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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1972-10-11

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Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
The Second regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the session 1972-73 was held on Wednesday,
October 11, 1972, at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Mrs. M. F. Angus,
Mr. D. V. Anderson, Mr. G. E. Andreone, Miss A. J. Baumgart, Dr. L. L.
Bongie, Dr. C B. Bourne, Dr. D. G. Brown, Dr. T. H. Brown, Mr. R. M.
Buzza, Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. R. M. Clark, Mr. C J. Connaghan,
Dean I. McT. Cowan, Dr. R. Daniells, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Dr. N. Epstein,
Mrs. F. Field, Mr. D. B. Fields, Rev. R. W. Finn, Dr. C V. Finnegan,
Dr. N. C. Franz, Dr. J. G. Foulks, The Hon. E. D. Fulton, Dr. W. C
Gibson, Dr. R. F. Gray, Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dr. D. F.
Hardwick, Mr. P. A. Insley, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dean D. T. Kenny,
Dr. W. D. Kitts, Dr. L. Kraintz, Dr. R. V. Kubicek, Mrs. W. T. Lane,
Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Dean S. W. Leung, Dr. J. Levy, Dean A. J. McClean,
Dr. R. McConnell, Dean H. McCrae, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Mr. J. A. McEwen,
Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mr. C. D. L. MacKenzie, Rev. J. P. Martin, Mr. J. G.
Matkin, Dr. P. Merivale, Mr. J. M. Munsie, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Dr. G. V.
Parkinson, Dr. P. H. Pearse, Mr. S. J. Persky, Dr. R. A. Restrepo,
Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. A. R. Robbins, Mr. S. J. Robinson, Dr. G.
Rosenbluth, Dr. I. S. Ross, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott,
Dean M. Shaw, Mrs. H. W. Sonthoff, Mrs. W. W. Soong, Dr. J. K. Stager,
Dr. K. S. Stockholder, Mr. D. A. Swain, Mr. J. T. Sydor, Mr. G. A.
Thorn, Mr. B. B. Trevino, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Dr. W. E.
Willmott, Dr. W. D. Young.
Observers:  Mr. J. A. Banham, Mr. J. P. Blaney, Mr. T. A. Myers.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from Deputy President W. M. Armstrong, Dean D. V. Bates, Dean W. D.
Finn, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Mr. G. H. D. Hobbs, Dr. F. R. C. Johnstone,
Mr. T. B. Lindsay, Mr. A. J. Longmore, Dr. J. M. Norris, Dr. R. F.
Sharp, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. M. Uprichard, Dean G. M. Volkoff,
Mr. F. C Walden, Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Hardwick    ) That thz Minutes oh thz First regular mzzting
Dr. Hall ) oh Sznatz hor thz Session 1971-73 having bzzn
circulatzd, bz takzn as read and adoptzd. 5677.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting  (continued)
Attention was drawn to an omission in the minutes of a request
for information concerning the number of mature students lacking
normal admission standing who were enrolled as occasional students.
The Registrar had explained that the number of such students was not
included in any statistics.  It was agreed that it would be useful
in the future to provide this type of information.
The motion was put and carried.
Business arising from the Minutes
Results of the election of three Senate representatives to serve on
the Board of Governors
The. Secretary reported that the following members of Senate had
been elected to serve on the Board of Governors for the three-year
term 1972-75:
Mr. C. J. Connaghan;  Mrs. F. Field;  Mr. B. B. Trevino.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Scarfe )     That the new awards listed in Appzndix  'A'
Mr. Swain   )     be acczptzd subjzct to thz approval oh thz
Board oh Govzrnors, and that letters oh thanks
bz sznt to thz donors.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Applied Science  (See Appendix 'B')
Dr. Scott      ) That thz coursz and curriculum proposals
Dr. Pearse    ) rzcommzndzd by thz FaculXy oh Applied Scizncz
bz rzhzrrzd to thz Sznatz Curriculum Committzz.
Carried 5678,
Wednesday, October 11, 1972,
Proposals of the Faculties  (continued)
Faculty of Graduate Studies  (See Appendix 'B')
Dr. Scott  )    That the proposed new courses in Commerce
Dr. Pearse )    and Education rzcommzndzd by thz Faculty
oh Graduatz Studies bz rzhzrrzd to thz
Sznatz Curriculum Committez.
