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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 18, 1983

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Array 8007.
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
The Ninth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia for
the Session 1982-83 was held on Wednesday, May 18, 1983 at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and
Senate Room.
Present: President D. T. Kenny (Chairman), Chancellor J. V. Clyne, Dr. R. A
Adams, Dr. G. D. Bellward, Dean D. R. Birch, Mr. W. H. Birmingham, Mrs. M. F. Bishop
Mr. T. S. Blasco, Dr. T. H. Brown, Rev. P. C. Burns, Dean P. T. Burns, Mr. G. D
Burnyeat, Dr. K. 0. L. Burridge, Dr. J. J. R. Campbell, Dr. T. S. Cook, Dr. J. Dahlie
Dr. J. D. Dennison, Miss S. M. Dickinson, Mr. E. Dixon, Dr. D. Donaldson, Mr. D. B
Fields, Dean C V. Finnegan, Mrs. E. D. Fulton, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. A. M
Hickling, Dr. H. E. Hirsch, Ms. S. J. Holmes, Mrs. P. Jones, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dr. R. W
Kennedy, Dean W. D. Kitts, Dr. A. Kozak, Mr. J. Kulich, Dean P. A. Larkin, Dr. L. M
Lavkulich, Dr. D. S. Lirenman, Dr. D. Lupini, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Mrs. A. Macdonald
Dr. J. P. Martin, Ms. C. E. McAndrew, Mr. M. A. McCann, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Mr. J. F
McWilliams, Dr. W. R. Morford, Mr. P. Nishihama, Miss J. H. Querie, Miss A. H
Rahme, Dr. J. F. Richards, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. D. J. Rimek, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder
Dr. M. Shaw, Dr. J. G. Silver, Dr. C E. Slonecker, Mr. J. B. Smith, Dr. R. H. T. Smith
Dr. R. A. Spencer, Dr. R. Stewart, Dr. P. R. Tennant, Miss C. L. V. Warren, Mr. B. E. S
Waugh, Dean W. A. Webber, Mr. V. G. Wellbum, Dean R. M. Will, Dr. D. LL. Williams
Dr. M. D. Willman, Dr. J. L. Wisenthal.
Observer:  Mr. J. A. Banham
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from Dean G. S.
Beagrie, Dr. D. J. Campbell, Dr. D. J. Connor, Mrs. S. Dodson, Dr. A. J. Elder,
Dr. W. M.  Keenlyside, Dr. A. J. McClean, Dr. P. Suedfeld, Mr. M. B. Thompson.
Minutes of previous meeting
Dr. Shaw )
Dean Finnegan  )
That the minutes of the Eighth regular meeting
of Senate for the Session 1982-83, having been
circulated, be taken as read and adopted.
Carried 8008.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Business arising from the Minutes
Student membership on the Senate Nominating Committee  (P.8003)
At the previous meeting Senate was informed that there had been no response to a
call for nominations for a student representative to replace Mr. Cabanas on the
Senate Nominating Committee. Senate had agreed that an exception be made and
that student members of Senate nominate one of their members to serve on the
committee. The Secretary reported that Mr. Mark B. Thompson would replace
Mr. Cabanas on the Nominating Committee.
Dr. Wisenthal gave notice of the following motion for the September meeting of
"That the Senate Nominating Committee, in consultation with student
members of Senate, review the matter of elections of students to the
Nominating Committee and recommend to Senate a procedure that
can be adhered to consistently in the future."
Senate membership
Declaration of vacancy
As required under section 35 (6) of the University Act, the following vacancy was
Miss Kersten Brisch - student representative of the Faculty of Education
The Chairman reported that, as requested by Senate at the March 16, 1983
meeting, he had written to the Minister of Universities, Science and Communications
urging him not to introduce changes to the University Act until the Senate and all
interested parties had had the opportunity to complete consideration of proposed
amendments.  The Chairman read to Senate the following response from the Minister:
"Thank you for your letter of March 21, 1983 in which you advised me of the Senate
resolution concerning changes to the University Act.
As you are aware, there are several levels of changes to legislation. The most
common changes are those of a housekeeping nature and on these it is not the practice
of government to seek formal responses from all those affected by the legislation. The
other types of changes which may be of a more substantive nature may be discussed
formally with those involved, but this would be decided by those charged with the
development of government policy. In some cases it will not be appropriate to present
draft legislation in any other forum but the Legislature. Correspondence (continued)
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
"Finally, if the level of change were of a structural nature which should be
addressed by a much wider audience, then a draft position paper can be circulated
and/or a commission can be formed to obtain the necessary input.
Thus, while I can appreciate the intent of the Senate motion, I cannot concur with
the request for the reasons mentioned above. I can also indicate that the changes which
are being considered are not of a substantive nature."
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr. McWilliams )
Dr. Burridge       )
That the new awards (listed in Appendix 'A') be
accepted subject to the approval of the Board of
Governors and that letters of thanks be sent to
the donors.
Candidates for Degrees
Lists of candidates for degrees, as approved by the various Faculties and Schools,
were made available for inspection by Senate members prior to the meeting.
Dr. Shaw )
Dean Gardner     )
That the candidates for degrees and diplomas, as
approved by the Faculties and Schools, be
granted the degree or diploma for which they
were recommended, and fhat the Registrar, in
consultation with the Deans and the Chairman of
Senate, make any necessary adjustments.
Scholarships and Awards
The Chairman reported that Edmond Dean Chow was to receive the
Governor-General's Gold Medal, and that lain David Arthy would receive the University
Medal for Arts and Science.
Senate's attention was drawn to the winner of the Association of Professional
Engineers Proficiency Award, Gane Ka-Shu Wong. It was stated that he had carried an
incredible course load over a period of four years in the Faculty of Applied Science and
had an overall average over the four years in excess of 94%.
Congratulations were extended to the other winners of medals, prizes and
scholarships shown in the list circulated. 8010.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs
In the absence of Dr. Runeckles, Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Burridge
presented the following report:
"The Senate Academic Building Needs (SABN) Committee has the following terms
of reference:
"To recommend priorities on new academic buildings, determine how the needs for
academic and non-academic buildings are related, consider such matters as the
proper balance of large and small lecture rooms and laboratories, and to consider
the relationship between existing physical plant and architectural planning on
campus and the academic functions of the University".
The economic situation prevailing during the past year adversely affected the
University's Capital Building Plan and work in support of some of the Committee's
activities proposed in its 1982 report to Senate. Thus the Capital Building Plan was
at a standstill with no activities undertaken with regard to the Chemistry/Physics
project or on any of the projects with lower priority on the list approved by Senate in
1981. Nevertheless, the Committee recognized that changes in space needs continued
to occur across campus and reviewed several proposals submitted to it.
