A good case
could be made for the immediate allocation of most of the 40
million dollars' worth of proposals for new buildings which
had been brought to the Committee's attention.
2. That the first four requests for additional accommodation in
order of priority were:
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering jointly
North Wing for the Biological Sciences complex
Department of Anthropology and Sociology 5500.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee (cont'd)
The following is a summary of the sections of the report
pertaining to the above priorities.
Commerce and Business Administration
Both undergraduate and graduate enrolment has increased
considerably over the last five years and is expected to continue
to do so.  In addition the Faculty provides extra-mural and continuing
education courses for approximately 6,000 part time students in the
community and this too is expected to increase. The number of full
time Faculty was 35 in 1966, and is now 74 and by 1974 exclusive of
part-time people is expected to reach 98.  At the moment there are
1,200 undergraduate students, 200 masters candidates, and 31 Ph.D.
Classes are given in a wide variety of buildings, there is a
severe lack of study space at the graduate level and the faculty is
crammed into 30,000 sq.ft. of office, laboratory and leading space
spread over six different buildings.
Joint Civil and Mechanical Engineering
The Committee agreed with the proposal for a joint Civil and
Mechanical Engineering building previously advocated by Senate.
In the past 15 years graduate enrolment in Civil Engineering
had increased considerably and support for research has gone from
1 5501.
Wednesday, November 17,  1971.
Reports  of Committees  of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee
Joint Civil and Mechanical Engineering  (cont'd)
zero to $450,000.     During this period of vigorous  growth the Civil
Engineering Department has  in fact lost several thousand square
feet to the Computing Centre.    While some additional space has been
provided in other buildings  there is  still a serious  shortage of
space.     Should Civil Engineering vacate its present building,  good
quality space amounting to approximately 26,000 sq.ft.  would provide
a convenient and suitable solution  to the expansion problems of  the
Computing Centre and Computer Science.
Enrolment and research in Mechanical Engineering had caused
overcrowding to the point where conditions are hazardous and where
industrial safety standards are not being met. Undergraduate
enrolment may continue to expand; however, graduate enrolment is
not expected to grow significantly for the next few years due in
part to the effect of a recent N.R.C. edict that foreign nationals
may not be supported as graduate students on N.R.C. grants.
Members of the Committee who visited the Department of Mechanical
Engineering confirmed that conditions in the 46 year old building
were indeed deplorable.
It was pointed out that graduates in Mechanical and Civil
Engineering are only acceptable for registration as professional
engineers when awarded their degrees by schools graded by the
engineering profession; thus there are certain objective standards 5502.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee
Joint Civil and Mechanical Engineering (cont'd)
which must be met by all engineering schools and in the case of
Mechanical Engineering there is now reason to worry that these
minimum standards may not be met.  It was reported that modifications
to the existing building were not possible and that a considerable
amount would be required merely to meet the fire regulations. A joint
building of Civil and Mechanical Engineering permits the total
request from both departments to be reduced from 88,000 to 65,200
net sq.ft.
North Wing - Biology, Animal Resource Ecology and Oceanography
The proposal that a north wing be constructed to the Biological
Sciences complex satisfies high priority needs of the Faculties of
Science and Graduate Studies.  The head of the Zoology Department
had reported that there had been a tremendous increase in the demand
for Biology programmes at the Junior College level and this flood
would soon wash into our Third and Fourth Year classes in the Life
Sciences.  The effect of this had been felt already with the
increased enrolment in this area in 1971.  This coincided with a
necessity for laboratory work in advanced undergraduate and post
graduate areas to become much more sophisticated.  Hut space that
served well for 25 years was reported to be quite unsuitable for
certain types of work now.  The Committee recommended the original
idea of a north wing for the Biological Sciences complex be
! 5503.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee
North Wing - Biology, Animal Resource Ecology and Oceanography (cont'd)
implemented now.  This would provide laboratory and lecture room
space at the undergraduate level and in so doing would release
existing space in permanent buildings and huts and thereby ease the
problems of Oceanography and Animal Resource Ecology.
Anthropology and Sociology
The facilities in this department are spread over a number of
buildings with the usual problems of overcrowding and inadequate
facilities.  The archaeology laboratory in the basement of the
Mathematics building is in a scandalous condition with the hot
water pipes for the heating of the building maintaining an atmosphere
of tropical heat. The Museum of Anthropology in the Totem Park
area is not satisfactory and not properly usable as a teaching and
research museum and there is a maximum degree of decay of materials
displayed and stored there.