Dean Cowan )    That course changes in Poultry Scizncz
Dr. Cavers )    rzcommzndzd by thz Faculty oh Graduatz
Studies bz approvzd.
Dean Cowan       )       That the titlz oh thz Master's dzgrzz
Dr. Hardwick    )       in HzalXh Services Planning bz "Master
oh Scizncz in HzalXh Services Planning"
(M.Sc.)     (P.5600)
Reports of Committees  of  Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Sociological Study of U.B.C.  Students
Dr.   Clark  explained that  the  committee had been established in
1969  after concern had been expressed regarding the  admission policy
of the University.
A questionnaire had been sent out  to over 8,000 students  applying
to register at  the University.     Half  of that number had returned the
ques tionnaire.
The questionnaire asked  for the  following  information:
(a) Parent's  occupation
(b) Parent's education
(c) Number of  siblings
(d) Number of siblings  older than subject
(e) The highest educational  level reached by the  subject's
oldest brother or sister 5679.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Sociological Study of U.B.C. Students  (continued)
(f) Time of decision to go to University and College
(g) Area in which the student lived during secondary school
(h)  Approximate total annual income of family
(i)  Father's country of birth
The survey indicated that almost 12% of the applicants who had
been accepted for admission did not attend.  However it was explained
that undoubtedly the majority of these students would have applied for
admission to several universities and would have enrolled elsewhere.
The study also produced evidence that 54% of those accepted and
64% of those rejected were men.  The explanation suggested was that
women with lower marks graduating from high school were less likely
to apply in the first instance than men with the same academic record.
Responses to the questionnaire for students accepted and
rejected were identical in that the typical student's father and
mother had completed high school; the typical student had two siblings,
one older than himself; most applicants were from large cities and the
income groups of the parents of most applicants was between $10,000
and $12,000.
The significant difference between the responses from students
accepted and rejected was that in the case of those accepted they
first thought of attending university in elementary school whilst in
the case of those rejected they had first thought of attending when
they were in Grade 9. The final decision was made in Grade 10 by
those accepted and in Grade 11 by those rejected. 5680.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Sociological Study of U.B.C. Students  (continued)
With reference to the occupation of parents of students applying
for admission for the first time 25% were in the managerial category,
13% professional, 13% sales and 11% were skilled workers.
Referring to the geographic origins of the prior education
of applicants it was stated that applicants from British Columbia
schools were given priority over those from schools in other provinces
in Canada and other countries.  Over 90% of applicants from Grade 12
who were accepted were from British Columbia.  In comparison 80% of
those who applied from colleges or from other universities in British
Columbia were accepted, as were 30% of those applying on the basis
of foreign credentials and 27% of those who applied on educational
records from other parts of Canada.
The most important reason for refusal was attributed to students'
previous academic records being "too poor". Other reasons given were
lack of required pre-requisites for particular faculties; lack of
required level of studies; student visa regulations and lack of space.
In conclusion members of the committee felt that it would be
desirable to have a study made on a province-wide basis of the reasons
which determine whether secondary school students and those who were
beyond usual school age would apply for admission to universities or
colleges in British Columbia.  A study confined to those admitted to
universities failed to deal with the question:  "For whom should
university education be provided?" Evidence in the report showed that 5681.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Sociological Study of U.B.C. Students  (continued)
the final decision of students to apply for admission to this
University was made when they were in Grade 10 or 11.  It was felt
that the most useful study would investigate the factors governing
these decisions, whenever they were made.
In the ensuing discussion of the report some members commented
on the apparent discrimination practised against the admission of
students from other provinces in Canada compared with those from the
United States.  It was explained that the admission of students from
other provinces was based on the determination of whether they were
admissible to University in their own provinces.
Other sections of the report were discussed briefly and various
questions were raised concerning data contained therein. The Chairman
felt that members of Senate might like to have more time to study the
report and suggested that it be placed on the agenda for the next
meeting of Senate for further debate.
Nominating Committee
Recommendations for membership on Senate Committees
Dr. Bourne, Chairman of the Senate Nominating Committee,
presented the committee's recommendations for membership on the
various committees of Senate.  Since the results of the election
of new student members to serve on Senate were not known at the
time the report had been circulated the Chairman read additional
nominations for student membership on committees. 5682.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee
Recommendations for membership on Senate Committees  (continued)
A list of appointments made by the Chairman of Senate was
distributed at the meeting.