The present report therefore addresses a range of issues, including
recommendations concerning the Capital Plan, the matter of short-term solutions to
acute space problems and progress made in the various tasks outlined in the
Committee's 1982 report, including the question of quality of space.
Capital Building Plan
With the lack of completion of the updated campus space inventory (referred to in
the May 1982 report), no campus-wide review of space needs could be undertaken
during the year.  Accordingly the Committee again recommends
That the academic building priorities established in 1981 be
reaffirmed, and that the University library continue to be identified
as having an urgent, special need.
The Committee has no reason to believe that the circumstances which led to the
adoption of the 1983 priorities have changed substantially.  These priorities are:
Agricultural Science/Forestry
Clinical Departments (Medicine)
Chemical Engineering
Studio Resources Building (Arts) Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs  (continued)
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
"During the year, the Committee received further submissions from the
Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Department of
Chemical Engineering concerning their continuing space needs, and the very
difficult position each finds itself in as a result of the moratorium on new
construction that is in effect at the present time. In particular, the Committee
was made aware of problems such as overcrowding and inadequate ventilation
which have given rise to great concern in these and other areas of campus. These
problems related to quality of space are referred to again later in this report.
The Committee reviewed the academic space needs of the School of Physical
Education and Recreation and recommends
That the School of Physical Education and Recreation be added to the
end of the list of priorities.
This recommendation arises from the Committee's review of the Development
Proposal for Recreational and Athletic Space, which in turn was the outcome of
the work of the President's Committee on Recreational and Athletic Space
Requirements, struck in 1981. The SABN Committee believes that the needs of
the School are sufficiently acute to warrant its addition to the list of priorities at
this time. The Committee also recognizes the complex interrelationships between
academic and non-academic space within the School, with their implications
concerning fund-raising, and therefore added the proviso that the situation be
again reviewed in the event of the assemblage of funding from outside sources
that would permit the non-academic components to proceed.
Non-Academic Space
The Committee was informed that funds had been released for the completion of
drawings for a proposed Physical Plant Building, to replace many of the huts currently
occupied by that Department, which are an ongoing problem with regard to building
codes, Workers' Compensation Board and Fire Marshall requirements.
The Committee also learned that the release of planning and design funds for the
construction of a Pulp and Paper Research Institute Building had been authorized by
the Minister of Universities, Science and Communications, although the Committee
has not been requested to review the academic implications of the project.
Temporary solutions
In spite of the lack of progress in the implementation of the Capital Plan, and in
the light of operating budget restraints the Committee nevertheless recognizes that
changes in the needs for academic space across campus continue to occur. Indeed,
the Committee regards such changes as an essential characteristic of a dynamic
As a consequence, the Committee recommends
That new temporary/portable buildings be used on a limited scale on
campus in order to meet special and urgent needs for academic space. Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs  (continued)
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
"This recommendation is an important change in policy. The previous Committee
position was that no new "temporary" structures should be located on campus until
considerable progress had been made in removing or upgrading the many
temporary buildings and huts already present, because of the problems associated
with their maintenance and the requirements of building codes and fire inspection.
However, new permanent academic space is only acquired slowly at the best of
times, and at the present time its acquisition is almost at a standstill. Hence the
Committee believes that some provision should exist for the use of temporary or
portable buildings as the only effective means of solving special and acute space
needs on a dynamic and changing campus.
In this context, the Committee recommended to the University Administration
that it explore the possible acquisition of portable units owned by the Vancouver
Childrens' Hospital in order to provide some relief for the acute shortage of
research space in the Faculty of Dentistry. This proposal has been referred by the
Board of Governors to the Ministry of Universities, Science and Communications.
Also relevant to this matter is the previous recommendation approved by Senate
in 1981, that the possibility of a university resource space building to provide
temporary accommodation be explored. The Committee continues to recognize
the long-term validity of the concept but does not believe that such a building
should be placed on the priority list at this time.
Campus Space Inventory
The updated campus space inventory is nearing completion. The inventory has
been modified to reflect the Universities Council of British Columbia system of space
classification, as described in the 1982 report. Its validation will permit the
Committee to undertake future reviews of the campus-wide space needs on the basis
of data compatible with other provincial universities.
Quality of Space
The matter of quality of academic space is of ongoing concern. This stems in part
from the continued existence of the temporary buildings of past decades, and in part
from changes in usage of space in permanent buildings. The diversity of building
types and usages on campus makes any attempt to evaluate quality a complex task,
and one which may be highly subjective. As a first approach, the Committee adopted
the view that it should be possible to establish minimum acceptable standards for the
quality of space to be used for various purposes, including lecture rooms, standards
which would be compatible with the requirements of building codes, etc. From this
base, it would then be possible to make a start on a review of the campus situation in
order for considerations of quality to become incorporated into future reviews of
space entitlements and needs.  Accordingly the Committee recommends
That financial resources be made available to the department of
facilities planning to permit the establishment of minimum standards
of quality of academic space, including lecture rooms. Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs  (continued)
Wednesday,   May   18,   1983.
"The Committee was informed that discussions were being held between the
Director of Facilities Planning and his counterparts in the other provincial
universities in order to encourage comparable approaches.
The Committee was also made aware of the "horror stories" which relate to some
of the existing space on campus; for example, laboratories in converted
washrooms, peeling paint and falling plaster, unusable toilets, lack of privacy, the
use of unsuitable construction materials leading to problems of safety and
potential injury, overcrowding, etc. The Committee commends the efforts which
are being made by the University to remedy these many problem areas, but
believes that it has the responsibility to bring the situation to the attention of
Senate. The problems are innumerable, but the establishment of minimum
standards should assist in the determination of priorities for their correction.
The Committee includes lecture rooms in its recommendation to ensure that this
multiple-user space is not overlooked.
Future Activities
Future activities of the Committee will in some measure be dependent upon the
completion of the inventory and the establishment of standards of quality. However,
the Committee anticipates continuing to receive submissions concerning academic
space needs and will evaluate the requests as received. The Committee is also aware
of the various routes by which approval for capital buildings may be obtained.
Reference has already been made to the proposed Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Building. In order to meet its responsibilities for making recommendations as to
priorities for new buildings, the Committee believes that formal mechanisms are
required to ensure that the academic merits of such building proposals receive
appropriate scrutiny by the Committee.