The Committee recommends that additional space for the
Department of Anthropology and Sociology be assigned priority number
four and if the University implements this priority, the Committee
hopes that all the department's activities will be brought together
into a building adjacent to the Museum of Man for which the Federal
Government has provided a grant of $2,500,000. 5504.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee (cont'd)
Education - request for Library and Curriculum Resource Centre
The Committee was not convinced that the Faculty of Education
was making the best use of its existing facilities and had the
impression that increased efficiency could result from the
re-scheduling of classes and by expanding the hours of usage of
audio-visual and other services.
The Committee hoped to receive further detailed evidence from
the faculty of Education in support of its needs in the coming year.
The following sub-criteria had been considered the most important
in reaching the above recommendations for priorities on the 24
proposals under consideration:
Rising student demand for programmes
Adverse comparisons with other universities
Relevance to society as perceived by U.B.C.
Congestion in administration areas
Hampering of programmes
Demand for graduate student study space
However,  the final list of priorities was made not only by
mechanical application of criteria but as a result of a study of
individual requests,   comparative assessment of  competing needs,
exercise of individual judgement,  and some  interviews with those
most concerned.
li 5505.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee (cont'd)
Dr. Smith )     That the report be horwarded to the
Dr. Hall  )     President and the Board oh Govzrnors
hor their consideration and decision
together with the £u£t transcript oh
the debate within Senate,
The basic criticisms of the report were that the criteria and
weights used and the sensitivity analysis from which the conclusions
of the report were partially based may not have resulted in reliable
If Senate supported the recommendations of the report there was
thought to be a danger that the report may be considered as a pattern
for procedures for judging future needs and since the procedures used
had been of an ad hoc nature this was thought to be undesirable.
Before spending any more money it was felt that the establishment
of criteria for the overall assessment of space requirements was
essential. One opinion expressed was that in recent years piece-meal
ad hoc structure type buildings had turned what must be one of the
most magnificent sites in North America into one of the ugliest. It
was also pointed out that there had been a tendency to isolate sections
of Faculties, an example being the siting of some of the departments
in the Faculty of Science.
It was suggested that criteria such as fire hazards and inability
to meet safety standards, lack of classroom space and campus-wide
dispersal of lectures was a university-wide problem and that while the 5506.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee (cont'd)
Committee had considered the 24 proposals with which it had been
presented there were undoubtedly other cases of equal need that had
not been considered.
The Committee appeared to feel that its responsibility ended at
recommending the priority of need for additional space requirements
and that it was the responsibility of the Board of Governors to
decide whether or not this could best be achieved by new buildings
or by other means.
In amendment:
Dr. Hardwick )
Dr. McDowell )
and hLLlther, that the Committee be
expanded to take into account
individuals who expressed dissident
Following further debate the question was called.  A suggestion
that members be polled by name was rejected but it was agreed that
the count of votes be recorded.
The motion was put and carried, 49 in favour and 11 against.
Dr. Restrepo gave notice of the following motion:
"That a committee be established to consider the
relationship between existing physical plant and
architectural planning on this campus and the
academic functions of the University; the membership
of this committee to Include at least two students,
an architect and a person familiar with community
organization". 5507.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs Committee (cont'd)
It was suggested that before the Committee made any future
recommendations on building priorities it should submit to Senate a
set of procedures for approaching the problem.  Dr. Smith stated that
his Committee would welcome suggestions as to what better approach
could be made.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
It was agreed that the proposal for new courses and course
changes be referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee. (See Appendix
Faculty of Arts
Dr. McGregor    )
Dean Kenny )
That Philosophy 410 be ohhered by
correspondence as recommended by the
FaculXy oh Arts.
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Dean White    )
Dr. Hall        )
That an extension credit course,
Commerce 459, be ohhe-ied during the
1971-72 session as recommended by
the FaculXy oh Commerce and Business
Adminis tration,
Faculty of Education
The proposal for course changes and programme revisions was
referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee.  (See Appendix 'B') 5508.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Proposals of the Faculties (cont'd)
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Proposed new courses and course changes were referred to the
Senate Curriculum Committee.  (See Appendix 'B')
Faculty of Medicine
Dean McCreary  )
Dr. Gibson    )
School of Nursing
That the name oh the department oh Radiology
be changed to "department oh diagnostic
The Chairman introduced to Senate  the new Director of the School
of Nursing, Dr. Muriel Uprichard.
Dr.  Gibson )
Dean McCreary    )
That Senate approve the recommendation oh
the School oh Nursing that the Calendar
statement on admission requirements  h°i the
Nursing V programme be amended to include
"work experience or attendance at an
appropriatz rehieshei course in nursing
within the past hive years to ensure
knowledge and skills are current".