Dr. Bourne reported that there had been a good response to
the request that members indicate the committees on which they
would like to serve.  He explained that the size of the committees
was not fixed by regulation of Senate but there had been an
established pattern during the last few years which the committee
had seen no reason to change. The committee had, however,
concurred in a recommendation that in future Deans not be
included in the membership of the Committee on Academic Building
Needs.  It had also been agreed that the Librarian be made an
ex-officio member of the New Programmes Committee.
Where possible, the committee had applied the rule that
members not be asked to serve on more than two committees.
Dr. Bourne )    That thz rzport oh thz Nominating
Dr. Pearse )    Committzz bz rzczivzd.
The following additional nominations were made by members
of Senate:-
Curriculum Committee        - Mr. D. V. Anderson
New Programmes Committee     - Dr. R. F. Gray
Universities Act Committee   - Mr. S. J. Persky
Dr. Hall    ) That nominations closz.
Dr. Hardwick  )
Carried 5683.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee
Recommendations for membership on Senate Committees  (continued)
Dr. Hall   )    That thz nominations  £or membership
Mr. insley )   on Sznatz Committees bz acczptzd.
Report of the President's ad hoc Committee on Procedures - Course and
Curriculum Changes  (P.5453-4)
Dr. McDowell presented the report of the committee, the basic
recommendations of which were:-
1. That the present Senate Curriculum Committee be replaced with
another committee called the University Curriculum Committee.
2. That this so-called University Curriculum Committee consist of
the chairmen of the curriculum committees of the various faculties,
plus other members chosen specifically by Senate to make up a
committee of at least fifteen members.
3. That the present practice of dividing proposed curriculum changes
into Category A and Category B proposals be maintained.
4. That the duties of this new University Curriculum Committee be to
consider in detail Category A proposals for curriculum changes.
5. That Category B proposals be handled at the Faculty level and that
Senate be provided with a list of all changes under this category
as approved by the various faculties.
6. That the flow of the proposals to the University Curriculum
Committee be direct from the various Faculties and Schools.   v
This should lead to a saving of time of at least one month
between the receipt of a proposal by the Curriculum Committee
and the Committee's recommendations being placed before Senate.
7. That all new courses, new programmes, and major changes in existing
courses and programmes be published in UBC Reports so that the
academic community at UBC can be better informed about curriculum
8. That a supplementary calendar, or a special issue of UBC Reports,
be provided at or before registration so that all students and
members of faculty may be properly informed as to the new courses
and programmes approved for the ensuing academic session. 5684.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Report of the President's ad hoc Committee on Procedures - Course and
Curriculum Changes  (P.5453-4)  (continued)
The committee had been established by the President following a
request at the May 18, 1971 meeting of Senate for a review of the
procedures for handling proposals of the Faculties and Schools for new
courses, course and curriculum changes, both minor and major.
Points discussed by the committee were:  the length of time needed
under present procedures to introduce even minor changes; budgeting for
courses; the lack of inter-faculty consultation on curriculum matters.
The membership of the University Curriculum Committee would consist
of the chairmen of the curriculum committees of the various faculties,
plus one student senator and two other senators.  It was suggested that
the Chairman of the University Curriculum Committee might have the
status of a Dean, but in any case he should be a member of Senate in
order to fulfil adequately the duties envisaged in the report.  It was
stressed that the duties of such a Chairman would give attention to
many presently neglected areas and lead to great academic benefits to
the University and to the academic community.
In the following debate some members expressed the feeling that the
proposal to expedite the flow of curriculum proposals to Senate had been
over-simplified.  In the case of graduate courses these would go
initially from the faculty offering the courses to the Faculty of
Graduate Studies curriculum committee.
It was also felt that Senate should be aware of any proposals that
the Curriculum Committee might have under consideration before the 5685.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Report of the President's ad hoc Committee on Procedures - Course and
Curriculum Changes  (P.5453-4)  (continued)
report of the Committee was prepared. Under the proposed scheme Senate
would not see the curriculum proposals until the Committee report was
presented.  Unnecessary delays might occur in the event of objections
being raised in Senate and the report being returned to the committee
for further consideration.