The Committee therefore recommends
That Senate require that all capital building proposals involving
academic space be submitted to the Academic Building Needs
Committee for review at the appropriate time.
The objective of this recommendation is to ensure that the academic implications
of building proposals, regardless of the sources of funding, are reviewed in the
context of the overall needs and priorities of the University, and that such reviews
are undertaken early enough in fhe development of proposals to be constructive.
The Committee believes that its views will have particular significance in
situations in which only partial or no capital funding is available from outside
sources and which will therefore require the allocation of funds within the
Unversity's Capital Building Plan.
As a mechanism for achieving this objective, the Committee further recommends
That the Academic Building Needs Committee be informed of the
establishment of all President's ad hoc Planning and Coordinating
Committees related to projects with academic implications, and that
such committees maintain liaison with the Academic Building Needs
Committee." Reports of Committees of Senate
Academic Building Needs  (continued)
Dr. Burridge       )      That the report be adopted.
Dr. Stewart )
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
Agenda Committee
At the December 13, 1978 meeting of Senate it was agreed that the Agenda
Committee receive Faculties' statements of policies and procedures for reviews and
report on them to Senate. The Agenda Committee recommended approval of the
following statement of policies and procedures for reviews in the Faculty of
Commerce and Business Administration:
"It is the stated policy of the Senate of The University of British Columbia to
encourage the assessment by academic peers of the strength and balance,
administration and related aspects of the operation of academic units within the
university. Senate has established general guidelines for such reviews^ and
encourages Faculties to develop specific review procedures suitable to their
individual circumstances. Reviews conducted by the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration will be conducted in accordance with Senate policy and the
procedures outlined below.
Reviews of academic units in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration will be made when a reasonable request is made by the academic
staff, the responsible administrator, the Dean, the President of the University or the
Senate. It is contemplated that all academic units in the Faculty will be reviewed on
a periodic basis.
Each review will be conducted by a Review Committee convened by the Dean and
consisting of
(a) At least one distinguished individual external to UBC and knowledgable in
the area under review,
(b) At least one member of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration whose primary appointment is not in the academic unit under
(c) Such other individuals as the Dean may feel can provide critical and
constructive judgments concerning the academic unit under review.
The Dean will consult the members of the unit under review in respect of the
composition of the Review Committee and will provide the members of the academic
unit and the Committee with terms of reference specifying in detail the purpose and
scope of the review.
The Dean will establish a schedule for the Review Committee including a date for
an on site visit and a date for the submission of an Evaluation Report. The Dean will,
at a time appropriately in advance of the review, inform the academic unit being
evaluated, the Senate and the Office of the President of The University of British
Columbia of the composition of the Review Committee, their terms of reference and
the proposed review schedule.
"Statement of Senate Policy on Reviews of Administrative Units",
September 14, 1977. Reports of Committees of Senate
Agenda Committee  (continued)
Wednesday,   May   18,   1983.
"It will be the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration to provide the Review Committee with such information and data as
the Committee may legitimately require for carrying out its appraisal. The academic
unit under review will be responsible for providing the Committee with a statement
of the unit's role and purpose, the nature and scope of its activities, the names and
qualifications of its members, its plans and expectations for the future and such other
information as the Committee may request and the academic unit may deem
relevant. All members of the Faculty will be expected to cooperate fully in the
conduct of reviews.
The Review Committee will be responsible for conducting a complete and detailed
evaluation of the designated academic unit. It is contemplated that they will request
and consider relevant data and conduct interviews of knowledgable and interested
individuals both inside and outside the unit under review. In assessing the teaching
effectiveness of an academic unit the Committee will seek the advice and assistance
of Commerce Student Societies, as appropriate.
The Committee will be required to submit a written report according to the
schedule proposed by the Dean and including
(a) A detailed appraisal of the strengths, weaknesses and academic balance of
the reviewed unit,
(b) Evaluation and recommendations regarding the goals and plans of the unit,
(c) Realistic recommendations concerning the status, role and prospects for the
unit under review vis a vis the Faculty as a whole.
Copies of the Review Committee's report will be provided by the Dean to the unit
under review, the Senate and the Office of the President of U.B.C. The Review
Committee may also submit confidential comments to the Dean."
Dean Lusztig      )     That the statement of policies and procedures
Dean Finnegan    )      for  reviews   in  the  Faculty  of   Commerce  and
Business Administration be approved.
Curriculum Committee  (See Appendix B')
Dr. Richards presented the report. The committee recommended approval of
proposals from the Faculties of Applied Science, Dentistry, Education, Law,
Medicine, Science and the School of Physical Education and Recreation. 8016.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee (continued)
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Dr. Richards      )
Dr. Tennant       )
That the proposals of the Faculties of Applied
Science, Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine,
Science and the School of Physical Education and
Recreation be approved.
Dr.  Richards  noted that modifications had been made to some of the course
descriptions contained in the proposals from the Faculty of Education.
The motion was put and carried.
Nominating Committee
Dr.  Richards  presented  the  report.     The  committee  nominated  the  following
persons to fill vacancies on Senate Committees:
Academic Building Needs
Mr. T. S. Blasco
Mr. P. Nishihama
Mr. B. A. Gilmour
Miss A. H. Rahme
Mr. D. J. Rimek
Mr. S. Williams
Appeals on Academic Standing
Mr. E. Dixon
Mrs. P. Jones
Mr. M. A. McCann
Mr. P. M. Kendall
Miss A. H. Rahme
Continuing Education
Miss S. M. Dickinson
Mr. B. A. Gilmour
Miss J. H. Querie
Mr. B. E. S. Waugh
Extracurricular Activities
Mr. J. B. Smith
Mr. S. Williams
replacing Mr. M. S. Dedels
replacing Mr. A. Varma
replacing Mr. P. M. Hoemberg
(continuing member)
replacing Mr. M. A. McCann
replacing Mr. R. J. Summerbell
replacing Mr. F. Cabanas
replacing Mr. M. S. Dedels
(continuing member)
replacing Ms. D. N. McDonnell
(continuing member)
replacing Mr. T. Mah
replacing Mr. I. C Miller
replacing Mr. W. Milosevic
replacing Mr. T. K. P. Ngai
replacing Ms. S. M. Provost
replacing Mr. A. Varma
Liaison with Post-Secondary Institutions
Mr. P. Nishihama
-    replacing Mr. R. J. Summerbell Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee  (continued)
Student Appeals on Academic Discipline
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
Mr. E. Dixon
Miss J. H. Querie
Mr. J. B. Smith
Student Awards
Miss S. M. Dickinson
Mr. J. B. Smith
Mr. M. B. Thompson
University Library
Arts student senator
Mrs. P. Jones
Mr. B. E. S. Waugh
Ad hoc Committees
Standards in English
Mrs. P. Jones
Education student senator
replacing Mr. W. Milosevic
replacing Mr. L. P. Smyth
-    replacing Mr. G. M. Shepard
replacing Mr. M. S. Dedels
replacing Mr. I. C. Miller
replacing Ms. S. M. Provost
replacing Mr. G. M. Shepard
(continuing member)
replacing Mr. L. P. Smyth
Mr. S. Williams
Dr. Richards
Dr. Scudder
replacing Mr. T. Mah
-    replacing Ms. L. M. Hebert
replacing Ms. L. M. Hebert
That   the   recommendations  of   the  Nominating
Committee be approved.
