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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1928-01-06

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Friday, January 6th, 19 28
A special meeting of the Senate of The University
of British Columbia was held on Friday, January 6th,
1923, at 3:00 P.H., in the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. U. Clement, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. H. M. King,
Mr. A. F. Barss, Mr. W. E. Duckering, Dr. R. H. Clark,
Ur. H. F. Angus, Dr. M. Y. Williams, Mr. James
Henderson, Mr. D. L. MacLaurin, Mr. G. A. Fergusson,
Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. Sherwood
Lett, Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. Cecil Killam, Miss A. B.
Jamieson, Mr. Sydney Anderson and Dr. W. B. Burnett.
The Seoretary read the call of the meeting.
Expressions of regret at inability to be present
at the meeting were received from The Most Rev.
Archbishop de Penoier, Dr. T. H. Boggs and His Honour
Judge Howay.
Faoulty of Arts and Science
The report was considered section by section.
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Williams) That the report as a whole be
adopte d.
Faculty  of  Applied   Science
The   report  was   considered  section   by   section.
Mr.   Duckering)
Dr.   Clark )   That   the   report  with   reference
to   the   First   Year be   adopted.
Mr.   Duckering)
Dr.   Clark )   That   the   report  with   reference
to   the   Second  Year  be   adopted.
In  amendment:
J 552
Friday, January 6th, 1928
Mr.   Lett )
Hr.   Anderson   )   That   the   case   of   flop,   N*   MathftBftn
be   referred   to   the"H3ora:i)i ttee   on
Admission,   Standing  and   Courses   of
Applied   Scienoe,   with  power   to   act
on   behalf   of  Senate   in making a
re comme n da 11o n.
Amendment   to  amendment:
Hr.   Fergusson)
Dr.   Vanoe )   That   the   present   statement   be
amended  by   removing  the   name   of
Don  N.   Hathe son.
Amendment   to  amendment'put   to   vote   and   lost.
Amendment  put   to  vote   and   carrie d.
Hr.   Duckering
Dr.    Clark
Hr.   Duckering
Dr.    Clark
Mr.   Duckering
Dr.    Clark
Hr.   Duckering
Dr.    Clark
That   the   report   on   Second   Year  as
amended   be   adopted.
That   the   report   on   Third   Year   be
That the report with reference to
Fourth Year be adopted.
That the report on Nursing be
In amendment:
Dr.   Vance)
Hr.   Lett   )   That   the   cases   of Mi ss  Evelyn M.
McKenzle.   First   Year  Nursing  and  Hiss
Dorothy's.   O'Neill.   Second  Year
Nursing,   be   referred   to   the   Dean with
power   to  act.
Hr.   Duckering)
Dr.    Clark )   That   the   report   as   a whole   as
amended  be   adopted.        Carried i
Friday,   January  6th,   1928
Faculty  of ■ Agri culture
The   report  was   considered  section   by  section.
Dean   Clement)
Mr.   Barss        )   That   the   report   as  a  whole   be
Hr.   Lett    )
1134 Dr.   Vance)   That   the   matter  of   the   standardization
of examination   results   be   referred   to
the   Faoulty   Council.
In  amendment:
Mr.   An*us )
Dr.   Sedgewick)   That   the   matter   be   referred   to
a   committee   of  Senate   to   act   in
consultation  with   the   Faculty
Council,    the   committee   to   be
appointed   by   the   Chair.
Amendment  lost
Hotion   carried.
Dean   Coleman)
1135 Dr.   Williams)   That   in  the   case   of   students
who  have   been  asked   to  withdraw,
the   Faculties   be   empowered   to
re-admit   those   in  whose   cases
special   reasons   for   reconsideration  are   presented,   such   cases
to   be   reported   at   the   next
meeting  of  Senate.
The   Committee   of  Senate   appointed   to   consider   the
1136 request   for   the   formation   of  an  Officers'   Training
Corps  presented  a   report.
Mr.   Angus        )
Mr.   Anderson)      That   the   report   be   adopted.
* 1137
Friday, January 6th, 1928
After some discussion, Mr. Angus, with the consent
of his seconder, agreed to delete all the words in the
report after "voluntary".
Mr. Angus    }
Mr. Anderson ) That the report, as amended, be
The report, as amended and adopted, is as follows:
That the Senate of The University of British
Columbia approve the formation at the
University of British Columbia of a contingent of the C.O.T.C. (enlistment in which
would be purely voluntary).
A communication from the Hon. T. D. Pattullo,
Minister of Lands, in -"hich he asked for the argument of
the Senate in support of the resolution passed by the
Senate in connection with the refreshment booth and
parking station on Marine Drive, was read.
Dr.   Vance )
Mr.   Angus)   That   a   committee   be   appointed   by
the   Chair to  put   the  views  of   the
Senate   before   the  Honourable   the
Premier  and   the  Honourable   the
Minister  of  Lands.
Dean   Clement)
Hr.   King }   That  we   adjourn.
Se cretary
/> (p. f^U^^J^
Chai man


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