School of Physical Education and Recreation
A proposal to offer a new course was referred to the Senate
Curriculum Committee.  (See Appendix 'B')
Candidates for Degrees
The usual Fall list of candidates for degrees who had completed 5509.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
Candidates for Degrees  (cont'd)
their studies since Congretation in May was presented.
Dean Scarfe    )
Dean Cowan      )
That the students named on the various lists
receive their degrees as recommended, and that
the Registrar in consultation with the deans
concerned and the Chairman oh Senate make any
necessary adjustments.
Other Business
Dr. McGregor asked Senate to join him in congratulating President
Walter H. Gage on receiving Canada's highest decoration, the Companion
of the Order of Canada.
The meeting adjourned at 9.45 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday,
December 15, 1971.
( /Secretary
Chairman 5510.
Wednesday, November 17, 1971.
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The B. C. Dentists' Wives' Association Book Award
A textbook in the field of Periodontics up to the value of $25 is
offered annually by the B. C. Dentists' Wives' Association to the
First Year Dental Hygiene student who achieves the highest standing
in the course in Human Biology (D. H. 202).
Proficiency Prize in Dendrology (Forestry 111)
A prize of $200 is open to students in Forestry registered in
Forestry 111 (Dendrology). This prize will be awarded to the
student obtaining highest standing in the course at the close of
the regular session.
The T. Eaton Co. Limited Scholarship in Marketing
A scholarship of $500, the gift of the T. Eaton Co. Limited, will
be available annually in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration.  Final selection for this award will be made by
the Faculty to an outstanding undergraduate in Marketing who has
completed the Third Year and is proceeding, to the Fourth Year.
If in any year no suitable candidate is available, the selection
will be made from students of the Graduate Faculty in the
Marketing area.
Rehabilitation Medicine Bursary
This bursary, of approximately $50, was established by the Staff,
Students, and Graduates of the School of Rehabilitation Medicine.
It will be awarded annually in the Fall to a student entering Fourth
Year. The award will be given on the basis of good academic standing
and overall personal qualities. Financial circumstances may also
be considered. Selection will be made upon recommendation by the
Rehabilitation Medicine Awards Committee. Applications should be
submitted to the School of Rehabilitation Medicine each September.
I 5511.
Wednesday, November 17,  1971.
Course and Curriculum Changes
Agricultural Economics
New Course
Animal Science
New Courses
Poultry Science
Soil Science
415 (l*s) Animal Economics
374 change in description
400 change in prerequisites
423 change in units
415 (1%) Animal Economics
421 (l*s) Productivity of Grazing Animals
318 change in number and description
402 change in units, time allocation and
prerequisite requirement
306 change in title
402 change in units, time allocation and
prerequisite requirement
312 change in number, title, description and
314 change in description
414 change in title and description
416 change in title and description
417 change in cross listing of courses
Change in Regulations
(i)   Veterinary Medicine - P.40 Calendar
Physics: add 105 and 115; replace
Zoology 203 by Science
elective (1*5 units)
(ii)  Departmental Research Project
(carries number 425 in each department)
Where a double major is involved, in
place of 2 separate l*s-unit research
essays, departmental chairmen should
1 i
Wednesday, November 17,  1971.
Course and Curriculum Changes
Change in Regulations (cont'd)
arrange for a joint 3-unit essay or
a 1*5 unit essay plus 1*5 units of
Elementary Division
Programme Expansions
333 change in time allocation
408 change in unit value
419 change in title, description and unit
431 change in unit value
424 change in title and description
489 change in title
491 change in time allocation
(i)   Education of Young Children - a
diploma programme approved by Senate
January 8, 1969 - broader selection
of courses.
(ii)* Canadian Studies - an addition to
the academic majors.
(iii)* Teaching English as a Second Language
for Elementary Teachers - an addition
to the professional majors.
(* The major represents a set of already
existing courses).
Commerce and Business Administration
New courses
524 (l*s) Organization Development
525 (l*s) The Measurement and Evaluation of
Individual Behavior in Work
m 1
Ik 5513.
Wednesday, November 17,  1971.
Course and Curriculum Changes
Community and Regional Planning
Creative Writing
New course
New courses
520 and 522 change in unit value
506 (3) Advanced Writing for Radio, Screen
and Television
514 (1) Advanced Plastic Surgery I
515 (1) Advanced Plastic Surgery II
New course
381 (l*j) Sociological Aspects of Sport


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