Ad hoc Committee to Reassess Statement of Policy on Reviews of Administrative
Dr. Williams, Chairman of the committee, presented the following report:
At its meeting of September 14, 1977, Senate approved the policy statement on
reviews of academic units put forward by the Pearse Committee. Recommendation 6
requires that Senate reassess this policy statement in the light of experience gained
during a five year period of operation. This committee was charged by Senate to
undertake this assessment.
In the five year period 1978-1982 inclusive, four Faculties, three Schools, two
Institutes and nine Departments (one twice) which have been reviewed had deposited
reports with the Secretary of Senate. Reports of Committees of Senate
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Ad hoc Committee to Reassess Statement of Policy on Reviews of Administrative
Units  (continued)
"The committee notes with some concern that, to date, notwithstanding
Recommendation 4, Faculty statements of policies and procedures for reviews have
only been approved by Senate for the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Applied
Science, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine and Science.
The committee further notes that the policy statement approved by Senate for the
Faculty of Applied Science including the Schools of Archifecture and Nursing refers
to periodic program review by the appropriate Professional Body. While recognizing
the undeniable value of such reviews, the committee respectfully suggests that other
aspects of the administrative units, such as the stewardship of the Head or Director,
the calibre of the research and the available facilities, or the quality of the graduate
program, might also benefit from occasional review.
The committee has enquired of each unit which has been reviewed as to the necessity
and benefit of the process and has asked for suggestions for improvements. While the
response was not uniformly favourable, the majority certainly felt the reviews to be
both necessary and capable of being beneficial. These findings confirmed the general
conclusions drawn by the Pearse Committee, but the following specific comments
which result from recent experience might be borne in mind for future reviews:
(a) In some instances, external experts are called in to report to the committee, but
do not participate directly in the formulation of the recommendations. This is
believed to lead to misrepresentation. It is also seen to be important to ensure
that the unit being reviewed has an opportunity to respond to any serious criticism
prior to the report being finalized.
(b) Reviews of large departmentalized faculties are probably best done on a
departmental basis.
(c) Some concern was expressed that the time available to committee members to
review units was too restrictive. However, given that reviews are costly in terms
of departmental time and effort, it is incumbent upon the University to treat the
recommendations sufficiently seriously so as to be prepared to consider
implementing them.
The committee endorses Recommendations I to 5 of the existing Senate policy. It
would delete the existing Recommendation 6 and replace it with the following
(6) That, within two years of the completion of the review, a report on the
implementation of the recommendations of the review be forwarded to the Dean
or the President as appropriate and a copy lodged with the Secretary of Senate."
Dr. Williams       )      That the report be adopted.
Dr. Wisenthal     )
Carried 8019.
Wednesday,   May   18,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate (continued)
Ad hoc Committee on Amendments to the University Act
In presenting the report, which had been circulated, Dr. Hickling stated that in the
submissions received by the committee no strong case had been made for any radical
alteration or restructuring of the Act. The general impression appeared to be that
the structure was basically sound. The committee did feel, however, that because of
the different size, composition, history, traditions and problems of the three
universities covered by the Act, there should be built into the Act sufficient
flexibility to enable each institution to deal with its own particular difficulties
without having to go back each time to the legislature. The committee recognized
that amendments that seemed relatively minor to U.B.C. might have an untoward
impact upon one of the other universities. It was felt that any substantial amendment
to the Act ought to be addressed jointly by the three universities. In considering
changes to the Act there were a number of instances where the committee felt it had
inadequate information or evidence on which to base a proper judgment, one being the
Universities Council and its operations and the other the relationship between the
University Act and the College and Institutes Act. On the basis of information that
the committee did acquire, however, it was satisfied that a case could be made for a
full scale review of the system of post-secondary education in the province and the
relationships between the various institutions which have evolved. In conclusion,
Dr. Hickling reminded Senate that it had gone on record as supporting a proposal by
the University of Victoria that the Act be amended to permit part-time students to
run for the office of student senator. The student representative on the committee
was in favour of the amendment but wished to ensure that any representative of
part—time students would be an addition to the existing number of student
representatives on Senate. The remainder of the committee, however, were not in
agreement with that proposal.
The following recommendations were contained in the report:
Recommendation I
That the University Act be amended
(a) to ensure that the total number of Senate members appointed or elected under
Section 34(2)0) not exeed the number of ex officio members under paragraphs (a)
to (f) of Section 34(2); and
(b) to provide that the persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in council be
selected from among persons nominated by the Alumni Association 8020.
Wednesday,  May 18,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Amendments to the University Act  (continued)
Recommendation II
That the Senate of each university be empowered to determine by resolution how
the total number of representafives elected under Section 34(2)(g) shall be
distributed amongst the faculties, provided that not less than one representative
be allotted to each faculty.
Recommendation III
That the words full time be deleted from Section 34 (2)(h) of the University Act,
and that Senate be empowered to determine by resolution how the total number of
representatives shall be distributed provided that at least one student from each
faculty is elected.
Recommendation IV
That the words "for 4 months or longer" be deleted from the definition of "faculty
members" in Section I of the University Act.
Recommendation V
That the Vice-President Academic or his equivalent be ex officio Vice Chairman
of Senate.
Recommendation VI
1. That Senate be empowered, in consultation with the Alumni Association, to
make rules and regulations governing
(a) eligibility of members to vote in the election of the Chancellor and of
convocation members of Senate,
(b) the manner in which such elections shall be conducted.
2. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing such rules and regulations
may provide for the levying of a fee in order to be placed on the list of
voters, and for different procedures in the case of special elections for the
filling of vacancies.
Recommendation VII
That the power to determine
(a) eligibility to stand for election to the Board or Senate and
(b) when a vacancy shall be deemed to have occurred
should be clearly spelled out in the Act.