Concern was expressed regarding the recommendation that minor
changes which fall under Category B be approved at Faculty level.  The
categorization of the changes would then become important decisions.
Dr. McDowell pointed out that, as stated in the report, an
over-seeing function would be achieved by requesting the faculties to
report all minor changes approved by them to the University Curriculum
Committee and if these were considered by the Committee to be other
than minor changes the matter could be taken up with the faculties
Following further discussion it was agreed that the report be
placed on the agenda for the next meeting of Senate.
Senate Membership
Results of the election of student representatives
The Chairman welcomed the three new student members and Mr. McEwen
who had previously represented students in Applied Science.  Those
elected were:-
Mr. G. E. Andreone - Applied Science
Mr. C. D. L. MacKenzie - Member-at-large
Mr. J. M. Munsie - Arts
Mr. J. A. McEwen - Graduate Studies 5686.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Preliminary Report on Registration 1972-73
Registration figures as at September 29, 1972 were circulated for
information. The Registrar explained that additional graduate students
had registered since the figures had been produced and a number of
students would also have withdrawn since that date. The figures
indicated an overall drop in enrolment of 567 as compared with
enrolment figures for December 1971.
Other Business
Notice of Motion
Mr. J. T. Sydor gave notice of the following motion:-
"Thot an ad hoc committzz bz zstablishzd to study
thz relationship beXwzzn Thz University oh British
Columbia and thz Univzrsity Endowmznt Lands,  Point
Grzy, B. C.  "
Thursday Noon-hour Lectures
In response to a query as to whether it was still Senate policy
that no classes be held during the noon-hour on Thursdays, the
Chairman explained that the policy had not been rescinded and that
every endeavour was made to keep the period from 12.30 p.m. to
2.30 p.m. free on Thursdays.  He agreed to take this matter up with
Systems Services to ascertain the extent to which this regulation
was being violated.
A question was raised as to whether the University was feeling
any impact as a result of the recent expulsion of people from Uganda.
The Chairman indicated that he had been approached by a few students 5687.
Wednesday, October 11, 1972.
Other Business
Uganda  (continued)
from Uganda whose financial assistance had been terminated and had
done what he could to assist them.
The Registrar reported that a few new arrivals who had previously
been studying medicine in Uganda had applied for admission to the
Faculty of Medicine here and their applications were being considered.
Extension Credit Course in Education
Dean Scarfe advised Senate for information that Education 476 -
Remedial Reading, was being offered in Prince George.
The meeting adjourned at 10.20 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday,
November 15, 1972.
Chairman 5688,
Wednesday, October 11, 1972,
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The Max and Susie Dodek Medical Scholarship - This scholarship
of $100, gift of Max and Susie Dodek, is offered annually in the
Faculty of Medicine.  It will be awarded on the recommendation
of the Faculty to an outstanding student in the graduating class
for the degree of M.D.
The Max and Susie Dodek Social Work Scholarship - This scholarship
of $100, gift of Max and Susie Dodek, is offered annually in the
School of Social Work.  It will be awarded on the recommendation
of the Faculty to an outstanding student in the graduating class
for the degree of M.S.W.
The Kitsault Community Scholarship - A scholarship of approximately
$700 will be awarded annually to a graduate student in mineral
or metallurgical engineering who is engaged in active research
in pollution control as applied to the mining industry.  This
award, endowed by a grant from the Kitsault Community Club,
Kitsault, B. C, will be made on the recommendation of the
departments concerned. 5689,
Wednesday, October 11, 1972,
Course and Curriculum Proposals
A = new courses or substantial changes
B = minor changes
Civil Engineering
New courses
C.E. 361 (14)
375 (1)
479 (1)
491 (1)
498 (4 to 3)
Applied Hydraulics
Decision Analysis in
Civil Engineering
Seepage & Earth Dams
Construction Engineering
Directed Studies
Curriculum Changes:
Delete Mathematics 357 (replaced by C.E. 375)
Construction Engineering Option:
Delete:  C.E. 463 and 474
Add:    C.E. 460 and 461
A   New course
A   New Course
Poultry Science
B   Changes
Commerce 597 (14)  Organizational
Education 506 (14)  College and University
Poultry Science 513  change in title
523  change in unit value


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