Recommendation VIII
That the Act be amended to ensure that any decision by the Board to discontinue a
faculty, department or program of study be made in consultation with and subject
to the approval of Senafe.
Recommendation IX
That Sections 86 and 87 be deleted from the Act. 8021.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad hoc Committee on Amendments to the University Act  (continued)
Recommendation X
That before the authorization of the granting of degrees by a new university or
institution the advice of the universities council be sought.
Recommendation XI
That (I) the statutory provisions dealing with the use of the name university and
the granting of degrees be strengthened to prohibit the offering of courses for
credit towards a degree except in accordance with powers under the University
Act and The College and Institutes Act.
(2) that such provisions be enforced.
Recommendation XII
That the provisions of Sections 36(s) and 58 be amended to remove ambiguities by
(a) the addition to Section 58(1) of the words "subject in all cases to an appeal to
the Standing Committee established under Section 36(s)";
(b) the deletion of subsection (3) of Section 58; and
(c) the deletion of the word "academic" from Section 36(s).
Dr. Hickling       )      That the report be adopted.
Dr. Cook )
In amendment:
Mr. Burnyeat      )      That   Recommendation   VI.2.   be   amended   by
Mr. Waugh )      deleting the words ". . .the levying of a fee  in
order  to  be  placed on  the  list  of voters, and
for. . .".
The motion, as amended, was put and carried.
The   Chairman   expressed   thanks   and   appreciation   for   the   work   done   by
Dr. Hickling and his committee. 8022.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Triennial elections of representatives to the Board of Governors and the Senate
The Registrar presented the following report and recommendations concerning the
forthcoming elections:
(i)      The Registrar shall conduct the elections
(ii) Each candidate shall be nominated in writing, the nomination to be signed by
SEVEN persons entitled to vote in the election of the Board of Governors and by
the nominee indicating willingness to run for election, and the nominations shall
be sent to the Registrar.
(iii) Each nominee shall be requested to supply a brief curriculum vitae and be
permitted to include a further statement of up to 150 words which will be
circulated with the ballot papers.
(iv)     The elections shall be conducted by mail ballot to campus addresses.
(v)      The election schedule shall be as follows:-
Faculty:  (Two to be elected)
call for nominations, Friday, October 7, 1983
close of nominations, 4:00 p.m., Friday, October 28, 1983
Election date, Thursday, December I, 1983.
Non-Faculty full-time Employees:  (One to be elected)
call for nominations, Friday, October 21, 1983
close of nominations, 4:00 p.m., Thursday, November 10, 1983
Election date, Thursday, December 15, 1983.
(vi) The election of Faculty members to the Board of Governors will be conducted by
preferential voting. Voters will be required to rank ALL candidates in order of
preference. No tie rankings will be permitted. Ballots will be machine counted in
the Computing Centre. The candidates elected will be the two with the lowest
totals.  Ballots will be considered invalid unless all candidates are ranked.
Election of Chancellor and Convocation Members to Senate:
(i)      The Registrar shall conduct the elections
(ii) All nominations of candidates for the office of chancellor shall be signed by seven
persons entitled to vote in the election. 8023.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Triennial elections of representatives to the Board of Governors and the Senate
SENATE  (continued)
(iii) All nominations for membership in the senate shall be signed by three persons
entitled to vote in the election.
(iv) All nominations for election of candidates for the office of chancellor and for
membership in senate shall require the signature of the nominee indicating
willingness to run for election.
(v) "The registrar shall forthwith send a written notice of nomination to each person
nominated as a candidate for the office of chancellor and to each person
nominated as a candidate for membership in the senate, with a request that the
candidate forward to the registrar information respecting his degrees, the dates
thereof, his occupation, offices held by him at a university or in any other
organization, his other professional or business interests, and his publications."
(University Act, Section 14 (3))
The registrar shall circulate only the information specified in the University Act.
(vi)       The election of convocation members be scheduled and regulated as follows:
(a) that this election include the election of a chancellor
(b) that the notice of the election and call for nominations be made in the copy
of UBC Reports to be placed as an insert in the 1983 fall Chronicle to be
published September 15, 1983.
(c) that the close of nominations for chancellor and for convocation membership
in the senate be 4:00 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 1983.
(d) that the election date be Thursday, March 8, 1984.
(vii) In the event that after the close of nominations but before the election date it is
found that a nominee for the office of chancellor could not serve if elected, the
registrar be authorized, if so instructed by the chairman of senate, to delay the
election and issue another call for nominations.
(viii) The voting papers be designed to permit machine tabulation of the election
(ix) The results of the election, in accordance with Section 16 of the University Act,
will be reported to the senate at its next regular meeting, namely March 21,
(x)        Replacement     procedures     for     Convocation     representatives     to     Senate -
replacements will  be appointed on  the basis  of  the  recommendation  of  the
remaining Convocation representatives to Senate.
(Approved by Senate, April 21, 1976) 8024.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Triennial elections of representatives to the Board of Governors and the Senate
SENATE  (continued)
Election of Faculty members at-Large (Ten to be elected)
(i) The Registrar shall conduct the election
(ii) Each candidate shall be nominated in writing, the nominations to be signed by
THREE 'faculty members'
(iii)      The election schedule shall be as follows:
- call for nominations, Tuesday, January 24, 1984
close of nominations, 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 14, 1984
- Election date, Thursday, March 15, 1984
(iv) Replacement procedures - "a vacancy in this category shall be filled by a
candidate in the . . . election of members at-Large. Where no candidate is
willing or able to serve as a replacement, a special election to fill that vacancy
will be held."
"The Registrar shall invite the candidate who received the highest number of
votes in the . . . general election ... to fill the vacancy. If that candidate
declines . . . the candidate with the next highest number of votes shall be invited
to fill the vacancy, and so on until a willing candidate is found."
"An individual who has vacated a position as a representative of the faculty
members at-Large is not thereby disqualified from filling a vacancy in
accordance with the above procedures."
(Approved by Senate May 25, 1977)
Elections of Faculty Members from Individual Faculties  (Two from each Faculty)
Individual Faculties will make their own decisions on the procedures and timing of the
election of their two representatives to serve on Senate on the understanding that all
elections be completed by March 15, 1984. Such elections may be held at Faculty
meetings subject to the terms of the University Act (i.e. those participating in the
elections must be 'faculty members' as defined in the "General Provisions" section of
this submission on Page 6.)
With the election date of Thursday, December I, 1983, for the election of Faculty
representatives to the Board of Governors, and the election date of Thursday, March 15,
1984, for the election of Faculty members at-Large to Senate, the following schedule is
suggested for individual faculties. This schedule would enable any eligible faculty
member who wished to do so to run as a candidate in all of the elections involving
faculty members at-Large. 8025.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Triennial elections of representatives to the Board of Governors and the Senate
SENATE  (continued)
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Call for nominations: Tuesday, November 8, 1983
Close of nominations: Tuesday, November 29, 1983
Election date: Tuesday, January 10, 1984
Other faculties requiring an election by mailed ballot:
Call for nominations: Thursday, December 15, 1983
Close of nominations: Thursday, January 12, 1984
Election date: Wednesday, February 15, 1984
(Replacement procedures - Nomination and election shall be conducted in accordance
with established Faculty procedure. Where such established procedures do not exist
then nominations shall be called for either before or on the floor of a meeting of the
Faculty concerned and voting shall be either by show of hands or by balloting at the
meeting.   It was agreed that the Registrar's Office would not be involved.)
(Approved by Senate April 21, 1976)
Faculties who want to have runners-up used as replacements in the event of a vacancy
dtated clearly in the call for nominations.
Faculties will be asked to advise the Registrar of their decisions.
Election of representative of the full-time Professional Librarians
(i)        The Registrar shall conduct the election
(ii) Each candidate shall be nominated in writing, the nominations to be signed by
THREE professional librarians employed by the University who have been
employed in that capacity for a period of four months or longer, and by the
nominee indicating willingness to run for election.
(iii)      The election schedule shall be as follows:
-    call for nominations, Monday, January 9, 1984
close of nominations, 4:00 p.m., Friday, January 27, 1984
Election date, Monday, February 27, 1984. 8026.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Triennial   elections  of   representatives   to   the  Board  of   Governors  and   the  Senate
General provisions
'Faculty members' eligible to participate in elections of representatives to serve on
the Board of Governors and the Senate shall be only those persons who, at the time
the nominations are called, hold full-time Board appointments (which they have held
for four months or longer) at the ranks of lecturer, instructor, assistant professor,
associate professor or professor.
In some elections the Registrar publishes the names of the nominators in the
information provided to electors. Where more signatures than are required are
submitted in support of a particular candidate, the Registrar will publish only the
minimum number of names required. Only one nomination will be accepted for each
candidate in any one election.
Where appropriate results will be machine counted.
Terms of office  (three-years)
Unless otherwise determined by the Board of Governors, the Chancellor shall take
office on June 25, 1984 and the installation ceremony will take place on Friday,
June I, 1984.
All other members of the Board of Governors will take office on February I, 1984.
Members of Senate will take office on September I, 1984.
The Registrar pointed out that the only change in the recommendations was that
members of Senate would take office on September I, (1984) instead of April I as in
previous years and that current members would therefore remain on Senate and
continue to serve on committees until the new members take office.
Dean Webber      )      That   the   recommendations   of   the   Registrar
Dean Finnegan   )     concerning elections be approved.
Carried 8027.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Proposal to establish The Alumni Chair in Marketing
It was stated in the material circulated that an individual donor, who preferred to
remain anonymous, had provided an endowment to establish a Chair in Marketing.
Smaller individual donations from Commerce graduates had been added to complete
the funding. The objective of the gift is to help support research activities within the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at U.B.C.
Dean Lusztig     )      That the proposal to establish The Alumni Chair
Mr. Fields )       in Marketing be approved.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Ocean Studies Council - proposed Calendar statement
It was stated in the material circulated that scholars at U.B.C. concerned with
various aspects of ocean research have concluded that there exists a need for some
form of inter—disciplinary ocean studies organization to facilitate inter—disciplinary
research and to provide a focal point for contact with interested groups off—campus.
The need for such organization has been made more pressing by the growth of
research opportunities arising from the impact of the Third United Nations
Conference on the Law of the Sea and the widespread extension of maritime
jurisdiction by states out to 200 miles from their coasts. Other universities, in
particular Dalhousie in Canada, have already established successful ocean study
programs or institutes.
A recent meeting of ocean specialists on campus confirmed the need for such an
organization. Representatives from the Faculties of Commerce, Forestry, Graduate
Studies, and Law; from the Departments of Bio-Resource Engineering, Economics,
Geography, Mathematics, Oceanography, Political Science and Slavonic Studies; and
from the following institutes, namely Animal Resource Ecology, Asian Research,
International Relations and Westwater Research, were in attendance or expressed by
letter an interest in taking further steps in this direction. An ad hoc Committee was
established to promote close relations among ocean specialists on campus and to
explore the formalization of those relations.
The ad hoc Committee concluded that contacts with groups off—campus, at other
universities or in government, could best be facilitated by establishing a body to be
designated the Ocean Studies Council. The Council would have representatives from
the aforementioned faculties, departments and institutes, all of which have endorsed
the proposal.  The Council would have the following, roles:
1. to promote inter-disciplinary research on the oceans at U.B.C.
2. to facilitate contacts between scholars at U.B.C. and other universities
government bodies, international agencies and other interested groups
3. to develop inter-disciplinary faculty and graduate student seminars on ocean
topics. 8028.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Ocean Studies Council - proposed Calendar statement  (continued)
Calendar Statement
The Ocean Studies Council consists of faculty members from a number of
disciplines with research interests in various aspects of the oceans. Representatives
from the Faculties of Commerce, Forestry, Graduate Studies, and Law; from the
Departments of Bio-Resource Engineering, Economics, Geography, Mathematics,
Oceanography, Political Science and Slavonic Studies; and from the following
institutes: Animal Resource Ecology, Asian Research, International Relations and
Westwater Research; and other groups with related interests constitute the Council.
The Council has as its primary function the promotion of inter—disciplinary
research on ocean matters within the University. The Council serves as well to
facilitate contacts between scholars at U.B.C. concerned with ocean research and
other universities, government bodies, international agencies and other interested
groups off-campus. While the Council has no role in teaching or the development of
curricula it does act to develop inter—disciplinary seminars on ocean topics for both
faculty and graduate students.
Dean Larkin       )       That      the      proposed      Calendar      statement
Dean Burns        )      concerning    the    Ocean    Studies    Council    be
It was agreed that Physical Education and Recreation and Anthropology and
Sociology would be added to the list of representatives.
The motion was put and carried.
Confidentiality of Teaching Evaluations
The following proposals concerning the confidentiality of teaching evaluations had
been circulated:
On March 22, 1978 the Senate Committee on Teaching Evaluation presented a report
to Senate setting out guidelines for the administration of teaching evaluations at
UBC.  Senate adopted the following recommendations:
1. That systematic, objective and cumulative evaluations should be obtained for all
faculty members and instructors and for all undergraduate courses.
2. That such evaluation include teaching evaluation, and that teaching evaluation be
considered in reappointment, promotion and tenure decisions.
3. That the timing and form of such evaluations be decided by each Faculty.
4. That the evaluation instruments be developed and administered by the Faculties
and/or Departments concerned. 8029.
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
Confidentiality of Teaching Evaluations (continued)
Last November, Student Senate Caucus conducted an informal survey of evaluation
procedures. There was an excellent response and many departments requested a copy
of the findings as their teaching evaluation procedures were currently under review.
The survey showed that Senate guidelines were, generally, adhered to and that most
Faculties, Schools and Departments considered teaching evaluations to be a major
consideration in decisions on tenure, promotion and salary increment.
The survey revealed that most Faculties recognized that confidentiality is a
prerequisite for honest evaluation.  This is currently achieved by:
a. A  class  representative collecting  the evaluations or the professor sealing the
completed forms in front of the class.
b. Anonymous computer cards.
c. In small classes comments may be typed by office staff to avoid recognition of
distinctive handwriting.
As Senate has no policy on the confidentiality of teaching evaluations, the Student
Senate Caucus makes the following recommendations:
(i) That teaching evaluation forms should not require students to provide their
name,  student  number or  gradepoint  average.     (This  does  not  preclude
information such as Year, Faculty, Major, lst/2nd/pass/fail)
(ii) That teaching evaluations bear a reminder that students may wish to print
their remarks in order to avoid recognition of their handwriting.
(iii) That professors not have access to completed evaluation forms until course
marks have been submitted.
Mrs. Jones )        That    recommendations    (i)    (ii)    and    (iii)    be
Mrs. Bishop       )        approved.
Dr. Spencer pointed out that the effect of recommendation (iii) would be to
reduce very considerably the interest that many instructors take in the comments
received through teaching evaluation because students would have finished the course
without the instructor having had the opportunity to rectify faults or follow up on
In amendment:
Dr. Spencer        )      That recommendation (iii) be deleted.
Mr. Fields )
Recommendations (i) and (ii) were put and carried. 8030.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Report from Vancouver School of Theology
The annual report of the Vancouver School of Theology was presented for
information. It was stated in the report that 109 students were registered for degree
courses in the Winter Session. Approximately another 25 students were engaged in
other parallel studies, although not registered. It was further stated that over 60% of
the enrolled students at Vancouver School of Theology are women and that the need for
women faculty is a pressing need for the School and a difficult one to solve in Canada at
the present time. 93 students holding a first Theological degree were enrolled in
advanced study in the Summer School courses in 1982. 328 clergy were involved in the
School's continuing professsional education programs in 1982/83. It was also stated that
in May 1983 the following degrees were conferred:
Master of Theology 2
Master of Divinity 20
Master of Theological Studies I
Bachelor of Theology 3
Dr. Martin stated that the Rev. Arthur Van Seters will take office as Principal of
the Vancouver School of Theology on August 1, 1983.
The Chairman paid tribute to Dr. Martin who was attending his last Senate
meeting as Principal of the Vancouver School of Theology.
Other business
Undergraduate scholarships
Dean Lusztig stated that it had come to his attention that changes had been made
in the allocation of undergraduate scholarships without reference to the Senate and
that he intended to give notice of motion on this matter for discussion at the
September meeting of Senate.
Associate Registrar
The Chairman welcomed to the University Mr. Alan McMillan, the new Associate
Members of Senate
The Chairman paid tribute to Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Dean J.A.F. Gardner and
Vice-President Michael Shaw who were attending their last Senate meeting.
President D. T. Kenny
Dr. Shaw and Dean Larkin paid tribute to President Kenny who was attending his
last Senate meeting and would be retiring as President of the University at the end of
June. 8031.
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
Report of the Tributes Committee (in camera)
Tribute to Dr. John Addison Ross
Dean Larkin presented the following tribute to Dr. John Addison Ross on the
occasion of his retirement:
JOHN ADDISON ROSS, B.Div., M.A., Ph.D., will retire on 31 October 1983 after
26 years of dedicated service as Dean of St. Andrew's Hall. He was called to serve as
Dean in 1957 when St. Andrew's Hall was first established as an affiliated Theological
College of the University of British Columbia.
Dr. Ross was the first Presbyterian Chaplain to be designated at any university in
Canada. He was also Chaplain to the Health Sciences Centre Hospital, liaison person
between the theological colleges and the university Extension Department from 1957-
1962, Sessional Lecturer in the Faculties of Arts and Applied Science between
1972—1975, and co-founder and active participant in the General Systems Forum since
1975. As a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada Dr. Ross has served on
numerous Boards and Courts of the Church.
The University community will remember with gratitude Dr. Ross's warm,
constructive, Christian influence on faculty, staff and students throughout the past 26
years, and his untiring efforts to provide a Christian dimension to living for an entire
generation of students at St. Andrew's Hall. In all these endeavours, he has been
supported most competently by his wife, Kay.
Members of Senate pay tribute to the service of Dr. Ross to the University, and
wish Dr. and Mrs. Ross many happy years in retirement.
Dean Larkin        )       That the  tribute  to  Dr.  John Addison  Ross be
Dr. Slonecker     )      spread on the minutes of Senate and that a copy
be sent to Dr. and Mrs. Ross.
Honorary Degree - Special Convocation October, 1983
The Tributes Committee recommended that a special convocation be held at the
Vancouver Law Courts for the purpose of conferring an honorary degree on John J.
Robinette, Q.C. a distinguished Canadian legal counsel and advocate.
Dean Larkin )  That    the    recommendation    of    the    Tributes
Chancellor Clyne )  Committee be approved. Tributes Committee
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Honorary Degree - Special Convocation October, 1983 (continued)
In reply to a query concerning the principle of holding a special Convocation for
one person, the Chairman stated that this was not the first occasion that a special
convocation had been held and that although he agreed it should not happen too
frequently there were special occasions where exceptions should be made.
The motion was put and carried.
The meeing adjourned at 9:45 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, September 14,
Chairman 8033.
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
New awards recommended to Senate
Jan de Bruyn Prize - In honour of the work of Jan de Bruyn in developing the English
Department's scholarship program, a prize of $150 is offered to the most promising
undergraduate student in I7th-Century English literary studies, as at present covered
by the courses English 370 and 375. This prize has been made available by donations
from Professor de Bruyn's friends, students and colleagues in the Department of
English.   (This award will be made in the 1983/84 Winter Session.)
Lambda Kappa Sigma Scholarship - An annual scholarship in the amount of
approximately $100, endowed by the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma
Fraternity, is available for a member of Lambda Kappa Sigma who is continuing her
studies in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Selection will be based primarily
on academic achievement, however, student activities and service within the
Fraternity may also be considered. (Please note that this award will be made
available in the 1984/85 Winter Session.)
William Nemetz Bursary - A bursary in the amount of $500 has been made available
to commemorate the 80th birthday in 1983 of William Nemetz, by his son Arnold and
family. The award will be offered in alternate academic years commencing in
1983/84 to a student demonstrating financial need.
Roy Nodwell Prize - A prize in the amount of $300 has been established by friends
and former graduates of Engineering Physics on the occasion of Roy Nodwell's
retirement from the Department in 1983. The prize will be awarded to the student
submitting the APSC 459 project which exhibits a high professional standard and has
the potential for introducing an innovative technology. To be considered, projects
must be submitted to the Director of Engineering Physics no later than April 15. The
award will be made on the recommendation of a selection committee consisting of
Roy Nodwell or a member nominated by him, one former Engineering Physics
graduate, and one member appointed by the Director of Engineering Physics. (Please
note that the award has already been advertised, subject to the approval of Senate.
Therefore, the first award can be made for the 1982/83 academic session.)
Thompson Berwick Pratt & Partners Scholarship - A scholarship in the amount of $500
is provided annually by the firm of Thompson Berwick Pratt & Partners to a student
registered in the School of Architecture and entering the second or third year of the
program. Selection of the winner will be made within the context of excellence in
responsible architectural design. The recipient will be required to maintain
enrolment in a full program of studies during the year in which the award is held. The
scholarship is made on the recommendation of the School of Architecture.
Marion T. Ricker Scholarship - A scholarship in the amount of $300 has been made
available by Marion T. Ricker, R.N., B.A.Sc. 1983. The award will be made on the
recommendation of the Director of the School of Nursing, to a registered nurse who is
entering or continuing a program leading to the degree of B.S.N. Preference will be
given to a mature student. (This award will be made available in the 1983/84 Winter
Harold James Russell Scholarship in Rehabilitation Medicine - Scholarships to a total
of $3,000 have been made available by a bequest from the late Harold James Russell.
The awards will be made to students in the School of Rehabilitation Medicine, on the
recommendation of the School. (This award will be made available in the 1983/84
Winter Session.) 8034.
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Course and curriculum proposals
Mechanical Engineering
Course changes MECH 441    split into two courses, now:
MECH 441    (Ife)       Computer Aided Ship Design
MECH 442   (Ife)       Ship Structures and Vibration
Oral Biology
Course change ORBI 430     -    change in description and units (now I unit)
Undergraduate Studies Office
Course change EDUC 487    -    change in title and description
Curriculum and Instructional Studies
Change in program description: (iv)    Business Education Concentration and Major
First and Second Years: Computer
Science 101, Economics 100, Mathematics
100 or 140 or III. Second year: Commerce
457 and 458.
Language Education
Changes English Education 340 -      change      in      description      and
480 -      change in title and description
New courses Modern Languages Education 340 (Ife)   Using Canadian
Literature in the
480 (I fe/3)c      Advanced Studies in
Language Education
489 (Ife)   Applied Linguistics
for Teachers of
Course change LAW 422      -    change   in   number,   description,   units   and
hours (previously 494) APPENDIX B' (continued)
Wednesday,  May  18,   1983.
Family Practice
Course changes FMPR 480, 481 - change in title and description
Health Care and Epidemiology
HCEP 426
Course changes
PAED 475    -    change in description
701      -    change in title
PAED 709, 710
New course
PHED 473 (Ife)  Human Biomechanical Analysis
Change   Calendar   statement   on   Faculty   Requirements   for   B.Sc.   (Graduation
Requirements) to:
(c) At least 9 units must be Arts courses (i.e., English 100 and at least
6 other units in Arts courses). Some technique courses offered by the
Faculty of Arts (especially in Fine Arts, Home Economics and Music)
are not applicable. Only the following Geography courses can be used
to fulfill the Arts requirement of the Faculty of Science: GEOG 103,
200, 201, 320, 324, 325, 327, 328, 337, 345, 350, 351, 352, 357, 360,
361, 362, 363, 390, 396, 422, 423, 424, 425, 427, 481, 483, 484, 491,
493, 494, 495, 497, 498, 499. The following Geography courses may be
used as free electives, with due regard to prerequisites. They may not
be used for either Science or Arts 'designated' credit: GEOG 102, 315,
317, 366, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 415, 417, 418, 437, 444, 445,
450, 457, 460, 461, 464, 466, 467, 470, 490.
New course
Computer Science
Program changes:
BIOL 434 (I fe)    Population Genetics
CPSC 312, 319, 322, 419, 430 - change in prerequisites
Major in Physical Geography - change Third Year to:
Geography 366 and 370 or 372 (3)
3 units from Geography 315, 317, 345, 415, 417, 418 (3) 8036.
Wednesday,  May   18,   1983.
Geography (continue*
Honours - Focus Climatology/Meteorology
Combined Honours
- Geography and Geology
Focus - Geomorphology
change Third Year to:  Geography 366, 374 (3)
Geological Sciences
New courses
GEOL 368 (Ife)  Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology
403 (Ife)   Theoretical Petrology
GEOL 305 -      change      in      number,      descripti
prerequisites (now 400)
on      <
OCGY 410   -    change in units, hours, prerequisites
Program change:
Combined Honours
in Oceanography and Geology
- change to:
First Year
Second Year
Chemistry 1 10 or 120
Geology 204
English 100
Geology 210
Mathematics 100 and 101
Mathematics 105
(or 120 and 121)
Two of Math 200, 221,
Physics 110, 115 or 120
Computer Sci. 101
Geology 125
Chemistry 208
Geophysics 120
Third Year
Fourth Year
Oceanography 300
Oceanography 401 or
Oceanography 301
Oceanography 302
Oceanography 408
Geology 301
Oceanography 449 or
Geology 302
Geology 449
Geology 306
Oceanography elective
Geology 326
Geology electives
Geology 321
Arts elective
Geology 426
Arts Elective      -
Science Elective
Science elective
Recommended Biology 101 or 102 or Geophysics 221.
Science electives may include additional Oceanography courses in third and fourth
MICB 509, 519


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